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GEO151231- Essentially Serving Two Masters

2015-12-31. Essentially Serving Two Masters

Illawarra District, Australia, December 31, 2015.
Michael of Nebadon.
Subject: “Essentially Serving Two Masters” (shortened).

Message received by George Barnard.

Michael: “My dear son, subject and co-worker, this is Michael. In these small hours of the last day in your year 2015 on the planet of my final bestowal, I commend you for your persistence. I would ask you to carry on doing what you do in the years to come. However, such is our relationship — as our Prince Machiventa once remarked in 2000 — you care little for suggestions, so you get orders. On this occasion it is I, your Father/Brother who orders you to proceed with 11:11 Progress’ ventures in whichever way you intuit our advice.

“Indeed, in whatever way you can advance the priceless Urantia Book teachings, do so with all your heart and all your might. Continue, also to treasure the snippets of yet unrealized universal laws and rules you may deduct in mind and share these upon our confirmation. The mind kept sharp and alert will serve you well.

(Here came a few words and greetings of parents and siblings that have passed on and are progressing. This was private and not of much use to others).

“Essentially, as a mortal, you are serving two masters, whilst your departed friends and family serve only the Father and thereby their destiny of perfection completion. In my mortal incarnation as Joshua ben Joseph, I also served two masters — the Father of All that Is and more than the 24 (Apostles). It was a different time during which we came close to strong-arming believers into feeding us, we sometimes even returned to respective occupations to survive and we almost bankrupted the staunch Zebedees.

“You are fortunate to be living in a time when through technology you can fully occupy yourself with the spreading of the Teachers’ words, the healing of ills, the training of receivers and the counseling of those with emotional needs — all efforts focused on a single goal. And as you look back over your life, you will clearly sense that you were led by us to study, to organize and experience all you needed to ‘take in’ to do what you now do.

“As Chief Bzutu declared, 11:11 Progress is to stay and grow, and many ‘tables’ will be set as future additional groups partake of the delicious meals of divine messages and spiritual instructions, which the world of our births so needs. Carry on. You are under my constant watch/care for you are loved. I Am Michael. Sleep soundly, my son.”

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