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GEO191115- Enter the Wise Long-Headed Ones

2019-11-15. Enter the Wise Long-Headed Ones.

Illawarra District, Australia, November 16, 2019. – GEO #191115
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Enter the Wise Long-Headed Ones.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Teacher Samuel: “The basic premise that I can simply converse with you about aspects of your planetary past is incorrect. Much, much will stay hidden from you until later. Even then you will likely be offered a much prolonged period of learning that may delay your spiritual progress during the times of those extensive studies. Populations, especially those of ‘disrupted’ worlds are better left with false but relatively simple and believable histories.

“The suggestion that some of the long-headed ones had been brought to your planet at the time of those who were later called, the Nodites, is very likely incorrect but I don’t really know. The long-headed were called the wise ones and they arrived ‘under their own steam’ as you call it. It will pay you to keep in mind the fact that you were a rebel planet, shut off from news broadcasts for time immemorial, but that normally progressing planets knew of your dilemma. Over the millennia they arrived here in droves and with the intricacies of space travel, some were marooned here for good.

“Occasionally, some came to stay and teach the common population as they were advanced in all aspects of living and in some facets of living, still, to this very day — medicin, quarry work, transport of stones weighing tons by sound, vibration. It can be said that they were about everywhere where there was a reasonably advanced society such as in Egypt, India, on Easter Island, in South America and more. Overall there were two problems to be overcome; their slight numbers in regard to procreation and some of their missing, specific nutritional sources, which they needed.

“Your local population did badly miss the wise long-headed ones as their tiny populations died out and in many places — not always in communication with like communities — some form of local, routine cranial deformation was developed for the newborn. The aim was to make them smarter, if not ‘better looking’ than the next little roundhead but alas, such intellectual genius was not often evident, as must be logical to your mind.

“Much will be learnt when your scientists venture yet deeper into the secrets of their ‘extra terrestrial’ DNA, but one important thing I want you to ‘take home’ from our discussion, my dear friend: all up, many thousands of the elongated-head medicos, builders and stone cutters came to your planet when most of you were still conveniently eating each other. Yes, enter the wise long-headed ones. Suffice it to say, they did their part, oh yes, to progress your home planet.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia, your friendly other-worldly Horticulturist and Teacher putting on his skates. Au Revoir.”

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