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GEO200818- Those Illusive Dates and the Ultimate Reset®

2020-08-18. Those Illusive Dates and the Ultimate Reset.


Illawarra District, Australia, August 18, 2020. – geo #200818
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Those Illusive Dates and the Ultimate Reset.”

Message received by George Barnard.


The Scribe: “From the very first years of your life and your keen awareness of a future reset of people’s plans and dreams you have intended to sound a warning to all. For all of your life, until recently, you have not known the circumstances, the year, the day or date. And I say to you, ‘It is well that you humans experience time drifting by in seconds, minutes and hours between events, whilst almost all of your Teachers see their abodes as places where the birth of a star can be witnessed simultaneously with its demise.

“Both Michael and I felt for you when the Ezekiel warning without a given time-line was brought to you. However, my friend and student, you do now know the approximate time for your world’s financial reset to be coming close. Good luck, I say, in bringing this information to your friends, readers and relatives. You have limited time to in-detail decide on your own survival plans. Give it plenty of thought, but don’t wait too long in detailing what simple planning you can provide.

“This is the Damascus Scribe, ever caring for you and yours.”

George: “Thank you very much, Scribe.”

Receiver’s Notes: The information about the ultimate reset of “free-world finance” is to somehow be organized early in next year. This person in the know of the “elite” talked to me of Davos and so, I presume the new currency will be Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), but I don’t know if we, the common people, will be offered any SDRs. I have on earlier occasions suggested one of the oldest of moneys – junk silver coins – perhaps enough to purchase what one needs for days or a few weeks until clarity is evident.

I will leave my notes at this, but if any of you have some urgent or genuine questions, I will endeavor to answer most of these.

God bless . . .
George Barnard.

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