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HAM25- Collection3: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 6-10

2000-01-24- Collection3: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 6-10
Hamilton #25


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Muriel
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Muriel
2.2 TR: Tara Logan

Session 6
 January 24, 2000

TARA: My teachers, I feel somewhat confused after last Friday’s meeting. I feel we need direction as to where we are going with this endeavor. So I have come to you, my teachers. So much is happening in the Urantia Movement as a whole. I am so new at this and I know you have told me not to compare other teaching areas to ours. I offered last years message to the group and there seemed to be a negative response. We don’t seem to be co-ordinated as to which night is a purely study night and which is a teacher night or do they or should they over lap? How do other groups handle this? Should lessons on the “Fruits of the Spirit” be part of the study nights of Part 4 of the Urantia Book? I know that it all relates to each other. I know that we are in a process of establishing ourselves here. Can you give us some clear guidance as to what it is you want us to do and how to accomplish it?
Thank you.

TEACHERS: We will respond to you in unison, as one, for we are all here with one purpose and one goal to achieve. That goal is the personal growth of each and every child of God as they each tread their own personal, spiritual path. It is the inner experience that each must strive for. It is that supreme experience of finding the Father within. That is the true religious experience. The eternal experience, the destiny of each child, is to find the Father of Fathers at his dwelling place, Paradise. To stand before him, a fully perfected and ascended son of God, fully spiritualized. Then are you fully trained, fully prepared for an even future destiny in the service of the Universal Father. This is indeed why we are here to serve you under the authority of Christ Michael and his appointed teaching staff under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedeck.

All is indeed in place. Continue as you are. All is working together for the spiritual growth of all who come of their own free will to partake of what is offered according to their will and according to their understanding. You, my dear, know what is contained in your files, the lessons previously given, they do not. Is it not true, that during the past year, they were only given the monthly message to the group for their meeting night? Offer again, as we direct you, what is needful as we progress through the year. Search your files for those lessons that can give added insight to the topic of study. That way they will be more meaningful and timely at the time of their presentation. Be aware that each have differing appetites and can only digest so much at a time. Over load is to be avoided, so be not discouraged.

We will guide you in the formation of our presentations month by month. Many others will be available to you to help guide and direct you also. Watch for their loving input and suggestions. It is for you to work out your own salvation and indeed the mode of your own journey and your journey together. Nothing is written in stone. Of course, we will progress ever in accordance with the Father’s will and in accordance with your free will. As you are open to receive, only then can we offer to you the lessons here prepared for you, for the assisting of your soul growth. Indeed is it true “when the student is ready, does the teacher appear.” We are here, little ones. Are you ready?

MuriEL has been preparing you with her initial lessons and has now launched you into your initial lessons on the fruits of the spirit. Continue on, for there are more to come. All is progressing, slowly and surely, so be not discouraged. There is no race here. We will indeed accomplish our goal to enlighten you and inspire you onward and upward in your spiritual growth to spirit adulthood in the family of God.

Be as the little children of the Father that you are open and trusting, willing to learn at the feet of your local universe father, Christ Michael, who indeed loves each and every one of you with a deep and abiding fatherly affection, desiring only your ultimate good, your ultimate salvation into his glorious kingdom of peace and everlasting life. This, our little ones, should be your focus, setting your will to become perfect as he is perfect, loyal and faithful, trusting children of the Most High God, even your Eternal Father on Paradise.
He is nearer to you than even your hands and feet, indeed, he even now dwells within you and is approachable there in the stillness of your heart and mind. We are your teachers here to guide and assist you as you tread your own personal paths homeward. Bertram, MuriEL, and Malcom.

Session 7
 January 26, 2000

TARA: Is there a message for today?

BERTRAM: It is Bertram here today. It is my pleasure to be here with you once more, little one. I want to discuss with you today the concept of “oneness.” Each and everyone of us are part of the whole, part of the very essence and reality of the oneness of the Father and all his creation. It is literally and eternally true that we “live and move and have our being in him.” Without him there would be no reality, no consciousness, nothing. All comes from the Father of Lights and all returns to the Father. All is in circuitry through out his vast domains. He is the beginning of all things, our very Creator of all things and beings, all personalities, personal and pre-personal and indeed, non personal. From him is the manifestation of all physical reality, the crystallization of all material reality. And we are apart and included in that physical creation in the worlds of time and space.

You are not alone children, for you have untold numbers of brothers and sisters on other worlds in other systems, in other constellations, even in other universes! Great indeed is the magnitude of the Father’s household encompassing every planet, system, universe – local, super, central and even on Paradise! All is set in place for your exploration, for your learning, for your growth as you ascend heavenward to your final destiny. So great and all encompassing is the Father’s love for you, for everyone of his children.
So great is that eternal love, that he has sent out to all his children nearly 700,000 Paradise Creator Son’s and 700,000 Creative Daughter Spirits (Holy Spirits) to create, administer and teach and watch over you in your local universes in time and space. Indeed are they here with their ministering hosts to create, nurture, raise to spirithood each believing child of God who seeks to be born into the Kingdom of God.

It is by choosing of your own free will; desiring to be a part of the family of God; desiring to become perfect as he is perfect, then, indeed, are you made ready for your supreme adventure of ascension through this your local universe of Nebadon, through your superuniverse of Orvonton and then onward to the Central Universe of Havona, and ever onward to Paradise. Indeed is it true that you must be willing, trusting, yielding as a little child, ever teachable and open to new truth and revelation to be continually revealed to you from the Father. Listen….. You are apart of that one great plan of God that encompasses every ascending son of God, from every local universe within all seven superuniverses of time and space. Great indeed is the magnitude of that great and all encompassing plan that the Gods are outworking here and through out all creation. When we say to you that all is going according to plan, indeed must you believe us, for indeed it is! All paths will eventually lead heavenward.

You can have absolute and full confiding trust in the Father’s plan for all his children. When you abide in true and living faith in the promises of God, in the teachings of your Creator Son, Christ Michael, your Jesus, then are you spiritually born into the Family of God. With the renewing of your minds are you encircuited into the spiritual circuitry of the cosmic mind, indeed the very mind of your Holy Mother Spirit as she connects you to the very mind essence of your Father through the Infinite Spirit. Indeed does his spirit essence flow to and within you, and becomes active within you through your Thought Adjuster, your Mystery Monitor, bestowed upon you from your Father on Paradise.

You are indeed a very part of the Father and he is a part of you. Let his love flow into you and out of you in continual loving service to all your brothers and sisters you meet each day. Daily express the love of the Father to all you meet, and in all you do, because you love one another in total unconditional love, as he has loved you. The Father sent his Son, Christ Michael to reveal his love to you, to reveal his fatherhood to you, to help you realize that you are all brothers and sisters sharing your beautiful planet home, Urantia.
Now you have the Urantia Book, a true revelation of the Word of God in written form, to further teach you that you are also brothers and sisters of even a greater family, encompassing the whole of the Fathers Creation. Indeed if you let yourselves imagine it, you will also become elder brothers and sisters who will be brought into the Family of God from the now forming universes in the four outer space levels! The Family of God, the Kingdom of God is an eternal kingdom of love which truly embraces ALL creation for all time and eternity.

You are all part of one great creation, of one great Creator, your Universal Father of light and love. Think on these things as you study your text and your new lessons. Be grateful for the love the Fathers’ have bestowed upon you, that you can be aware and comprehend even now in your evolutionary development, even this glimpse of the plan and purposes of the Father and your part in that great plan and the destiny that is yours for the striving. Michael’s peace be upon you and give you that serene confidence and confiding trust in his love and over care for you as you journey homeward ever growing in the fruits of the spirit of your divine Father. I now bid you good day. This has been Bertram co-teaching here this morning with MuriEl, contributing to this discourse for your learning and edification.

Session 8
 February 1, 2000

TARA: Is there a message this evening?

BERTRAM: Yes little one. It is indeed my pleasure to be with you this evening. I have indeed desired to be in contact with you so that we can continue on in our responsibilities here upon Urantia. We are indeed pleased to see those faithful ones who have desired to attend the planned stillness retreat in the new northern location. It is very important, as we have taught you this last year, for each of you to seek the Father in the stillness and find communion with him there. Through your faith and your confiding trust in the realization of the Father’s presence are you indeed nourished and sustained in your process of spiritualization towards becoming perfected ascending Sons of God.

We would have you understand in full and confiding trust why we are here and what this Teaching Mission is all about. Our purpose is to assist you in finding the Father within, to set you feet firmly on the path of your ascension journey to Paradise. Each little one in my teaching base is indeed dear to my heart and held in great esteem and love. We desire to work in partnership with you. As team members we are serving in Michael’s Emergency Mission here on Urantia, working together towards the reclamation of his bestowal planet into the spiritual circuitry from which you have so long been isolated.

Contact is being made worldwide in many and diverse areas upon your planet. Preparation is being made for the time when divine contact will be openly made with the inhabitants of your world. Prepare yourselves for this time as if it may happen tomorrow. We are not here saying it will happen in the very near future or even in your lifetime, but all is in preparation as your planet draws nearer and nearer to the age of Light and Life. So often have you been told that you are even now entering the beginning stages of Light and Life as this Correcting Time continues on, preparing you and your world for this coming time of peace upon your planet home.
Our mission here is two fold – personal reclamation of your inhabitants and the impersonal reclamation of your physical planet.

All must be corrected and purified, reclaimed and brought into the Master’s fold, and once more taught the Father’s way of truth, beauty and goodness. All is going according to plan as the Father wills, as Christ Michael wills, as each one of us chooses of our own free will to accept his plan for us. How soon you unite in all your diversity, to strive for the betterment of your planet and work together as one united brotherhood on earth; that will determine the rate at which the new heaven on earth will descend upon Urantia.

— Do all that you can personally to see this come about beginning with your own change of attitude of heart and your own growth of the fruits of the spirit in your personal lives.

  • — Learn to love just one more person each day as you experience the daily love of the Father for you.
  • — Become that demonstration of righteousness upon the world. that light, that essence of the Father that dwells within you.
  • — Light the world with his love in loving service to all your brothers and sisters you are in contact each day.
  • — Learn to live the true and everlasting religion of Jesus as he has taught you, as revealed to you in your text.

I will now bid you good evening. May Father bring joy and peace and rest to you this night. Your teacher and guide in Michael’s service, I am Bertram.

Session 9
 February 4, 2000 Teaching Mission Meeting at home of Therese Logan, Cambridge, Ont.
 Present – Judy, Lorne, Jeff, Jackie, Victor, Therese.

TARA: I woke this morning feeling there was a message for today. Yes, little one. We are gathering here in anticipation of your meeting this evening. You need not fear; all will transpire as directed. Let not you heart be troubled. I am here beside you and will uphold you and strengthen you in your service for me. We now embrace you in our love.

I have sent my teachers to administer to my flock here, my little ones, now in the overcare of this segment of my mission on earth today. I know you sense my presence. Yes little one it is I, Michael. Be not dismayed for I am here with you, to reassure you, that you are indeed a part of my mission to feed my flock. We have indeed been preparing each of you for your participation in my emergency mission now on Urantia today. I see your heart attitude and your love of the truth and your faith, your trust in me. You are chosen for this part in my mission because you are willing and desire to be of service to me and to my little ones. Your child-like attitude of heart is what is desired of all my children. For only then can I lead you into all truth, so that the spirit of truth which I send to you can do it’s transforming work with in your heart and mind. It is your confiding trust and faith in me that is your ever guide, your pilot to the transforming work being performed within your evolving morontia souls. It is that faith of a believing Agondonter that will see you safely brought to the shores of Paradise.

No my child, you need not fear, indeed I tell you to be of good cheer for I am indeed here on Urantia, in your presence and ever shall be throughout our work here and far beyond the shores of this, your planet home. My arms are ever open to all my children. You can come to me at any time and I will hear the deepest pleas, the deepest cries of all your concerns that so heavily press upon you. You are not alone. My ministering angels ever enfold you, as do I, in our love and in our watchcare. Nebadonia, your true mother spirit is near unto you in your daily walk and her holy spirit will ever comfort you, even in your hour of trial. Yes, little one, you need not fear. We hear even the unspoken prayers of your heart and I am here this morning to give you this reassurance of our love and the divine certainty of this mission work to which we have called you, and are now this day calling others who will to do my will on earth today.

Much needs to be done and will be done through your efforts, in service of me. Little ones, feed my flock. Let my light shine through you into the darkness that so enshrouds our beautiful planet Urantia, my chosen one for my last bestowal. Continue to learn of me in your studies of the revelation I have sent unto you, for it is given to you now for your deeper understanding of me and of your extended Cosmic and Universal Family of Love. I see the progress my children are making world wide in all my flocks and I am well pleased. This time of correction will continue on throughout the ages to come until this beautiful planet is settled in light and life and love.
My child, my love ever surrounds you. Continue in your loving service to my children now and in the times to come. Be of good cheer. Rejoice, and be at peace, Michael.

MALCOM: Little one, little one, know that we understand the feelings within you right now. Michael has so graciously come this morning to lift you up and to reassure you of your calling and of the validity of his mission. Each of you, so dedicated to his mission are so loved and appreciated you cannot even begin to imagine it. Our over care of you is our privilege and our duty, our service of love to our beloved Father/Brother Michael, our service of love to you. With complete faith and trust now, prepare for our meeting tonight. All is well. Your personal friend and guide, Malcolm.

Session 10
 March 7, 2000

Prayer by Lorne: Our Father, Come now in our presence and give us of your wisdom, we are eager and prepared to hear every thing that we need to know. We ask this in Jesus’ name for our sake. Thank you and amen.

BERTRAM: It is Bertram here. It is indeed my pleasure to be here with you, to share with you this evenings festivities, this time of learning and growing. We are all here to serve you, to guide you and direct you. As it is getting late, I will forgo a lesson at this time. I have had delivered to you tonight, what I would have said to you this evening. You may read that message in your leisure. Your teachers are here and are willing to answer any and all questions. So I will leave the floor open to them and you may direct your questions to each teacher that you would like to converse with. Again we thank you for your coming again this evening and may we have a fruitful interaction here tonight. Are there any questions?

VICTOR: MuriEL, I would like to ask a question if I may please, if you can give me some guidance and perhaps the others on how to create that discipline within ourselves to study and to read. It’s been a problem of mine to find the time and/or the discipline as there are so many other priorities, etc. The desire is there and the spirit is willing but the flesh seems to be weak. Could you comment on that?

MURIEL: Yes my son. First though I would thank you all for coming here and for you participation in this our Teaching Mission Base that has been delivered into our keeping and I am pleased to be here as a co-teacher with our esteemed teacher, Bertram. We have long desired to be here with you and to establish ourselves here among you. We appreciate your loyalty and your love not only for us but especially for our divine Michael. This is HIS Teaching Mission and we are here dedicated in his service. And so my children thank you for coming and we will now focus on this question.

My son, we realize that you are living on a planet that does indeed have its busy times. Your lives are not arranged as they should be. So many issues press down upon you. Life is not easy on this planet as you well know. This is not an ordinary planet. On other worlds not so deranged, you would have the time that you are looking for, that need to advance your soul growth. But here today there are so many issues to deal with, issues of survival indeed. So many counting upon you. But putting that aside, knowing that you have busy schedules with things that have to be done, dead lines to be meet, customers to satisfy. It’s imperative that you do take time for yourself, for your own soul growth and indeed set your priorities. For my son, what is more important than your soul growth? Lift here is short enough. It is like a flash in the night and then you will be moving on to the Morontial Worlds.

Lessons learned here will also be learnt there yes, but would it not be so much nicer to learn those lessons here now so that you can live in peace and prosperity, live above all the hassles, stress and strain of life that beset you? You can find comfort in your quiet times, maybe begin with your times of stillness and then lead into your study, your readings. Ask the Father to put into your heart a desire to study to know his will. Granted you can find the truth in many, many books. The truth is there in all of them in one degree or another, but my son you HAVE the precious pearl of great price, this precious, precious revelation delivered to you. This is of far higher learning than any you will read any where else. We know that you believe that within your heart, you know of the truth it contains and that it has been divinely sent.

It IS a present revelation for your planet now. It is not total truth, it is not the complete truth because it could not be delivered to you as such at this time, because your knowledge has to be built step by step. Here and there you learn and pick up and build upon your knowledge base so that you can understand higher truths and higher values. Here in this revelation you will find truth, beauty and goodness. You will find how to develop your morontia soul. We could say set your priorities, put your studies high on that list, but that has to be your own free will choice. We would only ask that you have a willing heart to do the Father’s will and he will direct your path, and he will help you find the time that you need. Trust and have faith and have confidence that this is the truth you have found, that you are on the right path and it is leading you homeward. Has this helped or would you like me to be more specific?

VICTOR: Yes that has been helpful of course. I would appreciate it if you could be a little bit more specific on it.

MURIEL: At what depth are you…?

VICTOR: Where do I go from here? What . … I’ve been struggling that over the last few months as to not really doing what I should be doing regarding the Father’s will. How do I find the way?

MURIEL: My son, we can’t tell you. Only you know to what degree you are following the Father’s will. Look into your own heart. Find the truth there within your own soul. It IS a matter of sitting priorities, setting your mind and heart to do what he wills. Self-discipline?


MURIEL: Now here is where you can learn and teach yourself confiding trust. Confiding trust in yourself. Do you understand what I am saying?


MURIEL: Your path, your studies, your private life, your relationship with the Father is between you and your Father. He knows, he reads the depths of your heart, the love that’s there within, for him. Just BE as he says, as a little child, open your heart and have a deep desire, a burning desire to learn his truths and what he wants you to know. But don’t forget you do learn from your daily lessons in life and if there is a lesson to learn he will bring it upon your path. And you WILL LEARN it, if not the first time it will come around again. But there is the easier way and if you follow that way it will be much easier for you. (Tape turned)

VICTOR: The question I have is can you comment on the Course in Miracles? Our meditation group has been going through this for the last little while and I am finding it very difficult to follow. I’ve got to admit, I don’t enjoy it. It’s writings seem to be missing me or I’m missing the points of the writing. I find it very difficult to follow the text and the lessons. Could you comment on that please.

MURIEL: I believe, my son that this would tie in with your previous question. Again setting priorities. How do you find understanding the Urantia Book?

VICTOR: Very, very easy. The writings are excellent. That’s what I’m so curious about because it is Jesus coming through with the Course in Miracles, that the lessons are so different.

MURIEL: Have you ever thought to think that maybe different writings were meant for different people?

VICTOR: Yes, that crossed my mind. Yes. You hear so many people commenting on it that it’s an excellent book. I’ve picked it up probably 6 times and it goes nowhere for me.

MURIEL: Then surely this book is not meant for you at this time.

VICTOR: I think you’re right.

MURIEL: So we would ask, why struggle with it?

VICTOR: That’s right.

MURIEL: Wouldn’t it be nicer to struggle with something you understand? (Laughter)

VICTOR: Indeed, yes. No, I was just wondering if there was some reason why it seems to be written in such difficult tanatares or what ever the terminology is. I find it very difficult to understand and read it.

MURIEL: I would say that you have a fellow sister that understands you completely (Victor laughs – I feel better now) because our transmitter here has tried to read that book also and did not get far with it.

COMMENTS: Also me…I read the whole course and I love the Urantia Book…..yeah, the Urantia Book is far superior…..oh, absolutely, there’s no comparison…..I studied the Keys of Enoch for four years and had the exact same problem….and what I did I just quit…it’s not for me…that’s it….find the book that’s good for you and follow it….just the Urantia Book.

MURIEL: You’re absolutely right, children. The Urantia Book speaks to your heart for a VERY definite reason. (Judy – definitely) and as you have heard tonight, Christ Michael has validated his Urantia Book and the work that is going forth on earth today. That does not invalidate other books of this nature. But if the Urantia books speaks to your heart and it is contributing to your soul growth then you are going forward in your development. Why then take your precious time to study something you find difficult? Do you need that challenge?

The Urantia Book is a challenge in itself? (Yes it is) So spend quality time with what you find dear to your heart and don’t frustrate yourselves! (That’s a hard lesson to learn– laughter)
But realize these other books are stepping stones to knowledge and truth and there is truth in all of them and if you read the Melchizedek papers you will understand that. Now here’s a place for you to start.

LORNE: I found the teacher’s manual in the Course in Miracles to be very rewarding. Could you comment on that?

MURIEL: The teacher’s manual was written to develop teachers. You understand? (Yes)

VICTOR: I had watched a video the other night on the Course in Miracles which was excellent. The women made her points and I could understand it and everything else but when I look at the book it’s almost like reading Chinese to me. I do not enjoy the grammar. I don’t enjoy the long paragraphs. It’s not….it just does not do anything for me. And so I think you are right, the truth is there . .. it’s just not as well put in my mind as the Urantia Book.

MURIEL: There are those who would grasp these different terminologies and it would speak to their soul and that is fine for them. But you have been called to a different level, a different plane of understanding. Rejoice and be thankful that the Urantia Book does speak to your heart and does give you inner guidance.

JEFF: Could you comment on the fact that I’ve studied all the Ascended Masters, the Keys, the Course in Miracles and everything, and they never touched me…period, and I don’t even have copies now, but I always thought that mortals on Urantia are at different levels in their spiritual growth and more than likely these books are just “stepping stones” for these mortals to grow in their own way…(MuriEL– that is absolutely true) and I don’t condemn them but that’s not for me. I found the Urantia Book almost ten years ago and all these other books do nothing for me and I’m not going to waste my time reading them and that’s how I feel. If you could comment on that from the Teaching Mission just to reinforce it, I will appreciate it.

MURIEL: They are indeed “stepping stones” because they do have truth here and truth there and actually your are in training of your mind to pick out the truth, what rings true within you. These books are there for a purpose so let them be. You have grown beyond that Jeff. Your mind is open to more truth and deeper truth. We would say that you are wise that do not waste your time in those endeavours now because you have found what speaks to your soul, and so let it be that others may find that those books speak to them. Above all, we should not be judgmental.

Assess your own situation and if it does not feel right, or is not right for you, then go on to what is. We have said tonight, and you yourselves have expressed that your time is precious. You have to prioritize properly. So we would indeed say put what is of prime importance at the top of your list. I would dare say if you did this, and you did do that number one priority in your life, say first thing in the morning, your whole day will go better. You will not be struggling with that thought….I should….I should….I should….why don’t I have time…..(comment–Just do it!) Do it. Yes. (laughter) There’s no time like the present. (comment — shall we report back to you?– laughter, MuriEL laughing) I shall be waiting with my report card! (I have a question) Yes Judy.

JUDY: I would like to know about the activity at the top of my head which has been ongoing for quite some time. Sometimes the pressure is quite intense. Is this because there are circuits being connected, that I am being prepared for something that I have no idea about?

MURIEL: Yes indeed Judy. Are not all God’s children being prepared in the same way? Have you not read in the Urantia book that the circuits are now being….no. You do know NOW that the circuits are open and have been open for the only the these last few years. This is an absolute truth. You are being encircuited once more. The planet is being brought back into it’s rightful place and that’s why so many people are becoming more open to this new knowledge being brought through. It will take time for the equilibrium to come back within your minds.

JUDY: Does this pertain to future work or is this also to bring forth hidden gifts I may have and am not aware of?

MURIEL: Absolutely! Absolutely, Judy. Things are happening among God’s children worldwide and you will see and experience this more and more as time goes on. We understand that you have expressed a need and a desire to acquire a computer. A whole new world will open up to you as you will learn to share your experiences with others and you will see that like-mindedness is occurring worldwide. Great and marvelous things are happening Judy, so be open, have that confiding faith and trust that all IS going according to plan and there IS a plan set in motion and you are ALL apart of that plan. Healing IS coming to your world and it will happen through YOU. You ARE our instruments of healing to the world. We can guide and direct you, but YOU must do the action. So follow what you feel within your heart what is right for you. Study and show yourself approved. Further guidance will be coming to you. Just be watchful of it and prepare yourself for it. Seek it without and seek it from within.

JUDY: Thank you.

VICTOR: Is this something that we all should look forward to or expect that when something is going to happen…. like when Judy is feeling something in the top of her head, are these physical things then, or does it vary with different people.

MURIEL: It varies with different people within their own rate of growth, their openness, their willingness….. (Their physical bodies?) Yes, your physical makeup but also your mental and emotional makeup. Sometimes you can’t accept strong energies if you are prepared so you have to build. Just as in your acquiring of knowledge and truth, you have to build even . …

JEFF: After that….the same thing that Judy spoke about, I feel a tingling sometimes on the left and sometime on the right side of my body, and it’s just as if I hit my funny bone and I feel it and I know that is something (energy) Yes, and Doreen Mitchell gets the whole top of her head is hot

MURIEL:  oh yes.

JEFF: hot..

MURIEL:  oh yes.

JEFF: ..and starts to sweat. We have discussed those kind of things and everybody gets these same feelings in different ways, and as soon as I feel it I know that there is a presence and that something is coming.

MURIEL: So you have proof within your own selves that the circuits are definitely being opened..

JEFF:  yes.

MURIEL:  ..that more light and truth and love is coming into the earth….it’s flooding the earth.

JUDY: I have one VERY important question for me about the psychic circles that the Urantia Book speaks of, that the majority, or most of us are in the third circle, however I sometimes get the impression that we may be second circlelers, that we have advanced?

MURIEL: That could be quite true Judy, but I am not here to judge or to tell where you are in your progression, for only the Father knows that, and you do realize that when you do reach the first circle that you will come to fusion. Some may advance quite rapidly here on earth but is not happening at this time. When we are closer to the Age of Light and Life many more will be rapidly advancing. But yes, indeed, those who are called now in this age now are advancing faster and how fast you advance will be according to your own freewill-ness. Most do not fuse until they reach Jerusem, as you understand, but you are in progression, you are going in that direction. So do not fear or worry about it at this time, just enjoy it.

JUDY: Just a curiosity question, because I definitely feel different than I did, lets say thirty years ago.

MURIEL: Absolutely, from that period till now, of course! Of course, you have grown. You have probably gone from the first to the third!

JUDY: It is really thrilling to hear that we are actually part of the emergency mission of Melchizedek. Of that I am very humbled to hear about that, that we are part of that and I can not thank Michael enough that we have been found worthy of being accepted into this service of his Mission.

MURIEL: That is why we are here Judy, to prepare you, each and everyone of you, to be apart of that Mission, to serve in whatever way you are being called and directed. Indeed, it may be a healing service that you will have. Vic may have an architectural service. You do know that they are building retreat centers coming up in the near future and there is a wonderful opportunity there, for building new communities which will be new arenas of examples of light and life upon the world. Maybe there will be designs that our brother here could contribute to that work. There’s so many opportunities. Never be envious of each others skills or calling, because each one of you have your place in Michael’s Mission, what he has prepared for you and what he desires for you to do. It is only up to you to be WILLING and OPEN to accept what he desires of you. Your journey, your discovery of how you can serve is part of your growth and the enjoyment of that discovery. If we were to tell you what your future holds for you, where would be the thrill of your journey and your discovery? Everyone has their place and their part to do.

VICTOR: Yes, they have their own path and their own truth, don’t they? All paths lead to Rome.

MURIEL: You see, we are all diverse in our natures and in our understanding and in our skills, and in our knowledge and in our backgrounds, our experience, but we all work together now as teams and as groups and we are here now with our team here, as your teachers and guides to help you and direct you. We are not going to tell you WHAT to do because that is your own choice.
That must come from within your own heart, the path you desire to walk, what skill you want to contribute.

JUDY: So it is actually….since we REALLY don’t know what we are about, it is really moving one phase at a time. (that’s right)

MURIEL: Faith, confiding trust. You got it! (laughter)

JUDY: Courageous loyalty?

MURIEL: (laughter) That’s coming, that’s coming! Patience and tolerance. Always must it be in love service, not for private gain or for greed, or for self……

JEFF: Aggrandizement.

MURIEL: (Laughter) That’s what I…that’s the word…!! (laughter by all) Thank you! Even your teacher gets tongue tied!! I would say, always remember to have that child-like attitude of heart. Be open so that you can be taught and never forget that you ARE connected to that true vine. Your nourishment does come from your Father. You can do NOTHING without HIM! Unless you have that connection, unless you have that faith, unless you have that confiding trust that he will direct and guide you and lead you day by day, moment by moment. Trust that the lessons that you need will come to you regardless of where you are what you are doing. The Father loves you. He has called you. He has brought you into his fold. He is teaching you so that you can go out and be teachers and leaders in the coming world tomorrow.

Much that you do now, you may not ever see the fruition of it. You may not see all your plans come to fulfillment but you are setting the example, you are setting the pace, you are setting the direction. Just have that confiding trust. We cannot say it enough. Have that faith in Christ Michael, in the work that he has set forth upon this earth at this time. It IS an emergency mission, he is reclaiming his planet, he is bring it into his fold of his universal family of planets. It is a great age to be alive and to have your part in what is occurring on earth today. But not only on this earth; it is also happening on the other worlds that were lost in darkness. Always try to get the larger view of what is happening, then everything seems to fall into place.

LORNE: Could you tell me…we are a study group of about a dozen people. Could you tell me how much of an influence we have in this area, this small group of people?

MURIEL: Have you ever stopped to think, Lorne, that Christ Michael had a small group of people. Twelve, and look at the great work they did at starting a worldwide movement. We know so much more today, you are being taught so much more today and your influence is greatly expanded. ONE person can do so much. This is because your world is so interconnected. It is not just the person you meet on the street but who you meet worldwide over your telephones, over the internet, which is now becoming so accessible to the general public. You can influence thousands by the click of a button now. It’s a different world today and a few can do so much if they are empowered with truth and knowledge and love. Let all your actions be in love so that you can be a demonstration to those you meet every day. That influence will grow and expand. You may not think so, but people remember. You are planting seeds, remember? It seems so simple to say, “be a light,” and “be an example.” What does that mean? What do people see when they see you? Do they see your kindness, your love, your generosity, your joy, your cheer, especially your love for them? Is that helping you Lorne?

LORNE: Yes. I wondered if the highly positive attitudes, loving attitudes that we have, does this go out as a radiating energy out into the world about us?

MURIEL: Of course. Of course and your prayers mean so much. United in prayer can mean so much to heal this world, because the Father does hear your prayers and then he sees the willingness of heart that you do want change. It was the prayers of your fathers before you that brought you your book. Do you understand this?


MURIEL: Change must come to this world and we are here to assist in the bring about of that change and you must know the way to do that. That is why we are here to teach you at this time. Listen to us because we do come to you with knowledge and with truth and with beauty and with goodness taught to us by Christ Michael.

JEFF: Reminds me of the his words….”not my will, but thy will be done.” Oh Lord, my God.

MURIEL: That is true.

JEFF: That was his words and I think that we as a small group, all we have to do is to be willing to spread it, to sow those seeds wherever we may be.

VICTOR: Is there a cosmic intention to influence other movements, religious movements that are out there from the Teaching Mission point of view? Is there an attempt there?

MURIEL: Can you be more specific?

VICTOR: I’m just wondering if…’re working with the Teaching Mission with the Urantia the movement, with the group. Is there an attempt that the Teaching Mission would move into other religious movements, basic religious movements, basic Christian movements, the fundamentalists, the main stream movements?

MURIEL: Are you asking if the teachers will move into those movements?

VICTOR: Yes, are you going to be influencing or moving into those particular movements in one form or another? Is there any intention there or is it strictly working through the Urantia groups that the Teaching Mission will be coming forward?

MURIEL: What we have told you before is that you are our arms and legs. It will be YOU who will be going into these places. (Victor — o.k. yes, that’s why I’m meeting with my group,… Jeff — that is what I understood myself, I was going to interject that,…. Judy — wherever there is an opening) We are not going to do it for you, my children. (sighs and laughter) It’s not that easy.

VICTOR:  Victor – we sure have a big chore ahead of us!

JEFF: But I think what happens that once the light is seen, people will just come. It’s not a matter of convincing somebody. That individual will see that light and understand that light and will want more. That’s what we just did today with Judy and the Urantia Books, and I said to myself I was not that I was not even put these books into the book store anymore. I was going to keep them myself and whoever I am guide to I will let them know they are there and that’s it. With the bookstore, I didn’t like how it worked.

JUDY: I think then that we prepare ourselves to give the fruits of the spirit in Unity, that it is wonderful to have books available for those people who are really interested.

JEFF: Well what I am saying is that I am going to keep them at home and what happens is they can get one.

JUDY:  Judy – and we can always order more.

MURIEL: My children, you do not cast your pearls before swine!

JUDY:  (laughter) – yes, one of my favorite lines!

MURIEL:  And remember, when the student is ready the teacher will appear and you my students were ready and your teachers are here. When your group, when your church, when the people that you meet are ready, their teacher will appear. Even the books you mentioned earlier are teachers to those people who read them. That is where their readiness is.

JUDY: Yes.

LORNE: I was under the impression that a Teaching Mission is not exclusive to the Urantia Study Groups. Is that true?

JUDY:  That’s what we read.

MURIEL: The influence of the Teaching Mission is influencing many, many worldwide. People are hearing their teachers. There is a personal teacher offered to anyone who is willing and desires one. When that individual is ready for their teacher they will hear these messages as well, whether they are in the Teaching Mission or not. You understand?

LORNE: Thank you. I thought so. Yes.

VICTOR: The truth comes in many forms I guess.

MURIEL: Yes, God loves this world. The Father is here in his Thought Adjuster, in each mind and heart working with each individual. The TRUTH IS TRUTH. Each person has the Spirit of Truth working within them to bring them to the knowledge and understanding that they need at their precise moment on their path. Do you understand what I am saying?

LORNE: Yes, yes.

VICTOR: It’s just that our lives are SO short.

JUDY: (laughter) — you can always ask for another sixty-five, I’ve asked so…yeah.

MURIEL: But life ISN’T SHORT my son. Only your physical existence….

JUDY:  yes here.

VICTOR:  (laughing all)  yes that is what I was referring too….

JEFF: – be careful

VICTOR: ..precious

MURIEL:  We ask you to bear fruit but it may not ripen for quite awhile. Just be assured that the Father loves each and every one of you and he desires that you become perfect as he is perfect because then you have inner peace and joy that HE experiences. He wants to share ALL with you and as you grow and mature and develop your own Morontia Soul and survive to the worlds beyond, you just have no idea what awaits you, what he has prepared for you. My son, go read it in the book.

VICTOR: I start tomorrow.

JUDY: The Jesus teachings are WONDERFUL. Especially when he is with the Indians traveling all over.

VICTOR:  yes, yes I remember those. oh my, I am just blown away by how Jesus conducts himself with all the different people he comes across and I say “Oh God give me that insight into other peoples souls so I know what there need is so that I can help them better.”

MURIEL: Well my dear Judy, you have that insight because you have the mind of Christ working within you and he will guide you and be with you as you deal with each person. You KNOW that, you understand that.

JUDY: Yes, but in my home circumstances I don’t go very far and that despairs me sometimes.

MURIEL: Well, Christ Michael can empathize with you there can he not?

JUDY: Yes, and he is with us anyway and he is in our house too.

MURIEL: If God be FOR us WHO can be against us?

JUDY: True…(Judy singing) — we are walking, we are walking in the light…..(laughter)

MURIEL: My, I do have a happy class here, do I not? (MuriEL laughs with all) In closing I would say, it has been my privilege and my joy to be here with you to night.

JEFF: It has been ours also to be with you..

MURIEL: And I have waited SO LONG to have this opportunity to be with you in this way, to share with you and to get to know you and for you to get to know me. For I do LOVE YOU dearly each and every one of you.

VICTOR: Thank you and God bless.

JUDY: And thank you VERY much, we are deeply honored.

JEFF: Thank you very much

MURIEL: Good night, my children.

ALL: Good night.

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