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HAM27- Collection3: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 16-20

2000-07-18- Collection3: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 16-20
Hamilton #27


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Muriel
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Muriel
2.2 TR: Tara Logan

Session 16
 July 18, 2000

TARA: I feel there is a message this morning.

TEACHER: Good morning Tara, It is Malcom here. We have long awaited your return to us. First let me reassure you that you are indeed still enlisted in the work we have set out to do together. So set your heart at ease. There is no race here. All is progressing as it should.

During these many months you have continued to grow in knowledge and understanding and in your many computer skills; have become acquainted with others in this mission calling, this new and expanded work of Christ Michael on earth today. You are in school little one and we are your teachers, and indeed sometimes your spiritual nannies especially I, myself, your personal teacher. You have never been left alone and indeed do you learn many, many lessons in the school of life on Urantia. So do not despair, we will now go forward once more and complete the course set out before us.

I would like to comment on your new found friendship with Terry. Yes, we have been in contact with this dear soul for some time. It is good that you have made this contact with one another. It is meant to be, and together you will help each other grow towards light and life. You are indeed kindred spirits and together you will compliment and support one another in the years and eons to come. Never do you leave behind such blessed relationships of the flesh.

You have need of one another as you grow in spiritual perfection in the Father. You both have serious health issues to deal with right now and we want you to know that you are lovingly watched over and cared for and you need not fear. We are ever here in our love and support and guidance daily. You can call on us at any time. Ever remember that Christ Michael himself is ever near to you, closer than hands and feet and dear Mother Nebadonia constantly enfolds you in her love.

Your Thought Adjuster, a very fragment of the Paradise Father of All is with in you and a very part of you, there to comfort guide and lead you forever and always on your journey homeward. Yes little ones you are not alone in your spiritual journey homeward. All along the way you will encounter those who love you and are sent to you, prepared to teach and guide you on you way to perfect perfection in God-likeness. Yes, your journey starts here as you climb to spiritual maturity and adulthood.

Yes, you are indeed children in the household of God and as children play and enjoy your beautiful garden home of Urantia. Drink in the beauty that surrounds you and rejoice at all that Father has supplied. Envision this new age coming to it’s full potential of light and life, filled with beauty, truth and goodness.

Do all that you can now to bring the Father’s will to fullfilment on Urantia by growing in the fruits of his spirit daily in your own lives. Let love and peace reign in your own hearts, in your own lives, in your own homes. Make this your worthy goal of life here and in so doing bring peace and contentment within your self, your family, your greater family and community and national arena as well.
This dear ones is the way to world peace as you come to realize the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God, that you are all one family, one kindred community within the family of God.

Some day your world will even come to realize its kinship in the Universal Community of Light and Life. Your world will regain that cosmic reality of what and who you are and where you belong in the scheme of things universal. We are all apart of this great purpose, this great plan of God being worked out across the broad expanse of his great universal fields of spiritual and physical realities.
Brotherly love is the answer to all the problems plaguing your world today and all it’s problems begin within the very heart of man himself. Think on these things little ones. We are pleased with the sisterly love developing between you and your new found sister. We are ever here to guide and direct you daily. What an adventure lies before you!! I will take leave of you now. May peace reign supreme within your hearts today and always. Your friend and guide, Malcom.

Session 17
 Sept. 7. 2000

My teachers. Is there a message today? Yes, it is our pleasure to be with you this afternoon. As always we are here to love and support you in every way. You need not fear at all. We have not forsaken you. We realize that you have many, many issues to resolve. We wait upon you knowing that when you are ready all will progress again as it should. We are not in a race little ones. Many, many years lay ahead in this mission work on earth today. Today we are planting seeds. Yes little ones indeed we are, seeds that will sprout into great and wondrous works that will aid in directing Urantian’s into Light and Life. We would ask that you try and see the whole picture, the whole perspective as you are able from where you are now in the scheme of things….yes we realize that sometimes that is quite difficult. As we have so often said before you are just now entering into a new age of spiritual growth for your planet home.

You will see great and wonderful beginnings of projects that shall greatly speed up the edification of your planet. Do not despair, all is going as directed. You are not forgotten nor forsaken, such a jewel you are in the heavens of Michael’s Nebadon. Indeed you are all most loved and blessed above all planet homes in his wide domain. So let not your heart be troubled….we will continue as before when you are ready, when all has settled and you find yourself at peace and stillness with in. We look upon the heart of each one of you and know that your desire is to do the will of the Fathers’ in heaven. We know that you love your planet home and desire that all that dwell therein should come into a knowledge of the truth as brought to Urantia by Christ Michael Himself! Yes little ones, your own sovereign ruler and king himself came to you, choose you of millions to be his bestowal planet….here conquered and overcame the instigators of the rebellion that rocked your sector of his universe.

You are indeed blessed with the understanding that you possess this day! Blessed indeed! So dear ones go in peace, deal with the affairs that now concern you and when all is sorted and set right once more we will continue as before. We greet you in love and peace, we leave you surrounded and loved in that peaceful enfoldment of the Master’s love shed abroad in all the hearts of those who love him and seek to serve him according to his will. We all desire to be of service in the Kingdom of Heaven of which you too are even now loyal subjects, faithful Agondonters striving ever to live according to the will of his father in heaven as do we all. Welcome to the family of God little ones, we are here to serve you now and always….so have no fear all is in good hands and we will go forward ever renewed and refreshed once more in the mission set out before us. Your teachers, Bertram, MuriEL and Malcom.

Session 18
 October 1, 2000

TARA: Is there a message tonight? I feel I am floundering in my spiritual growth and as to my worthiness to be apart of this mission today. Please give me personal direction tonight as I feel so out of control. Thank you.

MALCOM: My child, our little one. First realize you are not forgotten. We are all here around you supporting you, enfolding you, loving you in all your daily walks of life and living.  Yes, indeed, you do make your walk more difficult for yourself by your decisions you make each day. We would not interfere with your own free will choices that are yours to make each day, each hour, each moment. We are here only to guide and teach you as you are willing and as you ask. You have asked tonight and we will give you guidance here as requested….

First and foremost we would impress upon you the importance of stillness, that time with Father in the quietness of your mind, in that quiet sanctuary where mortal meets spirit in loving embrace. Here will you find Father and the peace and tranquility of life you are looking for. Here will you be renewed and refreshed to meet the challenges and responsibilities of life pressing down so hard upon you. Here will you find rest for your soul and renewed vigor to carry on. Here will you drink the water of life and be filled with love overflowing. Here will you be able to lay all your burdens down and never have to pick them up again. Here will you ascend into the supreme experience of love and praise and worship of your loving Father as he brings you into his eternal embrace. Yes, this is the first and foremost advice I can give you tonight. Do not now neglect this most important practice. Set time aside daily and establish a definite time or times to go to the Father in earnest prayer, supplication and worship. This is needful for you, for your growth and spiritualization.

Second, we would advise you to schedule a time to meet these, your first commitments to Michael’s Mission. You have been called, little one, to serve as a receiver of our lessons. We all have a work to do, of love and service to mankind. We saw into your heart as you read the recent transcript from Daniel’s group. The reality of this Mission and it’s work touched your heart and brought you back to us. Though you feel your Teaching Mission Group in Hamilton is splintered right now, it is not so. All will be corrected and the meetings will go forward again.

Transition and change is difficult. There is no race but time is marching on, on your sphere of existence….much work is to be done and MuriEL is still waiting in the wings for her lessons to commence once more. If you are willing she would like to pickup where she left off and even now compile the lessons as planned before your group. They could now be formulated and prepared for later presentation. Here again we must ask you to set time aside for this project on a regular basis. We are here to assist in every way that we can without infringing upon your free will.

Third, we would encourage you to get out of the house and SEE the world about you. You need contact with other personalities of your own age and maturity. We do not say this at the expense and neglect of your daughter and grandchildren, no. We are only suggesting that you find balance in your life for your mind stimulation and expansion and for the opportunity of service beyond the inter sanctum of your home. Yes, loving service to your children and grandchildren are important indeed, indeed they are, but you must broaden your interests and outreach.

Fourth, you must attend to your health and your living environment….yes, these areas are in need of attention. Pay attention to your diet which contributes to your overall health. Exercise and fresh air are most important….winter will be upon you very soon now, so take advantage of these warm autumn days. Rest is most important for you. Ensure that you get sufficient rest as you do need it to cope with your present health issues.

So you can see little one, I have been addressing all aspects of you life, spiritual, mental, physical. To find balance and harmony all sides of your being must be addressed. We do realize that you have been in a confused state of existence due to the move and the ongoing renovations which are now nearing completion. Soon things will settle down and that stress will be gone and you will be able to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful getaway area you have been striving for. Make it your private sanctuary for prayer and study and times of stillness with the Father. From that starting place each day you will find the peace and strength to carry out all your multiple responsibilities of the day. You are in good hands, little one, and we are here to help and guide you whenever and wherever you ask. It is our assigned duty and loving service to you each and everyday. You are the flower, we are the petals that surround and enfold you and care for you each and every hour. You are not alone, dear one. We are here to ever serve and guide you as you make your way home, beginning right here on beautiful Urantia. Go forward now into this new day, this new month of October, into the closing months of this first year 2000. I am your teacher and guide, in loving service, Malcom

Session 19
 October 13, 2000

Teachers Bertram and MuriEL: It is with great pleasure and with great desire that we join in this communication with you this morning. It is of utmost importance that you, our elect, be aware of what is now transpiring in the Middle East. Watch therefore, for indeed grave times are just ahead of you now….and you must all be prepared for what shall transpire. Above all realize that you are all in good hands and nor will you ever be forsaken, now or ever in the future as world conditions continue to deteriorate and escalate to the culmination of this present age of human rule.

Indeed are you in a long transition period leading to Life and Light for your planet home, our beloved Urantia. You need not fear for all must come to it’s full fruition. We are ever here now to guide and direct you as you call upon us of your own free will. We have been given the over care and teaching of, and the charge of preserving the Children of God, his elect, on earth today, all those who willingly choose the will of the Fathers in their lives.

Now do we call upon you to draw ever nearer to the Father in the stillness, ever place your trust and hope in him. Let his light surround you, his love enfold you, his power protect you. There, draw upon the power of the Father to strengthen and sustain you always, now and in the times to come and indeed for all eternity. Indeed will this be a time of testing and trial and growth for all God’s children on earth today, but you dear ones; you are the children of light upon the earth today. You must let your light shine to those around you by the life that you lead, guided by the truth you know and understand and have made apart of the very essence of your being.

Indeed it is true that your daily living is your witness to the world. What is your witness? That the eternal Father of all does indeed dwell in the heart of man, transforming and molding him into his eternal children of light through the power of his love, that love shed abroad in the hearts of all his children. Only when this world sees and understands the one brotherhood of all, the one supreme Fatherhood of God of all, will world peace come.

Now rest in that assurance of Father’s love for you and your eternal place in his family and be that example of God-likeness to all your fellow siblings. Ever do we encourage you to grow in the “Fruits of his Spirit” for these are indeed the very basic attributes of his perfection, that perfection he has asked you to become, to shine forth these attributes into the world, beginning right where you are on Urantia. Begin in your homes, in your relationships, in your community, in your work place but most importantly begin within yourself to live according to his will and his will for you is to “Become perfect as he is perfect”. It is true: “By your fruits shall you be known”.

We leave you now, to ponder our lesson this morning. Consider how you can allow his will to be manifest in all your daily activities, and in so doing lead your world one step closer to world peace and into the coming age of Light and Life. Your teachers and guides into the age of Light, abiding in the Father’s love, Bertram and MuriEL

Session 20
 October 27, 2000

BERTRAM:   Let us begin, little one by saying that you need not fear this evenings activities. We are here to help and uphold you in every way….we will do the work….all we ask is that you be our open and willing conduit of the messages we shall being. Your burdens feel heavy at this time and time seems so short to accomplish all that weighs down upon you, but you do not need to be anxious as this you have done before and have done valiantly. Our focus will be on the road that lies before us and the avenues we shall soon trod once more. We would advise you now to find some rest and relax and bathe and seek the stillness in preparation. Much are you in pain and we realize this and you have the long drive just ahead of you so take your leave now little one remembering that we will all be by your side this evening as we once again commence our work in Michael’s Mission in this my area of assignment. We see your commitment and love and desire to serve though weighted down with all your responsibilities but you will do well and we will see you through this time set apart for Michael. We bid you good afternoon now. Your teacher and guide, Bertram.
(To transcribe message )

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