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ICC-MM 190114-Seeding Christ Consciousness into the Matrix of Planetary Consciousness

2019-01-14. Seeding Christ Consciousness into the Matrix of Planetary Consciousness

Planetary Seraphim Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

Date:  January 14, 2019

Topic: Seeding Christ Consciousness into the Matrix of Planetary Consciousness

T/R:    Donna  D’Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, as we start a new year we are grateful for these opportunities to collaborate with our Planetary Seraphim to bring about more change that we may all enjoy a higher bandwidth of spiritual energy and information to conduct our lives.  Thank you for centering us as one in your presence, connecting us heart to heart, Spirit to Spirit, soul to soul, and that our focused efforts may assist our beloved Planetary Seraphim in the changes that they can make into the various areas of their influence.  We take our place in this circuit now and we ask that your will be done.  Thank you.

MANOTIA:  Greeting, my beloved brothers and sisters! This is Manotia.  I welcome you to another year of dynamic change and growth in Spirit.  This year will be one of great undertaking to build the heavenly structure upon the planet that more souls may awaken, hear the Spirit call within, and participate in the great transformation of this beloved world.

I invite you to place your focus at your heart centers now.  Take some deep breaths.  Relax into the spiritual energies contained within your physical bodies.  Allow your minds to expand in the presence of our Mother that your bodies may feel this influx of spiritual energy to assist in your focusing today.

You are on an evolutionary adventure to perfect yourselves in a manner similar to the way Jesus perfected Himself during His human life incarnation as one of you.  He paves a path that you too can follow.  That does not mean that you will have the same life experiences as He.  Rather it is to suggest that the way in which He comported Himself is something you can emulate.  He spent time communing with His Spirit.  He preached a gospel of love in the Parenthood of God and the Family of Humanity.  He was able to develop His personality expression exquisitely aligned in the will of the indwelling spirit of the Father.

All of this is available to you.  What separates you from the way that Jesus conducted His life is simply your desire to grow into those living expressions of Christ Consciousness—that which He achieved in His human life that was so noble, beautiful, and attractive to those who gathered around Him.  Growing in this level of your own divine consciousness is part of Michael’s Correcting Time agenda.

We wish to support today as you open more fully to this perspective and encourage you in this objective to reach the potential of personality expression that Jesus achieved.  As you do this you make a ripple in the fabric of planetary consciousness.  You add more spiritual vitality to this fabric that is now changing to reflect more of the divine values of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  And herein is where true change occurs in the collective as people awaken to the call of their hearts and the spiritual energy circulates through there loosening those areas of limitation.

More people will want to achieve this for themselves.  It is a place of high achievement, and it affords the individual who has attained that state a high degree of freedom, joy, peace and the loving expression of one’s own personality into the collective.  This is what your world needs to see as living expressions to help it in its evolution into higher consciousness.

With that being said now I invite you to envision these words: I AM A LIVING EXPRESSION OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS over your heart centers.  Gently reinforce this by repeating this gently and slowly with all the sincerity and devotion you can muster:  I AM A LIVING EXPRESSION OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

It is not so important to us that you have or have not attained this state as it is that you desire this and maintain that as a focus as you walk a daily path of life.  What you are doing is adding more spiritual intention into the fabric of Urantian consciousness and much more can be added from the celestial perspective to reinforce this human desire that more change may occur within the various circuits all around the globe.

As you reinforce this in your heart: I AM A LIVING EXPRESSION OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, let that also now extend from your heart into the globe before in your mind’s eye, asking it to weave into the circuits of consciousness as we take what you focus and add it where it will do much good.  We begin.

You are focusing from an evolutionary ascending circuit of life that has a certain degree of spiritual vibrancy.  We take this energy and apply it where it will do the most good in the collective circuits of planetary consciousness.  This energy then becomes more operative and it is able to intersect with the divine templates for this planet’s evolution toward the state of Light and Life.  You might consider that Christ Consciousness is a divine template and it is being connected to the circuits of human will, desire, and expression of those divine values that speak of demonstrating Christ Consciousness throughout daily life.

The evolutionary level ascends to the divine template where spiritual connections are forged to bring the heavenly realms down closer to the earth plane.  Here is where the Seraphim entrusted with the evolution of this world are operative.  You are providing more spiritual vitality for these connections to the divine templates, to not only be woven into the circuits of your world’s consciousness, but to speak love, compassion, peace into the hearts and minds of those who are quivering on the brink of spiritual awakening and transformation.

So know as you reinforce this intention of I AM A LIVING EXPRESSION OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS into the globe, we are taking this and seeding it into all of the social institutions of your world where there is receptivity for this to operate, take greater form and shape, and be a mighty agent of change for the good for all to perceive.  Do not underestimate the value that you are contributing now as you reinforce this within your own heart.  Irrespective of what you have achieved heretofore, what we want is the motivation, the desire—that and your ability to live in Christ Consciousness is what we add to the overall fabric of life upon Urantia.  We continue.

As the divine templates become more tightly woven in the circuits of Urantian consciousness will you see more positive outgrowth of these circuitry connections.  The human mind is being bathed with light.  That light contains truth.  It helps the individual to perceive the higher path.  The light also contains love as an expression of goodness to help the human heart choose the path of righteousness.

All things then move together as this divine template of instituting Christ Consciousness moves closer and has more bandwidth to operate in Urantia consciousness.  Desire this now, my brethen!  Desire that more of this template be woven into the circuits of your world, that the evolutionary human desire for this reaches that heightened interest for this to be the priority of your life that you may continue to participate at this heightened level for Christ Consciousness to be implemented all around the globe.  You make an impact when you affirm this.  You make an impact even greater when you demonstrate this through your actions each day.

So all things work for the greater good as humans collaborate with celestials to build this new matrix of life and the consciousness that each person has a Divine Spirit within them urging them forward to achieve the greatness within their potential seeded within them by the Father in Paradise.  Let this desire continue to expand in your hearts as well as encourage your awareness of this in your thoughts to become more consistent throughout your day.  Send that into the planet with great love and compassion for your world and all the life forms upon it.

On behalf of the Planetary Seraphim, I thank you.  We have completed our objectives for today’s call and our time together.  However, moving forward for this year, we invite you to affirm in your heart I AM A LIVING EXPRESSION OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and send that focus into the planet allowing it to weave around the world in that spiral rotation, counter-clockwise movement, all around the globe.  In this way you are not only helping yourselves, you are aiding the collective.  You are working at an evolutionary level to help the divine templates become more firmly secured here that more individuals may awaken to the call of Spirit Within and know the joy and grandeur of the Father’s presence and how Spirit is moving that individual forward to become an expression of Christ Consciousness just as you are.  This is your sacred responsibility to the Supreme Being.

So even though you may think that in your own individuality you cannot make much of an impact, I say to you nothing can be further from the truth.  Use the power of your mind.  Use the desires of your heart to affirm this each day, and then watch how the Spirit Within moves you forward into expressing this Christ Consciousness throughout your day.  This does not mean you will achieve this one hundred percent of the time, but each day you make a step forward to that mighty goal and objective of being that loving expression of Christ Consciousness.  And what is more glorious to behold thana human rising to the challenge of living as Jesus and the way He paved for humanity!  It is all before you.  Let this year be one where you experience this more each day and assist us in our mighty endeavors and objectives to bring this divine template of Christ Consciousness to envelope the world until this world becomes the jewel of all Nebadon so dearly secured in Michael’s heart.  I leave you with this to consider, my dear brothers and sisters, and I wish you a very fond farewell.

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