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ICC-MM 210725- Activating Humanity’s Potential through Calibration to Universe Mind

2021-07-25. Activating Humanity’s Potential through Calibration to Universe Mind

Planetary Transformation Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

July 25, 2021

Topic: Activating Humanity’s Potential through Calibration to Universe Mind

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER: Paradise Trinity, our Universe Divine Parents, and Monjoronson, we now ask to engage our minds with the Seraphim of the planet and the other helpers who are here with us today, to build more spiritual energy into our planetary mindal system for more people to awaken and tap into the spirit potential that lives within them. Mother and Father, you know where we are in our stage of transformation. You know our thoughts, our feelings, our fears, our concerns about the welfare of this world. You know that we are going through a very challenging time. 

So we set this intention today to build more light and love into the planet; to hold the focus where we are guided to build these circuits that will support more individuals to awaken and come into their spiritual potential that they may perceive their Indwelling Spirits and cooperate more with the spiritual potential within them. Thank you for encircuiting us in this intentional space as one—one heart, one mind, one soul, leading us into deeper communion with our Indwelling Spirits that our minds may be more attuned to the leadings of our Spirits and to maintain that very concentrated focus where we are guided today as your WILL is done. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren! This is Monjoronson, and I am once again pleased to be with you as we come together in this forum of conscious communication as you, our human brothers and sisters, collaborate with us to assist this world in the great awakening process now underway.

Take some deep breaths now. Ask for your mindal current to more deeply calibrate to the presence of Spirit Within. Engage with this intention for a few moments before we begin our collective focus, setting up the inner environment for you to become more directed by your Spirit which will aid in the circuitry enhancement that we guide you to hold with us that we may impart more light into planetary mind. Feel that intentional desire for your mind to become more attuned to the leanings of Spirit Within and to quietly breathe deeply and allowing the ministrations from your Father fragment support you with what we are about to undertake. (Pause)

Changing the course of evolution on a world such as yours fraught with rebellion and deviation from the divine plan is a monumental undertaking, as you well know. Your Indwelling Spirit is well qualified to guide you through this transformational experience that is now forming a greater context for planetary evolution. When many more individuals awaken to the presence of Spirit, they are not just recognizing the Deity presence within themselves, they are adjusting themselves to what might be a new consideration, and that is to develop one’ potential to be a godly, loving, patient, compassionate and peaceful individual.

The moral fortitude of such an awakened individual is indeed very high, holding yourself to a higher standard practicing the fruits of the spirit in your daily life as diligently as you can because you know the value and what this means for your lives. Many of you have awakened to this awareness, and it is this type of spiritual awakening that we wish to engage with you today to help humanity’s spiritual potential to burst forth from the years, the centuries, the millennia of being constrained and contained because of the rebellion mindset.

And, is it not time for this world to awaken from its spiritual slumber? Are not the hearts of humanity ready to be filled with this quality of understanding that there is something very deep within the human mind that wishes to spring forth new ideas and new ideals for moral conservation and development? And so, it is in keeping with these questions I pose to you that I invite you to go deep within your own individual yearnings and seek that place, that deep place within you where you have yet to realize your potential.

Posing a question such as this should stimulate your curiosity. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “what is it in me that I have yet to develop?”

Much of what you develop is through your effort and expression, and you may not be aware of what it is that you can achieve through just an intellectual rumination.  It is an acquired and lived experience. But what first activates this is the motivation and the intention to develop your potential. The current system of planetary mind is still such that it does place certain restrictions and impediments upon how you think and feel. But, when you elevate to the Spirit and when you ask for universe mind to engage with your human mind, and even expand into planetary mind, you are drawing yourself away from the fetters of attachment to the rebellion mind and having more opportunity to activate and express your potential through your individual daily life experiences.

Let these words settle in for a few moments before we ask you to engage with us in the circuits of the collective; inviting your Indwelling Spirits to seed into your minds that which you need now to support a focused intention for what we ask of you to engage with us today. (Pause)

Still maintaining your focus on your Indwelling Spirit as best you can, I invite you now to take a few moments to envision the world in your mind’s eye before you. Is this world not beautiful? And yet, sin and iniquity has besmirched the beauty. And it has also impeded human potential—potential seeded in you by the Paradise Father Himself—to be constrained. So, as you place your gaze on the world in your mind’s eye, ask for UNIVERSE MIND to engage with planetary mind. Ask for the circuits of planetary mind to be up-stepped in UNIVERSE MIND, and if you wish, you may envision the words: UNIVERSE MIND wrapping around the world in a counter-clockwise rotation from north to south poles. Hold this for a few moments as planetary mind begins to calibrate to this higher mindal dimensional frequency and we will continue to build the focus in a few moments. (Pause)

Seeded within the planet’s divine plan of evolution is also the development of human potential: intellectual potential, artistic, creative potential, moral quickening and of course, the potential seeded in you by the Spirit to become conscious of the Father. All of these components are part and parcel of the evolution of a planet to the high spiritual culture of Light and Life. Human potential has been constrained and it has not been allowed to fully blossom the way it was originally designed. However, as we now engage with you in these circuits of mind, I invite you to also ask for HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL TO CALIBRATE TO UNIVERSE MIND. Hold that focus as best you can through the circuit of the heart.

Do you wish to see your brothers and sisters become more spiritually enlivened? Do you wish them to receive the healing they need for their trauma? Do you wish for your fellows to engage at a higher intellectual and moral manner? Moving out of the self-centered mind that fosters dissension and conflict into the UNIVERSE MIND where UNITY and HARMONY form of a synergistic bond to stimulate human potential to be more divinely aligned.

If this is what you wish, then intend this fully with all of the love and compassion you have in your heart for your brothers and sisters and for all life here. Ask for HUMAN POTENTIAL to calibrate to UNIVERSE MIND and hold the focus as best you can while we engage with you now. For what you are giving us—providing us—is human will for greater change and awakening to be accomplished through this activation of HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL and to engage in the collective all of these energies that we have invited you to co-create with us on the planet. If it is helpful, you may see the words HUMANITIES POTENTIAL standing in front of UNIVERSE MIND and there is an exchange of energy between the two dynamics as we engage with you now. (Pause)

The tide continues to turn in movement in the trajectory toward Light and Life.  But there is a long way to go, my brethren, before that auspicious occasion is fully alive and operative upon Urantia. When you assist us in the manner in which you are now engaged, you are asking for more spiritual energy to be imparted to this planet’s system of consciousness. Planetary mind is changing.  But there is so much more needed and as you engage with UNIVERSE MIND, know that what you are engaging is with your Divine Mother with Her LOVE for Her children of this world and all life here.

So simply appeal to Her now and ask for Her activation to move into these circuits of human potential, that more individuals may respond to the inner call. Sense that yearning for upliftment and enlightenment.

Activation of HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL also serves the collective by helping people engage with these higher circuits of mind, which you need now, to blend into planetary mind, seed in the information you need that will provide you with insights that lead to solutions to your problems. As we have said to you many times before, this is your world and you are the ones who do the repair, individually and collectively through your social engagements with one another. But what aids this is this activation, and when you ask for this ACTIVATION OF HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL, you are engaging in a much broader and larger dynamic than simply wanting your own potential to become alive and more consciously recognized.

Can you imagine what a great time of reckoning this would be when more people awaken to their potential? And yet, so many are still sleeping, succumbing to fear and anxiety and doubt, when the Spirit is ready to lift them out of their own prison and set them on a course of true soul development and creative personality expression.

Go deep within that place of love and invite this ACTIVATION from the Mother for the universe to engage in HUMAN POTENTIAL all around the globe. Focus on these words: ACTIVATION OF HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL, ACTIVATION OF HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL, ACTIVATION OF HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL.  Let this be a focal point as we engage in these circuit now, adding what we can for the ACTIVATION OF HUMAN POTENTIAL to calibrate more to UNIVERSE MIND. (Pause)

The emotional climate on Urantia is undergoing change. When you observe people responding in various emotional ways, do not contend with them. Many times, they are reacting to conditioned responses in their minds still tied to a rebellion mindset and they express fear and anxiety in what they are experiencing. When you engage with them, be patient and loving and simply ask for their Spirits to help them engage with more of their potential in the higher frequencies of UNIVERSE MIND.

In this way, what you are learning to hold is a spiritual dynamic that will help them in their own mindal circuitry resonate with higher frequencies that their Indwelling Spirits can then use to deliver greater insight. Spiritual awakening leads to spiritual curiosity, exploration, setting people on a course of understanding the larger nature and scope of life itself and the Deity presences who animated. Coming into this larger universe perspective takes time for people to adjust to its greater meaning and implications for their lives.

Developing HUMAN POTENTIAL is something each individual should be about and what we are hoping you recognize today is that you have the ability to help your brothers and sisters in this way. Not necessarily by the words you speak but by being loving, compassionate, and understanding. And by you developing your own potential whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you set up a certain signal that can resonate to another person even if it is very subtle. So remember what you have available in you to accomplish, and as you allow these words to settle in, know that they are imprinting more deeply in helping you in your own sense of self excavate into your own potential and receive more insights as to how you can manifest that through each day, one day at a time.

Let this potency of ACTIVATION OF HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL to engage with UNIVERSE MIND as we continue to build these circuits and help what is seeded within humanity birth new insights and recognitions of who you are in relationship to all life and the Deity presences and the power of creation. Ask for these energies to go deep into memory as more corrections are conducted through the various helpers who are engaging with us now. (Pause)

Beloved brethren, you are all so expertly guided.  But it is up to you to maintain that practice, quieting your mind each day in order to perceive the divine leadings and those of your helpers all around you. If you wish to achieve your potential as a human, this type of quiet inner reflection is paramount for you to gain mastery of how you think and feel that you may convey to you new insights of who you are and what you are capable to achieve. Do you want this? Do you strive for this? Does this whet your appetite for more growth? Then you must make that commitment to yourself and to your Spirit that you will be about what the Spirit has intended for you through the divine plans that have been seeded in you by the First Source and Center. An, when you begin to sense what is within you, don’t hold back in your intention to fulfill your destiny.  Because in doing this, you will be given more spiritual stimulation to achieve the goodness and the greatness within.

Is this not what your Master achieved? And so, the inspiration of how He achieved this can be your guide and model.  And you only have to go to your Father Michael and ask Him to share with you his experiences as Jesus to support you on this magnificent trajectory of becoming all that you can as a human. Is this a tall order to ask of you? Yes, but it would not be suggested unless you have the ability to achieve this. But this is up to you and to no one else.

So in our remaining moments together, continue to feel this intention for HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL TO ACTIVATE, TO CALIBRATE TO UNIVERSE MIND. We lift this intention up to the Paradise Trinity, spending time and communing with the Father of all with great gratitude and love and devotion to duty in your hearts as the action of the Paradise Trinity engages in this moment of worshipful reflection:

Father, receive our gratitude for divine plans of evolution that you have imparted to each world for your beloved son, Michael, and His consort, the Divine Minister. Thank you for your GRACE and BEAUTY reflecting in each soul and may your presence be magnified through the actions of devoted men and women who seek to serve you and their fellow brethren in faith and devotion. Thank you for Your ministry to them through the Indwelling Spirit and may they feel Your presence uplifting them into your bosom to experience your LOVE for them. (Pause)

The reflection of the Father is moving you into new recognition of who you are and your potential. In the coming days, pay attention to what thoughts come to mind and how you are being stimulated to move out of your comfort zone and to awaken certain abilities within you that you have yet to develop. It could be perceived as a motivation to try something new or an insight that something that you have tried before is worth another attempt. These are some suggestions of what you might experience. And, by paying close attention to what you are perceiving will help you deepen into what you are capable to express.

As you descend from the focus on Paradise back down to Urantia, bear in mind that you are gaining great strides in your spiritual development, and the more you intend to develop your potential, the more your Spirit will guide you and lead you into new insights as to how you may accomplish this.

On behalf of the Seraphim and the other helpers, I thank you. We have completed our objectives for today and ask that you continue this focus in the coming days before our next time together. Hold that intention and focused gaze on UNIVERSE MIND that more of HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL may not only activate but be expressive of what Spirit wishes to accomplish in and with and through you and through many, many more individuals as they respond to the call within. Thank you for your time and devoted service, and I leave you in this space of integration into these energies that you may become more of who Father has created you to become in His LOVE.  Good day.

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