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ICC101- Welmek – Stillness Part 1

2003-01-16-Welmek – Stillness Part 1
Welmek #101


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness
o 1.2 Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Donna D’Ingillo
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Stillness
Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
Teacher: Welmek
TR: Donna D’Ingillo


WELMEK: Good evening, my friends. This is Welmek, your friend and teacher. Tonight I wish to return to the basic instruction that we, as your teachers, began our intensive course of spiritual education. And that is a lesson on the stillness.


WELMEK:  This stillness practice is the most important time of your day. For as we have instructed you, it is a time when you devote your thoughts exclusively to the Father to come into a deeper and fuller and more trusting relationship that you share with him. There is nothing as important or fundamental that you can do with your time than to practice stillness. Each of you has experience of this now, and you know the validity of my words for you all have experienced the greater awareness of the presence of the Father within you.

Now I would like to begin a more in-depth exploration of the work of this Divine Monitor within your mind, and help you to gain a stronger foothold in stilling your mind so that your Adjuster has more of an opportunity to impact your thinking, your feelings, your ideas, and your behavior. I’d like you to spend a few moments now and go within. What I would like to ascertain from you is what is the quality of your stillness practice? And how may I assist you in furthering and encouraging you to maintain a dedicated practice each and every day? Take a few moments, and when you are ready, I would like to hear your comments.


Student: Welmek, I find lately in my stillness practice I seem to be in a lot of confusion as to format. I have been given different suggestions over the last few months or year on different things to focus in the stillness. One of the first suggestions that was given was to focus on the love that the Father has for me and ask him to fill me with that love. There’s been suggestions on how to pray. Now I find myself spending a little bit of time trying to figure out what format to allow the stillness practice to take on that morning. Sometimes I just want to speak to Michael. Other times I try to feel the Father’s love. Other times to pray and to be in a state of gratitude or thankfulness – worship.

But as of late I find that after a few moments I start going into that semi-dream state where I begin to visualize what I would call the beginning of a dream, and have a hard time falling into that state. Perhaps more exercise before I go into stillness would help this. So there’s two questions I have. One on the problem of starting to fall asleep, so to speak; and the other as to what format you would recommend – if a format is even necessary. I think possibly just whatever feels comfortable that morning.

WELMEK: : May I have your permission to scan your mind?

Student: Yes. I would love you to commune with my Adjuster, if you can do that.

WELMEK: : One moment, please. (Pause) I have ascertained that your mind is going through a period of great tension releasing, as you are now engaged in a very active process of allowing your indwelling Monitor to more fully spiritize your thinking. And this is a time of great mental activity and spiritual re-patterning of how you use your mind and how you think. Therefore, I would suggest that your stillness practice for a period of several months be confined strictly to the realm of asking for the Father’s will to prevail within your mind.

When you are in this state of quiet inner focus on the Father, go into that place where you believe and trust that his will for you is the best and highest good that could ever possibly occur in your life. When you are in that place, open your heart and invite him into all of those ideas that you have in your mind that you are confused about, and ask for his will to prevail. It is not necessary to identify those areas of confusion, for your Monitor knows where they are, what they are, and how to add its subtle influence into the way you have perceived reality. I will pause here and ask if you need clarification or if you have any other questions.

Student: I’m clear on the concept you just relayed to me. It will definitely simplify things for the time being. The question that comes to mind: what is your ability to communicate with my indwelling spirit? Can you communicate with it as easily as another teacher?

WELMEK: : It is not as if I have direct contact with your Adjuster. But I am able to perceive those areas within your mind that require more of the influence of the Adjuster to correct your current environment and the current climate of your emotional stability. There are certain thought configurations that are clearly identifiable when I am allowed to scan your mind. It is as if there are holes in your thinking, whereas if the Adjuster was more active there would be more spiritual coherence and truth substance. So it is in this way I would say I am able to sense or see what is occurring in your mind and where your Adjuster has an influence. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does. And I have to say I am, the term is ‘tickled pink’ to have someone do a mind scan. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked before if someone can scan my mind. It was an enjoyable experience. You’ll have to teach me someday how to do that. Yes, I do understand what you are saying. It rings very true, and I will take your counsel to heart. Thank you.

WELMEK: : Spend several months as I said in this focus. Do not analyze or overly concern yourself with what is happening. You are inviting more Adjuster availability into your mind. You will, in time, find yourself mentally clear, emotionally stable. But do not make the mistake of trying to ascertain where you are while this is all going on within the depths of your mind. Do you understand my meaning?

Student: Yes, I think I welcome that approach. I feel a little weary of the things that have happened in the past year. There’s been a lot of changes happen quite rapidly for me, although I know I am still just an infant in my spiritual growth. So the simpler and easier it is right now, I think, probably the better. Thank you for your advice.

WELMEK: : You are most welcome, my friend.

Student: Dear Welmek, similar to R, I feel I need to improve my stillness. And I really thank you for your prayer at the end of the other evening to hope that we increase our effectiveness a hundredfold; and I asked Christ Michael about that, and he said to stop analyzing, just learn to love – probably like the apostle John – just love one another. And I have a feeling I’m going to have to be in stillness more minutes, hours per day. I hope that you could help me to improve that, so that I can eventually be able to be more effective, with the grace and ease that you and Michael have. .

WELMEK: : What I perceive in your awareness is the striving to be, as you say, effective like Michael. Think about his effectiveness in loving the individual. Put your enthusiasm that you have such an abundance of into learning how to love your brethren – each individual at a time. Engage less your intellect and more your feeling. Spend time in your stillness focusing on one person that you know, and asking to feel what the Father feels for that individual. Become familiar with what it means to be in love with that person.

When your mind is quiet, and you found that enthusiasm to love an individual, ask for the Father’s love for that person to swell within your heart and to fill you with a greater affinity and attraction for that person. Do not engage your analytical mind at this point. There will be a tendency for you to do this, as you begin your awareness of who this individual is. But when you feel yourself doing this, stop for a moment and return to that place with your heart of feeling pure love, pure acceptance and understanding; and you will have no need to try to figure that person out. I will pause here and ask if you have questions or require further clarification.

Student: I think that’s the answer to what will greatly improve my stillness. I didn’t quite know what to do with the stillness; and my focusing on one person at a time, not worrying about the affect range that we were talking about or anything, that is going to be the key to enjoying it and staying more alert and feeling the hunger tension for Paradise perfection get better. So I think if I can do that, that will be the key for me for awhile. Thanks again for a great answer.

WELMEK: : Be aware that your mind will wander and that it will seem quite natural to engage the intellect while you are developing this other sensing ability within you. There will be a natural tension in this, as you gain greater range of your spiritual abilities. This is a time of great mindal expansion, in allowing more of the spirit to work within you. Release the tension by continuing to ask that the Father’s love for this person swell within your heart. Focus on your heart, that heart center that is a great sensor of emotion within you.

Practice also engaging this center by returning your focus there, and taking a few deep breaths if you feel you have engaged your intellect too much. Allow yourself to melt into this center. And by asking the Father’s love to come into that center, you are opening the door to engage this great presence within you: to detect, to discern, to intuit, and to appreciate more of the Father’s love. Is this something you think you can readily do?

Student: I think I can. I’ve been starting to feel something like that has begun to happen. And it helps to make it a new practice from now on.

WELMEK: : See if you can also engage this center when you are involved with individuals. Let yourself be in that place where you discern this love for them. And this will further disengage yourself from the tendency to over-intellectualize, or to share too much with them that may be over-illuminating. Do you understand my meaning?

Student: Yes, I do. I was struggling with that even today. And I realize I need a technique like that continually.

WELMEK: : The more you practice this, the more you will gain confidence in using this technique. It will feel unfamiliar and clumsy, at first. But I would suggest that you give it a good six to eight months of regular practice, and then reaping the benefits later on. Are you comfortable with this time frame?

Student: I think that’s the perfect time frame, because I was noticing today that it’s going to take a long time to overcome the cultural style and everything to just prepare myself ahead of time. Like when I used to do the libraries, and keep it very simple and prayerful. I’ve been wanting to do that. This will help to formalize it, and write it down and read it; and I am committed to do it.

WELMEK: : Very well. And in a few months we can review how you are progressing, and you can share with me how this is working for you in your life. (Pause)

Student: Yes, Welmek, what I notice that I need to do stillness and pray and worship every morning before I go out into the world, whether it be to work or on an errand or to ride a bike or swim that it is important to me to meditate or to pray or to commune with the Father; more important to do that than even eating. I know that when I have truly connected with the Father within that there is a strong capacity to love, and to be a focus of goodness in this world. That the natural offspring of connecting with the Father is to do his will, and to have his agenda prevail in my life.

And what I also noticed, especially in the last couple of weeks, as my mind is absorbed in this capacity to love and to be expansive, is a stronger desire to be in stillness. And there are even times when I feel agitated, because I want to be in stillness more. But my external life takes precedent: my work, my family, my relationships. And there are times during my busy day I’ll take 5 or 10 minutes and stop to connect with the Father and to kind of realign with the present moment. And there are times at night when I come home from work where I’ll sit outside and do the same thing: connecting with the Father or connecting with the present moment.

And that’s where I wish to be more disciplined: that when I come home from a busy day I give myself time to do that. And I do notice at night, when I go to sleep, and we talked about this one other time, that I don’t have a full night’s sleep. It seems like I wake up in the middle of the night, and my thoughts are on the spirit, on God and truth, and my teacher. And so I wonder whether I should just get up and meditate or write or do something that will enhance my life, and the life of others.

WELMEK: : The goal of stillness is to open your mind to the presence of the Father, and how the Father wishes you to perceive your reality each moment of the day. All of the thoughts that you think are eventually capable of being His thoughts. Do you understand my meaning, D.?

Student: Yes, I do.

WELMEK: : What is transpiring within you is that desire for greater Father thinking within your mind. Do you agree with this now?

Student: Yes, very much so. It seems like I want to rest in that spot. I want in my Father, or universal consciousness. Like I want to give myself up.

WELMEK: : The devotion to this quest is admirable. And because you have sincerely made this pledge, your indwelling spirit is now striving to help you achieve this. So there are several points that I would like to share with you now to take you into the realm of even more an expansive Father awareness. This restfulness that you seek can be experienced throughout your day. And you are already practicing stillness breaks throughout the day. And I would encourage you to continue to do that. But I would also add a challenge now to you: to see if you can, in the middle of your day, in the midst of your activities, turn your mind to the Father while you are going about your tasks, and asking for his peace, his quiet, to overtake you while you are actively doing your chore or activity.

It is normal that you would be agitated after your busy day. You work hard, you have a physically intensive job, and so your body is in a state and requires a period of de-stressing, before you can become still again. This is very normal, and if you can, make more intensive stillness thoughts in your active day. Over time you will find this period of decompression after work becomes less and less, for you will have expanded that place of stillness throughout your day, and thereby giving your body the needed spiritual stamina it needs in the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. Do you understand what I am suggesting to you here now?

Student: Yes, yes. What do you mean by intensive stillness?

WELMEK: : By practicing being still and peaceful in the midst of your activity, by asking the Father to be with you as you are doing your chore; and filling you with peace, filling you with comfort, filling you with joy, filling you with acceptance for what you are doing and love for what you are doing. And as to your wakefulness in the early morning hours, might I scan your mind as well?

Student: Yes, you may.

WELMEK: The mental currents are softening and opening as you sleep. The indwelling spirit is becoming more adept, or should I say your mind is becoming more amenable to your spirit’s ministrations. And there are certain times when the thoughts become so crystallized as to awaken you and to stimulate your ideas and nerve impulses so that you are able to be aware more fully of the indwelling Adjuster’s leanings. It is up to you, whether you wish to awaken yourself fully as to rise out of bed and record your thoughts or to be in communion with the Father.

Do not be frustrated by this activity. Instead, see if you can for a time be in that place of rest in the Father that is very physically and soul rejuvenating. Invite your body to receive [side one of tape ends] ask for a deeper impressioning of his love going into your being – mentally and physically. Rest in his love. This period of restfulness in his love will be very satisfying to you, both mentally and physically. But if you fight this happening, you will become frustrated, and you will create more tension within your mind and body and not awaken refreshed and renewed. Do you understand what is happening here now and what I am calling into your mind as a distinction?

Student: Yes, I do. I had an understanding that that’s what was going on. I have felt that when intensified my stillness or prayed during the day, I feel more at peace and flowing and energetic even at the end of the day. So I have experienced that, as well.

WELMEK: : The body carries within it many pockets of tension. They increase your level of agitation. If it is to rest in the Father that you desire, would it not make sense to allow this tension to dissipate by being in stillness as much as you can during the entire 24-hour period of the day?

Student: Yes.

WELMEK: Here again, you are expanding the time that you are in stillness, so that you, too, can gain greater mastery over those thoughts in your mind so that it is not just you who is doing the thinking. But it is the Father and you, combined. Do you understand?

Student: Yeah, I feel so strongly in my heart. And then from that place where I and the Father are one, I am naturally of service. I am naturally a force of goodness and love in this world and a catalyst of transformation, just by being who I am, at oneness with my Father.

WELMEK: : Above all, we desire for each of you to come to the deepest possible recognition of who you are as a dearly beloved child of our Father in Paradise. Are there any other questions on your stillness practice that I may answer for you this evening?

Student: Welmek, perhaps you can clear up a small matter. When I ask for the Father’s will in stillness to prevail, does it matter whether I ask for Michael’s will or the Father’s will, since they’re both in my mind one and the same? Sometimes I feel more comfortable just speaking with Michael. Other times with the Father. Does this make a difference?

WELMEK: : You have correctly determined that the Father’s will and Michael’s will are one. Where you deviate in your thinking is that there are specific functions of your Father’s action in your mind and Michael’s action in your mind. And there are times when you will feel more of a leading or urging to commune with Michael and more of a desire to be with the Father. This is all a part of your growth, as you lend your mind to them for their use and their ministry into it. Truly, how could you go wrong? It is impossible. Allow your heart to lead you into that realm of Father communion, and you will know to whom you should direct your appeal. Does this answer your question, my friend?

Student: Yes, it does. I can feel that, what you are saying. I have what I would term a curiosity question now. I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but I will ask it. Is it possible to commune with my Adjuster through the transmitter at some time as I am communing with you?

WELMEK: : One moment, please. (Pause) Indwelling Monitors do not communicate with other individuals directly. There is a fraternization of Monitor to Monitor, and thereby rendering certain leadings or impressions from one individual to another. But this is dangerous ground, and I caution you to think very carefully about what it is you are asking. For the other person to be an effective conveyor of where the Adjusters are fraternizing, and how and what they are sharing may not be detectable within the other human. And so, if this is done prematurely or insincerely, you are opening yourself up to great spiritual fraud. What would be the point of you wanting to do this?

Student: The reason I have thought of this is, within the last eight months I felt that I was finally for the first time in my life aware of communication with my indwelling spirit. As of late, I am not sure if I have been deceiving myself; and I have not quite reached this point where I can actively commune with my Thought Adjuster. Or if I am just deceiving myself thinking that it is my Adjuster that I am hearing, when in fact it is just my human mind.

In our text, there’s an Adjuster that speaks about his experience once the individual reaches morontia realms. And I found it very endearing. And I was wondering if at this point of my growth that would be possible. But I believe you’ve answered the question. It’s a little bit premature. I guess my main concern is that I still need to purely rely on faith that I am communing with my Adjuster or if there’s a little bit more assurance that it’s actually taking place at this time.

WELMEK: : My friend, in your desire to commune with your Adjuster, you are. The question becomes how much of the Adjuster’s leadings are you correctly receiving and interpreting? That is the puzzle, is it not?

Student: Yes, it is.

WELMEK: : And so there are several things that are operating here that I would draw your attention to. One is your ability or I would say your tendency to judge yourself. Let go of that, my friend. It does not serve you well. The other idea I wish to share with you is that as you become more sincere and devoted in your stillness practice, your Adjuster is taking the thoughts that you think and leading you into experiences for you to try on the ideas, and to see how well you have come to understand what you have been receiving through your thoughts and through your behavior.

So this is a progressive awareness. Your mind’s opening to your Adjuster’s leadings does not make you instantly illuminated. Ever will you learn to appreciate the small step of faith you take, acting on what your Adjuster is prompting you to do, time and time again. And so here again if you are less judgmental about yourself, you will be more accepting of the small steps of faith you take each day and appreciate the experience and the growth that you are gaining. That way you can always be assured that you are growing, that you are trying to lead a more Father-like and Adjuster-focused life. And this is all that is asked of you: each day to gain more confidence in this faith walk and trusting that the Adjuster knows where you are going and how to get you there. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, I do.

WELMEK: : Has this satisfied your curiosity?

Student: I think that’s the best we can do right now as far as my understanding. I had recently tried a method of asking simple questions that would require a yes or no answer. I tried to feel the vibration of the yes answer and the no answer. I tried to get guidance from my Adjuster. This is an exercise suggested by an author of a book “In God’s Counsel”, and for awhile I felt that I was correctly discerning the yes answers. But from listening to your counsel now, it’s a little bit different than that. It doesn’t exactly work that way, at least at this point in my development.

Welmek: The point of this book was to help people realize that there was something internally within them that was guiding them. But you who are appreciating more of the levels of your mindal patterns are more able to discern that it is a little more complex than a mere asking a question and getting a direct answer. Sometimes it will be thus. But sometimes you must wait. But if you always strive for the Father’s will to be prevalent in your life – and to ask for the courage and the strength and the patience and the wisdom to always follow that – rest assured, your Adjuster will help you achieve that and make you more Father-like, more beautiful, and more good. And you will be very satisfied in spirit and in your soul.
Are there any other questions before we conclude?

Student: Welmek, I was wondering when you said that a Thought Adjuster tests out one of our ideas and that it leads us to a real experience, is it even in the social arena, working seamlessly with our Guardian Angels? Is that what is implied here, or is it more of a mental testing?

Welmek: It is both. It is testing the environment of your mind for your receptivity to try a new experience. And you must be convinced in your thoughts first before you can act in the Father-like manner. And so does the Father fragment continually look for those openings in your mind where you have an interest to do things the Father’s way and to see things from the Father’s vantage point. Does this answer your question?

Student: It’s the perfect answer. Thank you. It’s wonderful.


WELMEK: : On behalf of the other teachers, I would like to lead you in a prayer, as we conclude. Please join hands. Creator Father Michael, Creative Mother Nebadonia, we bring these children before you this evening and ask that the circuits of their mind be harmonized with yours: to be more open and receptive to the leadings of the Father fragment. We ask that you continue to minister and to find those openings within their mind where action is necessary in order for the Adjuster to make new impressions and to guide their thoughts into a more Father-like manner. Simply soften them. Sweetly open them to your love, to your steady hand, gently tending the soil of their mind, rendering it more beautiful and more receptive to the Father’s light, His love, His wisdom, His beauty. We offer our prayers to you now. Amen.

Good friends, rest in the Father. Let His love enfold you in stillness. Breathe Him in, breathe Him out. He is your life. Good evening.

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