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ICC69- Welmek – Happiness, Part 4

2002-02-21-Welmek – Happiness, Part 4
Welmek #69


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Happiness
o 1.2 Group: Stillness Foundation
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Donna D’Ingillo
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Happiness
Group: Stillness Foundation
Teacher: Welmek
TR: Donna D’Ingillo


WELMEK:  Good evening. This is your friend and teacher Welmek. Tonight we are continuing our series of discussions-the topic of happiness. Over the past few weeks we have discussed the elements of happiness, and your focus on being in the “moment” to keep your connection with the Father strong, and to spend time practicing this during the week so you can sense the quality of happiness in your life, and then to bring this for thin you’re inner actions with others.


Tonight I would like to entitle this discussion: “Sharing Your Happiness with Others.” What is it about you and your life that you can share with others to bring them joy and love and a feeling of well-being. Each of you has particular qualities that are charming and endearing and fosters feelings of warmth and receptivity in other people. I ask you now to take a moment in the stillness and ask for your spirit to reveal to you, one of your best qualities, that you can share as a gift to other people to help them achieve happiness. Spend a few moments and when you find your answer of what is your best gift to make others happy. Please feel free to share that with me and we will continue our discussion.


Student: I was reflecting this week that if there’s one word that’s synonymous with happiness for me, it would be called creativity. In fact, reality is this balance between all that went before, all the past, personal and universe-wise and everything else, but in the “moment” there is something else happening that’s not repeating. There’s something new in each moment that makes each moment unique and that is spirit and it’s intrinsically creative. And, if I can stay in the “moment”, and pay attention, really pay attention to the person I’m with, it’s creative, there’s something fun – springing fresh. It’s really delightful and that’s what we just have fun. It’s like pure cotton candy for the soul.

WELMEK:  And my friend, what do you perceive as the other person’s reaction to you when you are attentive and focused on them?

Student: Well, this is what I share with my dearest friends, Welmek, is they become inspired to reach for something new again. And so it goes back and forth. It’s like a delightful ping-pong match, where they feel inspired to express new things that are just occurring to them.

WELMEK:  Do they seem to surprise themselves with the thoughts they had expressed?

Jerry: Oh, yes! You put your finger on it. That’s the delightful part. It would kind of surprise myself that we can come up with something new.

WELMEK:  And do they query, Well, where did that come from?” Has that question ever arisen?

Student: Well, yes. In some ways with some of my friends we’ve talked about this very thing. About creativity, and it’s always a mystery. There’s no telling, where it comes from. My friends and I who have been, or at least tried to be, writers wonder how you can have like two or three characters in your mind and your not only coming up with what there doing, but there is even a part you standing aside and wondering like – is this true or not true or whatever? There’s no telling where the next word comes from; whether it’s personal or extra personal or a combination. There seems to be a Gestalt, a true loving sharing bottomless, happy thing happening.

WELMEK:  And do you ever express to them that this comes from the Creative Spirit, the adjutants within the mind that are directly connected with the spirit of creativity. This comes from our beloved Mother. And I am not suggesting that you introduce the concept of the Mother Spirit prematurely, but to suggest that they have a direct link with the spirit of creativity within them at all times and that this source of information is infinite and eternal in potential and will never run dry – you might consider them to be revolutionary ideas springing forth from this eternal well. And in so doing, they have direct access to all of the ideas that will congeal within the imaginative circuits within their own experiential awareness and yield new and diverse meaning.

Student: Welmek, one of the most delightful sentences in the entire text to my mind is where it says there’s no limit to personality. No limit can be put on personality because of the infinity of spontaneity.

WELMEK:  This is what I am suggesting, and you can begin to, if this question arises, “Well, where did this come from?” Begin to introduce those ideas – that they have access to this creative potential at all times. Many times people do not exercise their creative potential because they do not know where to find the source. And so they search through the grounds in looking for the well, and they can’t find the well because they fear it is hidden. But when you point to them where the well is and say to them, “Here is your source, here is your infinite creative potential. Drink deeply from this well. It will never run out. You never have to go very far to replenish yourself.” And in so doing, they will find all the answers and all the creative ideas that they need to bring new meaning and value to their lives. In sharing this idea of creativity with them, you fuel their potential to achieve great happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Student: Thank you, Welmek! You’ve just now, this moment, clarified for me part of that source, Mother Spirit and the mind adjutants. To me this is almost what spirit means. Is that, what someone I think also said in the text: “Of all the attributes of the Father, the one of which he is most characteristic is, creativity”. Nearly everything that is comes from his personal being. Even that concept, I’m afraid, kind of staggers my little pollywog mind. But it feels right.

WELMEK:  The creative capacity is one of action and it is under the domain of the Infinite Spirit that the thought of God brings the Word of God into action. And in your domain, the worlds of time and space, this falls under the overcontrol of the Mother Spirit in human life. By and large, this is the doing of the Creative Spirit.

Student: Thank you.

WELMEK:  You are most welcome.

Student: Welmek, what I think I bring to people most of value is, perhaps not what my first choice would be to bring to people, but it seems to be what I bring is, a form of humor, based on a perspective that is light-hearted and a little nurturing and a little parental and sometimes a little irreverent and I’ve become less hard-edged with that. I used to be a little more critical and judgmental with my form of humor, a little more sarcastic. Now I tend to just be a little more warm and fuzzy, so to speak. And make people feel good with it. So, as much as I would like to have people explore intellectual issues with me and to bring them creative thoughts on that level, I find myself acting in a more nurturing way and I use humor as a vehicle for, my making people feel good.

WELMEK:  Making people feel good – this is a quality I find so attractive in human life. For you use this term to instill a feeling of well-being, of lightheartedness. Would you agree with this? (Yes.) Do you, my friend, see the deeper value that lies behind this feeling of lightheartedness? It is the growing capacity of the human soul to do that which is right. It is the way of righteousness. By bring in this sense of lightheartedness, you alleviate a person’s burden that they carry around with them of this material existence just a little bit more. And when that burden becomes less heavy, less weighted on their shoulders, the ability to choose the way of goodness, the way of righteousness is able to be gleaned in their eyes. It actually becomes then, an easier path to choose, because someone has shown them the way. It is laudable to want to make people feel good. It is noble to make a person become good. Do you see the deeper meaning of what I am trying to convey to you?

Student: Yes. I think it has to do meeting people on a plane of a level of common ground that transcends the limitations of conflict and problems and helps people reach a higher level of consciousness and therefore a little bit more freedom. Is this part of it?

WELMEK:  Yes. I would say that this is the beginning understanding of this. And to the degree that you can become more consciously aware within you of the potentials that you are creating within them of your desire to bring this lightheartedness into their lives, is the degree to which you will be the more imbued with the spirit to reach out and help them begin to find and to achieve this within them. They may not always be consciously aware of what is happening, but you have pointed them in a direction that will give them hope and will fuel them with the confidence and inspire them with the desire to move alone this path with more steadfastness.

This is very faith-inducing when you perform have this humorful posture with them.
I ask you in the coming days to ponder carefully what I am saying to you. My words are meant to inspire deeper levels of inspiration within you to bring forth these qualities of humorful sharing with you brothers and sisters. Most people walk their paths in life overburdened, bowed with their life’s loads. In sharing this quality that you have with them, you are lifting this from their back and you saying, “Here, let me show you a better way, let me show you the way to true light and true joy.” Do you understand?

Student: Yes, I think so. I will be guided and watching.

WELMEK:  Do you have a need for further elaboration or clarification?

Student: I think I have enough to work with now. I’m not sure what questions might arise. But I feel I have the initial grasp on watching and how to act.

WELMEK:  Thank you.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Welmek, This is D. The initial thought that came to my mind and how I am able to share with people to make their lives better was humor as well. But since that has already been spoken about, I went through a kind of quandary of what it was that I’m able to share with people. The second thought was like the ability to listen. But, as I went deeper into that, and began to realize that being who I am affects people in a positive way. Being genuine and authentic and to actually listen to what each person is saying, no matter age, color, creed, sex, whatever, religion.

And to treat each person, when I’m with that person as important and to show compassion and concern as we converse. And so I feel like I’m able to meet each person genuinely and authentically and with love and compassion. And so, I feel that, that is who I am. I’m able to talk to a five year old boy as well as talk to an eighty year old man and have good conversation and have and be a positive influence in their lives. I am able to talk to a man from Cameroon who is now living with me as well as talk to a man from Pakistan, from England, anywhere, on many different levels. I listen to them and their story.

WELMEK:  Your ability to relate in the moment to whomever you are engaged with is a quality of well-roundness and has immense drawing power. As the Master grew, as he observed and learned the ways of man, how they lived, how they worked, how they perceived their reality, His compassion and understanding achieved such levels of unconditional, loving forbearance, that he was able to see underneath all of the outer layers of human existence into the core of the Divine Soul.

Whether you consciously recognize this or not, this is what you are effectively doing, and when you do this, you touch people at their core and it is as if you pluck a string, a chord of love so deep within them that the reverberation begins to echo throughout their being and permeating them outward, radiating out into the other areas of their lives. And In the hopes that someday, they too, will have learned from you, how to relate with other people and they will pass this love on. Are you aware of this?

Student: Yes. To a point, yes I am. It’s kind of like a domino effect. If I treat someone nice and with respect and love, then they feel positive about themselves, then the next person they come in contact with, whether it be a child, or spouse, then they are positive with them, and so on and so forth. (Tape ends and other side was not able to be recorded)

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