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ICC92- Welmek – Thankfulness

2002-10-24-Welmek – Thankfulness
Welmek #92


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Thankfulness
o 1.2 Group: Unknown
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Thankfulness
Group: Unknown
Teacher: Welmek
TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Greetings. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. How delighted I am to be with you this evening. How inspired am I to present another tidbit of truth for you to chew on and to digest in keeping with our fullness theme.


WELMEK: That which I wish to address with you tonight is the theme of thankfulness. We began this theme with the idea of the term gratefulness and the two variations of meaning on this word, great fullness and gratefulness. And tonight, in keeping with the theme of fullness, the idea of thankfulness is a somewhat different variation on the idea of appreciation.
Thankfulness is an active term. It is a term of giving thanks and being appreciative. As you look at your life, and you see recurring themes of spiritual growth wrap around you, what is it that you are most appreciative of – or thankful for?

Spend a few moments now in addressing your spirit. Allow the uprising of your heart’s appreciation swell within your mind and soul. Spend a few moments enjoying this sensation, and when you have sated yourself we will continue. Now as you stay in the stilled state of mind, I will ask some questions that you can answer to yourself in silence:
– Do you sense the outworking and the guidance of your spirit in this theme? – Is this guiding hand of spirit of value to you?


Student: Good evening, Welmek. I think that the guiding hand keeps us, at least it keeps me, focused on the things that I am thankful for in my spiritual life. Without the gentle guidance, I think sometimes my thankfulness gets wrapped up in more of the material plane.

But I am very thankful for both planes. I find that I am very thankful for my emotional life. There was a time in my life, when I seemed to be overwhelmingly sad. And there was another time where I could not cry, and I am truly thankful I can both laugh and cry and have the emotional experiences too.

WELMEK: The range of expression of human life is wide, indeed, as you are beginning to appreciate the nature of feelings and how they are orchestrated by a loving and benevolent conductor. Your comments are very well presented in the context of the lesson that I have planned for you this evening. And so I will address them more in a few moments. But I would ask that you continue to participate in the exercise. For there are a few more questions I would like to pose to the group.

– The next question is how aware are you of this spirit guidance in your daily life?  – And my last question: Do you feel the value you associate with the guidance of spirit to be equally proportionate to the thankfulness that you render this guidance?
Please share your comments with me when you are ready.

Student: Welmek, I can say that I am aware now of being less thankful for the accumulated spiritual gifts that I have had over a long period of time that have brought me to this arena – which I consider to be at the pinnacle of anything that I can imagine – in the spiritual realm and in the worldly realm. So that this lesson tonight is inspiring me to activate my thankfulness a lot more often, a lot more consciously, and just a deeper level of appreciation. Thanks.

WELMEK: Thank you for your honesty in sharing that with me.

Student: Welmek, when you first spoke of thankfulness I felt an overwhelming rush of thankfulness– thankfulness for the unfolding of the realization of all the gifts that the Father bestows upon me– the gifts of this kingdom. And then when you asked do I feel the presence of the spirit leading me, I am greatly aware of its presence. But I don’t often feel that I am taking the necessary time to hear the guidance that is being offered. And it seems to put me in situations where I am having a hard time expressing my thankfulness for these incredible gifts. So I feel a little bit ashamed right now when you bring this up. And I give that shame to the Father, and ask for His love to in-fill.

WELMEK:  I thank you, too, for your honesty. I will make more comments when everyone has shared with me.

Student: Yes, Welmek, I am just thankful for the opportunity to be here, and to experience – and actually feel – the deepening expansion of my faith. I actually feel nourished, and nurtured, and loved by spirit. And I feel thankful that I am able to believe in my children as my Father believes in me, and to believe in my roommate. And I do feel led with every breath that I take, in the work that I do, materially and spiritually. And I firmly believe that without God I am nothing. I always thought that I am everything.

WELMEK: Using this exercise of appreciating the hand of the divine in your life is a springboard for greater Father awareness – and for the exquisite gifts that you have been given. A thankful heart and mind is what relaxes the spirit, and leads you into the realm of worship – where you find true soul union and rest.

If you value continued unfoldment and gradual increasing appreciation of the hand of the divine in your life, you will find these moments of thankfulness catalyzing your desire for worship. The more you appreciate that which has been given to you, the more thank full you become.

The fuller you are of this appreciation, the more will your spirit source impress upon your mind the qualities and the blessings of the Father; and you will naturally incline your mind toward rest, union, harmonization, which are all elements of true worship.

It is common in human experience to take things for granted, to pay cursory attention to the good things that you have been given. For they are many, and always do they surround you. And sometimes you do not see them clearly or distinctly, or uniquely, as the individual blessings they are in your life. Celebration of what you have been given is what thankfulness is all about. Does it not lighten your heart with joy to feel these blessings, to feel how you have been enriched and ennobled? The heart full of thanksgiving is actively striving to tell the Divine Source of how good it makes you feel to be so blessed. What joy you give to the Father when you acknowledge His gifts to you!

As the Father reflects and refracts His joy into your heart, your ability and your sensing-appreciation of these blessings accrue, and you feel at peace. And you find rest. This level of worship is what so identifies your soul with everything that is real and spirit: all of the values, all of the meanings, all of the facts of the nature and beauty of God. This, my friends to me, is a seamless and porous pathway to true union with the Father. And if this is what you desire in the core of your being, then actively be in this state of thanksgiving.

Giving thanks and being full of thanks – thankfulness – will unify you with the Father so steadfastly, so immersing yourself in all of the Father, so that more can be given to you. This worshipful rest is expansive. It is life-enhancing. The thought forms that are being presented in this lesson pale in comparison to what is actually accruing in your soul as you develop more of this thankfulness in your daily regime and ritual. And it is important to encompass this thanksgiving as a daily part of your rituals, so that you can be aware of how the divine hand is with you moment to moment – and guiding you ever so gently, subtly, deftly – and taking you into higher and deeper and richer realms of spiritual treasures. I will pause now and seek your comments.

Student: Welmek, it seems that you are giving a hint as to how to become more able to communicate directly and hear back directly from Michael and the Mother Spirit or the Paradise Father by choosing to dwell in this realm of thank fullness, and to realize, as you just said, the value of it being a moment to moment experience. That was something I was looking for. I sort of saw it, but really overlooked it. Your bringing it back directly to our attention is highly appreciated, and I am thankful for that.

WELMEK: My dear friend and brother, I am thankful that you see the value in these lessons. For what I was intimating to all of you tonight was more than a mere hint. It was a direct link of how to cultivate that attitude of true worship that precedes the reflection of the Thought Adjuster more directly onto your mind. In seeking to be in this state of thanksgiving – and being in thankfulness – surely you are activating so many more spiritual potentials in you that you can only begin to fathom are there. The more you appreciate what has been given to you, the more can be added. It is this simple, my friend.

Student: Well, I got the message, and I thank you again.

WELMEK: You are most welcome.

Student: Welmek, when I am in that state of thankfulness, there is such joy and trust and graciousness about life, and I find that when I embrace my thankfulness – especially during those periods of change and moving – I find that I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends here and where I am going. I begin to realize that in thankfulness I am part of a bigger movement, a bigger emotion. It is hard to explain, but I noticed today I was just giving thanks all over the place for all the feelings coming through. And I want you to know that I am very thankful for having this experience of having you as my teacher for awhile. It will something that will carry dear to me.

WELMEK: My dear sister, I too have enjoyed associating with you. And I appreciate the range of expression you are experiencing as you undergo another life transition. You are highly valued, and devotedly cared for, by many celestial personalities who cheer you onward as you venture out in faith now.

Your association with we who teach you is only just beginning, for you only need to call on us at any moment’s notice, and we will respond. Seek now the guidance of those who wish to instruct you more fully and intimately in the ways of spirit, so that you use all the help available to you now and in the future.

You are not alone, nor have you ever been alone. Now you are more consciously awakened to that which surrounds you in spirit. And so, allow those portals of communication to yield to that which desires to be more active and stimulated within you.
You have such potential to develop. It is only your choice in allowing yourself to be more firmly dominated by faith that will precede the more conscious reception of the words of those who wish to instruct you. I am very grateful that I have played a role in this aspect of your life. And know that should you seek to continue this level of instruction, our association has only just begun. Carry this attitude of thankfulness deep within your heart and soul, my sister, for it will keep you secure and confident in where you are being guided. Does this help?

Student: Oh yes. Thank you very much, and I will hold you close always.

WELMEK: You will be sent forth with much love and spiritual energy to propel you on a very hopeful direction.

Student: Thank you.

Student: My brother, my teacher, my friend, your lesson this evening seemed to have brought me to new heights of worship for the Father, and for His beautiful, beautiful gifts. I am so thankful for this simple lesson, and for the great truths it has brought forth. Thank you.

WELMEK: My dear friend, it is the simple truths that are the most powerful, are they not? (Yes, absolutely) Be in our Father’s peace now.

Student: Welmek, my thankfulness, I am thankful towards, or should I say, positive anticipation of what is to come in my life, and the lives of people around me and my children, that I am thankful for things that are unseen at this moment – that I am heading towards a greater expansion of who I am and what I can give to this world and this universe. I am thankful for the life that I have experienced, and the challenges that have come forth and made me stronger in my faith, and that I am being guided toward greater expression of who I am – in expression of my gifts that have been bestowed. I am grateful and thankful for my open-mindedness, and able to embrace all people, no matter what religion or race or creed. I am thankful for so much.

WELMEK: My brother, the most beautiful gift you can give to the Father is an open mind. The opening of the mind and all of its attributes: the sensing ability, the intellectual humility, the feeling awareness, this is what is prized in the universe, to be this open and reflective conduit of all that is the Father, all that is the Son, all that is the Spirit.

For it is from your source that all of the potentials in you that can be activated. And what you are sensing now within you is a deepening of the working within you to increasingly actualize all of the qualities and attributes and experiences you are now realizing – making real – and contributing to the unfolding of the divine plan for the Supreme Being. What greater gift to the Father is there, than this open mind?

There is no limit as to how much you can grow. Truly, your potential is so vast, so far-reaching; and you are so young in spirit that this thankfulness is truly part of how it is that you activate those potentials within you. Especially, to use it as a gauge to see how far you have grown from your animal roots.


WELMEK:  The reciprocal nature of thankfulness is such that when the human is fully appreciative of what has been given, the Father is appreciative of the child’s grateful humility and offers more. Rise up, my brethren, open your minds even more than you already have. What awaits you is more joy, more beauty, more grandeur, more majesty and glory. Do not deprive yourselves. This is your birthright. This is your destiny. Drink in deeply of all of the riches and the treasures being offered to you. Let your being grow so full of thanks that the restful worship that you feel transcends the human nature, unifies you with the Father, and makes you truly One. Good evening.

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