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ICC94- Welmek – Mindfulness Part 2

2002-11-14-Mindfulness Part2
Welmek #94


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mindfulness, Part 2
o 1.2 Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Welmek
o 2.2 TR: Donna D’Ingillo
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Exercise
o 3.3 Closing
o 3.4 See also

Topic: Mindfulness, Part 2
Group: Center for Christ Consciousness
Teacher: Welmek
TR: Donna D’Ingillo


WELMEK: Good Evening, this is your teacher, Welmek. Tonight I would like to conclude our series of discussions on the theme of ‘fullness’. Last week we talked about mindfulness and tonight I would like to embellish this idea, as we move into the experience of mind-fullness and what that entails for your life.


WELMEK:  What a marvelous gift of Spirit is your mind! It is the living link bridging the spiritual realm with the realm of the material. This wide gulf between spiritual reality and material could never be bridged were it not for the mind endowment bestowed to you and in you and through you by our beloved Mother Spirit, and of all the spiritual circuits and centers within your being that constantly down-grasp the love, the guidance, the knowledge from the realms of Spirit into you. No, my friends, you could not function at all were it not for this mind. You would be inanimate objects.

Tonight I would like to lead you into an experience of sensing a wider range of your mind, as we go into this fullness theme, bringing it into a circle of completion from where we began with the idea of great-fullness. I would like you now to place your mental gaze upon a circuit board. Can all of you readily and easily glimpse this in your mind’s eye now?

Students: Yes; more or less; what do you mean by circuit board?

WELMEK: I will ask J. to explain this to you, R.

Student: First, I saw the old-fashioned telephone switchboard with an operator sitting in front of it with plugs. But then I thought of a computer chip that looks like a vast railroad yard going to the horizon in every direction. Millions and millions of cross-connections.

WELMEK: Does that assist you, R.?

Student:  Yes.

WELMEK:   Very well, let us continue. In your mind’s eye, as you see this circuit board, can you sense information coming into the intersections – these little switch points and circuit connectors? And now, can you sense information – or a sense of a flow of ideas or thoughts – into these intersecting points on the circuit board? And, finally, what do you perceive, as you sense this circuit board, is the significance of having this system within you?

Student: Welmek, the best description of it I ever encountered was in our textbook, and it is the essence of what we are as an experiential being. We are a little nodule of God out here, experiencing our individual life.

WELMEK: Thank you.

Student: Welmek, the best I am getting on a visualization right now is an image of different colored billiard balls sliding down various channels into one central spot, and they represent thought. That is the closest that I got to what I think you are asking us to envision.

WELMEK: Whatever you envision is significant for you. My last idea and question posed to you was do you perceive the significance of this, I would say then for you, this image as it has emerged in your consciousness?

Student: Not that much, only indicative that a lot of thoughts have to come into the one central focal point, and it tends to get clogged up. That is what I am sensing at this point. It’s not all that satisfactory.

WELMEK: Thank you.

Student: Yes, Welmek, I am of the same mind. I am not clear about what you are asking. But, at the same time, I feel like – if I am the circuit board – then I need to be plugged into something, in order to be united, in order to work, to bring life to the circuits.

WELMEK: Thank you. R., may I call upon you to share your thoughts?

Student: I’m thinking it was a nice phase of my development, in which I am spiritizing my experience – my thoughts, particularly.

WELMEK: Would you say that you sense a difference in the current of your thinking recently?

Student: Yes, I’ve had a fair amount of shift the last couple of days. And I am going to have a continuing focus on spiritizing my thoughts, my emotions. So, in the past I would tend to think of something that I wanted to achieve and visualize it. But I decided I am going to take a more fundamental direction, and create a spiritual context, a texture for my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my objectives, my growth.

WELMEK: Thank you.  I hope that you are all gaining a sense that the purpose of this exercise is not so much to see the circuit board, as it is to sense those thoughts and the awareness within of your mindal streams – and a presence of your consciousness.

Student: I find that J.’s initial image of the operator plugging into the circuit board is a good example of the pure information transfer. There’s no separation, and I think that there is not so much of plugging into it as immersing oneself in Source.

WELMEK: You have made an important distinction. For immersing yourself within the Source, there is an implied desire for a relationship that you want to become a part of the very Source – because the desire and identification of that Source is so compelling to you.

Student: Yes, that’s right.

WELMEK: In this exercise, the significance of sensing your mind is not so much in perceiving your thoughts – as it is of the pervasiveness of the wide range of activity that your conscious mind affords you. All of your lives you will be subjected to certain mindal configurations of spirit over-control. The human mind pattern on Urantia is controlled by certain electromagnetic and biochemical triggers and responses: your evolutionary nature, the by-product of years of genetic evolution. The greatest ministry in your mind, the greater influences, come from the Holy Spirit, our Divine Mother, whose adjutants – the actual capacity to learn, to achieve, to experience, to appreciate new meanings and values as you move through life – weaves throughout your entire mindal configuration.

Go now into the stillness, invite Mother Spirit into your mind, and ask her to fill you with a greater awareness of this generously and lovingly bestowed gift that enlivens your life vehicle with the living forces of the universe. (pause) Ask that your limited human mind open up more to the spiritual ministry of our Holy Mother Spirit.

If there is a willingness within you to yield your human mind to that of the influence of her Divine Mind; and if you so sense that yielding, invite her into your mind and ask for her expansion of her mind within yours. (long pause) Share with me now some of your perceptions.

Student: The invitation of Mother Spirit into my mind is a measure I have is a seed flooding my conscience. A great cleansing is integrating and opening me to new capabilities to access to new energies – transformation.

WELMEK: Is this appealing to you?

Student:  Yes!

WELMEK:   Can you sense a difference between how your mind is in its, what you would call your normal state, and when it’s in this invitation for Mother to enter it?

Student: Always a great difference.

WELMEK: Can you specify the difference for me, this evening?

Student: Well, I have access to a new energy that I can cherish the access. A new dynamism is available to me.

WELMEK: And did you notice how easy that was?

Student: Yes, embarrassingly so!

WELMEK: Well, you needn’t be embarrassed about it, because you have not been told in your society about how Mother works in your mind. But now that you know, won’t you invite Her into consciousness more consistently?

Student: Oh yes. I am excited about the prospect of being able to access the Mother Spirit.

WELMEK: Do you have any questions or concerns about this now that I can clarify for you?

Student: I guess I don’t know what to expect, and I don’t know whether to have anything in mind in particular. I don’t know what tasks to assign to Mother Spirit. I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t know how to use Her.

WELMEK: You use Her by inviting Her in. You will not come into a full appreciation of Her ministry in your mind for some time to come. And this is not the significance of the experience tonight. Just invite Her in, and let Her show you and impress upon your mind that which she delights in doing in caring for Her children. Enjoy the experience. You do not need to know how it will change you, how it will mold your ideas into a spirit ideation. Just let Her in so you can feel the ministry of your Mother in your mind and Her love and care for you. Does this help?

Student: Very much so.

WELMEK: Do you have any other questions?

Student: No, I don’t this time. I will have, I am sure. Thank you.

WELMEK: You are most welcome, my friend.

Student: Welmek, for me, what came to mind were a number of times in the past of intense crisis, in the military and then afterwards experimenting with massive doses of LSD, and moments of insanity upon the death of my parents. And these were times when the whole nature of the reality I was in, the whole encompassing world, within me and without me, suddenly changed. Just a crystal clarity of what was real. It was like a gift – amazing grace.

At times I felt as if I had this magical power I hadn’t even realized. And I still don’t know how much it was me and how much it was the mind – Her mind. What a discovery! I’m still very thankful for that. On the death of my parents it was from a total kind of shock and loss to all of a sudden this glorious realization that they are on the way! They had a very good start. Nothing to worry about. They are doing fine.

WELMEK: So, my friend, you are saying to me that you have glanced at the spirit destiny and the opening within your porthole of the imagination as to what life in spirit in the universe is all about. Would you say this is so?

Student: That’s a novel interpretation for me, Welmek. At the time I just got it as some kind of enormous gift – being saved, in spite of myself. My reality transformed. But I like your notion of it: that this is a glimpse into a supreme destiny.
It’s just times in the past when I thought that, since I read the Urantia Book, it’s either the Mother Spirit or possibly even my Thought Adjuster telling me when I desperately needed it: “This is real.” And I am here today because I went on that and it was real. Up to that moment I did not know I had the capacity to know what was real.

WELMEK: And so it is the divine voice that identifies for you those realities that are your compass as you gain your direction and grounding in this new universal reality. And always is the mystery of our Mother there, to support you and to comfort you, as you emerge from a tiny, embryonic awareness of human life into a more full and dynamic realization of who you are as a spirit son of the living Creator in Paradise.

Your reality environment will always be changing as you grow. And ever is Her ministry there, to anchor you in those new realities you are amassing for yourself on your journey to the Father. She is the Universal Reality you will come to experience, as you go through and complete the mortal career and ascend into the morontia body and the morontia mind. As you gain greater awareness now, through your invitation for Mother to ground herself in you, your ability to glimpse even more fully into the universal destiny awaits you; and will, as you have so fondly told me, tease you and whet your appetite for more truth, more love, more joy of living, as you become increasingly like the Father.

Student: Thank you.

WELMEK: Thank you, my friend.

Student: Yes, Welmek, I just feel expansively full, and also quite still. It’s like I have this image of a gas pump, and whenever feel depleted, I put the pump inside of me and I am full again. And there’s an infinite supply of this energy, of this life force. And more and more each day, I just need to top off this energy, where I feel full.

In the morning I wake up and I pray and worship, and I feel full. And when I finish work, I worship and pray, and I feel full again. This is a constant cycle, a constant way of living. My lady friend, (tape ends) and replenish herself, of which I am glad to give. And I notice the more I give of this fullness, there is even more of me, more of who I am. And in this stillness, this silence, comes this avocation, or this understanding, or this mantra, that I am God. And I just live.

WELMEK: Are you beginning to sense now within your being how this feeling of fullness begins to emanate outward from your being, into the energy streams and thought patterns of other people?

Student:  Yes.

WELMEK:   And how your mind becomes this magnet to draw other people into the fullness, and to resonate along with you?

Student: Yes, that’s what I visualized this morning, or had a sense of being a magnet and attracting to me just a greater understanding and attracting in me. And also attracting out, if that’s the right way of saying it, and altering people’s thoughts or ways of seeing things, of ways of seeing me.

WELMEK: In the coming days, ask to sense the Mother’s presence in your mind more fully. Sense how it is and what it is that She has to offer you. That can add a new level of repleteness in your being. Sense in your own ideas and mind’s imaginings the actual current, that stream of consciousness that is that continual flow of Her being into yours. Have you practiced you at all, or tried to sense this in your stillness state?

Student: Not with Mother Spirit. Just with Universal Consciousness. I sense this current flowing within me and without. I feel it very strongly, this life force. And I am very aware of nurturing it, with what I say and what I do and what I think.

WELMEK: And so my suggestion to you, my friend, is to begin to augment this more in your own mind’s awareness by coming into a fuller appreciation of who this wonderful spirit parent we call Divine Mother is. And she will expand you even more than you already are. Does this appeal to you?

Student: Of course! In the sense I’ve been feeling a shift inside of me, and also desire to make changes in my life and be open to those changes as they unfold. But I do sense a kind of willingness to explore other ways or a newer way of living.

WELMEK: As you invite Her presence more into your conscious arena, you will sense within you that shift even greater, and be able to make more of that commitment in mind and in spirit. In opening yourself to our Mother, you are able to follow the leadings of your own inner spirit to do the will of our Father with even greater consistency and clarity of faith. Do you have any other comments or questions?

Student: I have this pondering of my relationship with my lady friend, and how that has deepened. And we are at a crossroads – that’s part of this willingness to experience something new as I open up to a greater experience of who I am, and allowing her into my life. And, I guess, the question or thought is this: does she facilitate my spiritual growth – and facilitate my awareness of the Mother Spirit? Because that is first and foremost in my mind.

WELMEK: Take these questions into the quiet of your heart, and you will know, in time, that which you are trying to discern now. When you resonate with the Mother Spirit within you, you will be able to sense with you a compassionate nurturing that is uniquely Hers. And it will help you to identify that essence in others, as well. The more She reveals of Herself to you, the greater you will be able to identify Her action in others.

Student: Thank you.

WELMEK: You are most welcome.  I do wish now to call on the one who has not shared his experience, if you are so willing.

Student: Welmek, I have nothing to share at this time, because I wasn’t able to follow any further after a little while ago.

WELMEK: Upon retiring tonight, invite Her presence into your mind. Ask for your own thoughts to be subjugated and come under the influence of Her spirit. Rest in the bosom of your Mother. Let Her arms envelop you, in warmth and comfort. Sometimes these exercises and experiences are not always discernable within your mind. It does not mean Her influence is not leaving an impression. It is just that certain conditions and factors may not receive the conscious impressions the way you might like.

Have no fear. Her ministry in your mind is constant, though you may sense it not. Her love for you is consistent and tender. She watches over you at all times. So, as you retire this evening, take note of these ideas. Tuck them under your chin, and sleep well. My friends, my dear devoted students and friends, what great minds you have been given! As you move into new awareness of the gift of mind, this expansiveness will serve to orient you into a world that you could hardly conceive or imagine.

And as your perception expands with your new foundation, the gratefulness and the great fullness of your mind will continually serve you well – as you come into closer union with each faith step of your experiences. This mind has been given to you as a means to perceive this reality as your Inner Spirit adjusts those thoughts to the spiritual reality you are beginning to access.


WELMEK: Tonight I ask that you consider the deeper appreciation for what has been done and given to you out of the Father’s deepest love for you. You can hardly imagine the mercy ministry that constantly streams down from Paradise, from Salvington, into your minds. Let the fullness of this awareness grow strong and fill your being with light and truth. And the fullness of all these experiences will give you such contentment and satisfaction, and bring you into the fullness of being one with our Father. Good evening.

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