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IND19- Visualizing Gabriel

1992-09-09-Visualizing Gabriel
Indianapolis #19

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Visualizing Gabriel
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek
2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Lesson
3.2.1 Vision
3.2.2 Balance, Attunement
3.3 Dialogue
3.3.1 Purification
3.3.2 Health
3.3.3 Patience
3.3.4 Vision
3.3.5 Guilt
3.3.6 Evangelism
3.3.7 Motivation
3.3.8 Dissemination
3.3.9 Mother Spirit
3.3.10 Tradition
3.3.11 Flow
3.3.12 Circuits, Spiritual Pressure
3.3.13 Barriers
3.3.14 Attainment
3.3.15 Thought Adjusters
3.3.16 Worship
3.3.17 Abuse, Forgiveness
3.3.18 Prayer
3.3.19 Materialism
3.3.20 Forgiveness
3.4 Closing

Topic: Visualizing Gabriel
Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Good evening to all who have gathered here this evening. This is Welmek, your teacher and guide. Before we begin our lesson and question/answer session, I would like to make a few comments about what was witnessed this weekend. Our attempt to impress upon your minds a realization and future visualization of Gabriel was in our assessment successful. What we attempt to do is complicated and will require additional time and effort both on our part and on your part.


WELMEK: The process is simple. What we hope to accomplish is to make impressions upon your mind and through your receptivity, enhanced by our adjustments in your material brain, allow you through your mind to actually visualize not only Gabriel but many others. This is going to require, as I said, work on your part; and we will address this later. I know that many of you are in great anticipation of seeing, of touching, of knowing, other than your faith, the realness of what you have experienced so far.

All that I can tell you is that you must be patient. You must allow us the time and preparation that we need in order to make this become real. Do not get doubtful, do not become impatient, for if you do, you will regress in that which you have already done. It is, as I have said, through faith that you will become closer to the Father.

You should count your blessings, in as much as on this planet you have a great opportunity to attain worship beyond that which many of us were able to on our native planets. For worship is truly a communication with the Father. For you it is wholly unseen, and it is this inability of you to be able to see which will truly enhance your effectiveness in Father attainment later in your experience.

Balance, Attunement

WELMEK: If you were to think of what I have said as far as visualizing Gabriel, what the process is, we have made an impression upon your minds. This impression may be likened to film. Your mind will act as the projector. In time, then, this projection will actually be your witnessing of not only Gabriel, but this is our first attempt at enabling those who have eyes to be able to visualize the morontial presence of Michael himself.

If we find that we are unable to accomplish this, I assure you we have many other plans that we will also put into effect. Before the questions, I wish to talk briefly about balance, balance in your daily life. When you read the Master’s life, you understand that Jesus was balanced, not only on the spiritual plane of communion with the Father. He was balanced on the intellectual plane as well as the physical plane. Tonight I wish to discuss this balance on the physical plane.

If you are to be able to communicate better with the spirit within and enhance what we are trying to do through you, I would ask you to stop a moment and think about what it is you do to create harmony within yourself on the physical plane. Do you do all that you can each day to prepare the temple in which the Father resides? I would tell you that the better you prepare this temple, the better able we are to communicate to you and as I said, make these visualizations possible. You must decide when you will begin this process of better attuning your physical bodies.

It is important that you achieve mind, spirit and physical harmony in your life; for the sooner you can achieve this, the sooner you will be able to bring more people into the Father’s consciousness. Think about what I have said. I am not here to prescribe specific plans of diet or exercise. This is for each of you to decide for yourself. I am here simply to remind you that it is an essential part of your overall growth that each of you give some time to this subject and do what you can to better harmonize yourself with the intellect and the spirit. I will now receive your questions.


Q. Welmek, in one of my personal sessions we discussed spiritual cleansing, that as I told you I had been going through this, that things that I had thought I had resolved in my mind were coming back again, and I thought that the group might benefit from hearing you talk a little bit about spiritual cleansing.

WELMEK: Cleansing is an actual conscious process of eliminating those aspects of one’s personality which are undesirable. You are not expected to be perfect on this planet; yet, as I have said, you are expected to try. When you feel that you have ridden yourself of undesirable qualities, then thank the Father and move forward.

If, however, in your earthly experience you find yourself faced in a situation where the trait has resurfaced, accept it for what it is and turn away from it, for you know that it is not important. You know that you have at one time mastered it, and you can do so again. Cleansing is a process which will last a long time, for even now I too, in a sense, continue to cleanse myself of thoughts that do not bring me closer to the Father.

Q. Hello, Welmek, my name is Mark. It’s my first time here. I don’t have a question now, but I have some comments. I feel quite privileged to be here amongst these people who have similar goals as myself, enlightening their love and learning how to grow spiritually. I have gone through much personal turmoil and I can only say that I am very excited, humble and honored to be here. Thank you.

WELMEK: You speak for all gathered I can assure you. And when I say all, I don’t mean the humans in this room only.


Q. Welmek, can you perhaps, I know you don’t want to give us specific advice on physical harmony..could you perhaps describe what constitutes physical harmony?

WELMEK: In general terms a balanced electro-chemical function of your organism. In specific terms, there are many aspects of this as you are well aware of. For now, as I perceive those in this group, what I encourage you to focus on primarily is diet and exercise.

Make sure that these two aspects in your life are moving in the direction which you know they should be moving. Do not put this off, for it will keep you from experiencing the health which you desire in later years. It will also, as I said, facilitate communication with the spirit of the Father as well as many other aspects of communication that will come in time.

If you have specific questions regarding your own self, I would respond to those as I can in your private sessions. For now, take heed of what I have said, and make your own evaluation of yourself.

Q. Welmek, this is Scott. I hope I’m talking loud enough. You’re talking about balancing between spiritual, intellectual, physical, physical regarding the body, does it also include physical regarding our material life here such as how we deal with the various things in life, between money or friends or our lifestyles or anything like that? Do you have any comments on this?

WELMEK: I would say that the physical that I am referring to is primarily restricted to your physical organism. Relationships deal with intellect and spirit.


Q. Welmek, I’d like for you to expand a bit on impatience. The Urantia Book tells us that impatience is a spirit poison. Anger is like a stone thrown into a hornet’s nest. Could you give us a bit of information to assist me and others similarly situated about how to deal with the difficulty of impatience?

WELMEK: This is difficult for humans to understand, for in your life there is so much frustration, so much worry, so much doubt, so much anger, that your personalities at times tend to be overwhelmed by the negative aspect of living.

What I am here to do is to help you change this. I am here to help you see that the Father lives fully in your life. You know from reading the text that there has been much help given to you already. You know about your angels, you know that they try to help however they can. Yet at times their functions are to put, if you will, obstacles in your path to help you grow.

You must allow time for things to blossom, for a child cannot surely walk without first crawling. While the child may wish to run as he sees others around him running, he must be patient and learn life day by day. So it is with you. If there is something in your sights which you want, yet you foresee in the immediate future it is unattainable, then pray.

Pray for the wisdom to make the decisions that will lead you to be able to accomplish that which it is you seek. In the meantime, live each day as joyfully as you can; for you already know there is much more to life than what you perceive on this planet. You know that the Father is here. You know that the spirit resides within your mind. You know that the angels have been assigned. You know that we are here.

You know that the Spirit of Truth has been given freely to you, and you know that our Creator, Michael is here for you whenever you ask. There is all this help; and yet you now, finally, are only starting to ask. You must allow time, you must be patient. I would tell you that as you expand in your universe career, patience must be mastered; for things are not given immediately. You will find that you will have to work hard to receive the things that you strive for, just as you do now. Does that give you encouragement?

Q. It does, thank you.

WELMEK: Is there, Marty, a particular thing or event that you wish to share that has brought impatience to your mind?

Q. I was disappointed with the fact that I was unable to visualize Gabriel on Sunday.

WELMEK: Why were you disappointed?


Q. I suspect my disappointment was related to my sense of being spiritually undeveloped and my awareness that I lack sufficient spiritual development to sense Gabriel’s presence.

WELMEK: My good friend, I tell you now that by your mere presence here you are further advanced than what you can possibly realize, for your mind has not had time to catch up to the growth that you have already achieved. Don’t be hard on yourselves. Your life on this planet can be so cumbersome, can be so complex, can be so uncertain. I tell you on regular worlds, it is not quite like this.

I know this doesn’t help you much, for you must live your life on this planet; but know, Marty, and all of you, that the Father loves you more than you could possibly ever love your own children. And He will surely uphold you. He will surely stay with you, regardless of what you experience. Don’t be frustrated about these things.

We are here. Have faith that this is true. What you witnessed Sunday, none of you are fully conscious of yet. Some saw that which they believed to be real. Others saw nothing. Others saw colors. There was a wide variety of experiences.

I will tell you that none of you saw Gabriel the way Gabriel will be made manifest to you in time. This being is so beautiful, is so wonderful, that you must be patient. You must allow us the time it takes to make this happen. Again, it does require effort on our part to literally make adjustments in your physical brain mechanisms. We must attune your nervous system, so to speak, in the vibrational level to allow you to witness these things.

I would add to this, the reason for our attempting this process is due to the fact that by the time Michael comes, there will literally be hundreds of thousands of humans who will witness this event almost simultaneously. We have determined that our top priority, the most efficient way of accomplishing this task is to work through each of your minds.

Q. Welmek, getting back to the Sunday event, were we to visualize a form or was it a form of just energy?

WELMEK: Each person experienced differently. It was an impression, if you will, of energy, that was placed upon your mind. We hope that as Gabriel spends time with each of you as he promised, this impression will be ingrained even deeper into your mind. We hope that in a relatively short amount of time, you will become somewhat conscious of this impression; for, as I understood Gabriel, he will actually also leave a message, personal to each one of you.

I know of the disappointment, but I can only tell you that what you witnessed was greater than what you know. In time, you will truly look back and say, indeed, it was one of those momentous occasions in my earthly career.

Q. Can we assist this impression by, during our meditation or stillness, try to go back again, not so much re-create but try to visualize this impression on a daily basis?

WELMEK: At this point I would say that the visualization will be made known to you rather than you trying to know it. But, more specifically to your question as to what you can do, you already know what you need to do as far as attuning yourself to the will of the Father.

Now I challenge you all gathered here to stimulate your minds intellectually by focusing your attention on the text, on the Urantia Book, and lastly, to consider what I have said about your physical well-being.

Q. Welmek, this is Marv. I would like to know this about Sunday myself. I know that when you asked us to close our eyes and to allow you to come in and try to help us visualize this, I couldn’t settle my mind down or be quiet or whatever you want to call it. And after a while I felt this very calm, peaceful feeling like someone had laid their hands on my head and just literally cleared it out. Is this how you and Gabriel and the rest of you come in and cleanse our minds so that we’ll be able to see what’s going on?

WELMEK: We do not cleanse your mind, for that is up to you. We make impressions upon your mind, and we can try to help you interpret and consciousize these impressions, but we cannot solely do it for you. You must participate.

However, this visualization that I refer you become more attuned to the spirit and receptive to these impressions, the impression that Gabriel gave all of you will become apparent in your mind. You will actually see him as he stood literally in front of you that day.

Q. He stood in front of each one of us?

WELMEK: He was in the midst of all gathered.


Q. I’ve been reading Daniel’s papers, and a lot of things have been impressed upon my mind, guilt, fear, whatever, you know what he meant. Are we encouraged to read the other teachers’ papers?

WELMEK: Yes. The teachers that are active are all beautiful, loving personalities. Their supreme desire is to help you attune yourself to the spirit within. If you interpret a teacher as making you feel guilty or uncomfortable, then I would encourage you to re-read.

I would encourage you to pray, for it is not our intent to make you feel this way. We are here as your teacher and as your guides. It is not for us to judge you; it is only for us to assess where we perceive you are in your development and give your encouragement, give you information that may help you facilitate your own growth.

Q. I did not feel guilty. You misunderstood me. I was able to alleviate a lot of guilt that my mother loves to put on me; and I was able to, after reading Daniel’s three subjects on guilt, I was able to tell my mother that I love her but she can no longer put a guilt trip on me.

It won’t work. In they ask a lot of scientific questions; and I have the impression from you, maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I feel, that we are not to ask those scientific questions of you.

WELMEK: This general question was asked early on in my transmissions. I would say that you could ask whatever question comes to mind; and as we progress, you will come to know that which I am permitted to respond to and that which I am not. I am not concerned with scientific progress on this planet at this moment as far as you are concerned.

My entire responsibility as your teacher is to help you know yourself, know your real self. That is my primary focus. Questions of human curiosity are of interest to you, but I am here to say tonight that it is up to each of you to listen to what I say and to practice it in your own way. Do this before anything else, and you will start to achieve this God-consciousness which you strive for now.


Q. In Oren’s paper on Jesus’ birthday I guess one of the guys got the impression he should go out and evangelize his friends. Is that what our mission is now, or are we supposed just to strengthen ourselves?

WELMEK: Describe to me what you mean by evangelize.

Q. Well, the gentleman had made up a list of 30-odd people, and he was going to go and call each one of them per day and read what Michael said on that day to them and bring them into the group. Now, he feels that that’s evangelism. I don’t know whether it is or not.

WELMEK: I would not encourage you to do this, for how will those 30 individuals have a frame of reference as to really the intent of Michael’s message? What you will be asked to do, what you have already been asked to do is: when you encounter a brother or sister, love them as we talked of love last week. Get to know their motivations. Know that there is a Father within them also.

Help them to come to know the Father as you are coming to know the Father. It is not essential in your early communications to talk about me, or talk about the Urantia Book, or any other text for that matter; for as we have said many times, by the fruits you shall know them. It is by building your own foundation that others will be attracted to you.


Q. One last question. Will you expound on motivation for us so that we can recognize what some people are doing, that’s definitive in one way or another? How do we seek their motivation?

WELMEK: By simply asking questions, and by watching their behavior. Their actions, as you say, speak louder than their words. It is by wise and intelligent assessing of the individual that you will ascertain their real motivation. Motivation is nothing more or less than one’s desire. If you’re motivated positively, then you desire to do good; if you’re motivated selfishly, then you desire to serve yourself.


Q. Welmek, as we meet our different brothers and sisters each day, sometimes as we’re doing our best to make them of aware of God’s love, they seem unsure sometimes when you look in their eyes, if God really exists for them. And I know we should show our own love for them and all the things that you’ve said, but I was wondering if there was any specific advice that we might give them that they might take with them that then, in their own way and own time, they might come to know that God in fact does dwell within them?

WELMEK: Before I respond, if you were in charge of this group, what would you admonish those gathered to impart to a friend how to better know the Father within them?

Q. The only thing that I’ve been able to come up with in that regard would be to suggest to someone that they find some time to be alone and try to quiet and still their minds and ask God, simply ask God, if He’s there with them.

Yet you have such a great advantage, for your experience in life has led you to much truth, especially the text; whereas, many have not yet come in contact with such inspiration. It is difficult for these people to fully appreciate what you say. I would ask Brenda to respond, what she would advise in this situation.

Q. To try to explain to a person who doesn’t believe in God or believe that God dwells in them to start with can be very difficult, just talking with them if they have no experience of spiritual matters at all. But you could talk to them about conscience, about their feelings towards leadings of right and wrong, about those little hunches and intuition that seem to come from nowhere, about their feelings toward children they see who are hurt or starving or other people and explain to them “Do you think these come just from yourself or is there a spirit within you that leads you on to higher things?”

WELMEK: I would also ask you, Jill, to share your thoughts.

Q. Well, one of the things that has convinced me more than anything else of the residence of the Spirit of Truth within myself, when I know something is right. I have a lot of intuition that..I know when something is right, it’s not coming directly from me. To try to convince somebody, to try to change their mind, I don’t know if you can change somebody, but just try to influence others by the way you live your life, and the things you say to them and the love you show.

WELMEK: Would there be a parting comment that you would make that would help foster this in their mind?

Q. Just to love them the best you can, show that you accept them the way they are, that God loves them, no matter what.

WELMEK: I would suggest to each of you that the surest thing that all mortals know is the love for their child, the love for their mother or father, the love for their brother or sister. People can relate to this. Encourage them to think about this love, for this is what so many of you on your world lack, and that is a personal relationship, a loving relationship with this Father.

The traditional way of thinking of God is this being who is so far removed from you that it is beyond your ability to grasp, to touch, to reach out and communicate with. Therefore, it is no wonder that so many are deprived of this personal relationship. In conversation you might think in terms of if in this case the person has children, to think about the love they have and to know that God, the Father, the parent, loves you even greater.

You cannot convince anyone of the reality of God, for this is truly a personal experience. But what you can do is to bring this cup of water for them to drink. They must actually drink it themselves. But if you do this, if you stimulate them in this way, I will assure you that they will think about it, and in thinking it will open up channels for their spirit to work within their mind. That is all you can do. Does that help?

Q. Welmek, along those lines, does it help to impart your own personal experience with someone in these situations, or should we..I don’t know, I’ve not had very much experience with this either, or should we just wait for an opening in a conversation and try to pass these words along?

WELMEK: You can impart your own experience; however, the key is the word “own”. For if they have not experienced similar God-consciousness, then they will not fully be able to understand what it is you are sharing. Remember our Master said not to give advice unless it is asked for. This is very difficult for humans, for you all tend to advise each other in ways that if you only took your own advice, you would be much happier. (group laughter)

Know that again, in talking with someone, they will sense the God within you if you freely let this love flow from your inner being. Don’t try to do what you cannot. Simply share ideas or concepts about the personal Father, about the love that this personal being has and how He is truly your friend. He is not far off in another world, he is literally in your own mind.

Mother Spirit

Q. I have one more question. It concerns my understanding of the Universe Mother Spirit. I have a concept, and I sometimes think that I can sense Christ Michael in me through the Spirit of Truth. And I’m attempting, of course, to develop communion with the Father within me, but I wonder does the Universe Mother Spirit manifest herself to us in a way we can hope for attainment or look for or even understand it when we worship?

WELMEK: Not fully at this point in your development. You are all potential Father-fused children. Therefore, your first priority in attunement should be that to the spirit within. The Mother Spirit is truly great. Her presence is everywhere, her love is great for all. However, your sensing of her will not become complete or I should say begin, until you are well advanced into your spiritual understanding and relationship not only to the Father but also to the Universe and how this Mother Spirit makes herself known to you. You have much to do. While I know some think “what do I need to do,” I have already given you that which you need to know. It is now up to each of you to do it.

Q. I have one last question. Gabriel is the first created being of Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit, and it says in the Urantia Book that he has divine attributes even though he doesn’t have a creator’s prerogative, he doesn’t create. How can we look at..what is our relationship to him? I don’t get the feeling that I need to pray to Gabriel in the sense that I pray to my Father-Brother or to the Father, but how do we look at Gabriel?

WELMEK: At this point in your career, look at Gabriel as the administrator of this local universe. Acknowledge the respect to him which is due. However, also look at him as a good friend, for he has told you this himself. Again, as I said, you are not aware yet what happened to you Sunday. It will take time for this, but Gabriel wishes that you all perceive him as a friend, as someone close to you, and as someone that he wishes to get to know more fully. I tell you, you are all blessed. You are all honored by being in the presence of these personalities. This is not the way things run on planets that are not in the isolated spheres such as yourself. This outworking of Michael’s mission is truly remarkable and has permitted many things to occur that do not normally occur.


Q. Welmek, I have some comments and would like to know your thoughts concerning socialized religion. Many humans, in some point in their lives, seek God or seek goodness and try to find that in their church. However, in my view, there are so many kinds of socialized religion, so many different types of beliefs. It seems to me they’re almost competitive in nature and very limited in their scope. Do you have any comments on that?

WELMEK: Well, I would first say that I agree in regard to competitiveness. This seems to be human nature, regardless of what the organization is. As far as difference in beliefs, I would say there is more a difference in the particular dogma of these religions. For the underlined belief of the Universal Father as the first source seems to be true throughout all of western religions.

What mankind must realize is that you are all children of this Father. You are not Catholics, you are not Protestants, you are not Jewish, you are not anything but a citizen of the local universe of Nebadon which is a part of the superuniverse, which is a part of a greater plan than you can possibly understand at this point. Know that you are literally brothers and sisters, and I have encouraged you and will continue to encourage you to perceive your relationship in this way.

As you well noted, there is much work for us to do to help you become aware of what I have said. This is why it is so important for each of you to better equip yourself, better understand yourself, so that when I and others bring people to you, you will be able to share what you know.

Q. I understand the concept of God in the churches is beneficial. However, it seems to me those fellow humans who I tried to enlighten in these ways, those who belong to these religions are more closed-minded than those who have no such experience. This way it seems to be negative and not positive.

WELMEK: Is there a question?

Q. It’s an observation.

WELMEK: You are completely correct, for the more one thinks that they are self-righteous in their belief, that their way is the only way, the further they really are from the Father. One day, in time, your buildings used for worship will literally become monuments to the Father. They will become these holy places that they are now so- called, and it will be a wondrous time, for when you enter this building you will feel the presence of God and as a group, in unity, you will worship Him.

It is something that is rarely experienced on your planet now. This is regrettable, for one would think that it would already have been achieved since the life of the Master. However, only the reverse has happened. Churches tend to be more of a place to socialize rather than true and sincere fellowship and worship. I again do not make judgment on those who attend church, for I would encourage anyone to seek the Father in whatever way they can. I only make comments as to how deficient true, sincere worship is on your world.


Q. Welmek, Mike was talking about sharing with other people. I’ve had a thought and I don’t know if this pertains to what you were trying to share with us. I have a sense of an energy that we project that feels like a love energy when we’re with other people, and I have experimented with this a little bit in the last couple of weeks or so when I’m with somebody, whether it’s somebody I’m having a positive or a less than favorable interchange with, when I consciously try to project that I feel like I see a positive response in the other person. I also work with children who are not verbal and have various abilities mentally, and I’ve seen the same with them. I see a smile or a lightening. Is this something that’s real?

WELMEK: You are witnessing the Father’s love working through you. This is not an energy that you project yourself. It is literally His love flowing through you.

Q. Is it something that we…I feel that there’s a conscious opening up of that so that there is some active part on my part it feels like…

WELMEK: Absolutely. What you are doing in your daily practices will make this feeling, this knowing of this love flowing through you become very real in your daily life. As you become more aware, more love will flow through. As more love flows through, greater joy and happiness will be experienced by you. That is what we have been talking about. You have begun to sense what I now know, and I can tell you there is no greater feeling, no greater experience in your universe experience than that of seeing the Father’s love flow through you and being received by another.

Q. I think I can look in my past and recognize people that I’ve felt that strong, and I think that may be a way to reach the people who might not be able to grasp something intellectually.

WELMEK: Indeed, it is love that this planet needs more than intellectual understanding of God.

Circuits, Spiritual Pressure

Q. The other question I had, when I was at the conference that was held in Madison, I was real excited to see something that I could send back because I was, I am not as familiar with the people. I didn’t feel a part of the interdynamics that were going on. But I was very excited to hear every person who spoke had a similar message; and I wondered if they were all looking at actualizing the truth from the book and ways to reach out to other people. And that’s something that my understanding hasn’t been that unanimous among readers. That was real exciting to me, but I felt it was like an indication of this circuit being opened. Are there many missions going on other that what we’re aware of through the teachers?


WELMEK: There is much happening that goes on in your world other than the teacher mission. For indeed by the circuits being reopened, the spiritual pressure being applied is significant. I too was encouraged to hear the speeches given. However, once again, we go back to the statement “Actions speak louder than words.”

For in many Urantia conferences, much noble thought has been expressed about doing the Father’s will, yet unfortunately in individual lives the actions fall short of the words. You have no substitute for action, for decision. You must live life fully each day and each day decide what it is you can do to bring yourself first closer to Him. Then, as you feel yourself moving in this direction, you look back in a sense, and see what you can do to bring others along with you.

Q. Welmek, as you look down and observe our human behavior, what do you see as the major human stumbling blocks that keep us as humans from looking for the God within us?

WELMEK: Primarily, the biggest stumbling block is the focus on the self. Your world as individuals thinks in terms of “I must do this for me.” I tell you, in universe service, it is rather “What can I do to serve another?” This is a primary reversal of universe reality and we are also engaged in trying to change this problem.

It can only, however, be changed by you as an individual making a choice to no longer perceive yourself as first but to perceive the Father as the source and to perceive your brothers and sisters as the opportunity to serve the Father.

Q. Welmek, this is Charity Free. Could you please tell me what my spiritual name is?

WELMEK: One moment….your name is Susannah.


Q. Thank you. Would you happen to know what spiritual level I would be on?

WELMEK: I am not able to fully describe for you that information for several reasons. First of all, I am not fully qualified to tell you exactly where your spirit fragment is within the outworking of his plan for you. Be not concerned with where you are in your spiritual development at any given point in time. I’m telling you, that is not important for you to know.

What is important for you to know is that each day you dedicate yourself to doing His will, to worshiping Him, to praying for others, to serving your fellow man in an unselfish and loving way, and to forgive yourself as you forgive others. That is what you must focus on now. Spiritual progress will be known in time.

Q. Welmek, this is Scott again. When Michael appears in morontial form, will people who do not believe be able to perceive him?

WELMEK: I do not believe so.

Q. You mentioned a few weeks ago about working with other groups who are not Urantia groups that are a part of the Urantia mission may or may not be aware of the others. Has any progress been made on this?

WELMEK: There has been an assignment made by Machiventa to Ham to institute a program of outreach. I will allow Ham to address this and will communicate to you as the need arises.

Q. One final question. In a few weeks, we’re going to be meeting as a group to discuss how we’re going to organize. Do you have any suggestions or comments on how this group should be organized?

WELMEK: Only to do it in a loving way. It is not for me to decide how you wish to organize as a group. I am here to guide you in spiritual matters, not in this way.

Q. Welmek, this is Bob. I’d like to address the quality of impatience. It was mentioned that, Melchizedek mentioned it and I believe you mentioned that, we were going to try experiments. Of course, the Gabriel visit over the weekend was an experiment. When can we expect more experiments? (group laughter)

WELMEK: Do you feel that you have sufficiently achieved what has already been asked?

Q. Not at all. (group laughter)

WELMEK: I say this in a very warm and loving way, for I perceive in many the desire, but at times I also see the effort not being what I know you are fully capable of. Indeed, Sunday was the first experiment that Machiventa was referring to. There will be more things to come, but we can only move as fast as you do.

I cannot proceed with certain experiments until I see somewhat of a more unified effort on your part as a group to follow the instruction already given. Do not impede this progress by thinking that “I do not need to do this, for I have already achieved it.” For I tell you there is no one in this group that has achieved in completion what has already been set forth.

This is a daily process. Many of you have been given individual assignments. I would ask, as you retire this evening, to think about what I have asked on an individual basis and determine whether or not you have satisfactorily achieved what has been asked. I am, however, excited about the possibilities for our group, and, indeed, there are several experiments, several assignments, that will be forthcoming in the near future.

Q. Welmek, in one of the transcripts they were describing spiritual aligning. Could you perhaps discuss that for our group? Spiritual alignment for us?

WELMEK: How did you understand it to mean?

Q. I understood it to mean when we were, when we are in the state of attunement to the Father’s will, in the stillness when we are able to feel the Father’s love flow through us, to feel that we are loved by Him as a child of His, and to feel we are at peace with Him and creation.

WELMEK: Does that seem like a reasonable definition to you?

Q. It seems reasonable, but is that all there is to it? Or is there much more to be expanded onto it?

WELMEK: Indeed, there is more to it than what you have expressed. But I would say that your expression is adequate for each in this room now. Would anyone else care to comment on this alignment? Are there any other questions?

Thought Adjusters

Q. Welmek, are beings such as yourself and the angels that also have watchcare over us and so on, are they able to communicate with our Adjuster? Does the Adjuster communicate his plan for us to them?

WELMEK: The Adjuster has no direct communication with angels. However, the outworking or function of both angels and Adjusters do complement each other. We have limited access to the spirit fragment. We do not perceive them as we perceive you. We are not clearly able to discern their exact natures in visual sight.

However, we know where they are and we do have an idea of their plan for you; for this enables us to better help you attune yourself to them. There is, however, no specific direct contact between myself and David’s Adjuster during this communication. The fragment is fully aware of what transpires, has fully approved of my working with him and through him, but I am not given specific instruction by his fragment as to what I may say to you as a group.


Q. Welmek, in worship, the Thought Adjuster is a fragment of God, and sometimes I seem to experience some confusion. I sometimes think of our Universal Father and try to direct thanksgiving to the Father, and I sense the Adjuster relays that to the Father; but in that process, I somehow differentiate in my mind between the Father as a total entity, and the Adjuster as somehow separate from the Father.

Is there anything you can say that would help me get a clearer understanding of the nature of the Adjuster? When we address the Adjuster, should we simply assume that we are directly addressing the Father Himself? Or is there absolutely no distinction between them?

WELMEK: There is, for all intent and purposes in your state of existence, no difference between the two. As you get closer to fusion, you will begin to sense somewhat of a difference, for communication will come clearer and more frequently from this fragment. Know that the fragment is a part of the Father; yet in your existence it is also separate.

This is difficult for all of us to understand in our early ascension careers; but when you fuse, many things will be made much clearer to you. For now, when you worship, either worship through your spirit fragment or directly to the Father; for, as I said, there is no difference.

Abuse, Forgiveness

Q. Welmek, I watched a program a week ago on family abuse; and what really struck me at the end of this program was not only the pain that the abused person goes through, but the pain that the abuser also has gone through and goes through.

Last week you spoke to us about forgiving ourselves; and it occurred to me that these people who have done such horrendous things to their family members might need some assistance in learning how to forgive themselves. What can we do as a society to help these people in the process of forgiving themselves for what they’ve done?

WELMEK: One of the authors of your text said “Such a life on such a planet”.(111:7.5) I cannot tell you how grieved we are when we see these things happen on your world, for it is such a devastation, it is such a total disregard for human dignity.

However, I would say to you that you must be able to forgive; for imagine just a moment, our Creator hanging on the cross, dying, looking out upon the entire planet and saying to our Father to forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. I tell you it is the same with the perpetrators of this misery.

They simply do not understand what it is they’re doing. I know it is hard for those who have received this abuse to understand, accept and forgive. In time you will. You must try as best you can to convey to those who have had this experience that the Father loves them. He loves them as His child and He will never forsake them. Encourage them to feel this love. Encourage them to share this love with all that they come in contact with.

It is a healing for yourself when you forgive another who has hurtfully done wrong to you. I know this is probably one of the most difficult things for humans do; but I tell you, if you wish the burden, if you wish the pressure to be released, then you must think in these terms. Ask our Father for His love. Ask all of us including Michael himself for the wisdom and guidance that will lead you to this ability to find this forgiveness within yourself.

Q. But not so much for us to forgive them, or the abused to forgive them, but for them to forgive themselves. Now there are therapies available and so forth. I just wonder what else can be done to help the one who’s actually committed the crime to forgive themselves for what they have done once they have stopped the cycle.

WELMEK: First, they have to stop the cycle. They have to be rehabilitated. They must be made aware that they are a living human being. They must be made aware that they are brothers and sisters of everyone else on this planet. They must be made aware that they too have a Father fragment within their mind.

They must be made aware that the Father loves them. If this problem stems from an electro-chemical imbalance, that your science is wholly unable to change, then I tell you little can be done for this individual in the mortal existence. They must simply move on, where on the first world they will receive a new mechanism in which to function and will have all of the help that they need in order to understand what it is they did not or could not understand on their world of nativity. Reach out to all who act in a way un-Godlike. Do what you can to help them see what it is they cannot or do not see now.


Q. Welmek, when I pray many times I pray for others less fortunate. There seems to be so much to pray for. I pray for as much as I can, but yet I come away from my prayers feeling that I haven’t done enough. Is this normal?

WELMEK: It is understandable; for I can tell you from what I have witnessed on your world, I, too, feel as you. But in deeper thinking, I realize that we can only do what we can within the given day. Each day I have encouraged you to pray, so that over the course of your lifetime, you will have literally prayed thousands of days for your fellow beings.

Now I would ask you to think in terms of, if each person in this group prayed thousands of days, how many prayers would that be. Then, if there are tens of thousands of these groups on your world, how many prayers would that be over a lifetime? Soon these problems will be answered by the prayers that you are saying day-by-day.

Q. So you’re saying I should take comfort in the fact that there are others who are trying to help me pray for all who need prayer, and not feel insufficient in what it is that I pray for.

WELMEK: Indeed. For all that you see gathered in this room this evening pray for others who are less fortunate than themself; and I tell you this is a small group amongst many. Do not feel as though you are inadequate, for I am here to tell you that by the fact that you pray gives you adequacy. It brings you in to the reality of experience.

Do not hesitate to pray or worship because you think that your prayers are small or will go unanswered. No prayer will go unanswered if you are sincere and intent. It may take time. It may not be answered until a life beyond this world; but I tell you with full surety that all prayers will be answered. It should give you pleasure in knowing this.

Q. Welmek, this is Marv. I have a question on abuse. Those of us in this room and those of us in the world who have been abused.. I know that Sunday Mike and David and somebody else and I were talking about when we left this world and went to the morontia worlds, they were talking about when we meet the perpetrator, the person that harmed us in the beginning, that made us feel unworthy of ourselves and unworthy of anybody else.. when Michael brought that up, I had this most un-Godly angry feeling that I have felt in a long, long time.

You know, I’m not sure that I want to run into that person on the morontia worlds, and yet you’re telling us in time that we’ll be able to forgive. How do we forgive that person, that’s no longer in existence? He’s passed on.

WELMEK: How do you forgive one who has passed on is no different than forgiving one who still lives. You must simply realize that that individual in terms of universe reality would not act or behave in such a way if they were God-knowing and God-loving.

I will tell you there is no doubt when you resurrect on the first world, that your whole perspective of things will change; for you will see yourself with a new form, you will see an existence you were totally unaware of unless you have been fortunate to be made aware of either by the text or these teachings; and this fact alone will begin to change your attitude about reality.

You will also receive, that is the perpetrators will receive, rehabilitation in a sense. They will be helped to realize that what they did in their mortal career was wholly wrong, and what they must do to correct it. You must give them the opportunity to make this up to you. It is your duty, it is also your privilege; for I tell you this will happen throughout universe career experience. Do not hold back your forgiveness.

For who are you to not forgive? If you accept the Father’s love fully, and accept the fact that He has forgiven you for all that you have done to others either consciously or unconsciously, then I suggest that you forgive those who have hurt you likewise. It is greatness in mankind to forgive.

Q. Maybe in time I can handle that, but right now it’s more than I can swallow.

Q. I have spent several years in getting secular education so that I can help abused women and children, because I come out of an abusive situation myself. I’m wondering in view of the mission that we are shortly going to have, in making people aware of God’s love, if my time would be better spent reading the Urantia Book than pursuing this worldly education?

WELMEK: Is it not possible to do both?

Q. Well, I’ve been trying, but I’m getting real tired.

WELMEK: I would encourage you to set a meeting so that I may address this issue more fully with you, Connie.


Q. Welmek, one of the things that I’m concerned with is my own motivation in determining God’s will and then struggling with my own will, and I see still a lot of selfishness…the self-seeking part of my will come into play, and I’m wondering how I can better determine what it is that God wants for me as opposed to what my will is. Is that clear?

WELMEK: Your goal is to match the two, that God’s will becomes your will. As we have discussed, you know now enough to know what is His will for you. Can you be specific as to what confuses you in a situation.

Q. Well, I guess one of the things that confused me is I want to have a little bit more material comfort in my life. I know that God does not begrudge that, but yet there comes a point where He’s not real concerned about it because it’s all going to be taken care of. There’s a point in my life where I guess I want to know that that is,…I’m not sure what I’m trying to say right now.

WELMEK: If you’re asking me should you pursue your earthly career to maintain your material existence, then of course you should. This is not inconsistent with His will. It becomes inconsistent with His will if you seek money and power to lord over another individual. Is that what you mean?

Q. I guess I’ll have to think about that a little bit more.

WELMEK: I would also suggest that each of you in this room, knowing that you are brothers and sisters with all on this planet, think about those in countries that have not one one-hundredth of what you do. It is truly a humbling experience when you think about this. Hopefully, my words will help you put into perspective the need not to become so frustrated or so focused about your material existence.

Seek first the Father and all else will be added unto you. Those words are literally true. I know that the hardships of material living cause anxiety and frustration; but I will also tell you that these are things that you must deal with daily, face boldly and soon you will get a much better control over your material existence.


Q. Welmek, when you were talking about forgiveness of an abuser, I had another thought that came to my mind. One of the things that I think I’ve had the most difficulty with situations from my past, is how to come to terms and how to be patient and how to deal with my own sense of loss or grief over the periods of development that was interrupted or altered within myself.

I think that’s been one of the hardest parts for me because it’s hard in our society sometimes to do in a different stage. It’s hard to make up in growth what you passed in that time period. Can you comment on that at all?

WELMEK: Can you be more specific as far as the experience?

Q. I had an experience as a child that really altered my ability to trust and relate to my peers, particularly, I think that was my biggest loss, but also to my life. But I think I’m coming closer to being able to fully forgive that situation.

I reached a real forgiveness point before I spoke to that person, but I still have trouble with the ongoing dynamics with that person not fully acknowledging the situation and being willing to help me piece together the holes in my life. I understand now, from your teachings now, how I can do that; I’m working on that.

Now I have to come to terms with the lack of wholeness in myself, so I have been searching for personal growth all my adult life to fill those holes. I find myself frustrated, impatient and grieving, really, to a degree, that loss, that lack of wholeness.

WELMEK: The lack of wholeness that you experience will surely be nonexistent if you continue doing what you are doing now. You must realize these things take time. You will not eliminate the deficiencies in your life overnight. I would ask a question in regards to forgiveness of others. Is your inability to forgive motivated by hate?

If the answer to that question is yes, then you must decide how quickly you can eliminate this poison from your mind; for I tell you hate, anger, is a poison. It has no room in a spiritually enlightened mind. Do not expect yourself to be able to eliminate this poison overnight, but do expect yourself to try. That is what I want you all to do.

Q. I don’t feel like I’ve experienced this hate unless I’m just not being honest about that. It’s been more of a sense of hurt. This person was someone who was very, very important in my life; and had a big influence, and still really in some ways, does. So it was more hurt that that person couldn’t accept my forgiveness and then help me, give me some support in solving my present issues.

WELMEK: You cannot be responsible for someone accepting your forgiveness. You can forgive. It is up to them to allow themself to accept your forgiveness. I understand the problems that this at times creates in their lack of desire to interact with you in a way that you would hope they would because of your forgiveness.

Unfortunately, it is not always a two-way street in this regard. But, for yourself, you have done what you must do and that is to forgive them. Also think in terms of how it would be if the shoe were on the other foot. If you do this, then maybe that will help you understand more about your own inabilities to forgive or to understand their lack of understanding of your forgiveness.

Q. I think some of today’s counseling can just set us up for things that aren’t realistic in the spiritual perspective, and I think this has been real helpful. I think I’ve been at war with different advice I’ve gotten versus what feels right and this has been real helpful. Thank you.

WELMEK: Your psychologists and psychiatrists of the day would greatly benefit the race if they would bring an intelligent and loving concept of our Father into their practice.


WELMEK: If there are no other questions, we will conclude this evening. We have discussed much over the last few weeks. There is obviously much for each of you to think about and do. I want each of you, through the course of the coming week, to write down for yourself that question which you feel would greatly benefit your spiritual growth the most. Next week we will in turn discuss more of a personal nature within yourself this question.

I wish for you to start doing this more; for in doing this, you will come to know one another in a way that you have not yet experienced. This unity of growth is what we are looking for now. I wish you to know that I love you, that I will do whatever I can to help you and know also that our Father is with you daily. Go in peace, and we’ll talk again next week.

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