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IND21- Machiventa Takes Questions

1992-09-23-Machiventa Takes Questions
Indianapolis #21

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Andrew & Machiventa Take Questions
o 1.2 Group: Unknown
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Welmek, Machiventa, Andrea, Andrew; 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Service, Opportunity
 3.2.2 Ethics
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Forgiveness
 3.3.2 Tradition
 3.3.3 Names
 3.3.4 Materialization
 3.3.5 Service
 3.3.6 Persecution
 3.3.7 Materialization
 3.3.8 Urantia Book
 3.3.9 Mysticism
 3.3.10 Discernment
 3.3.11 Dissemination
 3.3.12 Practice
 3.3.13 Conflict
 3.3.14 Sleeping survivors, Resurrection
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Machiventa Takes Questions
Group: Unknown
Teacher: Welmek, Andrea, Machiventa, Andrew; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Greetings to all who have gathered here this evening. I am excited and filled with joy to be in your presence. There is much as usual happening and we have a very special guest with us this evening. Before I introduce him, we also have many visitors, two of which would also like to give a brief greeting. First, I would like to introduce Andrea. She has spoken before and would like to say a few words.

Service, Opportunity

ANDREA: Greetings brothers and sisters. I am Andrea. I wish to convey to you this evening how fortunate you really are to live on this planet. I know this sounds strange, but I assure you that you have before you each day opportunities to serve the Father. Look at your life in this way. Look for the opportunities to reach out to your brothers and sisters and help them. Help them to know what you are coming to know about God, your relationship with Him, and the love that freely is given to you.

Do not look at one another with anything but an attitude of unselfish service, for this is the way that it is in the universe; and it is time for you all gathered here this evening to take this to heart, to literally hear the word and experience it in your daily life. Our Father loves us all very deeply and we are honored and privileged to be a part of His existence. Go forth each day and in whatever way you feel comfortable proclaim this good news. Let all who are around you in whatever way you can know that you are a God-loving brother and sister and one whom they can turn to for help if needed.

I wish to extend a very special and warm welcome to my brother, Chuck. It will not be long before we will be able to speak together in our own group. Think about what I have said. Listen to what your teacher tells you and pay close attention to the one who will be speaking shortly. Go in peace, and learn to listen to the spirit within.

ANDREW: Hello. I am Andrew. I, too, am moved deeply by what I witness here this evening. I have learned much since the short time I have spent on your world, and I, like my sister, agree that you have many opportunities in your daily life to serve our Father. As you know, wake each morning and think of this. Think of what it is you can learn today, how you can share His love, and how you can help Michael in our mission. There is so much work to do, but yet do not be overwhelmed by this fact.

Learn to live life more simply, learn to find the beauty and the goodness in each thing that you do; for there is no rush when you think about it. There is only time. Why not begin today, right now, in a new and concentrated effort to serve our Father and to serve one another. Each morning rededicate yourself to this promise, and in time you will find a renewed self. You will find a power and energy beyond that which you can now dream. This power and energy will serve you, will make you whole, and will literally attract others to you.

As she said, go forth in your daily life. Do not be afraid to speak the words of love and the words of our Father. There will be those who will ridicule. There will be those who do not understand. But I tell you, you know. Proclaim this truth in whatever way you are comfortable with; and as time goes, as your confidence grows, you will surely be a true disciple of Jesus and you will surely be a dedicated worker in his mission. I wish to thank you for this opportunity to address you, and I too wish to extend my greetings to a special person, Dee, for I hope that it too will not be long before our group will be as this group is. I would tell you to listen to Welmek, for he is a great teacher. He is motivated and dominated by love.


WELMEK: I apologize for the delay, but much is happening right now. In a few moments we will have someone speak to you. Most of you are familiar with him. However, this evening will be somewhat of a first, for he has agreed to answer questions.

We have talked about much over the past few weeks. I know that you earnestly and sincerely read the words. I again now challenge you in spirit to take up the path, to stand straight and with a whole and dedicated heart, do as the Master has asked. For I, in teaching and guiding you so far to date, have done nothing but remind you more or less of that which you already know.

It is time, as some of you discussed Saturday night, about this Golden Rule, to realize it in your daily life on the spiritual level that it was intended. It is time to literally do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do not intellectualize this any more, for it is dead. It is time to make it real, it is time to live it. As you become God-conscious, it becomes your duty to do this. Do not think that you can attend and absorb and be God-conscious, for I tell you it does not work this way. You must actively, each day, do the best that you can in order to achieve what you desire. There are no short-cuts.

There is no quick way to achieve this. I and my associates have spent thousands of your years to achieve what we know now; and in relationship to our ascent to Paradise, we know very little. Look at life as my associates have asked you. Perceive the truth and reality in my words. Worship and pray, for these things will make you whole. I will now, for a while, turn this meeting over to my teacher.

MACHIVENTA: Brethren. This is Machiventa. I am honored to be with you this evening. I have observed most of you and have reports from my associates as to the progress of this group. I continually am impressed and pleased with your sincere dedication and honest efforts to do what has been asked of you.

I, as a rule, do not entertain questions. I usually will give a short discourse and then turn it back to the teacher. However, as I told you before, we are experimenting at different levels with different things and this indeed is one of those occasions.

I would like to say first, before you ask me questions, when you go home this evening, as you get out of your car and before you enter your dwelling, look up. Look at the stars. Begin to imagine that you are a son and daughter of the Great One, that you are a brother and sister of every created being that ever was and will ever be. There is so much for you to know. Yet as you know, you can only learn day by day. We are here to help you but, as Welmek and others have said, we cannot live your life for you. Consecrate yourself as best that you can, and we will be here to help uphold you when you fall. Do not be discouraged when you realize that you are human. It is an honor and privilege to be a citizen of this universe. Wake up and realize your destiny.
I would now entertain a few questions.


Q. Machiventa, this is David.

MACHIVENTA: Good evening.


Q. The question that I bring to you involves the issue of forgiveness. There’s someone in my life with which I have had to deal with much forgiveness issues; and I get to a place and I really feel like I have let my grievances go and feel a great peace and feel great acceptance. And then I realize that more bubbles to the surface and the pain shows up again. At what point can I know that I truly have let this go.

MACHIVENTA: You must distinguish between the act of completely forgiving and the painful memories that will surface from time to time. By forgiving yourself, you have in the eyes of our Father, healed. But in your own consciousness you have not yet. You must also realize that as time goes on, especially as you leave this world, those memories which have no real spiritual value will not be with you any longer.

Try, as you recollect these feelings, if they feel to you as if you have not wholly forgiven, to rededicate your promise to the Father and to forgive yourself once again. Allow the memory to be there, for it is still a part of you. Accept it as fact, but realize fully and with a complete heart that our Father has forgiven you as long as you sincerely wish this forgiveness.


Q. Good evening, Machiventa. I was wanting to ask about your plans concerning other world religions and how this mission will begin to embrace those beliefs.

MACHIVENTA: A question from a student. I will tell you this much. We have concrete plans as to how to approach each civilization, the members within each government, from not only those in authority, but also the commonplace people such as yourselves. This must be done, as you know, person by person. Our plan is all-encompassing, for we literally bring the gospel of Jesus back to light. It is time to bring the western religion out of the larval stage that it now exists within and renew the words of Christ and allow these words to literally burn within the hearts of your brothers and sisters.

Michael has said that this is the way he wants it; and as you can imagine, those of us in his administration will do our utmost to see that it is so. This gospel is for all of your planet. It is not for any one sect or group. There is no elitism, no covetism. There is only love and expected, anticipated participation by all who are God-conscious and want to know more fully of His nature and your relationship with Him.

Q. Good evening Machiventa, this is Donna. I feel very honored to have you here in our midst. I have a question regarding people who may be of a more fundamental… come from a more fundamental Christian background; and in trying to perhaps open a door, I come across some stumbling blocks. Welmek has instructed us to try to find some kind of relationship that they can understand and relate that to the Father’s love. Yet in trying to do that, I still come across some stumbling blocks; they just have very closed minds. Can you give me some advice into how I can begin to maybe just wedge the door open just a little bit?

MACHIVENTA: How is it that one who professes to know our Father cannot relate to the love of the Father for His child? I am perplexed by this. I at times do not frankly even understand the human mind. Can you enlighten me as to the specifics of what you reference? Indeed, do you perceive them accurately? Are they truly God-conscious?

Q. I don’t know. They seem to think of God as a very judgmental, austere being who demands a sacrifice of His son. That’s what they seem to believe because it says that in the Bible, and they don’t seem to want to overcome that.

MACHIVENTA: You know that when one has such strong and professed faith, it is difficult to convince them of your way of thinking. As a matter of fact, it is literally impossible. I suggest that you do not even try. I suggest that you seek alternative ways, in your discussion, to illustrate how Jesus lived his life and how the Father works through people. Whether it is a kind act, whether it is unselfish service, no matter what you perceive in your relationship with this person, if there is at all an opening where you can make the reference, where you can show that through this kind act, the love of the Father flows, perhaps then these individuals may get a glimpse of the greater and expanded truth which you now possess.

Live your life fully. Allow the love to build within yourself. Allow us to bring people to you as we have said that we will. It is advisable, and we appreciate your honest and sincere attempts to help bring more of your brothers and sisters into God consciousness, but do not be dismayed when you fall short. For I tell you, it is not your shortcoming, it is theirs. Do the best that you can. I, your teachers, Michael, and even the Father Himself will never ask more of you than that.

Q. Good evening, Machiventa, my name is Marilyn. This is my second time to come to your meetings.

MACHIVENTA: Good evening, sister.


Q. I read in the past transcripts that many of the people were requesting to know their spiritual names; and I was wondering, is there a reason to know this in this life?

MACHIVENTA: Well, if you understand these things, I find it somewhat curious myself. First of all, your name does not sound like it does to me and others. Secondly, it does not have any direct meaning as you would understand it. Yet, what we perceive and I understand perhaps a little more than my associates since I have been in the flesh before, is that there is this quality of love. There is this feeling that it brings one closer to me or to the teacher or to even the Father Himself.

We perceive this, and we have agreed to allow the names to be given. It is unusual on the one hand, yet understandable on the other. In universe knowledge, this is somewhat of a paradox; yet on your planet there is much which is not normal. Accept the names as you can if you wish to know, for it is truly the way that you will be recognized throughout eternity.
Knowing your spiritual name in no way whatsoever enhances spiritual capacity or receptivity.

Q. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: You’re welcome….you are not curious as to your name? (group laughter)

Q. No. Not at this time. (more laughter)

MACHIVENTA: How is it that I cannot when you refer to me as “this Mac attack”? (group laughter) I will also share with you that as I prepare to become one as yourself, I must better understand your sense of humor if I’m going to be able to survive fully and harmoniously with the other humans of this world. Understand that I and all of us love you deeply. Our hearts are so filled and overwhelmed with this compassion for you. We see you in a way that you cannot see yourself at this point in time.

We see you as children who truly want to do their best, who truly want to know our Father, and yet for physical reasons, for emotional and mental reasons, you at times struggle. How can I make you understand how we feel? All that I can say are the words which do not even remotely measure up to these feelings. Yet believe me when I say we love you, we are here for you, and we will do what our Creator Son has asked us to do. Next question please.

Q. Thank you for your words. That’s very encouraging. Machiventa, what can we be doing in this Indianapolis group to facilitate in a better way Michael’s plan?

MACHIVENTA: You are already underway. Much work has already transpired as you can see as you look out into your group. Many more people will come as time goes on. This will be the first thing that is asked of you. As you become better well-rounded, as your foundation is built upon firm ground, you will be asked to go out and as the occasion arises to help one of your brothers and sisters to come into a better understanding of what it is we are doing. You will ask to be instrumental in helping them to make the decision to attend one of these meetings. You will be a loving and kind friend to them; and as you look at this group, you can imagine how we will continue to grow.

Your primary responsibility is to live a life in accordance with the righteous living of Jesus himself. As you seek others, as we bring them to you, you are asked, in duty as well as privilege, to serve Michael faithfully and with a clean and open heart. This will bring you more joy and happiness than anything else in this world.

I know that this is the utmost for most of you as you seek the Father’s will. It will come, you must have faith. I know you cannot see me. I know you cannot see our Father. But I tell you, you know what is real within (inside) of yourself, if you truly and honestly listen to the inner leading of the spirit fragment. Do what you know is right, and much will be added to you.

It is not time for other aspects of this mission to be made manifest to you at this point. You are simply not ready. You must trust me. You must trust Gabriel. You must trust your teachers, that as we perceive you as a whole, ready to accept more, we will give it to you.

But there is not one of you in this room who has yet fully to come to grips with this Father fragment, with the understanding of what is really happening to you this very moment. Be not dismayed by this whatsoever, my friends, for you make us all very happy. Your willingness and dedication to even be here tonight says much for you. Hold fast to these teachings, hold fast to your relationship with our Father, and all else will be added unto you.


Q. When can we expect to see you in the flesh?

MACHIVENTA: I cannot give you this information. You know of the difficulties in me trying to forecast a specific time. It is very difficult, there is much to do before I am able to do this on a permanent basis. I will, however, confirm tonight, that there have been, in certain countries, at certain times, an appearance by me in the flesh. I have been there only temporary to perform specific tasks, but I tell you this is true. We will not fail and I have already set into motion, along with my brothers, many things that will still take some time to come to fruition and be made known on this world. Be ready when this happens, for some will be called to teach, some will be called to heal, some will be called to minister; and each of you will have an opportunity to do that which you are best suited to do. Spend your time now listening to your teacher, practicing what he has asked and worshiping our Father. That is what you can do best now.


Q. Machiventa, this is Mark. I have a question concerning what seems to be my overwhelming curiosity about future service in the kingdom. I do not wish in any way to circumvent or sidestep the service that we need to do on this planet, but I have much wonderment about these missions of service and whether they are predetermined or if they are decided as your spiritual growth occurs.

MACHIVENTA: The best answer I can give you is that each of you will be reviewed, so to speak, by many of us. We will determine when the time is right to ask each of you, if you are desirous of this, to perform certain tasks. Do not read more into this than what there really is. You are not going to be asked to go out and do weird or unusual or anything that you would not normally do. But, you will be asked to do it, in a way you have not done it before; and you will be fully conscious of what you are doing.

We have told you before that we will send helpers with you when you go out on these assignments. Part of your task now is to attune yourself more fully to your teacher and to this inner guidance; for as these helpers are sent, our goal, our hope, is that you will be able to hear and communicate with them as I speak through David now. They will provide much help when you’re in a situation that you may find uncomfortable or unable to deal with; and by that I simply mean, haven’t you all experienced times when you’re searching for words and cannot find them?

You will have someone who is much closer to you than your spirit fragment who will be able to serve and help you in this way. Your future assignments are not pre-destined. We allow each of you to grow as the flower and then we will determine what use we can make of your potential. Does that answer your question?

Q. Yes, thank you.

Q. This is Connie. Am I remembering correctly that when you come back in the flesh that all the Melchizedeks will also be here?

MACHIVENTA: Some of my associates will join me. This is true.

Q. Do you have any anticipation of how the world is going to react to this?

MACHIVENTA: This is a fascinating question. I can tell you we have had many council meetings about this very question. Honestly, I cannot tell you. We perceive that when the time is right, there will be many groups such as this and the groups will be farther advanced than they are right now in their understanding of the self, their relationship with God and their relationship to each other. We will draw upon some of the members of this group for further instruction. However, I can assure you, and I anticipate fully that there will be many who will not agree, who will not believe, who will simply and completely reject me for what I claim to be. This is fine, for it will not in any way whatsoever keep me and my associates from completing the task which we have been assigned. I have been given direct and specific orders from Michael himself; and I’m sure you can appreciate the import of that.

Q. Machiventa, this is Karl. My question is, as I watch television and I see all the pain that is in this world, I want to do something about it. I feel like I feel very deeply and I want to do something about it, and I wonder at this time if it’s enough for us to just help those people that we come in contact with? I know we can’t help everyone, I’m just wondering at this time in the mission if it’s enough just to reach out to those people that we happen upon in our lives at this point, or if we should intensely seek out to help other people.

MACHIVENTA: What can you do more than you already are doing? When you think about the planetary scale of adversity, you become overwhelmed. Am I not correct? Therefore, you realize you cannot impact on this scale. But you can impact in the small world around you, just as each one of you gathered here can, just as each member in every group that has been formed and will be formed can do also. This is a planetary effort. You must realize, as you have been told already, there is an administration here quite unlike what we have ever seen; and when my brother Michael arrives, it will be embellished quite substantially beyond what it is now. Know that we have things in control.

It does not appear that way right now, for we cannot artificially or authoritatively take control of your will. This is forbidden. We must work within the framework of humans; and I would add, at times this is quite a task. However, we are not going to lose the insight that we have, the motivation that we have, and the desire to help you. I cannot wait, my brothers and sisters, for the time when we can embrace, for the time when I can hold you in my arms and tell you of the love that I have. I cannot wait until you become morontial creatures. You will be able to look back on your native planet, and see her with an eye and an understanding that far surpasses that which you can now.

You will weep, and you will rejoice at the same time. You will be able to continue to monitor the proceedings of this planet. It has been made so. As a matter of fact, all Urantians are now able to look back and watch what happens. Those of you who have relatives who have literally resurrected are wholly and consciously aware of what is now happening; and I know if they could they would send their love to you personally. Our universe is filled with love. This is reality. It is not as you perceive it on this planet. Rejoice and know that this is true. You are simply waiting for the time for this realization to become clear in your minds. Accept this, and help accelerate this time by doing what we have asked.


Q. Machiventa, I find that at times when I try to perform acts of service or kindness, people see that as a form of weakness. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or if nothing can be said at that point and it’s best to let it go.

MACHIVENTA: Do you feel weak when you perceive in your mind and your heart you are following what our Master asked you to follow?

Q. No, and when I perform the task I feel I perform it out of strength rather than weakness.

MACHIVENTA: Then, do you feel inferior to the one who make you feel so?

Q. Well, maybe. Maybe that’s the problem.

MACHIVENTA: Then I tell you, my friend, it is time to rise above these negative, primitive human feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. Whenever you serve Michael, whatever you do for the least of your brethren, as he has already told you, you are doing for him. What greater service, what greater honor can there be than to serve our Creator Son? Is this not true?

Q. Yes, it is.

MACHIVENTA: Therefore, when one of your brothers or sisters ridicules you, persecutes you, would make you try to feel less than what you are, do not allow his weakness, his insecurities, his ignorance affect you whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to pray for that individual. Pray that they may gain the wisdom necessary to understand what you already do. Pray that their heart may open to receive the love which your heart is now opening up to. For I tell you, you will be rewarded for all of the things that you do on Michael’s behalf.


Q. Machiventa, I’d like to ask you a couple more questions. First of all, when you made those appearances to the people on our planet, did you reveal yourself as your true identity?

MACHIVENTA: I will not address that question.

Q. When you do come back to incarnate in the flesh, will you visit our group?

MACHIVENTA: One moment…I will not address that question either. For I have already spent time with you in spirit, so to speak. I will be extremely busy with the agenda that I have. For me to promise you this evening would be difficult, for I do not and am not able to predict what will happen in the future. I hesitate as you can see, to make this commitment at this time. This in no way has any effect as far as my feelings for you whatsoever.

Urantia Book

Q. Thank you, I understand. My last question is: concerning the second phase of the Urantia revelation, when the book was first given to us in the early 20th century, was the plan to always have the..this phase at a later date, or was the plan installed because you saw that the book readers were not perhaps living up to the teachings of Jesus that were directed in the book?

MACHIVENTA: The commission recognized that there would be a need for further assistance, for as you have witnessed now in your life, it takes more than just a book to make one act. You have intellectualized what you can from many of your books of truth. Now the call to action is at hand. However, we did not anticipate the rate of growth, the acceleration of this process as we witness it now. I had no idea back then that there would be the millions upon millions of personalities that now inhabit your planet with me. I am deeply moved and excited by this and it tells me with full surety that not only will we be successful, but we will seek this success at a much quicker rate than what I anticipated.

Q. Did you see when the teaching mission came that the humans were very, very primed and really ready to go with this?

MACHIVENTA: The stage had been set for a while. Indeed, there had been spiritual pressure applied from above for many of your years now. The text gives you a frame of reference and now we are here to do what the apostles hopefully would have done and that is rejoicing in the fact of your brotherhood with each other and the Fatherhood with God. This truth will literally set you free; and as a universal citizen, this is what you are. However, lack of understanding coupled with freedom equals, at times, chaos, as you now are witnessing on your world.


Q. Machiventa, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you. This is my second time here. Last week, I believe that Welmek stated that we should envision in our minds our highest concept of God during our meditations. I was reading in the Urantia Book on page l099 that it states “Under no circumstances should the trance-like state of visionary consciousness be cultivated as a religious experience.”(100:5.8) There are also other references to this section on the dangers of mysticism. Could you explain that to me?

MACHIVENTA: What your teacher referenced is simply a point that when you find your mind wandering in random thought during this quiet time, to re- focus on a particular thought or a particular image. In and of itself, this is not a religious experience. It is simply an attempt for you to focus your mind on that which is spirit, on that which is love, or whatever it is you wish to refocus it on. The religious experience in your life comes from your actual realization in daily living, when you interact with an associate and you feel and witness the love being exchanged, when you serve unselfishly, many ways one can have religious experiences.
Again, this is only a technique of mind referencing, not a religious or even mystical experience. If you find this uncomfortable, then choose whatever technique you wish. What is important here is that you allow your mind currents to be stilled as much as possible if you are able and desirous to hear the inner leading of the spirit fragment. Does this help clarify for you the intent of what your teacher said?


Q. Yes, that makes me feel better about that. My second question is, with millions of people on this planet being deceived by authority figures daily because of being told to accept what they are being told by faith, is it unreasonable for those of us, while keeping an open mind, to desire and deserve some form of validation, especially now that we’ve been told that our planet is no longer in spiritual isolation?

MACHIVENTA: What validation do you seek?

Q. I really don’t have any particular type of validation. I guess I have seen so much deception being practiced by watching television and hearing the news and things and seeing what’s going on. I want to believe the things that are transpiring at this time; I hope very much that they are true, and I’m persuaded to believe this.

MACHIVENTA: Why are you persuaded so?

Q. Probably because of my desire for this to be true. I think it’s a wonderful concept.

MACHIVENTA: Beyond desire, why?

Q. Well, from my own personal experience I probably believe in the existence of the Thought Adjuster, for one thing, because of an experience I had about 17 years ago. I was practicing transcendental meditation back then, and I heard this voice speak to me. I think that it was probably the Thought Adjuster, I don’t know.

MACHIVENTA: But you recognized the fact that the thought pattern of the voice that you heard was not that of your own?

Q. Absolutely. This voice was very, very powerful and wise and loving, and it completely overwhelmed me.

MACHIVENTA: Answer this question. How is it that you know the difference between what is real and what is not?

Q. Intuition, I guess.

MACHIVENTA: Beyond your intuitive perception, is there any other assessment that you use?

Q. Logic.

MACHIVENTA: Indeed? What about faith?

Q. Yes, I suppose so.

MACHIVENTA: You realize and accept, I know, in your mind, that our Father cannot be proven. His existence can only be known through faith. I would suggest to you that in order to know what is real and what is not, you must discern first the truth of the message itself. Does it bring you closer to our Father? Does it enhance your love? Does it create a desire within you to serve your brothers and sisters? Does it bring a warm and good feeling within yourself? Does it seem true, and most importantly, does it change you from within permanently? Look at your brothers and sisters here this evening. Ask them when you can how their lives are changing in front of them now. You will know the reality of any spiritual truth by the nature in which one not only understands it, but lives it.

This, my friend, is the only way you will actually know the living truth of what we are telling you now. My appearance would not fully convince you, for there could be artificial means of making it appear as though I am real. There is always room for doubt. As you witnessed your Creator Son being crucified after he performed the so-called miracles, I tell you your mind is such the only way you will know the reality of the existence of the Father, of Michael, of myself and of this mission or any book of supposed truth, is by the fruits that you will bear by the practice of the teachings. Does this help you?

Q. Yes. Thank you.


Q. Ann was talking about people getting ridiculed for what they say or what they do and I know of a few brothers and sisters who do get ridiculed. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do other than praying to help these people not feel so bad, or not to take from some other people who are ignorant and don’t know what they’re talking about, personally, to themselves.

MACHIVENTA: I would suggest to you all that if you witness what our young friend has said, to reach out to this individual, look them in the eyes, and tell them that indeed they are real, they are whole, they are a child of the Father, and what they do has whole and real meaning. Help them to understand that as Jesus forgave the people who hung him on the cross because they did not know what they were doing, so must we, so must you forgive those who do this to you, who persecute you, who mock you, who do not understand the greater meaning of life itself. Reach out to them in whatever way you can. Touch their hearts as you can, and let them know that you know how they feel, and the goodness of what they tried to do.

I would also add that it is time for each of you gathered here tonight to muster more strength, to let this feeling of God within burn in your heart, feel it deeper, and act upon it. As I have said, do not be afraid to share this love and to share your understanding. Be wise, use discretion; for even our Master suggested not to cast pearls before swine. Yet, there are many opportunities that you have throughout the course of any given week to share more fully what you now already know.

Sometimes you hold back because you are concerned that a loved one or a friend might ridicule you or laugh at you or think that you are some kind of “odd-ball”. (group laughter) By the way, I find that particularly funny myself. (group laughter) Accept it. So what! How can their thoughts really and truly hurt you? How can their thoughts really and truly do any damage unless you allow their thoughts, their lack of wisdom to become part of you, the way that you were. And I stress this word “were” because if you truly seek to know God more fully, you cannot, my friends, go backwards. You will never be able to live with yourselves in a way that you were. You will always seek to move forward, to grow more in love and to share this love.

Q. Good evening, Machiventa


Q. This is Jonelle. I’m nervous. I have been trying to practice what the Father wants us to do, to look at a situation and each person we come in contact with and see how we might serve this person. I find myself asking myself this, Father how can I serve this person? And then I feel that I try to do the best that I can. Then I sort of review myself afterwards and I say “Well, did I do the best that I could?” and hopefully the answer is yes. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m so young, spiritually.

I don’t know whether anybody else is experiencing what I’m experiencing; but as I grow, spiritually, will I, or should I instinctively know how to minister to this person without having to mentally say “What can I do?” Is it going to come to me? Am I going to know instinctively that I’ve done the right thing? Or should I always ask this?

MACHIVENTA: Do you perceive in your understanding of the Master, as he lived his life in the flesh, one who upon achieving adulthood knew how and what to say to people?

Q. I felt like he did.

MACHIVENTA: And so it will be with all of you. The Master’s life is truly an inspiration. It is truly something which you all will be able to achieve in relative degrees even in your life in the flesh, if you start now. It is wise, what you say, and all gathered should listen to these words. For I tell you, if you are motivated in this way, and you truly reflect upon that which you have done and ask yourself this question, you are completely doing what has been asked of you. And I would ask you to think of this. How is this changing your life? How will this continue to change your life as you perceive your relationship with your brothers and sisters in this way? This is what the Master has asked you to do. I will say do it and you will know more fully, in the future, what to do and when.


Q. Machiventa, this is Linda. I have a question that I’ve been struggling with, I’m not sure how to word this. I’m struggling with being in situations where there is conflict in a relationship, and understanding when it is appropriate for us to set personal boundaries to safeguard ourselves versus when that is truly not loving the other person and forgiving them for whatever dynamic might be there or understanding their level of understanding of relationships.

MACHIVENTA: I believe I perceive your state. Are you asking me where this line is between accepting another and trying to work with them as opposed to withdrawing within yourself to conserve your energies and integrity?

Q. I think it could be even more than that. When there’s an interaction and when you..I can’t tell for myself when it’s just a matter of ego and self-pride that I’m reacting or whether it’s truly a matter of a personal right. I’m not sure how to word that in a more spiritual way. I feel like at times I don’t think that backing up from situations and letting myself be run over is the correct response, but yet in my mind I can’t reconcile that.

MACHIVENTA: How is it that you can be run over if your motivation is to do the best that you can do? Please explain that.

Q. I feel like I’ve been in situations where somebody else’s actions have been, by my standards and I think by many peoples’, inappropriate or aggressive or due to problems within themselves or due to attempting to put themselves beyond, above someone else, perhaps because of some problems that, not necessarily their own motivation, but a process of who they are. I know that we’re taught to turn the other cheek and to love that person but many times in my life it’s caused me to not be able to grow to my fullest, it’s caused me to have to keep starting over, and I feel like that isn’t necessarily productive for my own spiritual growth and other growth.

MACHIVENTA: Indeed not. Are you forced to continue association with this person?

Q. Many times.

MACHIVENTA: Then you must accept this person as they are. This is true. However, whenever someone acts in a way that is ungodlike toward you, you do not have to turn the other cheek as you understand this concept. You are asked to turn the cheek in a sense that you will pray for them, you will ask the Father to give them the wisdom that they need in order to perceive the situation differently. But you are a child of the Father also.

If one acts in a way that is unrighteous and you must deal with this, do not let anything that they do whatsoever devitalize the spiritual self that you are becoming aware of. Stand up for yourself when the time is right, as our Master did in the temple when he destroyed the money-changers and the animal sellers. This is fine. However, do it with compassion, for you realize intellectually that they really do not know what they are doing or saying. Is this not correct?

Q. Yes, that’s true.

MACHIVENTA: Therefore, help them however you can. But most importantly, do not let them, as you would say, get your goat. This is important, for they will bring you down to their level rather than you maintaining yours.

Q. Can you offer any advice as to how you can stand up for yourself and set those limits? I think that’s the place that I feel weak, as a being.

MACHIVENTA: It would help to know more specifically in your case, the reference that you make for me to advise you in detail. However, in general, when someone responds to you in a way that you do not like or appreciate, you must make this known to them in no uncertain terms. Yet, do it again, in a loving and kind way. Continue to respond in this way, whenever an act is made, whenever words are said that are unkind or unwise, try to correct them in any way that you can. Have faith in yourself, my sister, for your confidence surely needs to be stronger. You need to know that you are a daughter of the universal source, that you have this spirit within you, that you are becoming who you really are. Hold fast to these thoughts.

Never let anyone ever diminish this concept of yourself. Allow yourself to relax more. Allow yourself to feel the Father within you more fully than you do now, and you will be surprised at times what words will come to your mind in any given situation. I perceive that you have a meeting with your teacher soon. I will request him to address more fully some specific examples for you at that time. But remember what I have said and think about it deeply, for no matter what the situation, you are all children of the Father and no one has the right to make you feel any way other than that. Unfortunately, on your planet, many feel they have this right and take the privilege that goes along with a right. However, you know differently, and you know that it is they who need more help than you.

Sleeping survivors, Resurrection

Q. Are you allowed to tell us when the last resurrection, general resurrection of the sleeping dead was?

MACHIVENTA: Why do you ask this question?

Q. Because you were talking about any relatives that we have in heaven, knowing what’s going on here on the earth. They too wanting to send their love to us.

MACHIVENTA: As far as dispensations, none of you in this room would have any survivors old enough. However, as you are well aware, there are other circumstances upon which a sleeping mortal will be resurrected much sooner than at the dispensational call. However, I cannot comment on any specific resurrection of any particular associate or friend of yours other than what I have already said.

Whether they have ascended now or are waiting for ascension, when they are resurrected, they will be able to look back. If you are with them, then you will look back with them. There is no contact from them permitted, however, to you in this world. You must accept the fact that life after death is real and that you will all experience this.

Frankly, I look forward to this at a time in the future; for as you have gathered here this evening, I will gather with you at a point in time upon one of the worlds in the future. We will reminisce about tonight and about your life. We will have much to be thankful for, and your eyes will truly be opened. I know that what I say has at best little meaning now, but let these words become ingrained in your consciousness and give you hope for what is to come.,

Q. I was not asking about specifically my relatives or my friends. I was wondering if you could tell us, and I may not be using the right terminology, when was the last general dispensation?

A. Other than what is addressed in your text, there have been two exceptions made. I cannot comment on the exact time. I would be able to add, however, that due to the acceleration of this mission and our Father’s movement, dispensational roll-calls will happen more frequently than what you now understand them to be. That is sufficient for now. Unless you have a follow-up as to the nature of your reason for this question?

Q. No, the reason that I gave you was the only one that I had.

KARLA: I believe that will conclude our questioning for this evening.


MACHIVENTA; So be it. This has been extremely informative and enjoyable for me, for I too continue to learn from you as you hopefully do from me. I want you to know that meetings like this will continue to go on all over this planet. I cannot say when I will be back quite as the way I have been here tonight, but I will be back and will entertain more questions at another time. I have an assignment for you all if you are willing to partake. Each of you are to select your favorite paper from the text. I would then ask you to focus on the greatest truth that you perceive within that paper.

When you come together next week, we will discuss these truths. Do you need any additional information about this assignment? In that case, I wish you all to know again that I do love you as all of us love you. What many of my associates now witness is something beyond which their training could not fully prepare them to see, to understand. They are deeply moved by you. On the one hand they are much further along in their understanding of cosmic citizenship and God-consciousness.

Yet on the other hand, they look at you in wonderment and in anticipation of the greatness which is resident within each of you. For all of you gathered here tonight, you accept the Father as real through faith. I tell you here, in witness of all gathered, that this faith will truly set you apart from your other brothers and sisters who do not have to rely on faith alone. There will be times in the future when you will be called upon to serve both within a group and individually in service of the Father. And this service will be in special recognition of your faithfulness and steadfastness. Go in peace my brothers and sisters. Your teacher will be with you throughout the week as I will be with you throughout the week also.

WELMEK: This is Welmek. In conclusion, once again I am always honored to have one such as my teacher to not only be with us, but to conduct this meeting. I perceive that many of you have received insights that perhaps you did not have before, or as time goes on, will deepen what you already know. This assignment should be fun. And as you will imagine, with all of you coming with your own concept of the highest truth within any given paper, we will all learn much. I love you. I want what is best for each of you. Go in peace and enjoy your week. Find the simple things in daily living, and learn to appreciate them. God loves you all.

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