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IND23- My Visit With Michael

1992-10-14-My Visit With Michael
Indianapolis #23

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: My Visit With Michael
o 1.2 Group: Unknown
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Amaden, Welmek; 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Human Condition
 3.2.2 Encouragement
 3.2.3 Materialization
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Faith
 3.3.2 Energy
 3.3.3 Profit
 3.3.4 Counsel
 3.3.5 Presence
 3.3.6 Transmitting
 3.3.7 Thought Adjusters
 3.3.8 Stillness
 3.3.9 Receptivity
 3.3.10 Love
 3.3.11 Poise
 3.3.12 Home
 3.3.13 Anger
 3.3.14 Communication
 3.3.15 Teaching
 3.3.16 Communion, Mysticism
 3.3.17 Relationship
 3.3.18 Healing
 3.3.19 The Garden Project
 3.3.20 Teaching Mission
 3.3.21 Limitation
 3.3.22 Teaching Mission
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: My Visit With Michael
Group: Unknown
Teacher: Amaden, Welmek; TR: Unknown


AMADEN: So many people here this evening. So many people trying to do the will of God. It is very difficult to see, to hear of those who believe we are led by evil. All one has to do is look at the lives of those who are within this mission or trying to live the will of God to see the love that flows through the hearts and minds of the people who are within this mission.

I think it is important to pray for all those who are so misguided, not to judge them, but simply pray for them. It is important also to look for beauty, look for all the love that is around you, which is often difficult to do when you are surrounded by so much that is difficult to accept. I have been very aware of all of the beauty that is around me. I would remind you to look around; in the morning when you wake up look at the sky, look to the heavens, and think of the Father who shines His love down on you.

When you see the sun it is a reminder that the Father in heaven is so much greater, is the maker of the entire universe. When you go out and look at the stars and look at the huge and vast majesty of the heavens, think of the Father and be drawn outward toward the Father. By looking at the beauty of the world around you, you can evermore comprehend, begin to comprehend, the love that the Father has for you.

Look within yourself and you will also find this love reflected; for you are, each one, a mirror of the Father’s love, and you reflect this outward to all those you come in contact with.
I will leave you for now. I will be in the room; and if you could see the many beings who are here with you, the angels who surround this room with their presence, who fill it with thousands and thousands of angelic presences, you would be astounded. These beings are here for your welfare, to help you, to guide you. They will be with you the rest of the evening. Good night.

WELMEK: Good evening to all who have gathered here this evening. This is Welmek, your teacher and guide. I am pleased to be back amongst you. While the events over the past few days have been eventful and astounding, nevertheless it pleases me to make the return trip to this planet and to be back in association with all of you, my friends.

Human Condition

WELMEK: How can I begin to tell you what has happened? For most of my experiences are far beyond your ability to understand. What I can say is that what I experienced is more love, more joy and happiness than even I was aware of. To literally be in the presence of our Creator Son is something which I cannot even find remotely the words to describe. Nevertheless, I do feel it; and I know the reality of my experience.

Much has happened, and I, as some of you know, have been very busy these last few days. I have been asked to disseminate much of the information which I was given during the last couple of weeks to many of my associates. We have been given instructions as to how to accelerate and proceed with the next phase of this mission. I, in turn, as time progresses, will instruct you as to what will be forthcoming.

Regarding my visit with Michael, I can tell you this: I have a better understanding of human nature because of this association. His experiences helped to illuminate my mind as to what it is to be a human. I have much greater respect for you than I did prior to this journey. It is truly remarkable to me to witness your faith, to know how fully you believe in the Father, yet to also know how lonely you can be at times. For me, on my native world, I was able to see many personalities come and go from world after world. For you, you must believe everything based on faith. While I understood this to some extent in my training and experience prior to my coming here, our

Master has given me greater insight into the nature which you possess.
I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the message that he personally gave to me to relay to you.


WELMEK:  (Michael’s message) My beloved children. It is literally true that I am with you. My spirit presence has always been here and will always be here. You can forever call upon me in your times of joy and your times of sorrow, and I will comfort you. I look forward to the opportunity of returning to my native planet and spending time with each of you. I also look forward to the opportunity when you and I may encounter each other on my home world of Salvington.

Much is happening on your planet now and you are only able to grasp a small fragment. I understand the realities of some who believe that this mission, that I and all of the teachers, are nothing but a figment of one’s imagination or some disillusioned concept of Caligastia. I can assure you there is nothing further from the truth. You know that the messages given have all been of my gospel. Read and listen to these teachers. It does not ultimately matter what the source as long as the content brings you closer to our Father and to me.

I want each one to know that if you truly desire to seek the Father you also find me. I love you deeply. You are my children, and I am your Creator. There is so much that I wish that I could make you know, but I cannot do this. It will take time for you to be able to consciously understand all that there is to know within my universe.

I will never forsake you. I will always uphold you. I am your Creator, and as such I am here for you forever. Even when you leave the shores of my planet and move on to greater things, you and I will always be one. For you and I have lived a life in the flesh, and this experience we will have in common throughout all eternity. You will be granted permission at times to return to visit with me, and I will look forward to this.

It is such a wondrous thing living in the world of our Father. Never doubt of His existence, never doubt of His love for you. It is forever true that in you He abides. In Him, you have your existence. It is a beautiful relationship, one which is surpassed by nothing in the entire universe.

Go forth in your daily life and proclaim this joy, this happiness. Be prepared to go forth and proclaim my gospel. I am drawing near to the time when I will ask your teachers to ask you to share with one another this brotherhood that I spoke of, to share with one another the love that I have shared with you. Be not afraid, this will only bring you joy. It will be a wonderful experience. I would never ask anything of you that you are not prepared to do.

Your teacher is very wise. He loves you deeply. I believe my association with him will make him even a better teacher than he was before. Listen to him. Practice those things which he asks you to do. Live your life in earnest. Do the things that you must do on an immediate basis to maintain your existence as I did with my family. But also keep your sights on me, for I will truly lead you to the Father.

In closing, I wish to ask each of you to take a moment at this time to seek your stillness and to feel the presence. I love you all very much and know that I will be with you.


WELMEK: This is Welmek again. Before we begin our questions, I wish to make one other statement. I perceive in the minds of some and in the hearts of others there is some question as to the statement made last week by Oren regarding the materialization of Machiventa. While I can assure you that this has been set forth and we will attempt this, I ask those of you who feel doubt to simply let it go. For regardless of what happens in any type of materialization, allow your faith to hold fast to these concepts of truth which you hear I, our Creator, or any other teacher speak. Factual information is relative to the time and place.

Do not be overly concerned about these things, nor doubt what it is you hear in these sessions. If you truly seek the Father’s will and if you do what I have asked you to do regarding the Father’s will, you will become a whole person. You will find the love that you now seek. You will find the joy and happiness that will make you complete.
Never doubt this. Doubt will only keep you from enjoying the fruits of your better living. Accept what you know to be fact; and when things change, be flexible, be creative in your thinking. Never lose sight of the spiritual truth that is contained in our lessons.

As I have told you before, I will tell you again. I am not as concerned as to whether or not you believe in my existence as I am that you practice seeking the will of God and that you allow these things to become a part of your daily life. Do not let anything keep you from this if you truly want to know the Father and to be like Him.
Having said that, I will now accept your questions.


Q. Welmek, I was wondering, in the Bible, faith is described as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.[1] I was wondering about that statement, if it’s in fact true, and if you could expound on that and describe what it means?

WELMEK: Before I comment, can you describe to me your concept of faith?

Q. My concept of faith is influenced by what I recall in the Urantia Book which is to me, the actual evidence of our belief in that to say that you believe in something is one thing, it’s simply belief. But if your life style reflects that belief, then your life style is evidence of your faith.

WELMEK: I would ask Brenda Grant to also comment on her concept of faith.

BRENDA: I knew you were going to do this to me. Faith, to me, is belief in something that you cannot touch or see or know by any other means except your total belief in it.

WELMEK: And Dennis, would you comment please?

DENNIS: I feel that faith is something that continues throughout our universe career as we gain in experience we still have to add a dimension of faith to continue that, to give life to that experience in your progression.

WELMEK: And Larry, will you comment?

LARRY: My concept of faith is that which you believe in without absolute knowledge of it, your feeling leads you to believe it. It feels true.

WELMEK: Is there anyone else who wishes to comment on their concept of faith?

Q. I believe faith to be the knowledge in your mind, the truth or something which cannot be proved by any physical means or evidence that we know of now.

WELMEK: This is a quiet group….do not be shy for we are now at the very heart of what your existence means.

Q. Welmek, to me there’s a living quality to faith, it’s alive. The minute you try to categorize everything in your mind, it becomes belief. But faith is an automatic living out of something. I don’t know if I can put it any more clearly than that.

WELMEK: Perhaps we could call it a living trust?

Q. That would do it.

WELMEK: And so it is. It is literally a living trust in the Father, that He has created you, that He will uphold you, that He will see you through all of your existence, even to the shores of Paradise and then beyond. Faith, as Linda has said, is an active process. It is not passive. You do not go to church one day and the other days think of things un-Godlike.

Faith is something that you should try to constantly enhance in your daily life. It is why I have encouraged you to worship each day; for through the process of worship, you literally build faith. There is no other way that I know of than through worship. It is why it is so fundamental that each of us, including myself, must take time each day to give thanks to the Father, to worship Him for all He has given us. This constant communion with Him will build the faith, will build this living trust.

It is also this living trust that you are asked to have with your brothers and sisters. It is not a blind faith. Belief in our Father is not unreasonable nor is it illogical. But then it is neither of these, either. It is difficult for the human mind to grasp at this concept; but nevertheless, as I am learning more of your nature, I do believe that you can understand more of the meaning of this as you continue it in your practices.
Does that answer your question, Stan?

Q. Yes, that really helps. I appreciate that, thank you.


Q. Welmek, I have a question that arises from one of your earliest transcripts. You were talking about balancing your life so that you didn’t become overstressed or so that we don’t become overstressed. You warned against allowing frustration and anxiety to devastate, as you put it “devastate the spiritual energy that is growing inside of you now. Do not allow these things to interfere with the work your Adjuster has set forth at this time. There is much energy around all of you. Try to do whatever you can to conserve that energy while you go through this consumption phase.”[2] I’d like to know if you could elaborate on this spiritual energy and what you meant by consumption phase. Are we through it or are we still in it?

WELMEK: You are all still in this phase. Your souls are at the very beginning of their growth; and as any young entity, it requires much energy in order to facilitate the growth. There is much energy in the universe, and there are many different forms of energy. I believe last week you discussed the energy of love as one aspect.
You, through your faith grasp, do literally consume this energy now. It will build your soul, so to speak, to allow you to receive more that will be forthcoming. You are becoming vital creatures, if you will. You are literally beginning the morontial growth that will continue on, not only in this life, but be made more manifest on the next world.

Beyond that, I cannot really delineate for you the different forms of energy. I can tell you that there is energy used in many aspects, one of which is healing; and there is much that your scientists could learn if they would only investigate this. The current medical crisis that your world experiences would diminish substantially if this simple process were only understood, practiced and accepted. However, as have witnessed many times, your profit motive seems to dominate, at least in the western cultures. This is unfortunate, but I assure you that Michael has declared that this mission will be successful; and as part of this mission as you already know, there will be those of you asked to help in the healing aspect of this program.

Q. I have another question regarding this spiritual energy. In the Rodan papers, Rodan comments that the Master was out taking in energy while he and the apostles were there expending it. Jesus had gone off by himself to pray and worship. Is this a way of taking in this spiritual energy for ourselves, how we acquire more energy?

WELMEK: Prayer is one effective way of consuming energy, yes. It is not necessary, however, to go off by yourself as the Master did in this one particular instance. With the Spirit of Truth being bestowed, it enables one to consume this energy anywhere at any time, if you are able to attune yourself to it. Does this make sense to you?

Q. Yes. Thank you.

WELMEK: I would only add, all the more reason for you to seriously consider effective prayer and to do it each day. Much of what I have shared with you to date about the Father’s will, about worship and prayer in particular, you understand only on a superficial level at this point in time. I have told you before that much will be added as time goes on and you progress. A greater understanding of this energy consumption and how it works is only a part of this greater understanding that you will achieve. That is all I will say about that at this point in time.

Q. Welmek, a couple questions. First of all, why was the Rodan paper included in the Urantia Book?

WELMEK: Why do you feel that it was included?

Q. From my memory in reading it, it has been mentioned several times by this favorite paper that one week, I feel that it is a paper that discusses on a more direct level how to live our lives on the material plane and addresses some things that Jesus did not address. My curiosity is, we don’t have that particular paper in any of our literature that we know of or anything exactly like that. I’m just curious as to why that particular paper was chosen and in a sense, what qualifications did Rodan have when he wrote it, and what made the Melchizedeks or whatever put it in?

WELMEK: As to the reasons why the commission selected this material, I cannot comment on. But I do encourage you all to read this paper, for there is much wisdom contained within it.


Q. You mentioned a moment ago about the profit motive as being unfortunate. Why do you say that?

WELMEK: It keeps people from living a more simple life. It keeps you from experiencing those energies, those realities which can make you healthier and make you experience less stress and frustration, anxiety, in your daily living. The profit motive in time will surely be surpassed by the service motive, but we are a ways from that.

Q. This is true, but without the profit motive our economy, our society, would not survive because if we don’t seek, at least at some level, to achieve individually, somebody else will do it for us. And that somebody may not do it the way we want to do it.

WELMEK: Each individual on my planet was able to express themselves fully and completely to their abilities without in any way whatsoever taking advantage of another.

Q. One final question. I know that you won’t tell us who to vote for in the upcoming election, but is there anything we ought to think about when we decide who we do wish to vote for?

WELMEK: As you suggest, I cannot personally comment on such a human concern as whom to elect for your governor of this country. However, I would tell you to use all of your discretionary powers possible in order to ascertain that decision which will lead you to the wisest decision possible.
I am tempted to say things beyond this but I am restricted to do so. Most interesting. (group laughter)

Q. Will you be able to comment after the election?

WELMEK: Things of a political nature such as this, I will only say are in the hands of others besides myself. I am concerned more directly with you and how to help you attune yourself to the spirit within. Let’s not sidetrack ourselves too much about such matters that have only relative merit.


Q. Welmek, I would like to ask a question about helping people with whom we come in contact for only a brief time, say l5 or 20 minutes on a daily basis. In trying to appeal to a person on a higher level, if I ask my Thought Adjuster to appeal to that other person’s Thought Adjuster, is that the only way that I can reach out to that person or is it even going to make some sort of an impact?

WELMEK: One Thought Adjuster appealing to another is not necessarily going to make any impact on the human individual whatsoever, for it is not necessary for the Thought Adjuster to make these kinds of adjustments or to gain greater understanding. I assume by your question you have already determined that this person is reachable, that you can do something that will enlighten them. Is this always true?

Q. No, not necessarily. I was referring to the people that I come in contact with on a daily basis in my work; and I see a lot of people who look like they need a lot of help. And I’d like to help them, but I don’t know what level I can get make an impact or should I even bother to try because my contact is so brief?

WELMEK: In last week’s session, when Norsen spoke of love and the little things, what do you recall from that lesson and how does it affect you?

Q. Well, I guess I would say that just to reach out with a smile or kind word, just to treat them the best I can for that brief moment of time that they’re with me. But yet, sometimes people will say things to me about their physical health and I wish I could say things to them, but I just don’t think it’s my place to do that. And in that case, I really want to reach out to help them, but I don’t know what I can do.

WELMEK: Sometimes it is difficult to give direct advice and even unadvisable when not requested. However, consider this technique. Use a third-party story. When someone expresses something to you, say, as your example, an ailment, dis-ease, within their being, perhaps consider a story of someone that you knew who had a similar situation and they tried a different approach. It may alleviate the individual looking at you and thinking that you are giving direct advice.

It is difficult for you, I know, to look at an individual whom you desire to do good to and yet you aren’t able to help. Live your life as best you can. Set the example as best as you can. When you encounter individuals every day, if you meet someone that you believe is more God-like or is at least trying to become God-like, are not you attracted to this individual?

Do you not find yourself wanting to ask questions and to get to know this person more fully? As you become more whole in yourself, more people will look at you this way and they will come to you with questions rather than you constantly wondering what you can do to help them. Do you understand my meaning?

Q. Yes, thank you.


Q. Welmek, I noticed when you left a couple weeks ago that I could feel your presence not being here; and I wondered if there is.. what reasons I feel that way?

WELMEK: I am unaware of any spiritual contact that would cause this reaction. I can only assume by the fact that you knew that I was leaving, your affection for me followed. I am touched by this comment, and I, too, in a sense, missed you, although I can assure you that each day that I was away I was made well aware of what transpired with this group as a whole and some of the individuals. I have never really been very far from you. It is impossible for you to understand the mechanics of how this works, but you must accept the fact that I was aware (of) you and that nothing has been diminished by the few days that I was gone.

Q. I also want to say thank you for helping me with the good grades on my report card.

WELMEK: You give me credit for that which is not due me. It is you that had to make those decisions, it is you that had to work, to study, it is you that made the grade. I can help but I cannot do it for you. You should congratulate yourself first for achieving this. But nevertheless, thank you.


Q. Welmek, last week I asked the teacher about having contact with our group in Bloomington, and the question comes up about the desire to be a transmitter versus the willingness to be a transmitter. One of the things that I’m real clear about is that I have a tremendous desire to be used by the Father, but I’m not (?) what way to be used. And yet the teacher seemed to think that, the teacher was clear that in order to be a transmitter there has to be a desire to be a transmitter. Can you help me with this?

WELMEK: You must request this if it is to be, for we would never do anything which you are not wholly in agreement upon. The desire to be a transmitter/receiver is not enough. You must be willing to take the responsibilities that go with this association. There is much work that will be required of you. You will be called upon by many of your brothers and sisters to attest to the experience you’ve had, you will be asked to conduct private sessions which require much of your time.

There are other things you will do, as I have asked David and Michael to do, that will require a time commitment on your part. It is not enough to be desirous. You must be willing to make the commitment to take this time and effort in order for us to be able to perceive you as one who is a legitimate candidate. Does that help?

Q. Yes, it does.

WELMEK: I would like to add that as you already know, but I wish to make clear once again, there is nothing whatsoever by the experience that any transmitter/receiver has that automatically brings them into a greater spiritual awareness or status. It is simply a service that these individuals perform in bringing our thoughts to your minds. There literally is nothing more than that. Next question.

Thought Adjusters

Q. Welmek, you said in an earlier session that to progress closer to fusion that we are to communicate thoughts and concepts to the human fragment. How are we supposed to do that? How are we supposed to communicate with the human fragment? Is it just by talking?

WELMEK: When you say “human fragment” do you mean divine fragment?

Q. Well, that’s what I assumed that it meant. I was re-reading one of the transcripts and it said “human fragment”. Those were your words.

WELMEK: Indeed. You communicate simply through the thought. It is not necessary for you to speak aloud in order for your Thought Adjuster to understand your meaning, your motivation. It is your whole- hearted dedication to seek the Father’s will that lays the groundwork for this spirit to work aggressively and efficiently within your mind. If you pursue this course of activity year after year after year, in time you will achieve more or less direct communication with this spirit.

As time progresses, you will become more effective in the technique, and the spirit will become more efficient in its ability to disseminate the truth to your mind. As time progresses, you will eventually become one, as I have with mine. Does that answer your question?

Q. Yes it does, thank you.

Q. Welmek, is my understanding accurate that a mechanism for acquiring more spiritual energy would be by making decisions in time and space, decisions which generally reflect a willingness to share the Father’s love for our brothers and sisters.

WELMEK: Yes. As soon as you make this commitment in your mind and your heart, you have set the stage to receive more energy. You have set the stage to receive the love of the Father more fully in your life. As a matter of fact, you have literally set many stages for many things.

Q. Can you tell us more? You say setting stages for many things.

WELMEK: There is much which you do not understand at this point in time. As you open your heart and your mind to do the will of the Father, as I have just mentioned, you have now laid the groundwork necessary for the spirit fragment to begin its work within you. This is your supreme goal in your daily living, to achieve this relationship with this spirit. We have come here, as I have said, to help you begin this process. There are many other things as I have mentioned that will be added to you. For now it is enough to know what it is to do the Father’s will and what some of those benefits will be.


Q. Welmek, I have a problem. I’m not sure if anybody else has ever experienced this; but I’ve been trying to do the four things that you told me that I need to do, the prayer every day, the worship every day, seeking the stillness. Well, the last two days when I’ve done this, the prayer is finished, the worshiping is finished, I seek the stillness. When the thoughts start to wander, I focus back on the Father. I do that a few times and all of a sudden I am aware it’s an hour and a half later. I don’t whether I could have been meditating all this time, or am I sitting in that chair sound asleep?

WELMEK: Are you asking me if you’re asleep? (group laughter)

Q. All I can remember is as I am becoming aware, I am still saying to myself, well the thought is coming, I’m still focusing. Is it possible for anybody to meditate like that for an hour and a half?

WELMEK: Absolutely. Our Master was most proficient in this technique. There were many times when he spent hours in this type of communion with the Father as well as many other personalities that he spoke to as these times.

Q. Well, I just don’t feel like I’m spiritually enough advanced to spend an hour and a half in meditation.

WELMEK: I do not understand what you just said. What does spiritual advancement have to do with seeking the stillness and communicating with your spirit fragment?

Q. Well, always before I seemed to be able to get the job done in about 30 minutes. Now all of a sudden, I’m an hour and a half. I think maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe I’m just so relaxed maybe I’m sleeping.

WELMEK: If indeed this quiets you and you do take rest, then so be it. There is nothing wrong with this whatsoever. There is no time limitation on seeking the stillness and communion with the Father. If it lasts only 5 minutes and you are satisfied, you feel that the communication has been complete, then it is only 5 minutes. If it is an hour and a half, then it is an hour and a half. This is totally up to you. There is, I would say, no limitation to your potential spiritual progress on this planet. Ponder these words as you go to sleep tonight, for it is literally true: in a spiritual sense, the only limitations are those placed upon you by you.

Q. One thing when I meditate, if I have pain in my feet, like I have all the time, I have no pain. There is no physical sense of being uncomfortable in the least. Is that normal?

WELMEK: Interesting question. One such as you asking me what is normal. (group laughter) I wish I could know more of what is normal for you. I would say I am learning quickly.

I believe what you experience is one of the benefits of successful quietness. You are allowing the body to relax completely. As a matter of fact, if you find this to be true, I assume you would want to be in this meditative state all day. Unfortunately, you cannot seek this. I would encourage you to seek alternative forms of healing for the condition that you have.


Q. Welmek, I’m curious about why one human being appears to be more spiritually receptive than another.

WELMEK: Why they appear to be or actually are?

Q. Actually are.

WELMEK: Each individual’s religious experience is very personal. That individual’s relationship with the Father is unique unto that individual. While you can share many commonalities in your experience, nothing replaces the personal satisfaction that you have when you commune with the Father Himself. Each individual pursues this more or less at their own time in their own way.

It is true that genetically speaking, there is certain capacities that are inherent within individuals. However, I can tell you that as far as those gathered in this room, there is virtually no difference in capacity for receptivity. The difference in actual experience is one’s own desire to know God, to find Him, and to live Him in his life. Does that answer your question?

Q. It answers any questions I have about people in the room, but I suppose I’m more interested in the people outside the room, that there seems to be a lot of people out there who at this time in their spiritual development have little interest. That has been referred to in previous transmissions, they’re sleepwalking or asleep, it appears.

WELMEK: And so it appears to all of us. This is one of the most unfortunate things that has happened on your planet since the time that Michael walked the earth. His gospel, the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is truly designed to uplift the minds, the hearts, the souls of all mankind. Yet this gospel has been diluted. It has now lain dormant for many hundreds of years.

We are here, along with many forms of truth, to help re-kindle the truth within this gospel, the simple truth that the Father is a loving personal being who reaches out to you and desires you to reach up to Him, and that you are all brothers and sisters, not only in this room, in this community, in this nation or on this planet, but literally in the entire universe of universes. You are all, we are all, literally, brothers and sisters.

It is our hope, it is our goal, it is our mission, to help uplift the consciousness of this planet so that each person will let this gospel of Michael burn within their heart and live the truth each day as best they can. As you have rightly seen, it is a monumental task. But I am convinced more now than ever, that we will be successful. We will help your world help itself to become the garden, to become the planet that Michael wants it to be.


Q. I have a question, Welmek. In keeping with what Jeff asked, there’s a place in the Urantia Book where I believe it’s Jesus, said that if you just learn to understand your brothers and sisters a little bit more, you will soon learn to tolerate them. And it is my understanding that you will learn to love them. Well, I have sometimes found that difficult, because as I look and really try to find something to love about them, it seems that they are doing things, they are not living according to the rule of God and it’s almost like they are choosing to live against the will of God. How do I deal with people like this? How do I find the love and the understanding that I would like to feel?

WELMEK: Do you feel love for your students?

Q. Yes.

WELMEK: Do you feel a bond between you and the students who truly seek to learn?

Q. Yes.

WELMEK: Do you feel that when those students act in a way that is un- Godlike you love them less, or do you discern that they simply are acting in a way that is un-Godlike?

Q. I still care about them. Sometimes the ones who are the most unruly are the ones that I like the best, I love the most.

WELMEK: Take that same concept then, and apply it to all that you come in contact with. You are not asked to like or associate necessarily with each individual that you meet. We have discussed this already. But what you are asked to do is to see the spirit of God within them, to know that they are a child of the Father just as you are a daughter of this Father, to remember that the Father loves them as much as He loves you.

You are wiser than this individual when it comes to an understanding of the Father and the relationship with Him. You should pray for this individual, for this is one of those people that I have referenced who is less fortunate than you. You are not any better, but you are different. You seek that which they do not. Pray that in time they will seek that which you are now becoming to know more fully and in time, their actions will change. Love them for whom they potentially are, but do not tolerate the acts if they are un-Godlike. Does that help you?

Q. Yes, it does.


WELMEK: This is a challenge, my friends. It is a challenge for each of you to take up each day as you enter your world, of routine. Never hesitate to show forth the love that you now perceive in yourself. Always look to the spirit within. When you find confrontation, be quiet. Speak with a soft voice. Try to remember how Jesus would respond to such a situation. Always look for the truth in which someone speaks and embellish that. Do not point out so often as you are inclined to do, the error in their thinking; for this only causes argumentation and confrontation.

When you find ones that you do not seem compatible with, know as I have said, that they are this child of God. Love them for that fact, but move on. You are not asked to take someone who perhaps is not ready, who perhaps has not had the psychological difficulties necessary to prepare the mind to receive the spirit insight.
Do not worry so much about these things, my friends. You have enough to do as it is. When you encounter these individuals, accept them as citizens of this world and as your brother and sister and move forward. Relate to those that you find more in commonness with now.


Q. Welmek, on Sunday we were reading one of the papers, one of the last papers of Jesus about Jesus. During Jesus’ conversations with John Mark in the hills, he made several references to John Mark’s family background and upbringing and how that affected the development of his character. We sort of went into a discussion from there on the influence of society, I guess, versus the influence of family on a person’s value development and character development. I was just wondering if you have anything to say along those lines.

WELMEK: Religious training begins at home. Do not put the responsibility of teaching your children about the Father upon another, especially if you are a parent. Take this responsibility yourself and educate your children as best you can as to whom this loving Father is and how to relate to Him.

The societal repercussions stem from family life. As each individual commingles with another, situations arise. Tension can be created. Problems will be formed and resolutions must be sought. This is standard in any society, in any relationship that you will encounter throughout your ascension career.

However, the difference on my world and as you progress, is that the motivation is based on love. It is only more or less a lack of understanding of conceptual intellectual knowledge. On your world, however, things are much different. Things tend to get at a level where intellectual and reasonable discussion diminishes quickly, emotional anger and distrust surfaces almost immediately and no real consequence of relationship interaction can take place. This is unfortunate.


WELMEK:  Your psychologists suggest to you now that you express anger openly, to get it out of your system. I suggest to you that you reconsider this somewhat. When you feel angry, look inside yourself and find the reason why you are angry. Then allow this anger to simply dissipate, for you know a greater vision, you know of the Father more fully than most people do. Turn this uncertainty to Him. Allow Him to help you with these things. Do not necessarily go around and vent this anger freely and openly, thinking that it will eventually eliminate itself from your being. For I tell you there are many who try this technique and still yet find themselves angered in many situations.

What the paper suggests regarding the gospel of Jesus in home life could not be truer, could not be more to the point. If each family on this planet were to accept this gospel, teach it to their children and practice the living truth contained therein, your planet would change almost instantaneously. It amazes me, on the one hand, to think that the solution to your problems is so simple, yet you make it so difficult. Yet you blame God many times for these difficulties. You blame the Father for war, you blame the Father for poverty, you blame the Father for this and you blame Him for that. When will mankind awake to the fact that the solution as I have suggested is simple. Take responsibility for yourself. Take responsibility to live the truth of Jesus’ gospel and it will truly set you free.

I cannot share with you more than what I have as far as the importance of doing this. Most of you in this room perceive the truth of what I have said and are attempting to do this in your daily lives. As you consecrate yourself more fully to perform these tasks, you have already witnessed a change in your life and you have sensed there is a betterment. You also sense there is much to come. Believe wholeheartedly now that you are on the path. You are a kingdom believer, and there is no turning back. Never hesitate to show forth love in your life, for it will heal everything. This is literally true.


Q. Welmek, we know from the text that one of our, if not the primary goal should be to seek contact with our indwelling fragment; and we’re also told that as we progress, spiritually progress through the cycles, the circles, that we will become more able to experience conscious contact with the Adjuster. When we seek the stillness and we seek that contact with the Father, and we have questions that we ask and are seeking guidance, why do we not always receive clear and immediate answers? Is it the mechanics of communicating through a confused mind? It is our lack of consecration or desire? What would be your response to that?

WELMEK: There are many aspects as to why communication for you at your level now is exceedingly difficult. There is the physical or material aspect, the electro-chemical aspect of your own brain mechanism which makes this communication somewhat difficult. There is the fear within your conscious as well as subconscious mind that also makes communication difficult. The nature of some of your questions is truly not of concern with the spirit fragment.

Another factor is simply time. While you ask questions, the fragment may have impressed upon your mind a response, but you are not yet ready to receive it for many reasons. Yet there are times as you go through your daily life where you feel that you all of a sudden receive an inspiration or insight. I do not suggest that you always attribute these sudden awarenesses to spirit leading, for many times it is truly indeed your own mind. However, there are occasions when the spirit does work through you like this.

Can you honestly say that you have, for the past 30 or so years, truly sought each day to effectively communicate with this spirit as you have begun to attempt to do now? I daresay the answer for most of you is no. You expect much from yourselves, given such little time to practice, such little time to complete something which took me 372 years on my planet to achieve. I dare not necessarily compare myself to you, but I would suggest that fusion with the spirit fragment, even communication on a limited sense, takes an extreme dedication, an extreme concentrated effort on your part to stay in constant communion with the Father, to live his life as Jesus lived it, and to show forth the love that is there from the Father.

You’re only beginning in this attempt now. Much more will come as time goes on. Be most concerned now, not with hearing a response, but in your sincere attempt to make the communication. Does that help you?

Q. Yes.


Q. Welmek, I want to go back to Jane’s question about difficult people. What do you do, or how do you deal with a person who comes to you, wants to be taught, who says “I like what you’ve got, teach me.”, and then fights you every step of the way?

WELMEK: Before you can teach, you must first determine what it is the individual needs to know. If you begin teaching automatically without doing your research, you may be sharing concepts which this individual may automatically reject because they find it unreasonable or unattainable within their life. In this situation that you specifically refer to, did you research the individual and determine at what level you should begin your instruction?

Q. I don’t know how to answer that.

WELMEK: I would suggest to any of you, if someone comes to you for insight as to what you know, do not immediately start to espouse your intellectual understanding of the concepts. Talk with the individual for a while, get to know them. Read between the lines on the things that they tell you, watch their body behavior. You can learn much from the way in which a person acts, let alone what they say. You do not necessarily have to start teaching the first or second encounter with the individual. Allow time to take its course. Become more of an observer first, before you become a teacher.

Q. The individual I’m thinking of, I had contact with them for the last 3 or 4 years and I did exactly that. I talked to her a great deal and found out where, to use our colloquialism, where she was coming from; and I sensed that she is apparently so in love with her misery that I can’t get through to her. I became extremely frustrated and started turning her off.

WELMEK: As you know, there are those individuals that you simply cannot help. Even our Master acknowledged this when he passed by some individuals. The Master knew that these people were simply not ready to hear greater truths. Do not become frustrated, for as I have suggested to you before, this type of an emotional response devitalizes certain energies. Simply accept the fact that perhaps you cannot help as you wish you could. However, you can help in an indirect way, and that is by effective prayer.

Q. Well, that’s what I’ve come down to, just praying for her. Thank you very much.

Q. Your answer to the last question, Welmek, that helps me a bit. I have met an individual who seems to believe that mankind is not really God’s children but His adopted children. How might this view affect his God-seeking and how could I try to change this view in him?

WELMEK: Does the adopted child feel somewhat separate from the parent, more than they would the natural parent?

Q. Yes, he does.

WELMEK: This will always, in a sense, keep them from a fuller appreciation and understanding of the Father. Encourage that person to view the Father as a best friend, not as a parent. Encourage that child to talk to this friend as though He was, indeed, right within his own mind. Encourage this person to seek the love that the Father has freely given. Encourage this person to constantly talk to the friend, to constantly try and do the best that they can in no matter what it is they do.

I would suggest to you that unless this person become a father himself, he may in this lifetime never fully understand the Father concept and the love that comes from the Father to the child. But this in no way will keep him from resurrecting and in time, gaining as full a concept of the Father as any other mortal creature can possibly have.

In addition, pray for him. Pray that he may gain the understanding, he may gain the wisdom necessary to make those decisions that will bring him closer to God in a more fuller realization of his relationship with Him.

Communion, Mysticism

Q. Welmek, in the Urantia Book it states that doing the will of the Father is nothing more nor less than sharing your inner life with God. What I was wondering is, other than when we’re worshiping and praying and trying to achieve the silence, during our normal activities throughout the day, does that mean that we should be thinking about the Father during our normal working hours or social hours? How does that apply?

WELMEK: How would you answer that question?

Q. Well, I find myself off and on thinking about the Father when I’m not talking to somebody at work; but it’s more of a natural thing. I guess I just don’t know if it means we should be thinking about the Father all the time except when we’re busily engaged in conversation or something that occupies our mind otherwise.

WELMEK: In your relationship with the Father, in your communion with the Father, always use good discretion. Do not become a mystic, do not go off to some faraway place and think in terms of knowing Him only. Live your life to the fullest extent. Enjoy yourselves. Do not be so burdened as you tend to be in your daily living. Allow the love to flow through you more fully than it does now.

Find joy in the routineness of daily living. Every time you do something that you find mundane and simple, think as though the Master were standing across from you doing it with you. It may help you to change your attitude about doing these simple things. Whenever you can, of course, I encourage you to think of the Father and to commune with Him. But do it at a time that is reasonable, that will not interfere in your daily job or anything else that you find necessary to do at any given time. Does that help you?


Q. Yes. Does that mean that by doing this, we are doing the will of the Father?

WELMEK: Indeed, you do the will of the Father whenever you think of Him. But I have added things to you, for you have asked me more fully what this will is. It also includes not only the prayer and the worship but it takes into account your participation in seeking a better relationship with your brothers and sisters on this planet.
This is the most difficult task that challenges you, for it becomes easier each day to do the worship, to say the prayers. But it truly a challenge to try to love your brothers and sisters, to seek to do good for them, to understand their motivations, to accept them for whom they are, to realize the potential within them and to somehow try to build a relationship before you simply determine that they are one that you do not wish to associate with.

Finally, the concept of forgiveness is essential if you are going to achieve this relationship with the spirit within. You must allow yourself to be free of the guilt and burden of the past. You must forgive yourself for those things which you have done. You must make a concentrated and consecrated commitment to the Father that you will do your best not to do these things again. And you must completely forgive those people who have wronged you. You know that if they were God-conscious they would not have done these things. As you say in your terms, give them a break. As it was said in olden times, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. What does that mean to you?

Q. That means to me that there is absolutely no one that’s perfect. We all have weaknesses and shortcomings and we all have work to do.

WELMEK: And we should all be more accepting of each other.

Q. Yes.


Q. Welmek, in reading the paper on “Energy, Mind and Matter”, it discusses how energy is dominated by mind. To take that down to more of a human level, I would feel that would mean that our minds also dominate energy. But yet when Jonelle was talking about the sensation in her feet that seems to dissipate when she is meditating, could mind then dominate energy at an unconscious level or does it always have to be at a conscious level that we could effect our own healings at an unconscious level?

WELMEK: It can be both, but in order to be most effective, especially in healing techniques, it should be conscious. However, there is very little training as far as energy control through mind, on your planet. There are a few techniques which I have recognized to be somewhat effective in the utilization of energy to heal, but there is much that you have yet to learn as to how this energy can benefit you.

Q. Welmek, would you be willing to teach us how to control energy in order to heal?

WELMEK: At this point in time, I am not permitted to do this. There are others, however, who do have permission at certain times, to give some insight as to some technique. I perceive for our group that it would be best to hold off on this for a while, for there are those gathered who have great potential and even now do utilize some of the technique somewhat proficiently. Let us see how time progresses and we will address this later.

Q. Another question. I’ve been curious for some time as to how you perceive us. Do you perceive us as in our bodily forms? Or do you perceive us in a spiritual manner? How is it that you perceive us?

WELMEK: I perceive you as you would perceive another.

The Garden Project

Q. Welmek, you were (words lost) sometime in the past, someone was wondering why we didn’t receive another Material Son and Daughter after Adam and Eve defaulted, and you said it was an interesting question and kind of put off a discussion. I wondered if this was a good time to discuss that or would you like to wait?

WELMEK: There is an endeavor to improve the life plasm of this planet. I believe this has been mentioned before. This was one of the goals of the Material Son and Daughter. I do not perceive at this point in the mission there being a Material Son and Daughter coming to this planet in a material form. Beyond that, I do not wish to comment.

Teaching Mission

Q. Welmek, I received a call from a friend in Rochester, New York, and they’re very interested in the mission; and he wanted to ask if it were possible that a teacher could be assigned to their group in Rochester?

WELMEK: As long as this group is truly desirous of this, as you know, there are more teachers waiting assignments than there are groups seeking them. This is so noted and I will respond with you at a later date as to the assignment.

Q. Thank you.

Q. Welmek, we have a group in Evansville, Indiana, also requesting a teacher. There are three of them, and they would like to put them on the list. That would be appreciated.

WELMEK: I know this, and I applaud your efforts in helping us with this mission. All of us who are gathered here with you tonight are so endeared to you, for it is literally through you that we will be able to accomplish this. You should be proud of the work that you have begun to do. You should realize that many times your actions affect people beyond your understanding. Many more people, as I have told you, will continue to come to these meetings and there will be much that will be shared with all of you.

Q. Welmek, I have a deaf son in Rochester. Are there any teachers or are there any groups in that area that might use sign language. Do you have such things as a group where when they receive their message from you it is done in the sign method through the voice.

WELMEK: Not that I am aware of. At this time I would encourage a group to be formed where there were hearing members who know the sign language. This would make communication more complete and direct.

Q. Welmek, has a teacher been assigned yet for Mexico Albuquerque?

WELMEK: One moment…for there are actually two assignments….For Albuquerque, the temporary assignment is Tomas..T-O-M-A-S; for Minneapolis, the temporary assignment is Rachim, R-A-C-H-I-M. I believe that fulfills the previous request if I am not mistaken, and I will respond later to the two additional requests.

Q. Welmek, I just wanted to let you know and you may know this already, that I have received a letter from a woman in Iowa and she’s real pleased with their channel group. Apparently there are as many as 20 that are meeting and they (?) to request a teacher when they’re ready for that.

WELMEK: And so do I.


Q. I have a question for you. You were talking about how we live out the love for our brothers and sisters, accepting their behavior and how that applies to, I guess a situation I’m struggling with in terms of our law and actions we take to protect children in our society right now. I feel very torn about some of the process. At times I think we take a step to call attention to an inaction, but I’m not sure the end result results in something more positive. I’m in the middle of a process like that and I’m really struggling. Can you share anything with me to help me sort through those ideas and feelings?

WELMEK: When I tell you to love your brothers and sisters and accept them for who they perhaps potentially are, I am not telling you that you have to tolerate inexcusable behavior or un-Godlike behavior. As a society as well as an individual, you have the right as well as the duty to assess a situation and make determinations based upon your best assessment.

If you are involved in a relationship with anyone, and if that individual acts in a way unconducive to what you perceive necessary for your own spiritual well-being, then you are in no way asked to remain in that situation and actually are encouraged to eliminate yourself from that situation. Try your best to help the person see the shortsightedness of their way. If you are unsuccessful, then make the attempt to eliminate yourself from the situation. Life is too short for you to burden yourself with unduly people. You do not have to stay in any relationship whatsoever because you feel it necessary to share this brotherly or fatherly love.

Q. I’m referring to a situation in which the person’s behavior was towards a child that I also work with; and I’m struggling with how to best help that person see her dynamic and end up in a better place. I’m afraid that some of the process might have the opposite impact on her.

WELMEK: Are you trying to help the mother or the child?

Q. It’s not a mother, it’s a teacher and a child. And I’m in a position to take a stand on behalf of the child. But I’m also concerned about the adult in the situation.

WELMEK: Have you spoken to this teacher?

Q. I’ve been asked not to do this.

WELMEK: And why is that?

Q. Because of the process that the system has that will happen later a more formal way.

WELMEK: How is it that you can help this teacher if you are asked not to speak to this individual? I do not understand.

Q. I guess that’s where I’m struggling too. I would have liked to have dealt with it in a different manner.

WELMEK: You are in a professional relationship with these individuals, are you not?
Q. Yes.

WELMEK: Then I find it most peculiar why if you are indeed engaged in a professional relationship, why you would be restricted to make comments based on your observations to one who obviously has some direct control over this child.

Q. I think if I had acted at the moment it would have been something I had an ability to do, but at this point in time, there’s other steps that someone else has initiated; and as a result of that they’ve asked that we not.

WELMEK: This becomes then a most perplexing problem, for how can you help the individual who needs the help or at least show them what you know, if you are not permitted to speak to them? I would first suggest to make sure that that individual who is allowed to speak to them express your thoughts clearly and forthrightly; for you have observed the child and you have assessed the problems. Does this individual who will speak to the teacher know fully of the situation and are you confident that they will be able to express it clearly to this teacher?

Q. I guess not a hundred percent.

WELMEK: Then I would suggest you do your best to make that individual fully aware of the situation and do whatever you can to help them be better prepared to speak to this teacher. Beyond that, if you wish to speak to the teacher, you must accept the consequences based upon an apparent insubordinate act.

Q. Thank you.

Q. Welmek, could you share with us some of what you did on Salvington?

WELMEK: Not that you would be able to fully appreciate. I can tell you that I did have, however, a few days of rest in which I was given a tour of the sphere. There is nothing to compare it to, and it is not that I wish to not respond. It is simply that I have no frame of reference in which to impart to you that which I experienced. I can tell you it is beautiful, it is beyond anything you can imagine as far as the beauty of your planet. But what does that really mean to you?

We did have several sessions with other teachers who were also invited. There was much discussion about this mission, what has happened to date, and what we believe would be the best course of action for the future.
And then of course, there was that visit with Michael, himself. That experience goes beyond anything except for perhaps fusion with my spirit, that I have ever encountered in my time on the worlds of the universe.

Teaching Mission

Q. Welmek, you may have said something regarding this earlier; but is the mission, from your and others and Michael’s assessment, are things over-all going well?

WELMEK: How do you perceive the receptivity of this group to me, and what I say?

Q. From my experience and what I see, I think it’s been extremely successful.

WELMEK: Do you perceive that there has been somewhat of an upliftment within the lives of many gathered here tonight in an effort on their part to live more fuller and righteous life?

Q. Absolutely.

WELMEK: Then based on your observations, you already know the answer. For we too, as well as Michael, have observed this; and we are all extremely pleased with the progress that has been made within each of you.
As I have said, we cannot live your life for you; you must do this for yourself. But it is exciting to watch so many of you take this challenge and to try and do the best that you can do.

Q. I just have one comment. I’m trying to practice patience; but you know when you say “a short time”, that short time to you may be 30 or 40 years. Not that we’re in any real big hurry; but when you say things to us like “a short time”, what does this mean?

WELMEK: I wish to address this more fully in one or two weeks, when one of your members will be sharing with you some concepts on patience and impatience. I believe this meeting will be most informative and will produce much conversation. It will be in just a short time. (group laughter)

Q. Well, in 30, 40 years from now, we’ll know.

Q. He said one or two weeks. (More laughter)

WELMEK: In reference to that, for me, indeed, 30 or 40 years is a short time in comparison to over 12,000 years of experience.

Q. Welmek, your sense of humor seems to be evolving quite nicely. (group laughter)

WELMEK: And I owe it all to you. (Group laughter) My associates on Jerusem were most interested when I stopped to visit them briefly, about your sense of humor and how it affected me.

Q. Did they think that you picked up some bad habits? (Laughter)

WELMEK: No, but they found the concept of “Are you packed?” fascinating, and I had to explain to them what that meant. (laughter)

Q. It means taking all your stuff with you.

WELMEK: Some chuckled, as you would say, while others seemed still somewhat perplexed. (laughter)

Q. You learned how to tell a joke.

WELMEK: But in order to be a good joke teller, you must have an audience who is a receptive joke listener. (laughter)

Q. That’s true. You’re too smart for the room.


WELMEK: We all share in the Father’s love. There is no experience greater than this in our lives. I ask that each of you go forth this week and think about this foremost. Feel it in yourself as well as think about it. Let it become more a part of you.

I am glad to be back. It feels good to be with you all again. I will be here for some time, for there are no assignments for me to leave for quite a while.
Pray each day for those that are less fortunate than you. Give thanks to the Father each day for all that He has given you. Learn to love and accept each other as Jesus did, and go forth proudly, confidently and lovingly. Go in peace.

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