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INS210728- Mentori Q&A Session 175-236

2021-07-28. Mentori Session Q&A 175- 236

Note: The following is a transcription of a conversation with an off-world race known as, The Mentori. The purpose of these and ensuing transcripts is to provide the reader with a sense, or a knowledge that they are not alone in Creation, that we are all one, that we are a part of a something greater, our large cosmic family. The Mentori, being just one of those family members. They wish to establish a friendly relationship with humans, to teach us about healing ourselves, and through these Q&A sessions, and also to hopefully provide us with a better understanding of who they are and why they are here to speak and interact with us.

Note: The Mentori function usually as a group and will express their answer using the plural pronoun, “we”. If they use the pronoun, “I” then a single member of the group is speaking.

If you have and questions you would like to pose to this group, please send an email through this “CONTACT US” option. You must include the group name and your question. If your question is for clarification or for a more expansive answer to one of the numbered Q&A, please include that number for reference and to assist us for easy lookup.

You will be assigned a FAQ#. Please check prior FAQ’s to help reduce redundancy in the questions.

This is an opportunity for you to ask the Mentori a direct question. Your FAQ response from the Mentori will be posted shortly after we receive an answer, usually within less than a week depending on our schedule, whereupon you will also be notified so you don’t have to keep checking to see if it’s arrived yet. A direct link to your FAQ will be included in a response email to your original question. Thank you for your patience, participation and curiosity. If you want your question kept private please notate that in your request and it will not be published. No names are published with any FAQ question and no further emails will be sent to you after your response is sent.

Any missing Q&A numbers from the sequence below have been removed as private/personal conversations.

((last updated 08/13/2021))

Mentori: Good evening.

175. Q: Thank you for accommodating the meeting tonight. I apologize in advance for even asking these questions. I think these are based upon what will be asked by the average fear-based person. I’ll read you the intro statement to these questions and then we can proceed. Is this alright with you?

Mentori: That’s perfectly fine with me.

176. Q: Fear is a common aspect of humans on this planet and has been kept alive and well and is nurtured through our movies, books and different types of media for the purpose of entertainment, social control and manipulation and the perpetuation a kind of cosmic xenophobia. Based on that, in regards to yourselves and from your perspective, is there anything we should fear from knowing you, knowing about your race or you being introduced to the people of Earth?

Mentori: You have absolutely nothing to fear from us. We are here to help you – to be of service to you.

177. Q: And in what way do you intend to help or be of service?

Mentori. Helping you to learn to heal yourselves and teaching you more about how to heal yourself. Understanding more about what a beautiful body you have that is able to heal itself.

178. Feel free to speak as much as you want about any of these topics. From your perspective, what is the most amusing aspect or trait of humans on this planet?

Mentori. It’s very interesting to us that you look outside of yourselves for healing. You look for technologies instead of trying to understand the wonderful technology you have in your body. This thought is understandable because that’s what you’re programmed to do. However, looking from our outside perspective, it seems a very poor way to go about healing and learning.

179. Q: From your perspective, what is the most troublesome aspect or trait of us humans on this planet?

Mentori. Your belligerence and you’re too quick to take offensive action. Instead of working together you work against each other.

180. Q: Do you think it is fear driven or encoded in our DNA?

Mentori. It’s also control and power driven, and that’s the most troublesome, because when you go about this aggression and create much more sophisticated, dangerous and harmful weapons, it affects everybody outside of your world too. So it is very troublesome.

181. Q: I couldn’t agree more. From your perspective what is the most encouraging or promising aspect or trait of humans on this planet?

Mentori. Your ability to always forge forward, to learn something new and to go to new territories. This is a wonderful trait that most the humans have.

182. Q: Would you say that is courage or persistence?

Mentori. I would say that it’s courage and curiosity. It’s the desire to learn more, to know more.

183. Q: From your perspective why do you feel you need to introduce yourselves to Earth?

Mentori. Because there are so many people on your world that are afraid of us. They think we are really harmful and we’re coming to do harm to you, attack you.

184. Q: Do you have any plans to enslave us?

Mentori. We have no plans whatsoever to do anything to harm you. Our only plans are to help you and assist you.

185. Q: This will be on people’s minds due to our movies, books and other things. These negative concepts just into their minds. That’s what’s driving this fear.

What is the perceived or anticipated benefits to Earth by being introduced or knowing about you and your race?

Mentori. Because you can greatly benefit from knowing what we know, particularly in the areas of healing and health. You can learn that this is something any individual can do. It doesn’t require the high technologies and equipment to do these things and it’s available to all people, not just a select group, but everyone and this will be very beneficial.

186. What would or could you say to the people of Earth who believe they are the only intelligent people or life in this universe?

Mentori. How can they possibly imagine this to be true?

187. Q: What would or could you do or exhibit for the people of Earth that believe they are the only intelligent people are life in the universe?

Mentori. Some beings from other worlds have already appeared on your world. They come with their ships. They meet with a lot of people. I shouldn’t say a lot. There are people that have met beings from other worlds. So we’re already here.

188. Q: Meeting with governments or just people at large?

Mentori. Both.

189. Q: So your answer is that you wouldn’t do anything because they’re already here.

Mentori. Yes. They’re going to be more visible as time goes on because more people are going to be aware of their presence, and word travels very quickly when you’re talking about something that is as unusual as this. It’ll probably travel even quicker when people find out how helpful people from other worlds can be of assistance to them. They’ll find it exciting and they’ll want to know more. We are probably not the best example of that because we are a rather an unusual type of being.

190. Q: What would you or could you do or exhibit to demonstrate your friendly and beneficial intentions?

Mentori. When people experience healing success from working with us; this will certainly show our benevolent intentions.

191. Q: How soon do you think before there is disclosure or public exposure of these off-world races to the general public?

Mentori. I don’t think it’s going to be that far in the future because it’s already starting to leak out.

195. Q: Is there anything that you think I should ask? Is there something I didn’t ask that you think should be asked or that you would like to address?

Mentori. Yes. Let the readers know how they can ask for our assistance.

196. Q: That’s a great question. How would someone ask for your assistance?

Mentori. We are known as the Mentori, as you know, and we have also spoken with you before about how everything is connected and transparent in the world. So when somebody puts in a request to us, as the Mentori, asking to help them with healing – we will be aware of it.

197. Q: Alright, please give me an example of how they would request your assistance. Pretend you’re a human and you intend to request assistance from the Mentori. How would you express that – verbally or mentally?

Mentori. You can be sitting somewhere quietly and really focus on asking us for our help and then mentally just say, “Mentori, I would like to request your help with my situation.” or whatever it is.

198. Q: This is just for healing. This would not be about fixing any finances or finding my lost puppy dog?

Mentori. No, no. This is just all about healing your body or the body of somebody else. If you want to request healing for somebody else, you don’t need to say it out loud. The important thing is that you are focused on our help and healing and you can visualize the person healing. You also might visualize what the issue is and also visualize that they’re being healed because the more you put out the positive belief in our healing, the more effective it is.

199. Q: I think one thing that needs to be addressed to that specific method of request is that people might confuse this as a prayer and I wouldn’t want to go down those religious lines. I think prayer is reserved for that conversation between you and your creator. So what would you term it other than prayer? Just a silent request?

Mentori. Yes. It’s not a prayer. We are not gods. We don’t want to be prayed to but we need to have a request. We do not go where we are not requested to go. If we’re not requested, we don’t go. We don’t look down and decide who should be healed. That’s not our decision to make at all. It comes from the individual.

200. Q: As far as the request goes, I’m just making this up, let’s say someone has a broken right arm and also an infection in their left leg. They’re request goes out for you to help them heal their right arm. Then would only do what they have invited you to do? Would you perhaps not heal the infection or whatever else you see as a problem. Would that need to be a separate request?

Mentori. We suggest that the question be for healing without having specifics. We already know what’s wrong because we can see the whole body. We know more than you know about what you need to heal and what the situation is. You wouldn’t go to the doctor and say I just want you to heal only this part of me. You want to go and find out how you can get well and feel good. Basically they should request a healing and allow us to decide what is the most important thing to heal?

202. Q: How do you guys travel around? In ships or you just travel around via ‘thought highways’?

Mentori. We don’t need any vehicles to travel. We just go.

203. Q: Do you move around or do you stay in one spot?

Mentori. We move to wherever we are requested.

204. Q: Is there another race that you cooperate with the most? Or do you do everything alone?

Mentori. We pretty much work within our group as Mentori. One thing you haven’t asked that might be a little clarifying for people – They might wonder how we can be in different places at the same time. Which we can. However as confusing and as non-understandable as it might be, we can operate outside of time and space.

236. Q: This concludes my questions for today. Thank you for your time. I look forward to our next meeting.

Mentori: You are welcome. We do as well.

If you have and questions you would like to pose to this group, please send an email through this “CONTACT US” option. You must include the group name and your question. If your question is for clarification or for a more expansive answer to one of the numbered Q&A, please include that number for reference and to assist us for easy lookup.

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