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INS210911- Galactic Federation of Worlds – FAQ10 & 11 – Session Q&A 47-122

2021-09-11. Galactic Federation of Worlds – FAQ10 & 11 – Session Q&A 47-122

Note: The following is a transcription of a conversation with an organization consisting of several off-world races known as, The Galactic Federation of Worlds. The purpose of these and ensuing transcripts is to provide the reader with a sense, or a knowledge that they are not alone in Creation, that we are all one, that we are a part of a something greater, our large cosmic family. The  Galactic Federation of Worlds, represents thousands of those family member worlds. They wish to establish a friendly relationship with humans on this planet, to teach us about cooperating together within ourselves and outward with the other members of the Federation. Through these Q&A sessions to hopefully provide us with a better understanding of who they are, and why they are here to speak and interact with us.

Note: The  Galactic Federation of Worlds function as a group of member worlds. Aaron is our the current spokesperson in communication with us.

If you have and questions you would like to pose to this group, please send an email through this “CONTACT US” option. You must include the group name and your question. If your question(s) is for clarification or for a more expansive answer to one of the numbered Q&A, please include that number for reference and to assist us for easy lookup. If You have multiple questions please number them clearly to help us help you.

You will be assigned a FAQ#. Please check prior FAQ’s to help reduce redundancy in the questions.

This is an opportunity for you to ask the  Galactic Federation of Worlds a direct question. Your FAQ response from the  Galactic Federation of Worlds will be posted shortly after we receive an answer, usually within less than a week depending on our schedule, whereupon you will also be notified so you don’t have to keep checking to see if it’s arrived yet. A direct link to your FAQ will be included in a response email to your original question. Thank you for your patience, participation and curiosity. If you want your question kept private please notate that in your request and it will not be published. No names are published with any FAQ question and no further emails will be sent to you after your response is sent.

Any missing Q&A numbers from the sequence below have been removed as private/personal conversations.

((last updated 09/16/2021))

47) Q: Ok we’re ready to work on the FAQ’s #10 & #11.

Aaron: This is Aaron.

48). Q: How are you?

Aaron: I’m fine. I’m pleased to be here with you tonight.

49) Q:  In response to one of your comments regarding a conflict around Mars. There is a moon around Mars called Ceres. That would indicate there’s some life living on Ceres that is in conflict with the mother planet?

Aaron: Yes.

50) Q: Two different races or same race? Different ideologies? What?

Aaron:  Same race.

51) Q:  Same race. Do you know what the conflict revolves around? Is it resources? Politics?

Aaron: Control.

51) Q: Mars wants to control Ceres?

Aaron: Yes. It has to do with some resources.

52) Q: Resources that Ceres has?

Aaron: Yes.

53) Q:  Isn’t that always the way. Sad. So these are some reader questions and I will convey them the best I can but these are the way they were asked. Some of them are obvious answers but at least we’ll get your direct response.

According to your statement about life within our solar system, the 1st question is: “Do you mean that we have intelligent neighbors in our solar system, Venus, Mars and Triton? Are there many more?”

Aaron: Yes and many more.

54) Q: Of all of the planets, moons and planetoids in our solar system, how many would you say are inhabited?

Aaron: 40% of them.

55) Q: That’s pretty good. Are there planets involved in our solar system that we are not aware of?

Aaron: Yes.

56) Q: How many of those are there? I’m only aware of one.

Aaron:  Not many. Three.

57) Q: Are these large planets that have long circumsolar orbital times?

Aaron: Yes.

58) Q: Are they ones that disturb the Öort cloud that loosens and sends comets into the inner solar system?

Aaron:  No.

59) Q: Is there life on those ‘unknown’ three?

Aaron: Yes.

60) Q: One of them is often referred to as Planet X or Nibiru. Is that one you’re talking of?

Aaron: Yes.

61) Q: This one was supposed to have the beings referred to in our stone tablets as the Nephilim. Is that still the case?

Aaron: It’s not still the case. It was the case.

62) Q: Do they leave us alone now, or are they still coming here and sneaking around?

Aaron:  They’re still sneaking around but they’re not doing it from that particular location?

63) Q: Are these some of the beings that are being kicked off our planet at this time?

Aaron: I’m not sure, “kicked off”, is the right word. They left your planet.

64) Q: Voluntarily or were they ‘encouraged’ to leave?

Aaron: Both.

65) Q: One of the currently ‘unknown” planets is purported to have a different circumsolar rotation around our Sun. Instead of being along or near the horizontal plane, it’s odd in that is it in a general perpendicular orbit to the plane. At times when it passes through, depending on where the planets are at the time, it comes through and causes trouble every several thousands of years or whatever that periodicity is. Is that also true?

Aaron: Yes.

66) Q:  And that’s where those beings mentioned in the stone tablets came from. Is that true?

Aaron: Yes.

67) Q: Would you know what the periodicity of their heliocentric or circumsolar orbit is? I heard it was around 3,000 years or something like that.

Aaron: It’s very close to that. It might be a little bit less but that’s very close.

68) Okay. I presume it will be discovered one of these days?

Aaron:  Yes. By those who are still living. LOL

69) Q: That long away? Living here or living there? LOL

Aaron: Probably not in your lifetime.

70) Q: Is there a reason for that?

Aaron: You’re pretty new to traveling in space and it’s a huge place and when you get a little more experience and you have some more contacts with different planets and beings and places – you will begin to put the pieces together. You just don’t have enough information at this time. You’re too far away.

71) Q: In regards to those inhabitants residing within our solar system, are they similar to us as humans or do they take on all different shapes, sizes and characteristics?

Aaron: All different shapes, characteristics and forms. About as much as you can imagine.

72) Q:  What’s the most unusual in comparison to us?

Aaron: If you saw a 10-foot Mantis you would think that’s very unusual.

73) Q: That certainly would be. Are they more advanced than us?

Aaron: They’re more loving than you.

74) Q: Technologically advanced or is it a mix?

Aaron: No, they’re not necessarily technologically advanced. They’re just very advanced as being loving beings that work well together. You also have your aquatic species too.

75) Q: In our solar system?

Aaron: Yes.

 76) Q: There are several moons with water that are good candidates like Triton, Ganymede, Europa, and some others that have possibilities to support that – or are they living right here on Earth?

Aaron:  They’re right here on Earth.

77) Q: Are they the Merpeople of ancient legend?

Aaron: No, they’re not.

78) Q:  Are they original to Earth or transplants?

Aaron: They’re transplants.

79) Q:  Were the other beings in this solar system here before we were as a race?

Aaron: Yes.

93) Q: Are the Artemis Accords the beginning of our independence, so to speak?

Aaron: Yes. It’s also the beginning of your joining the greater group of planets, The Galactic Federation of Worlds. It’s the beginning but it’s also part of your beginning to develop the ability to take care of yourselves better than you can now.

94) Q: So this is like the end of our innocence in a way?

Aaron: It’s about you’re beginning to grow up.

100) Q: Is your appearance and efforts you are offering in advance to any upcoming catastrophic event or events? Social, political, earth changes or other?

Aaron: On your Earth, is that what you’re talking about?

101) Q: Yes.

Aaron: No.

102) Q: Within our solar system?

Aaron: No.

105) Q: Earth changes are on their way, so it seems?

Aaron: Yes. Natural phenomenon.

106) Q: Others that we communicate with talk about some troubled times ahead where we are forced to come together which is supposed bring us to our tipping point, our threshold. Are these earth catastrophes the thing that causes that to happen?

Aaron:  It depends on how you’re describing, catastrophe. Catastrophes can be physical events – they can also be political. Usually on planets, it takes some form of catastrophe to bring people together when they need each other to survive. That’s generally the way it works, not only on your planet but many others as well.

107) Q: If NASA is doing all of this stuff in space, why is it kept a secret?

Aaron:  Control again.

108) Q: I’ve heard other channelers refer to the Galactic Federation of Light. Are these all the same group as yours?

Aaron:  No, they’re not.

109) Q: Would you describe as the differences in an overview or overall statement?

Aaron: Simply said or perhaps as simply as I can state it is, The Galactic Federation of Worlds is about worlds and the beings on those worlds. The Galactic Federation of Light is more about the spirits of the higher spirits and hearts of those inhabitants. The Galactic Federation of Worlds is more physical. The Galactic Federation of Light is more non-physical, it’s more about spirit. Two different things.

110) Q: Are there other galactic federations of some kind?

Aaron: Those are the ones that come to my mind – those are the most prominent ones.

111) Q: It seem obvious that our planet is becoming less and less open to understanding someone else’s needs or point of view. Is this expected to change in the near future?

Aaron: Yes it is.

112) Q: Would you elaborate on anything?

Aaron: One of the reasons is that you’re becoming more aware of some of us on your world or just aware of us in general will bring that about. That’s what we’re really focused on because your world is lagging far behind everyone else.

113) Q: This is the last question. I may have some follow-ups though; “If beings travel in time who polices the travelers not to interfere in the timeline or is time adjustment a common activity?”

Aaron:  This is a question you’re not able to understand at this point. In general, humans don’t have enough understanding of time at this point. It’s not set in stone, it can be adjusted, it can be manipulated and it can be used in ways that are beyond your understanding at this moment but you’re rapidly coming to understand more about time and how effective it is and how to use it effectively. This is going to make you take you a giant step forward when you finally understand this.

114) Q: I was talking a little bit with some others about the fluidity of time and that time is responsive to us. You were saying it can be manipulated, sped up, slowed down, and all kinds of fun things to do with it.

Aaron:  Yes. This is going to be a wonderful thing for you all to explore and you’re going to discover so many incredulous things. It’s definitely not like you’re thinking of being accustomed to linear travel. Think of where you have all kinds of lines crisscrossing and there are so many points that they come together. Each time they come together that’s a one-time opportunity right there if that helps you think about it in a different way? Just think about a circle with a lot of lines drawn from side to side, up and down, black and forth or whatever direction. You will see where they cross. That’s the time opportunity.

115) Q: A ‘nexus’ point?

Aaron:  Yes.

116) Q: The lines I would call ‘vectors’.

Aaron:  Yes.

117) Q: That’s all I have for questions. At least the documents we publish are instigating some questions which also means they’re thinking and extrapolating ideas. Some of these are my follow-up questions.

Aaron:  It just makes our answers more comprehensive with your follow up questions.

120) Q:  Thank you for spending time with us and accommodating these questions.

Aaron:  Thank you for what you’re doing. I think the answers that you’ve received today are pretty clear and directly from me. Thank you and we appreciate the integrity that this group has and we understand this is not something that people normally do. I look forward to the next time we meet.

122) Q: OK, off you go. Be well. Be happy. And until next time.

Aaron: We look forward to it. Good night, bless you.

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