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JSP1 – A Good Family

2020-12-09   –  A    G O O D    F A M I L Y

Jesus Speaks – JSP #1

A good family begins with a good father.  He insures loyalty and fairness amongst the members of the family.  A good family has a strong and loving mother; her children are strong, forthright and lovingly respectable.  As a family the whole is important and its parts are of the fairest quality. Strength, teamwork, faith with honor characterize this family as they begin to effect all of the families to adjust to greater faith, more unselfish love.  A good family becomes the model for a global social structure; one of teamwork and fairness.  Gone is the drive for self appropriated indulgence in a good family. As the good family grows, love and happiness begin to grow; as love and happiness begin to flourish, the whole begins to listen, as Divine Wisdom becomes their guiding light. The family of God is a good family.

Jesus, 12,09,20

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