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JSP15- Standing Too Close

2021-02-14. Standing Too Close.

S T A N D I N G   T O O   C L O S E      – JSP#15

There was a certain man conflicted by which life to live. The life he was born into didn’t quite fulfill him; The life he aspired to live was one of intention, never quite actualizing. Conflicted by the tensions of contrast between the two lives, he vacillated and felt he was being pulled apart. It is similar to putting new wine in the old wineskin, in that eventually the old wineskin splits, losing and spilling its contents.

The man was conflicted in that the life he was born with couldn’t satisfy his needs. This life neglected the challenge to grow and transform himself; its complacency imprisioned him into turmoil, feelings of inadequacy and doubt never allowed for true courage. This life didn’t allow him full expression of his intentions. He couldn’t indulge its passive nature for it weakened him.

The other life he aspired to was one of constant change and growth, yet he was still conflicted because he couldn’t accept the  randomness; moving about rudderless, finding himself returning to where he started. Many of you are like this person who not having God in his heart and soul find yourselves conflicted by the lure and pull of the notorious outside world because you haven’t established the inner peace and guidance which results in focusing upon discerning the will of God, and actually attempting to accomplish his will as one discovers it. Accepting God in your life cannot render genuine change until one allows God to move in your life; you cannot second guess God nor shortcut his action. Discernment is a quality of patient understanding in allowing oneself to be truly guided. You have to discard the old wineskin in your former ways of being and acting to begin living anew as one achieves a greater awareness of God’s hand in directing and managing one’s life.

Conflict is like standing so close to a wall that you cannot detect either the window or door which is on either side of where you are standing, This is when you figure out to backup a bit and then you will see the next step. God is both macro, a big picture and micro, the moment in which one must act. You will suffer less and your life will come together once you begin to allow it to. My Father is always ready to personally assist all who truly have the faith and discernment to trust in HIM.

Jesus  2/14/21

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