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JSP16- Difference Between Right & Wrong

2021-02-16. Difference Between Right & Wrong.

D I F F E R E N C E   B E T W E E N   R I G H T  &. W R O N G

Today, I’m going to show you reality from a different perspective.  Mosaic Law, the Old Testament Commandments, were laws which regulated social behavior.  These laws dealt with man and his neighbor. Yes, they dealt with what was and still is considered right and wrong.  I came to reveal a new covenant to this world, ‘’treat others as you would treat yourself and in doing so, respect and treat My Father as your Father….a loving and merciful God’’.  My law was a personal command. When the individual changes the how he does things part, then the whole can begin to move in a greater direction.

What is correct for the group is not necessarily the same for the individual. Especially on this world, today, it becomes increasingly important to concern yourself with how you are treating yourself. When you progress to the next worlds of existence it will be you that becomes the focus of change and correction. You will regimentally focus on your thought patterns, your behavior and the residual habits which must be corrected and adjusted before you can move forward’

This is where right and wrong come into play. Here and now, one can begin to bring themselves under greater control. You can begin to manage your thoughts, become aware of your habits, learn to move into a higher consciousness, bring the spirit of God into your life, and move from your animal and ego mind into your soul consciousness. There are right ways and wrong ways to deal with your personal consciousness and behavior into accommodating God and His Divine plan for you. It then becomes individually personal, and here is where right and wrong specifically apply to the individual. It will not be the same for every individual, you will have to discern this individually for yourself. The outcome will be similar to others, yet the process necessary to correctly adapt in changing aspects of your personal nature will rest entirely upon you.

Why do you think a baby puts forth so much energy into learning to walk? When that baby becomes an adult, they will already have the posture and stance as an adult. If you will begin to understand that you do not have to wait until the doorway of death to begin to change, you can begin this process now on this side of the doorway. You do not believe in the afterlife? Consider how you will feel when you discover there is certainly an afterlife and yes you could have better prepared for this time, NOW!! Read my lessons, discover the Father within, listen to that still, small voice, and discern that what I am speaking is absolutely correct. You cannot search for something until you become aware of what you are truly searching for!!

Jesus  2/16/21


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