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JSP22- Who Are You?

2021-05-02. W H O   A R E   Y O U ?

I would like to address the concept, ‘’What is truly you?’’  Among the many ways to view this, let us begin by examining the human individual…….the person composed of genetic flesh, unique identity, reproductive capacity and free-will choice options. The genetic flesh alone, carries ancient memory and defines the mind capacity/intelligence quotient capacity to understand, discern, choose and then act upon choice. Unique identity is qualified with a one of a kind personality chart. Powered by an indwell fragment of Divinity and supported by mind circuitry of the ‘spirit of wisdom’ and the ‘spirit of worship’. Reproductive capacity designed to insure survival, occupy your time and secure meaning and value to give life meaning. Free-will choice is the qualifying mark of this individual…..equipped with all which is necessary to deliver an excellent performance.

Still, ‘Who are you?.’  Let’s look at the child of God concept. Being indwelt with a Divine fragment of Divine substance qualifies the individual to the benefits of son-ship with the Father.  Given a Divine inheritance, man is expected to move in this direction, to see the Fatherhood of God and its outplay in your choices and therefore in your lives. This Divine spark of Divinity indwelling your soul ensures you of your sonship and daughter-ship status.  Mankind slowly establishes the muscle of Faith, the ever present watch beacon of the soul. In any analysis, in the final tally, it’s your soul which possesses the information necessary for you to continue your ascension journey and your final training in the worlds of perfection.

What is the transition necessary to accommodate the spiritual growth of the soul and the religious duty of the mind?  Society begins to enjoy the benefits of peace when the individual begins to bring peace into his resolution package.  Having to show others through personal transformation that inner peace is possible, opens up countless opportunity for humanity to grow and prosper together.  Finding out who you are begins to reveal your greater journey in revealing humanity to spirit and spirit to humanity. The two are permanently connected by function alone. Beginning to understand your spiritual journey is necessary to achieve spiritual destination, as a son and daughter you can begin to bring this understanding into your lives, by choosing a quality of life all children of God should enjoy.

In the final analysis, the arena of choice becomes the dominant display of human will action…..all growth is dependent upon it.  An individual becomes known throughout the universe by his choices.  This is the universe mechanism by which man raises his lowly existence into a greater spiritual dimension of reality. From God’s point of view, the distance between the animal and the Divine, is man’s essential journey.  Equipped with a perfect fragment of Gods’ essence, a human animal can ascend into the ranks of the God loving mortals roaming his creation, discovering God, the Father, all the way to Paradise.  Who you are, becomes a matter of who you are becoming; nowhere in your career is it ever all about you!  You finally become true when you begin to reflect the will of the Father in your daily living; truly this is who you are, a child of God.

Jesus  05/02/21

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