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LCR54- Time For Action

2021-08-29. Time For Action

Light Circle Aug 29, 2021 – #54

Serena  TR: Cathy

I appreciate the effort to continue our connection.  In this time of disruption  we will be available to encourage your efforts to gather and spread Light and Love.

Our mission is not only for today, but for all the tomorrows.  We have assistance from many groups on the planet and will continue to move forward with Michael’s Correcting Time Plan ,of which our Magisterial Mission is an integral part.  As I have said before, this mission is moving forward auspiciously and your efforts are helping.  Be of good cheer and continue to spread light to all around you.

Michael  TR: Cathy

My children,  I am always with you in these turbulent times.  The error is being brought to light and the Father’s original pattern is reintroduced to the whole planet.  This is a time of celebration that the error of the Rebellion is being removed so that we can proceed to bring this planet into Light and Life.  Move forward in growth and understanding.  Continue to bring your message to your brothers and sisters.  In this time of apparent darkness, tell them “I know the way”  Be the light you want to see on our world.  All is well.  The time for action in Love is now.

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