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LLN111- Impacts & Impressions

2007-03-01.  Impacts & Impressions

Lightline #111

Topic: Impacts & Impressions

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine parents, once again we assemble at your feet as it were. We gather around you to be given that which you bring us in this hour. Help us to find the space that we need to be in both individually and collectively as a group. Help us to come back and circle up and once again form our merkaba, establish our light anchor, tune ourselves in the process and then accept our petition to join us as we actively work this paradigm of energy which in the final analysis is really your love directed and focused and enjoyed by all of us. Let us be open to receive all that you would bring us in this hour and let us work in this project together back and forth giving and taking. We delight in this activity with you in this hour and we would hear from your ambassadors of light and truth. Once again we return to the well to be refreshed by spirit and to be in spirit when we are here. Once again we are grateful beyond words, beyond measure for that which we receive in this process, for those we are becoming in this process. Let our intentions and our actions glorify The Father above and let us do this together, even now.

Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson here to delight with you in the process, in the undertaking and the results which are so spectacular to behold. I understand that from your perspective, the changes that you are aware of may be slight. may be muted by the dazzling colors and activities and processes all around you but from my perspective, I witness the individual growth of divine beings who are waking up to the realization of who they really are in this process, who are experimenting with ideals about themselves and who are discovering in this process an internal validity to their seeking and their finding.


As you are all becoming familiar with, your individual spiritual journey is wholly a personal matter and you are unable to fully share your internal individual experiences with anyone, even your closest associate, as many of the changes that you undergo are subtle shifts which happen so smoothly that it may take even you some time and some point of reflection to acknowledge that there have been some subtle shifts occurring in your internal paradigm. But as spiritual beings there is no disguising your growth, your advancements and your true beauty. I accept your offer of a topic to discuss the topic of spiritual beauty as I am privileged enough to behold this beauty with my senses, that is I actually can perceive the unfolding beauty that each of you is becoming in terms of light and color and brilliance and magnificence beyond description.

When you align yourself with the purpose of the plan that surrounds you and you willingly undertake the manifestation of that which you are grasping in the spirit realm, then you are as flowers that are opening to the sun, responding to the light. The bud of a rose is in itself, beautiful, contained with so much potential within but never having seen the rose exposed and unfolded you would never truly understand the potential inherent in the bud. I am privileged enough to glimpse some of the earliest stages of your budding in this life and even here where all around you are flowers in their formative stages, there are a few of you who are eager to unfold and to flower and bloom because you have sensed the light.

You have perceived this call from on high and you are not only turning to face it but in an even greater response you are endeavoring to unfold your potential to transform from one state of budding potential into a state of potential realized of the bloom of the flower. While you have not certainly fully matured, you are still fresh in this process. Many of you have a great deal of your magnificence revealed and exposed and there is a special significance in being there to observe as the flower changes form before your eyes and becomes what was only a potential pattern at one point.

In order to prosper as this beautiful, growing, living, manifesting entity, you crave the light which initially prompts you. You also need much nourishment that is what we are about in this process right now. We are providing you the nourishment, the fertilizer so that you can make the most of this growing season, this short season you have on this planet. But the conditions are favorable, the light does shine on you from above, you are planted in good soil and we are bringing you the nutrients and fertilizer that should promote this growth cycle to its very maximum of its capacity.

If you could see as I can see that that is what we are about, we are about tending incredibly beautiful gardens of potential flowers many of whom are already blossoming and that we have favorable conditions before us to allow for a large bloom to happen. And so it is that you each one prepares these flower beds by your very choices, your intention to create this environment favorable to your growth. You are the ones who declare that these meetings will occur and you are there to request the nourishment that you desire in this process so that you may become your full potential.

As the one who is tending the garden, it is my supreme pleasure to bring you that which you require to be robust and healthy, to offer you comfort when the winds may blow harshly, to watch over you throughout this process and perhaps be ready to prune away the unnecessary growth and to foster, even to graft on to your growth that which is beneficial and will bear great fruit. But always in this process whether you are the bud or the barely opened flower or the magnificently splendid specimen of all that you can be, you are tended to and cared and loved all the same. You will not mature at the same rate and this provides for even more variation in our flower bed.

There will be times when you may feel as though you are pale in comparison and times when you may feel you are brilliant. But all of these times, my dear ones, you are beautiful. You are exactly what you could be and when we see you make these efforts towards unfolding yourselves and becoming more than just the bud we rejoice in every little act and all stages of this are magnificent to behold. You are in process, you are unfolding day by day, you are changing almost by the hour and from our perspective we see that you are all growing as you should be growing, manifesting as you could be manifesting, achieving day by day advancements which make you more and more beautiful in this process.

We do not view beauty in the same way of course as you do because we are in possession of the full realization that the external vehicle is only that, the external vehicle. That you, the real you, the you that is the bud unfolding, is housed temporarily in this vehicle. It will then go on to be housed temporarily in many vehicles before you have no more need of a physical vehicle at all. But all the while it is not the vehicle that we see when we look at you. It is the divine fragment that you are and are becoming in this process.

So we are not concerned whether the vehicle is small or big, old or young, we rather concern ourselves with the long term view of the pilot of that vehicle. What do they appear like? These appearances are not similar in any way to what your eyes perceive amongst each other when you view each other. I will reference in your effort to understand this, this moment in time. Let us take a step back and realize that most of you who are calling in on this line have no recognition of what any of you looks like and I will point out to you that you have developed this circuit, this relationship without any concern as to what your physical appearances may be in this hour at this time.

Rather has this means of gathering offered you the unique opportunity to form these relationships and to be involved together without the limitations of what another may look like or act like or smell like or feel like when you were in their presence. Rather you have agreed to form this group and you are getting to know each other on a deeper level so that the real individuals you are identifying and growing a relationship with are more accurately the pilots inside the vehicles rather than the bodies themselves.

All of you know of course you must utilize your vehicle, you must also utilize a telephone device. They are both useful to you and necessary in this process for you to make this connection, however neither one of those things is you. You are separate and distinct from any mechanical device or any physical device such as your body. So even in this hour you have a very shadow of a glimpse of what it is like in the spirit world and to perceive things from the spiritual perspective where physical characteristics and traits are simply not very important, certainly not the most important aspect of another and yet on the world in which you must navigate you all are familiar with the impact of first impressions and appearances.

Sometimes these can be so detrimental to your getting to know each other that you never can get past the shape and color of the vehicle to really introduce yourself to the pilot inside. This is one of your greatest challenges and perhaps this mode of communication serves us best in this process because we are all growing in familiarity and comfort with each other regardless what any one of us may appear like in this hour. Indeed I myself have no physical form and yet you entertain me in your conversations. What if I was in some physical form that you would find hard to accept? Then would you embrace my words as easily and as readily, if I had a form which you in your physical life were uncomfortable with in any way?

You see, therein lies the quandary where many of you have asked “why don’t you materialize and lead this Magisterial Mission”? To that I make the statement that if I was to materialize tomorrow I would suffer greatly the restrictions that you take for granted of being trapped in one material vehicle, one body. As such I would not have liberty that I have now to be anywhere I wanted at any time I want; rather would I be a prisoner as you are in your bodies. I will not choose to do this at this time but there will come the necessity for me to walk this earth just as you do and when my hour has come to manifest in such form I will devote myself to that project as I am devoting myself to you in this project at this time.

To any parent there is great beauty to behold in every stage of their child’s development. It is not that you would wish that your child rush to be something that you know they will be, no, rather it is your desire to savor each moment because they are only toddlers once, they are only young children for a short time, they are only buds in the garden for a short time and then they bloom and they become magnificent. The children grow up and manifest who they really are and each stage is beautiful to the parent, to the teacher, to the one who is observing these transformations, these changes.

All of you are beautiful exactly where you are. I would change nothing, only I would enjoy, I would drink this cup with each one of you for the progress you have made, the maturity you have gained and yes, we could toast the future that is before you that is imminent as part of your process. But I would not rush one moment of your journey. When you are told that it will take a vast amount of what you call time and many many incarnations and great magnitudes of change in your eternal spiritual career, you may erroneously get the idea that you need to hurry up and make advancements. To perhaps check things off your lists so that you can move forward, gain in your rank and bloom as a flower.

I am here to tell you all this will happen in good time. It is happening in this very hour and it is spectacularly beautiful to behold, the plan that The Father has in store for you unfolding in such a beautiful manner. But do never be discouraged at lack of progress or attainment because you have an eternity to fulfill your desires at attaining and becoming and being and blooming and it will be, it is. I acknowledge all your advancements that have brought you to this place where we can share this process together and I will be quite fond of watching as each one of you pops your bloom at different times and turns to face the sun as you are called.

It is magnificent to behold and I am privileged to be in this position. I would contain my remarks to those I have made in hopes that there would be some contributions or questions that were perhaps more pertinent to your thought stream than even to mine.


Q: That was a very meaningful lesson. Thank you very much. I’m becoming aware that there are many layers of spiritual beauty. For example, the night my mother passed away I was able to sit in her bed and hold her and be with her until the end. I guess just dropping into the spaces of my consciousness that night was the realization that nothing else matters. It’s the relationship that matter and I just felt that that was spiritual beauty. Recently I attended a cover dish dinner where a friend got up and sang this gospel song that held everyone in the audience, you could feel the vibration rising and I felt like that was kind of spiritual and that consciously or unconsciously she brought us all a little closer to God. So I ‘m just realizing that spiritual beauty is multilayered isn’t it?

Monjoronson: Oh my dear one, thank you for expressing. If you could only behold with the eyes of the flesh what is actually transpiring in cases like that and in cases like this. You have vast support. You have angels in attendance. You have celestial beings from afar who marvel just to come and witness spirit being actualized in the material realm. You cannot adequately grasp the significance of the contributions that you each make when you bring spirit into this material plane. When you do that, which you do regularly through your choices, the angels literally sing halleluiah.

When one of you is bold enough to rise in the crowd and elevate everyone’s spirit, you don’t think there are legions of angels and celestial observance of such a monumental thing to happen on this planet? I can’t express to you the reverence and the respect that is afforded the mortals of the realm who choose to go beyond their materialism and actualize their spiritual component because this is what the entire plan is set on. These miracles that occur are proof positive of The Father’s love, of His unfolding plan for even the mortals of the realm and when one of you chooses to be a conduit and allow spirit to come and infuse your world, literally you have vast support from my side of the veil. Frankly we do not make a big deal about this for fear of intimidating you as individuals but it is so that when you act and particularly when you act in spirit, as liaison for spirit, as conduit for spirit then do you grab our attention because there is movement, there is manifestation of potential, a universal bud that is trying to flower.

All the potential that is inherent in this world is potential until one of you chooses to unfold it. You do so even by your own personal attention to your own personal flower. In this act which seems unattached to universal significance you are making a divine contribution by simply manifesting your highest nature. In all these matters you are loved, tended and cared for and it is difficult for us to watch you function in the absence of material response to your actions so much of the time. We know that this builds great spiritual character and strengthens your faith and therefore is it necessary in this process that many times we would rejoice if you would rejoice at the advancements you have made, at the contributions you make to the process because they are spectacular, they are miraculous.

They portray the outworking of a universal plan in its magnificence and yet you only have the eyes of the flesh and the ears of a mortal. You do not hear the angels sing and rejoice. You do not see many celestial personalities who rush to your assistance who are ever ready to support your efforts to infuse spirit into the material dimension. So I applaud you for moving forward in the absence of such confirmation from on high, but I am here to bring you that to the best of my ability and the others who are involved in this mandate are ever eager and willing to bring you these assurances and comfort you with what we see from our perspective. Thank you for your thoughts and your sharing.

Q: Very poignant and intimate lesson.

Q: Thank you for your beautiful lesson and you touched on a topic I am very serious about. Your materialization and also the celestial helpers that appear to us. I have become very keen in observing the time prompts from the midwayers or the angels who are doing this but could you shed some light into the method that all celestial helpers use to try to make us aware of their presence using things in the material realm.

Monjoronson: As you are aware my friend, very much is conditioned by the individual and their ability to accept or reject any given mode of communication. As you stated, you are keen to observe and therein lies your potential, your keenness. Having this elevated perception you are in position to receive communication on a number of different levels. The manipulation of the material realm is rather limited to those who are closest to you in form. The brothers on the planet you know as midwayers have the ability to manipulate the material realm although they can be mistaken and the results can quite easily backfire or be something that was quite unintended in the process.

We have enough trouble in this process between you and I now using words and language to interface so it is far more difficult using prompts and signals to actually get across any meaning or values. If it is your desire to follow up on these promptings then I suggest that you volunteer and offer your services when you are in perception of having been prompted then you may open up this channel of communication through an act of your will to be further receptive and allow this to occur.

This circuit that you refer to of the midway brothers has its focus and parameters of operation and there are those who become involved as mortal counterparts to facilitate the activities on the material world through volunteering their vehicle, their hands, their face, their voice to the process and if you wish to become such a volunteer then it is your choice to create that reality in your thought patterns. That is quite different than a number of other circuits which are also available to you also by your choosing and also by your orienting yourself to join in on that circuitry.

But I would be remiss if I did not bring the conversation back around to the initial impetus for this series of calls and remind you all that the most secure circuitry you could hope to align yourself with is the one that is with, surprisingly enough, the partner that is in the vehicle with you. This passenger can provide for you access to virtually all the other circuits. It is in a sense taking the long road around to desire to encircuit yourself with all the other number of circuits available when you have a rather direct line, a direct circuitry to the First Source and Center riding right with you in this journey.

That does not mean in any way that you should not maintain your alertness and practice your perception of all that is going on around you, that is all part of what you are there to interface with and learn from and minister to and otherwise be associated with. But if you were to write down a mortal list of important things to do, certainly learning of your connection with your divine fragment, accessing your connection to your divine fragment and subsequently partnering with your divine fragment provides you all that you seek when you are searching outside for this element or that circuit or this brotherhood or this teacher.

All those that are outside may very well be useful to your process of understanding and discovering but all those that are outside are helping hands, guides to what you really are seeking which is that connection that is so secure that all other connections seem tenuous. So I could not let tonight’s discussion go by without one more gentle reminder that we are engaged in the process of discovering this fragment that is within. The best tool we can use to discover this is to be with it, to sit with it in stillness, to develop this process is to be of service to The Father by being of service to the self.

That is truly what we are engaged in and all this conversation, words and dialog and facts and meanings are all supporting crew to the real drama that is playing out on the stage of your internal life.

Q: Thank you so much and while I of course must attune myself with my adjuster I too would like to appreciate the help from the midway brotherhood. I appreciate all the help that has gone on over the years and I appreciate any contact that might come from that domain.

Monjoronson: Very good, I applaud your effort. They can use all the volunteers they can get as we can with this Magisterial Mission and the other projects which are underway. You all have shown your willingness to volunteer and no more is asked of any volunteer than they are willing to give. So feel free to volunteer wherever you feel led to be of service because if it is the desire of your heart, then you will be pulled into play and you will get a chance to actualize your desire to be of service. So every one of you, feel free to volunteer for any service project that you feel led to and know that when you do this you are supported.

You have a vast support crew behind you offering you every manner of support but it is you who must actually make the choice and then follow through on the act. I will witness that cocreative process even in this hour; when you first express, when you first have the thought that you would like to be in service, then you express yourself, you are taking that thought and making it real out in the world through your expression. The last aspect of cocreativity is to follow through with the deed. The act of following through is the final step in your cocreative process. You have the conception, the idea, then you have the portrayal of the idea which brings it into the realm of realism and then having accepted it as real. The proof is your action.

You will all witness that when you do these things, no matter what it is, it becomes real right before your eyes. It may start as ambiguous as a thought but when that thought is carried through, through your choice of expression and then manifestation, that thought is now real and this pattern holds true throughout your universal career. You are just now waking up to it. That is why thought is so potent. Thought is the original generator, then expression gives birth to an ideal, then action follows through to cement it and confirm the reality of it.

It is so simple and yet so commonly overlooked for its potential. So I encourage all of you to experiment and you will see that if this process is adhered to then the results will demonstrate themselves. Would there be any final comments tonight as I understand they are watching the clock.


If there are no final comments tonight then I would bid you all a wonderful evening and until we meet again I bid you have a fruitful experience in taking out into the real world that which we only discuss in class. Each one of you may now go out and be that which we have discussed and in this process, all that we have discussed may become real to you when it is a matter of your personal experience. So go out into the fields, the highways and the byways and demonstrate to the world that you have an understanding, a relationship with spirit. There will be those who will be attracted to your beautiful flower and ask why is it that you grow so spectacular and beautiful? Who is it that prunes you and nurtures you to become such glorious specimens while still living in the shadows of materialism?

And you will report, I have seen the light. It shines on me and I respond to its call. If there be shadows I still recall the light and I am a child responding to this call, unfolding who I am regardless of my surroundings, to become the best I can be. Thank you all for hearing my words. Once again I cherish this opportunity as do you and I look forward to our next opportunity to commune in this fashion. Farewell.

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