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LLN115- Our Partnership

2007-03-27.  Our Partnership

Lightline #115

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought AdjusterMichaelMachiventa

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: This is Mark, I’m going to start, begin this process in the way that I know how. It’s not going to be just me for very long. There is abundant spirit presence available and so I will just begin by asking that we pool together our energies, that we focus them into the center of our circle, the center of our circuit and we visualize them as a great and powerful beam of light. This light dispels all darkness and in this process I ask as well that we present our inner guides with the petition and the permission in this moment to act for us. To pool their recourses if you will, to establish their connection, their circuitry to allow them to assist in this process with their enhanced circuitry and overlay it onto ours that we may be strengthened by the greater parts of ourselves. I ask that we be strong in our faith that this is so and in fact in so doing we are creating the reality that this is so.


The Voice: Having been petitioned I now step forward, I am this one’s voice and I make my way to the very edge of uncertainty as I struggle with the vast similarity between my presence and the presence of my partner and host who is also partner to other personalities in this process. It pushes my associate to the brink to consider the grandness of our partnership, that it could happen even to one as mortal as he, that I am here having been granted permission to access this form of communication to arouse within each of you the recognition that you as well harbor a divine partner, that you each as well have a fragment of divinity dwelling in your vehicle with you and that this divinely sanctioned partnership between your mortal component and the divine gift of grace from on high are designed to not only form a partnership but eventually a union and finally a true composite being where there will be no distinction between parts of your being.

At this juncture in your journey this may seem awkward and unfamiliar but that is as it should be. You are involved in this process of discovering your component parts and then joining in partnership between your component parts and then finally becoming a glorified whole being of unity. This process is designed to allow you to experience all these levels of discovery. If this entire relationship were overtly obvious to you from the beginning you would not have an opportunity to make many discoveries that you will make in your journey to find this union.

But it is your destiny to arrive at this place and while it is not desirable to rush such a treasure trove of experience it is also a burning desire within you to be about this process and to pursue such a lofty goal. That is why you are here now. You are gathering this experience along with the rest of your mortal and material experiences to make you a wealthy experiential being. But to those who seek they surely will find this part of their destiny and to you who are searching for avenues wherein you may enhance your discovery process, you most certainly are finding these, even creating them as you go along.

I ask you each one to consider what will be your individual personal turning point in your process of allowing yourself to become who you are. Will it be one lifetime or many? Will it be a specific experience, perhaps even a question of the soul which will arouse your willingness to declare yourself in partnership with divinity. Ask yourselves, what will it take until I can concede that I am partly divine in nature? Will I be able to accept that in this time, in this life? Can I embrace such a fact of my existence and possess conviction about such a reality as that?

When this question gets asked, there is a very deep internal response. When you feel this internal response, register your feeling of recognition, you are at that moment, very close to your indwelling divine fragment. I offer this question to stimulate you to seek the answer within and when you are in this process you will be accompanied by your inner voice and you will register a distinct presence and feeling around your entertaining such a deeply personal question.

No matter where you may go to find your spiritual consolation, no matter what external personalities you may find yourselves relying on to offer you words of spiritual encouragement, you always have on board your very vessel one who can provide you with ultimate and absolute certainties and convictions. It is that part of you that confirms your highest ideals and promotes your greatest understandings, even providing your insights and your aha moments. That is the one you will grow to lean on in your process of spiritual development. The other presences that you may be familiar with and comfortable with are assistants in this process, tutors to the real lesson of attaining communion with your voices within.

Lean on them as you so desire, as you need, as you are willing but be ever mindful that you need not look outside of the self for what you seek and you will over time and through your experiences, discover the truth of these words. I have used these word symbols to convey meanings to your mortal minds that may be useful and helpful to you but at the same time I have conveyed energy and pattern to your individual divine fragments and there has been recognition and reciprocation of this universal energy you might call love. And so on these different levels we have shared this moment and communed in this fashion, awkward though it may seem, it has nevertheless been successful.

I thank you for your willingness to approach such an exercise. There are very few venues on this entire planet where such a demonstration might have transpired and there are a great many observers present to see just how this works in the real world so to speak. You each are magnificent participants in this process and there is great anticipation regarding the success of such an experiment as we are engaged in this moment. I now withdraw, but as you are all aware, I go nowhere. I am onboard, I am inside with you in your vessel. I never leave. I am closer to you than you can imagine. We are squeezed into the same material vehicle and I await your recognition, your approval, your request and your signal to Me that we in fact may begin to act as partners in more full awareness. This will most certainly be so, only that which you call time intervenes and much of that is under your control.

I withdraw now to allow for an even greater experiment as I perceive you are all willing and ready and no one could ask for any more than that. I step down.

Michael: My fellow ambassadors, I address you now. I am your Father, your Creator, your Brother, your Friend and I desire to commune with you in this manner. You have presented yourselves before Me to be commissioned. You are in fact following Me when I request that you present yourselves to be in service to Me and you have volunteered and arrived at this place of your own free will. You register deep inside a calling, a longing, to follow Me where I may lead you and to be in service to Me as I request of you.

And so it is that we gather in this moment together. I am here to accept the petitions of your hearts, I am here to grant you what you request in your desire to more fully approach Me, more completely establish a relationship with Me. These prayers of yours are now being answered in this hour. I have indeed created you My children, and you have grown up to be such splendid examples of My children who are so devoted and loving that they are blossoming right before My eyes and blooming into the most magnificent of creations and I register that your desires are to serve in whatever capacities I may desire of you and in this hour your petitions for such are granted as well.

I will lead you in an exercise designed to facilitate this process and create between us a stronger bond and partnership that we may be the more effective in this process. First I would ask of you my dear ones, to reflect for a moment on your personal individual desires of commitment and ask you to consider: would you be willing, will you be willing to act in My stead? That is, would you represent Me to the others? Will you be My hands? Will you be My voice? Do you desire this in your hearts My dear ones? Please consider My requests and answer Me directly in your hearts, now.

If you are so willing, if this represents the desire of your hearts, then I ask you to do this for Me. Right now in this moment, I ask you to put out your hand, palm raised, right now, as if no other moment ever mattered before. Put your hand out and declare internally that you would receive what I would desire to give you. Feel in your hands, through your very flesh, feel My love pour into your being. This is My commission to you, with you, for you, as you. I ask that you do this for Me. Beyond your ability to do it for you, I ask that you do it in My name for Me, now. My dear ones, I tell you plainly it is My desire to do this with you, to do this for you. Now in this moment take your hand and place it over your heart right now.

If you agree to do this for Me then certainly you will do this for you as this represents My desire. My hand is now on your heart. It is your hand but you have agreed to be My hands, therefore is this hand our hands and I, we, now place this on your heart, on your vehicle, on your vessel right now. I ask that you receive from My hand that which I wish to bestow upon you. The certainty and the conviction of My presence, not without but within your own self. Feel My love enter into you. It is My desire that this be so and you are in partnership with Me in this process and you know My dear ones, that what I desire and the Father desires, simply is.

And so it is that your hand is My hand, that your heart is My heart. Now my dear ones, breathe deeply and fully. Breathe in My love, breathe in my presence, breathe in my desire, see yourself in this partnership with Me. And now we create a new place within you wherein I may reside. We create this in this moment because this represents your will and mine and His who sent Me. And in this moment my dear child, we create this reality together. I will join you in this new place. You will join Me in this new place. We will meet here in this place we have just formed and we will enjoy our new strengthened partnership. It is so, it is so.

You who have followed Me all this way, now follow Me within as I take us to a new dwelling place. I desire to ride along with you. I desire that you represent Me as we go through your life experience. If this represents your desire as well , then surely it will be made so. I ask you to simply be here with Me in this place now, to feel My presence, to be surrounded by My love and the love of your Mother who so completely surrounds you, She even is the energy that comprises you. We desire to function with you in greater awareness of our relationship and I offer you My commitment to ride along with you and offer you My conviction, My peace, My wisdom when you seek it.

And I ask of you simply that you invite Me in and share your journey with Me that it may become our journey, that I may once again walk this earth as you. I sense in this circuitry the human condition to recoil from the realization and ideal that you are in fact designed to function in this capacity. I allow you your uncertainties and recognize your lack of experience. But My dear ones that is what we are here to establish, that is what you are creating in this very moment. The experience that you crave that will bring you your conviction, that will bolster your willingness, these are what we together will grow in this process. Do not be hard on yourselves for having uncertainties and doubts and lack of experience. This is exactly as it is and as it should be. I forgive you all of these.

I have created you to be as you are and therefore there is nothing to forgive, only to cherish and to love and that I do and that I will, forever and always, above all things I will love you and cherish you. And these requests I make of you are not burdens for you to consider but opportunities for you to embrace as you are ready and as you are willing. And so these suggestions, these callings are lighthearted and joyful with no pressure for a response or your compliance in any way. You have shown your willingness to follow Me and I doubt not that you will proceed in like fashion. Therefore do I just take this moment to savor what we have shared, to drink in this cup with you.

We have communed together, you and I, and you have requested My presence and I have requested yours and we have granted each other’s petitions and we have each grown in our love for each other. Come to Me my dear ones as often as you can manage, as frequently as you can remember, recall these moments of our communion together and visit Me in this place we have created that is always within you ready to receive Me. I will join you there whenever you will meet Me there and together this will be our safe place. When you have doubts and uncertainties bring them to this place and we will discuss them. When you have joys and victories and accomplishments, bring to this place and we will savor them. When you wonder what direction you should go next let us meet at this place and I will counsel you. I promise you My dear ones, I am there for you anytime, every time, all the time.

Only ask and you shall receive. The truths of this statement will become apparent in your journey. For now, take this truth on faith. Ask and you shall receive. I am most pleased to have participated in this experiment, this exercise with you. In this hour we are breaking new ground collectively and individually and I need you each one in this process. I cherish you My dear ones, you can’t imagine the depth of My love for you but keep trying and you will understand and perceive more and more. As you ask, so shall you receive. I now leave you with My peace but as I have said, I never really leave you and I will meet you any time of your choosing. We will be together more and more as your journey unfolds and becomes our journey. For now I leave you My peace and My love as does your Mother and we bid you good evening.

Machiventa: Greetings, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I hesitate to change your energy observation in any way from such a magnificent display of grace by your Creator, but I make my way into this arena because you will allow me to do so and I have a much more material request of you. As you are aware, it is my responsibility to develop the curriculum for the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission and the many other projects whose names are not relevant in this moment.

I come to you to ask your assistance. We have been engaged in this process for some time and some of you are relatively new and some of you have been with this process for a long period of time. We have tried a great number of approaches and we are always seeking to refine the effectiveness of the curriculum and any individual approach that may be effective. Therefore do I ask any of you who will, to contribute to this process, to be our mortal link to what works for you individually because you are the ones who are the forerunners of what will work for the rest of your species.

Over the next week or two I invite you to help us in this process to refine those elements which have been meaningful to you, have been effective for you, and that show promise at being effective for those who will come after you. If you would take the time to give some consideration to what it is that has worked for you in this process, what it is that has not worked for you in this process, what tools that you have found to be useful, what approaches you have benefitted from and in your reflection if you could forward your thoughts to a central point then we may begin to distill down from the comments of the students what direction the teachers might proceed in that is most effective, if you will, a critique of the process of the Teaching Mission, of the Correcting Time. What would you do?

If you would take the time to do this we may gain some significant insight what you are thinking and how you are reacting in this process. We are not mind readers in my order. We require your conveying your thoughts so that we may fully understand your level of awareness and understanding in relationship to the lessons that have been presented. We may then refine the curriculum and address your questions, your concerns, raise your issues or topics of discussion so that you may the more directly benefit from our efforts. It is an invitation, it is not a mandatory homework assignment but it is designed to facilitate your awareness that you are a part of this process, that you are needed in this process to refine it and develop it. You are in fact our mortal counterparts in the entire chain from divinity to mortality and we crave your observations.

If this request resonates with you then please forward your observations, questions, thoughts regarding anything and we will most certainly be evaluating your evaluations and in this way we may most profitably and honestly help each other without the obstacle of having to guess based upon your reactions whether or not the lessons were effective or the questions you might have. Thank you for your consideration of my request and I as well would share the sentiments of your Lord and Creator that you are cherished and loved beyond your imagination, even cared for beyond your recognition and that no matter what arises as we proceed through this experience of life you are well cared for and you are completely safe in your exploration of who you really are in this process.


Thank you for entertaining my requests. I withdraw now and hope that you may still bask in the glow and the love and the affection poured out upon all of you. Farewell.

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