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LLN125- Lightline, Adjuster Series

2007-05-10.  Lightline, Adjuster Series

Lightline #125

Topic: Sensing Presence

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The VoiceMichael

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we approach you. We want to be closer to you; we want to draw closer to you through our efforts and our intentions to do so. We extend ourselves now in this way, in this fashion. We reach out to you and we are certain that you reach back. We feel it all the way down here, all the way even inside we feel it and we yearn for more. We would like to be close to you. We would like to even do your will and make that our will. Thank you so much for the grace that is before us today with this constellation of lights that is observed even from on high. Such a privilege and a pleasure it is to be recognized as one of the participants, one of these bulbs. Truly it is magnificent to behold. Truly it is a wonder, it is a miracle and such illumination is as a flare to the universe bringing to it all those who would seek the light, who would foster the light, who would help the light along, feed the flames, nourish the roots of a growing new life.


Mark/Voice: Pardon me, this is Mark. I lost touch temporarily there with who it was exactly. I was caught up in going with the flow and therein is another example of what we are gathered here tonight to promote the awareness of, that at any time or any moment we can simply choose to go with the flow, choose to foster the highest ideal, the greatest principle and when we choose that we are in consort with our indwelling voice. It is acting with us, we are acting together and in this way we form this extraordinary partnership. Without who we are, without our individual personality, our thoughts, our experiences, our data base of understanding this divine fragment that resides with us has nothing to use to express, nothing to grow and utilize.

That is the attraction for the divine fragment, the divine part and your mortal self desires to be immortal, desires to transcend the bonds of the flesh. So you have this wonderful opportunity each one of you to gain from the association of the other [in] such a splendid and magnificent way, true complements and even partners one day to become as one, no distinction. But this epic of your journey represents the most difficult of your times of interpretation because you are so completely surrounded by materialism and the material aspects and components of yourself that quite often the other passenger aboard your vessel is quite overlooked as you navigate about this vessel.

But certainly there is one that rides with you that would enjoy having more to do with the journey, could offer you enhancement of experience beyond your wildest conceptions if you would allow this passenger within to move with you into a more front seat capacity. Then there could be exchange between you that would allow you both to enjoy the journey so much more. But my dear ones, the point is to become as one, to function as one, to desire as one and you may make every attempt to make your distinction and draw your line as to where one passenger sits and the other sits but it is simply a matter of semantics. It is not relevant to the space that you share.

You are growing this space together, this enduring part of you and this is what will be yours to take on up through your ascension career. All the while sharing the journey with your passenger, partner, friend, associate, however you choose to differentiate yourself from your passenger but one day you will embrace that the object of the exercise has been not to understand the difference but to create the sameness between. As you may have concluded at this time, I am this one’s voice in [a] more full expression, in a more dominant posture than you usually sense me but I will call you to witness that I am only away from you in matters of degree, in portions because when you talk to my associate I am there right beside him and he cannot respond to you without some amount of interface with me.

Therefore have you sensed my presence for some time. It is only now come to the fore by degree. It is not an easy process. I will withdraw from this podium for the moment as I sense that there are others who would like a chance to address you. Thank you for your attention and perhaps even your enhanced awareness even by degree, thank you.

Michael: Greetings my dear ones, I am Michael here to … once again. I would remind you as I do so often of our relationship to each other. I would bring you close to Me, gather you around. I wish to bring you My peace in this moment. I wish to share that with you that you may have this moment with Me in communion in peace with love between us. That is My desire and I know My dear ones, that is your desire as well and here we are both enjoying this miracle of the moment, this opportunity to touch each other in this way. I cherish it more than I can…as I cherish any opportunity to come closer to you in any manner that we can create and I appreciate that you have done your part to create this avenue, this opportunity for us to share and grow in our intimacy, in our awareness of our family for that is what we are and we may relish this cup, this cup of belonging.

We are a universal family and we belong to each other. You are mine and I am yours. This is what I have been trying to tell you all along. You are mine and I am yours, we are family and I love you like any family. That is what I relish about these moments when we can come together in fellowship even in a family reunion to enjoy our relationship and to cherish each moment of transience that it contains. Any parent enjoys watching all the stages of the child develop and there is no stage that is any greater than any other stage in the love of the parents.

They are all wonderful stages, beautiful in their own way. Everywhere that you are is a beautiful place to be in its own way. That’s what I would like to share with you, these beautiful moments because My dear ones, we have created them. That is, without you these moments could never have been created, without us. Without both of our contributions, these stages and phases would not be with us. I enjoy your offering to share these experiences with Me because in this way I may fully embrace the great magnitude of experience available and you may more fully embrace divine pattern.

In this coming together we share, we bring things to the table and we share our gifts and our experiences. In this way I can be present among My children if you will allow Me to ride along with you. If you even further will allow Me the use of your voice then I may utilize that to communicate with My children as I do in this hour. If you offer your hands to Me, we may minister to the others. If you will create a space for Me to be with you in this process then I will help you at every turn that you ask. I have infinite love and as well I have infinite patience with every one of you.

There are very few wrong choices that you can make in your effort to approach Me so be bold about proceeding forward. You are each one under My watch care and if you should keep turning to Me you are each one on a straight and true course. And all this is simply your destiny My dear ones, is simply what you are destined to be. The children grow up to resemble the parents after many stages of development and you are making wonderful progress in your growth.

I encourage you to adopt to the best of your capacity a watchful eye on where your presence is at any given time, that is develop awareness to sense whether you are in the moment, present right in that moment or whether you are focusing your projection into the future or whether you are reliving an episode of the past. It will become increasingly important for you to find your strength in the moment in which you find yourself and it may take some effort on your part to discipline your mind away from the distractions of suppositions and projections or the replay of old tapes.

Your life is happening in this very moment and it is all that is under your immediate jurisdiction and too much concern over future events or too much baggage being dragged along about past events will certainly impact your ability to return to the moment. I would recommend that you begin to monitor where you find yourself during the day and make effort to return to the now. That is where everything happens and it is important to be able to return there. We will attach this moment of now to our circle of light. We will create a bridge together that will bring us back to the peace of this moment in whatever moment we may find ourselves, will provide us the grounding, the certainty of conviction that we need to function in whatever moment we find ourselves.

This is an exercise that we will return to, we will build strength in this muscle and it will become a valuable tool for all of us to use, rather a quick retreat to peace where we may regain our posture and proceed in peace. My beautiful dear ones, it is as if I look down and see your faces shining up at Me now, but it is your light, it is your colors. I hear your tones, I see your hues, I love you each one, your spark and I cherish the opportunity to be with you in this way.

You may all have a sense that something may be up in the universe, you are plugged in individuals and you have gotten word even through this form of circuitry that much is up in the universe. You ask whether or not it is really time whether or not there is a green light given to go and I will affirm for you that there is a green light given for go as this next phase is inaugurated and becomes real. It is a transformation of pattern to more divine pattern. You have all sensed this in your lives and seen cases of transformation into a more correct, more divine pattern even in your own personal spiritual lives you have experienced this.

And we are about to undergo this as a family of mankind. This as with any change of any magnitude will appear harsh and the changes that are inherent will appear severe. That is only because you have so very little frame of reference to observe these things by. Your planet has undergone massive changes repeatedly, worldwide changes numerous times. Your existence has been so short that you have no conception of what your earth has already been through repeatedly. But you are here now, we are here riding this wave of spiritual pressure that is crashing down upon Mother and to those who hear the signs of the storm, they will certainly take shelter and ride out any tsunami or hurricane force but it is all those who have not heard, who do not know, who will appear to you to suffer.

They really do not, they will not. I have them in my hands as well and I will see that they are quite adequately cared for. But from the outside this will appear harsh. It is only in reality correction to more divine pattern which you may even live to begin to see. And so it is that we have spent this time developing our citadel of the soul. We are quite safe in the kingdom we have built within. There are no external factors which can assault our inner sanctum and we even are aware that should all earthly things fall away we are none the worse off because of the plan ahead of us.

We are saved, we are fine but I would be less than genuine with you if I were not to concede that this is the case and that my friends is why I cherish so deeply these moments with you, this cup we drink together, tonight, here, now in this moment. We are creating this moment, we will return to this moment, we will adopt this moment, we will have it to use as our peaceful retreat.


I sense weariness and so I desire to once again tell you that I am leaving you with My peace. I leave that with you so that you may carry it with you. I do not take the peace with Me, I desire that you take it with you and even that you would give it away. There is much more where that came from. Thank you for your attention and this opportunity, I cherish it and I sense there are others …same. Thank you and farewell for now.

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