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LLN130- Mind Reception of Spirit Information

2007-06-21.  Mind Reception of Spirit Information

Lightline #130

Topic: Mind Reception of Spirit Information

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The VoiceMonjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark/The Voice: The mind has a specific place that it keeps in this process [stillness] and it can derail the properties of spirit if it is allowed to come in and unduly influence the process. If in the process of trying to receive information, which is everyone’s lot, mistake not, whether you think you are capable or whether you have any experience or whether you think this relates to you, it does. This will be happening more and more frequently and easily in and among all of us. The spiritual pressure that is being applied to the planet is such that it is going to activate a bunch of these circuitries some of which are dormant and some of which are being created.

Each one of us are going to have to reconcile with this balance of receptivity and the influence of the mind because if you allow it to, the mind will sweep in and disrupt the spiritual receptivity;

Q: Sometimes sitting in stillness so much information is downloaded into our soul or whatever part of us that we aren’t even aware of. It’s not always necessary that we always understand or hear something.


Mark/Voice: Exactly, that is the point I’m trying to make with the disconnect if you will with the mind wanting to interpret, to get it. A lot of what is happening when in contact is not of the mind and cannot be understood or reconciled by the mind because simply the mind does not recognize it, it’s not used to it and so it will attempt to take over in this process and I’m hearing out there and in expressions from the group is people are hesitant to consider that they have been contacted by spirit because they have gone the second mile and let their mind come in and really talk them out of it, tell them there’s a thousand reasons why it couldn’t have been or there are doubts. There certainly is uncertainty and mind will make every attempt to bring your experience back into its comfort zone and it can’t do that with what you’re experiencing.

What you are experiencing is a spiritual experience, from the heart and you do not have enough experience with it in the mind so the mind tries to drag you back into its understanding and will instantly bring up questions and doubts as to whether it was that really spirit, did I feel anything, could that really be happening? What if it isn’t, what if I can’t, what if it doesn’t, what if I don’t get it? These are all questions that the mind will use to disrupt the process. As soon as you start questioning what’s going to happen, how’s it going to happen, can it happen, it does happen but will it happen, I tell you that right here in this very second of time that we’re sharing, those questions are present on the perimeter of my consciousness.

If I allowed those very questions, what is going to happen tonight, who might come in as a teacher, I don’t know, don’t have a clue. What’s going to transpire, is it going to be good? I assume it’s going to be good, but I don’t know for sure. Well what if it doesn’t happen, what if there are no teachers or messages, what then? If all of it happens and I miss speak or say something unacceptable or made a fool or will the process still uphold as it has? Those are all valid questions or concerns and any one of those if I allow it in to this environment will stop the process. I will immediately become inhibited by the fear of uncertainty and though my process is to simply not entertain any thought like that, any thought at all that has the potential of being the carrier wave of doubt or uncertainty.

I choose to reflect on my experience and my love of God, my relationship to spirit and I just take a big deep breath….ahhh…right. How could I allow my mind to run off with the doubts and yet it’s just right there at any instance, you’re mind could entertain the doubts and then the process either slows, is crippled or is killed. I point this out because I think that most if not all of you out there are getting some kind of brush with spiritual contact and I understand how easy it is, how prone we all are to make little that experience to the point where doubt will rule and once there’s doubt in the whole experience it’s just incredibly hard to overcome. So since our thoughts are bringing us our reality we would be well served to monitor those and particularly those that are crippling and can derail our desired results.

I appreciate the opportunity to talk about that because I think everyone needs some sense of liberation, some freedom to just be and just do and let go and release all the what ifs and uncertainty that abound in this process and swim to the island of conviction and certainty that we know are spiritual connections. We know The Father loves, we know we are tenderly cared for by divine parents, we even know that part of these magnificent divine parents indwells us thereby giving us a divine lineage and heritage. Therefore we are descendants of the divine, we are aspects of the divine.

The Voice: I would now make formal announcement of my presence, I am this one’s voice so named by him. I enter this arena at this time in great pleasure to have such a willing partner that we may address you in this manner. As you have just witnessed there was a blurring of authorship of the message you just received and until I declared my presence you could have gone uncertain as to the origin and source of such inspiration and wisdom. You could have considered that it was my loyal companion alone having regurgitated some message he had read or perhaps even received in a meditation. But I will point out to you that you did sense a change in flavor, a change in tone, a change in vibration and this change that you noted that you interpreted is the point that was made earlier in referring to spirit communication and its overall….[beep]..

Having distinguished between this different vibration and your normal vibration of interaction you are becoming more and more aware of this line that is crossed when you engage yourselves in spirit. You find that your normal conversations take on a tone of upliftment, your sharing with your friends takes on a tone of appreciation for the gifts. Everything that you do and perceive in your lives looks different, feels different, has a different sense about it. When you bring spirit into the equation the addition of the influence of spirit elevates your perspective, enhances your gratitude, promotes your understanding and guides you to wisdom.

These qualities are resident when you assume the right posture, the mode of inviting spirit into your equation. In this way you are choosing to upgrade and all of your normal and routine activities are enhanced and elevated to greater levels. Each one of you, every one of you, who has contact with these words is developing the potential to have a direct communication with your inner voice and as well you are becoming sensitive to the many energies that are brushing by you in their interface with those who will be willing to entertain them, willing to invite them in.

As well those of you we hear these words are quite safe in your exploration of the spiritual realm because you have granted your permission to your divine parents to be lovingly guided and fostered in your approach. Therefore should you have no fear, you are protected by a universe that is friendly to you and you are fostered in your growth and development, encouraged to reach out beyond your current restrictions and embrace more of who you are in this process. When you feel as though the vibration has shifted, the level has raised, accept this as a gift from on high, indeed the answers to your prayers. Do not recoil in fear or doubt or entertain any of these obstacles when you are in your exercises to explore spirit, rather when you feel the brush of spirit, perhaps the enhancement of your senses, the elevation of your physiology in response, it is then that it is most beneficial to take that deep breath and to let go of whichever direction your mind would seek to take you in right then.

Simply let it go. If you are being brushed by spirit you are being asked to dance, you are being asked if you are willing to be a partner, you are willing to interface as the very link between the divine and the material, the spirit and the manifested presence. When you encounter these experiences simply allow yourself to be and to feel. You will gain far more with your intuitive senses than you will attempting to define with your mind what it is you are supposed to experience. Simply allow yourself the freedom to be swept up in the process, to be a willing partner in the dance. It is then that you will make your greatest strides in spiritual awareness and understanding, not when you sit fervently and reflect with your mind on what it should be like, might be like, could be like, or surely would be like.

Rather allow yourself the freedom of experience to simply feel what it is like in that moment, because your mind is well adept at removing you from the present moment by consideration of the past or projection into the future; you have forsaken yourself of the moment. What an incredible opportunity this represents for us both. This bridge that we are building even in this moment represents a magnificent accomplishment between the spirit and the material through the use of the mind, this mind, to convey thoughts which are carried out on vibrations and then your mind to interpret these vibrations to bring them into your own being. Perhaps even now you are more feeling these messages than it is necessary for you to hear them.

They are expressed on this carrier wave of spirit, this new way of understanding, of perceiving, of being and you as a mortal of the realm are venturing into spirit land in your attempts to do such things. You are literally transcending your restrictions as we speak. To those of you who devote yourselves to this new way of knowing, this new sense of awareness, you will soon recognize that many of the limitations that you have assumed in your days walking this earth will be dissolved and removed as you move into a realm where these restrictions simply do not apply. I welcome and embrace this opportunity to build such a bridge with you and I perceive that you do too and I respectfully will now withdraw and allow such a brilliant opportunity to others who are desiring to access it as well, thank you.

Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson once again thrilled to accept your invitation to be with you here this evening. Without such invitations there would be no forum, no room made for such as we both delight in sharing this evening, but with your invitations all things are possible. I refer to your invitation not only to myself, not only to be willing to hear from another teacher or even one individuals voice saying the collective thoughts of all the voices but as well I refer to your invitation that you give to your experience your life that you live.

When you have enjoyed the benefits of drinking of the cup of spiritual refreshments you so eagerly and willingly turn to life, your experience all around you and offer to share, offer to be of service you so willingly invite life into your presence because you are coming from a place of awareness and of love and this naturally transpires into the desire to be of service and to share. And so it is as a result of your initial invitation to invite the likes of me into your experience field, so does it proceed out from you as your invitation to life itself to be raised, to be elevated to higher levels.

The invitation that you provide is the most potent single act that an individual can do to open themselves up and create the room whereby all else can transpire. If the room is not available, if the space has not been provided then all that the universe has to provide cannot be accommodated, it cannot be entertained. But when you have provided the space, when you do provide the arena wherein you promote the advent of spirit then you flood the arena with potential. And so it is that in your lives through your invitations you are creating these great pools of potential within you, these great areas that are designed to accommodate that which you wish to receive in your lives.

Even though you are at this point largely unaware and uncertain as to exactly what that is, nevertheless you devotedly prepare the space, create the environment where you may receive and as a result you most certainly receive. So it is, the universal pattern, you ask and you receive. You create the space, it is filled with spirit. And now perhaps as we have spoken of before you will as well create an open space to entertain your onboard partner. You labor tirelessly with your partner that shares your vessel, shares your life, your experiences and yet there is often times not a parlor where your meet, where you entertain each other, where you become closer in this process.

So if you are ever willing as you demonstrate, to create the space to be entertained in your parlor then perhaps it is not so far afield to think that there is also plenty of space for you to entertain your partner in this ascension career. Many times you brush experiences throughout your day as you are inspired, as you sense that something larger just occurred and then the brush is past but you also may at any point in your forward journey decide to reside awhile together to get to know each other better, to become more intimate that you may become better partners. You become so preoccupied with the activities of your day and routine tends to wipe out any potential for anything new and this wonderful organ of the mind that you have tends to be rather incessant.

Between all these factors you are bumped hither and to and you do not make the necessary allowance, create the necessary space for you to have an environment conducive to simply meeting with that other aspect of yourself. If these words ring true then I encourage you to just as you would devote the time to calling in and hearing these words or reading them in transcript form is that same focus and attention to your pursuits of hearing from the one within and you will have positive results. This is a significant thing to ask of a mortal of the realm. To even comprehend the principles is advanced among your peoples but all things are possible and to those of you who are reaching beyond your boundaries, certainly such as this is well within the realm of possibility.

So I encourage you to give it a try, after all you have nothing to lose, everything to gain and even if your attempts at creating this communion falls short of your expectations, I assure you progress will be made at every turn and success is imminent. Only time stands between you and all that you seek. I sense that the hour grows long and that there have been much provided to digest in tonight’s session but I would not draw this to a close until I have made room for any suggestions, comments or questions that you might have regarding anything that you might have on your minds. Would there be any takers tonight?


Q: Listening is kind of like the sailing in spirit aspect. If you ever go sailing you know you have to hold the rudder just right sort of thing but once you got it then you kind of do, to be more of your genuine self, huh?….to elicit that in others and be alive in this universe.

Monjoronson: And I will echo you, once you got it you kind of do, absolutely. It has to be experienced and then you have it and once you have it, it’s yours and it is a beautiful thing throughout the process. The acquirement of the experience that enables you to get it and then the awareness that you got it and then the perfection of that that you’ve got. Every stage has its properties that are unique and special to it and all stages are to be embraced for they are the experiential equivalents of ascending a staircase. You need them all, all the steps are significant and important in the process. Thank you for your comment

Q; Thank you for being here.

Q: It is nice hearing you again. I have some concerns about the comments of the galactic federation concerning first contact and they mentioned returning us to full consciousness and I’m interested what in fact this first contact from extra-terrestrials will have on the magisterial mission also they mentioned it being directed by heaven. What celestial personalities from your side are in touch with these extra-terrestrials and . …….being driven in conjunction with your magisterial mission?

Monjoronson: Well my friend, the raising of the consciousness of the family of mankind is and always has been the mission at hand and that has not changed nor will it. Our mandate is that this be established as is the normal process of any planet proceeding towards the stages of light and life. This is not unusual or in any way outside of the process that we are engaged in. As to the timetable involved in the raising of this consciousness and awareness there are many factors involved in the determination of the exact when and where of all that will come to transpire, but rest assured that we are on a fast track at this point, otherwise you would not have access anything like a galactic federation update.

As well you have been well informed and are coming to embrace that all things are embraced in God’s plan and the workings of any particular species or cultures or planets or universes are all coordinated through one gigantic I am if you will. You may refer to that however you like, as God, as heaven, as divine, as on high, as even relating to certain personalities that you might pick and choose to denominate as superiors such as myself; but we are all one in our proceeding through this process of raising the consciousness of mankind and as a result of this plan there will be many and numerous changes to physical manifestations, to patterns of thinking, to ways of living to concepts of the divine and many more areas that will be impacted as a result of this shift in consciousness.

There will be no stone left unturned by the time the shift in consciousness is in full swing because the consciousness controls all the environments and all that is and all that happens and all that will be. So when you shift in consciousness and awareness as a matter of necessity the shadow must follow the substance and when you have a change of that magnitude, certainly all else will change to accommodate. Your species, yourselves, your nations, they are all adaptable. Your planet, your universe, they are all adaptable and change being the only constant, we shall endeavor to accommodate any changes as they come into our sphere of awareness.

There are many changes occurring even now that are beyond your spheres of awareness. You are having internal changes daily. The spiritual pressure applied to this planet daily is restructuring your very physical makeup, is reprogramming your internal senses, is awakening dormant circuitry and many other shifts are now proceeding apace internally among you all and although you look to the great earth changes and tsunamis and earthquakes to herald the new times I tell you tsunamis and the earthquakes are already in full force among your brothers and sisters as they experience the unknown, the brush of spirit.

Most will in fear recoil, or in doubt or uncertainty will withdraw because they have not the experience that you are developing even in this hour to entertain spirit, to invite it in, to bring it in to your experience. So having the tsunamis and earthquakes already begun, when the family of man has survived the internal shakings then all things external won’t seem so bad, won’t seem so magnificent because all things internal will have been settled. As for this issues that you address of first contact, it is rather a inappropriate term as your planet has had numerous contacts for millennium but I understand that this expression refers to the expansion of awareness that you have a cosmic family as well as simply a brotherhood of man on Urantia.

This is a good and proper step for any planet proceeding to light and life, to be expanded in their awareness that they certainly are not alone, they are not forsaken, they are not isolated, they are not unknown. They do have family that extend beyond their current perceptions and when they are allowed to experience this reality it will serve greatly to enlarge their perception of oneness, of what family can truly mean, of the fact that they are all associated and connected, that this whole organism of life is connected. But these realizations come at a price because no longer will you be safe clinging to your ideas of stable material realities that are unchanging and ultimately reliable because nothing in the material realm is unchanging and reliable although you would like to put these qualities upon it, it simply is not so.

When you release your grip on your desire to halt change and preserve forever a condition then you will be free to experience reality as it is, not the way your mind would have it or the way you knew it one time or the way you would like it to be but rather how it is. You will experience this as a great sense of freedom because you will no longer be bound and fettered to a particular anything because you will accept that everything is part of the whole of which you are a part which is part of you and it is all, you are all one. Would there be any other participants this evening? If there are no other contributors then I would conclude if you would join me in a prayer.

To the Great Presence of One, we recognize that we all have relationship to You, that we are all part of You and that You are a part of us. Our journey becomes your journey, our experiences become your experiences. May we embrace more fully each day our relationship with You, our connection to You that we may be more and more a pure reflection of your love and your light out to all the world, whatever world we find ourselves on, out to all the others whomever they may be because we know they are of You as well. Let us expand our consciousness and awareness to include all that is. Let us portray your beauty, your light and your love everywhere we go and in all of our actions. It is the unified desire of our collective hearts to serve You because we love You and because we feel your love. Thank you for helping us to create the space to entertain You, to create the arena where we may visit with You, for us to be closer to You in this way and in all ways. Take our expression of love as we literally breathe it out to You as a result of our being. Thank you.


(fragment out of place) that is if your goal is to be spiritually receptive, then we talk about things like the stillness, the emptiness, the receptivity, the openness removed from thought, absent from preconception and as long as we can maintain this state of openness it turns into a state of awareness, of receptivity. You get to this place in a lot of different ways we have been practicing among us. The avenues of worship and prayer bring you right into this state of receptivity and when you get there it is imperative that you not let the mind derail you when you feel a spiritual presence come around you. When you are visited, brushed by a spiritual presence.

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