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LLN136- Inner Voice-Human Partners

2007-07-19. Inner Voice-Human Partners

Lightline #136

Topic: Inner Voice & Human Are Partners

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The Voice, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: Since you are an experimental platform here I’m being asked to share a personal thought pattern that I review occasionally in this thought process. It refers to the breath. It came to me some time back that the breath is mother earth moving through us, coming in and going out, most of the time without our personal observation or awareness. But I’ve discovered the potency and significance of stepping into a chain of natural events and adding intent, adding focus to the process. When I make myself present to really observe and feel and really participate in the breath it provides a level of potency to the process because I’ve signed on to it, I’ve agreed to participate.

So since it is the natural ongoing rhythm that mother has provided for us I’ve decided to attach my intention to it and when I breath in I take in the essence of mother and the very first few breaths in the centering process are always cleansing breaths, clearing out the unwanted elements that are present and petitioning mother to clean those out as she travels through the system and then 3 or 4 breaths in I focus a direct intention onto the breath and I project it from my physical being, from my presence. I project this energy physically with the exhalation of the breath but I also project this energy spiritually with the charge that I put on it.

Then I focus this beam, this direction of intent and energy and I can put it anywhere. I can put it on another individual that I wish to bring comfort and aid. I can connect with others in the grid, even like yourselves right now and I can also use it to project my intention, my will, my presence out into the spirit land that we are venturing into in this process and there I find my celestial friends and I project my presence out into that arena that platform of awareness. Very soon, very quickly I am transported to wherever I’m projecting on the wavelength, on the very breath that I breathe, the breath of intent, the breath of purpose.

This is the fastest way to come to the center, to come to the stillness and this is the process that I use to regain center whenever I need to. Often during sessions like this I become derailed by some external influence like my neighbor rolling up in the fire truck and the beeper going off and it takes a supreme effort to regain footing and refocus myself even though there are events going on around me and it’s always the breath, the focused intention, the alignment of the entire being; for me it’s the breath. Then there’s the alignment, the prayer.

Prayer: Divine Parents and celestial personalities that surround this process, join us as we come together to join you in this process. Help us to be close to you in this process and to follow your leading and to accept that that The Father would offer to us in this hour. We trust that this is so and we act in faith in this hour, thank you.


The Voice: I greet you all who are gathered here present to receive me and to receive the association with your own inner voices. I am this ones voice but I speak as one with and for the other voices. Like you just now, I have been impressed with the grace and simplicity of the simple experience of my mortal counterpart and associate. He has spoken from his heart, from his own personal experience and it has resonated with truth, with beauty and with goodness and I stand with you in observation that this is so.

I recognize as you do that it is inherently possible within the human framework to act in a higher than normal capacity, even a divine capacity and you may then ask was it I, this ones voice speaking? Am I the one responsible for prompting this mortal associate to come forward with such a personal observation? There exists an association, a partnership and each partner is respectful of the territory of the other partner and neither would desire to trample on the other. In this way there is respect for where each partner may be in the relationship.

Tonight, what you just heard was an expression free of my direct influence. It was a natural and free expression of a mortal of the realm and that also appeared divinely inspired. How is it then that one begins to associate divinity with association of your inner voice, your divine partner when in fact you are mortals of the realm in training to be divine. It is your choice how to act and react. There are no pressures applied to make you conform to any given scenario; rather you are constantly in flux and you are deciding and choosing your next belief, your next act, your next statement of divinity.

It is true that often we work together. I can inspire and prompt and lead and you can be inspired. You can act as if you are certain. You can follow through with the conviction that this is so and in this way we are in partnership completely. But there are times when your expressions are ones that are yours, that are natural, that are of you and they are of divine inspiration. This is not something to be seen as remarkable or unusual in any fashion because this is according to divine plan. You are growing up to be these little points of divinity. I understand that there exists a gulf between where you stand and observe yourself within the context of the world and this ideal that you harbor that divinity is beyond mortal attainment; you must be super mortal, you must be a master, you must be perfected, you must be wise and old.

These are all your individual opinions and are not necessarily relevant to the truth of the matter because you are each acting in this capacity already. The more you choose to allow this to be so the more this can be so, the less you would need to rely on hearing from others whether you are following the path. I appreciate your willingness to devote yourselves to projects such as this, even projects to develop your inner voice. As a result of your efforts the circuits are increasing and your capacities are increasing and you will see a shift in abilities and ease in this process.

This as well is as according to divine plan. It is a pleasure to address such a willing group who will hear with the ears of spirit and embrace these truths. In this process we will grow closer together, there is no doubt. I will open up this platform for others to utilize at this time. Thank you and farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings my dear associates, I am Monjoronson here responding to your collective invitation to join you. As you are detecting, things are heating up and seem to be happening at a faster pace. This is what you have anticipated and there should be no surprises that it is here to experience at this time. You all have devoted much energy and attention to joining the ranks of those who are hearing the call and willing to offer themselves in service. I accept your offers. I accept your desires to be of assistance to work together to uplift this planet and the family of man. It is our distinct privilege and pleasure to be able to work on a project like this together at this time.

Truly it is the grace of The Father above that we are allowed to come together in this way and work so closely together, the mortal and the spiritual counterparts so closely aligned in the process. I have seen your diligence in this process, I have witnessed your participation. I also am aware of your prayers and your thoughts, your offering to contribute to the energy grid to be directed and used by myself and the others. These are valuable contributions you make in this process made all the more so valuable because you are agondontors of the realm; you have yet to see with the mortal eyes what you are glimpsing with your spiritual eyes even now and yet you pursue and proceed forward with such dedication and perseverance.

Truly you are the way showers heading down the path, discovering the routes to assist the others as they follow in your footsteps. This is such a distinct privilege and honor and you bear this well. You each one are humbled before the process and this is well. You may sense in the coming days if you have not already, a greater sense of connection, of being able to feel the general vibration, the general permeation of spiritual vibration. This may take some getting used to because it has been quite subtle up until now but this increase will come to be a familiar beacon, a guiding light to you throughout your journey.

It is the vibration of the Supreme and we all long to align ourselves with it. And as well you should accept this new gift of grace as it dawns on you and be thankful that you have more to respond to, the call is greater, the signal is stronger and this should make it much easier for you to realize whether you are in resonance, whether you are vibrating at the cosmic frequency or whether you are in discord or in disharmony with this frequency. This will provide you the tool to use to know that you are following the proper compass heading. I say that but I fully realize that you who are here around this circuit are quite guided and led and you are excellent followers of such leadings and so you are already attuned to certain frequencies but there will be additional tones added and to those who have heard them even faintly, they will hear them more pronounced.

And to those who have yet to hear them they will certainly begin to hear them. So you should all be prepared for this, ready to receive the frequencies and eager to resonate with them. It is an exercise in learning harmony. Pick your own individual tone and harmonize with the universal frequencies. In this way we are as one gigantic choir, our own individual voices adding to the gigantic configuration, the great chord of the universe. Even the stillness feels different now. It is fuller, it contains more. There is simply more spirit presence everywhere and this is certainly cause for great celebration and joy as this cannot help but bring more peace, more happiness, more grace with it as part of its tone.

My dear ones these are extraordinary times that we share and I’m so very glad to be here with you at this juncture where we can observe this grace together, participate in its very manifestation, make real these very potentials. Truly it is a gift though there may be difficult aspects we will in the end look back with fondness upon these times of such great change. We should go forward with no fear because we now, even more, hear the universal tone and heed the universal call, the call of our Divine Parents. Take this joy out each one and spread it about, plant it about that it may bloom and flower. We are engaged in a time of planting for the new, creating the new world around us. Let us create it well, beautiful and good.

I would contain my remarks to those. I would allow that any with questions or comments may access this forum.


Q: Hello Monjoronson.[Hello] I read in a recent transcript from you, something about an architectural sphere. Could you give us a little more information as to what that’s about and how we can attend ourselves to the morontia realms to participate somehow in this process?

Monoronson: Well my friend, the short answer is that you do not participate very much in things that are of the morontia realm. You may occasionally glimpse the morontia realm but as for your active participation in activities there this would not be of your order. Your energies are far better spent involved in doing the things that you are good at in accessing the experiences of your life and utilizing those and offering those as your contribution to how to manifest in your realm, morontia principles and ideals. Do not concern yourselves in the least with my personal needs or welfare or requirements as I am well staffed and under complete care of Michael and the First Source and Center as to my needs and requirements.

It may constitute an architectural sphere out of necessity and that would be provided but that is not something we would ask any mortal of the realm to participate in; rather we would hope that you would desire to bloom where you are planted, to come to complete fruition amongst your peers in your work environment, in your social environment, in your community, in your state, in your country. This is where you are positioned, this is where you are of value to us as points of light, where you are posted, where you are stationed, where you are right now. That is what we need you to man, that post can only be manned by you.

We would ask nothing of you on our behalf, rather we would donate our services to facilitate what you are undertaking, to augment your plans, to develop your inspirations of service. We are in partnership and it is you whose ideas will be utilized, whose hands will be put to work, whose mouth will be used to volunteer to speak the words of truth, whose reputation as a citizen among your peers provides you the latitude to speak freely and openly and frankly with them. This we cannot do, only you can do. This is the one thing that we would ask of you to do. Bring all that you know about morontia life experiences, your personal experiences, your earthly experiences, bring all of these to bear in your current working situations and allow that this is where we need you to be.

It may not seem special, it may not appear divine, it may not satisfy a desire within you for experiencing what you thought it would be like but I tell you this is exactly what is needed and what only you can offer, each one, every one, to this process. You are embedded, you are entrenched where you are in your groups, in your towns, in your work and in your play. That is where you will be useful to us, in those very places. If it is required that you have both skills and desire that may be used on a greater scale then trust that you will be notified of a need for something that you might provide; but short of that you are providing every time you have an exchange with your neighbor, every time you are involved in a group or an organization, every time you actively have an exchange with another human being you are involved right where we need you to be involved. It is too simple and that is why one might think also unimportant but that is not the case.

It is simple and it is important and if you are inspired to dream grander dreams and follow greater inspirations then so be it. That too will be fostered but it will not be us who come up with the inspirations, it will be your desires that are becoming manifest and certainly you would receive our support but you are not our puppets; we are rather your backstage support crew and when you venture out of your own accord we are rooting for you and right there to add our support should it be requested. But you may free yourselves of any notion that anything is required of you for my sake directly at all. No, I am well looked after for as are you. Together we are all looked after. We need only align ourselves with the will of the divine plan and we will remain well looked after. Would there be any other questions or contributions?

Q: Hello Monjoronson,[yes] I had a question about my increasing ability to perceive and feel the intenseness of these lessons and I have encountered on occasion where I will see something where I would normally find beauty and inspiration but I am literally overwhelmed with emotion to a point of almost inhibiting me in a way, like a burst of emotion which comes and goes. Is this something that will stabilize or should I not worry about controlling it and let it happen? Sometimes it happens in awkward situations where I am overcome with a mixture of joy and emotion that are so overwhelming that I have a hard time participating in them and need a time out. Do you have any advice concerning this?

Monjoronson: Thank you very much my friend for your question as this is something important to address. Every one of you will confront this issue. This issue of the welling up of emotion is a direct result of the body’s physical response to the exposure to such love as it encounters, as it opens up to these divine energies. The feeling is so overwhelming and strong because there is a deep soul recognition of this connection to the love of divinity. When you embrace these wavelengths of the divine, they are carried on the carrier wave of love and your body responds to these carrier waves of love. You feel permeated by these carrier waves and it causes an emotional reaction of great joy and gratitude and the swelling of love within to match the harmony of the frequency.

This is normal and natural; this is in fact a good sign. If you are finding yourselves more sensitive to such perceptions, such encounters with spirit, then you are truly awakening to the process. There is a normal and natural period of adjustment where you become used to these frequencies and they no longer swell the emotions to the point of obstruction. But these signs are to you as gifts that you are becoming more attuned, more aware, more sensitive to the frequencies and vibrations and yes as this happens you will well up with feelings; it will trigger emotions, it will swell your love center and it will come out sometimes in the form of bubbling over as tears, as choking up to the reality of it.

This will stabilize as you become used to the experience of the flush of these frequencies and you will learn to take these sensations in stride as you have more experience with them but in the beginning there is a definite sense of swelling of emotion, even of love to the point where it may overwhelm the experience of the moment. While this may be awkward at times socially it is a part of your human nature, your human being and you will look back on these experiences as signs that they were of a changing sensitivity, a deepening awareness, a more profound appreciation for the sensations of spirit and the carrier waves of love.

All is well to those who are feeling deeper sensations and whose physiology may even respond. Even though it may be a bit unsettling in the moment I assure you it is a welcome growth pain to observe. I hope this addresses your concern.

Q: Yes, thank you it helped me very much.

Monjoronson: And truly all is well. It may get even better but it is certainly well.

Q: Monjoronson? [yes] I have a desire to contribute something to the unfolding of the new era here from my post where I find myself and recalling the talk you gave some months ago regarding the decimation of the species I have a concern that I would like to survive that process so that I could still be here on the ground to contribute something. In looking over those transcripts my personal interpretation is this decimation process may have something to do with infectious disease. I’m wondering if that interpretation is somewhat accurate and if so is there something we can do to prepare if we have the desire to survive in terms of enhancing our physical health and immune system through healthy living and that sort of thing?

Monjoronson: Well, I would point out that all of the avenues that you mentioned are good and proper avenues to follow regardless of whether you perceive an impending threat or not to your health and safety. As a mortal of the realm who desires to be around here to be in service it would behoove all of you to concern yourselves with aspects that you know are in your best interests or not. This includes your diet, your vehicle, includes your awareness of your supply chain and how tied you are to others to provide you with your most basic of needs.

These are issues which are absolutely critical to the long term survivability of you individually and your species as a whole. These issues need to be considered by everyone as well as the issue of your spiritual preparedness as well. Just as important as making sure your body receives the right nutrients is the awareness that your body and your soul need to receive the right nutrients in the form of stillness and prayer and worship. Likewise if one knows that winter is approaching then it certainly is within reason to lay up supplies and put up your firewood for the season. These are not principles which are beyond the scope of your everyday planning but to those of you who are concerned that there is more at stake then I invite you to take each of these avenues more seriously and pursue them.

If you are to hear of an outbreak in the news of a pathogen which appears to be infectious and out of control then certainly you would take that information seriously and avoid unnecessary exposure by overmuch travel or congregation in public areas; but these steps would only be sensible and normal given the circumstances at hand. None of these circumstances exist at this time and I would offer you great caution that while it is wise and prudent to do what you are inspired to do to insure your safety and viability it is also very easy to be swept up in preparing for the future and in so doing missing the now.

This moment, these moments, the moments at hand and the moments immediately before us are the pivot points to the future. It is in these moments that decisions will be made, actions will be taken and reality will be created. If you are overly concerned with your welfare in the future then you may very well be missing the opportunity to use the fulcrum of this moment to create the future. Nothing that has been uttered is written in stone; nothing that has been predicted is of absolute certainty. There is still motion in the system. There are many participants in the system each one approaching this moment, this fulcrum into the future and applying some leverage be it conscious or unconscious.

Those of you who have developed greater consciousness may apply a more effective leverage but all apply some leverage one way or another. If we can master staying in the moment then truly we are creating the future as well; it cannot be other than we are creating as we go along. This concept of being in charge or in control I understand is foreign to the mortals of your realm but in a very real sense you are in charge or in control and in this process we are simply learning how to take responsibility for the role that is played in this process and I always will refer you back to the many lessons that you have been told that you are completely safe. The real you can not be harmed, the real you is encapsulated and held in the divine embrace of your parents so nothing is as serious to the equation as it may appear. All things are being tended to and lovingly fostered and all things turn out to exalt The Father.

So I invite you to be actively engaged in spreading the vaccine to all the current ills of the world; spreading love around to lubricate all the machinations that are going on around you. This would be your most powerful and effective tool to be used and as well you may do things which you see as wise and prudent in the process. Would there be any final contributions this evening? I will take this opportunity to release the class so that you may go out and play distributing the love and the light that you are, that you know, that you feel. Spread it about, plant it. Where you are is where it is. Let’s watch it grow, flower and produce. I will be there to help you tend and foster this garden of hope and peace and love that you will plant, that we will work on together.


Thank you each one for your offer to partnership with us in this process. I release you all and this t/r and thank you for your participation.

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