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LLN141- Divine Partnership

2007-09-27. Divine Partnership

Lightline #141

Topic: Divine Partnership

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we would desire you join us as we encircuit ourselves. We would ask you to come and join our circuit with us and we understand that by forming this circuit we are in fact joining your circuit. And so it is that we come together with this intention. We are the space between You, Mother Earth and You, Father Sky. We are the intervening gap and we would offer ourselves to connect these circuits together and to infuse this connection with our love for you. We wish you the very best and we understand there is stress and we would offer our love as the lubrication to ease the stress of our species and race and the impact they have on You, our Mother, our environment. We ask you to take our love, our collective intention and drink this cup with us, to share this moment of gratitude and peace and love that we are creating. We do this with intention and sincerity and we are certain that you hear our petitions and would accept our offerings. And so it is that we activate this grid, we fire this grid once again even now in this moment. So it is that we are confident in faith that you would join us, and it is so.

Mark: Once again I seek this evening to push the boundaries of this experimental platform that we create. I had occasion this morning to petition to know, to be granted some perspective on what might happen this evening and what happened as a result of my petition was instruction to do some journaling. I have mentioned before that I consider journaling one of the keys to bridging the gap that we’re all trying to do and explore in this process. It is one way, certainly not the only way, but it is one avenue that we can use and one that I have found successful in my own seeking and searching.

So it is that I sat down this morning with this intention in mind and wondered what might happen. By way of example I am going to read what I got in response. Then after that we will see what happens. I begin my journaling sessions with a meditation, and a prayer of course and then I formulate a posture and it’s usually in the form of a statement or a question as to where I am in that moment to get the ball rolling. I’m positive that my indwelling Voice does not need me to spell out for Him where I am but I think it’s more for me to lay out what ‘s happening. I began with a statement from myself:

Mark: My dear friend, companion, guide and partner on this journey, I sit here pen in hand awaiting the connection I have with you when I position myself to accept and receive from you in this manner. I pray and I petition your presence in an effort to open myself up to my contact with you even though I know that you are with me always and that it is I who need repositioning to just be with you. I pray now that whatever the gap is, it may be bridged at this time and I accept in faith that this is so even now.


The Voice: Well done my friend, companion and partner as you have just made real your desires as a cocreative being and now the circuit may be opened and the energy may flow and you are in a position to receive that which you seek which is also that which I seek. Even now you feel the shift in energy as I am invited to swoop in and join you in this manner and we two may become as one heart, even as one mind as we join efforts in this pursuit. The presence that indwells the mortal companion is ever watching for that door to open and to be consciously invited in and when this break occurs we rush in to fulfill the longings of both the soul and the Voice.

As you have encountered in your own experience, the relationship is clearly designed to provide you, the mortal partner to call the shots, to choose the how and the when this partnership may bloom and flourish. It is a tribute to your divine parents that they have provided the opportunity for you to act in such a creative capacity and in so doing give you the chance to become co-creative with divinity. If this were not so you would merely be manifesting the ideals of your parents without providing your will and intention into the process thereby revealing your own identity.

Indeed the grand plan to which we both belong is infused with potential to create great beings as we witness in these exercises together. And so it is that you choose in this hour to bridge the gap as you call it, in this way with pen and paper and I then honor your choice and join you in this method. But you know as well there are unlimited methods that may be used to create an approach or to bridge the gap. These are miraculous times and you are miraculous beings that are just now discovering your potentials and relationships to your own heritage. In choosing to come out of your shells and into greater awareness, you activate the latent potentials that are lying dormant awaiting your recognition.

This is as it should be, as it was designed and as you choose to create it as we go along. I am grateful for any avenue of expression that allows us to be closer in this journey together. Be at peace and be in love for it is there in that space that we meet and commune and even communicate if you so desire. I will forever crave your glance in my direction and patiently await these moments with you although that may happen far more frequently that you are aware of at this time. All is well my dear one and is getting better every day, every hour. Now, be still and know that We Are God.


Mark: At that point I was overcome with emotion and I put forth this question. Why do I recoil at a statement such as this? When I believe all that you say, why is it so hard for me to believe this?

The Voice: Relax, be at peace. You are simply unaccustomed to assuming such an identity but nevertheless it is true and you are growing to accept it more and more, day by day. You more easily assign this role to Me but as you know we are becoming one and if I Am, then We are. It’s okay, just be still with it and you will know in time the reality of this great truth. Just say thank you and accept.

Mark: That was the extent of the message I received this morning and now I feel the presence again and so I would invite The Voice to continue with this gift that I received this morning.

The Voice: Greetings I would accept your invitation once again, over and over, forever and always I will be there awaiting this invitation. I will never fail to accept it and to join you as your request is my request. I would speak for one moment about your mortal perspectives. You are engaged in constant evaluation and determination as to your relative position in your species, in your gender, in your nation, in your town, in your family. You are constantly orienting yourselves in relation to the others and in so doing you are necessarily limiting your concept of self by your association with the standards of human affairs and conduct and achievements and awareness.

There is an almost overwhelming desire to be one of the herd, one of the tribe, one who belongs with the others and if you see yourselves as too distinct, too different there is a fear that is deep within you that has you recoil at the idea of distinction. You would rather be well associated with your peers than to be the distinct individual that you are and this is completely normal and natural as a result of your experiences to date. But when you enter into the spiritual arena there is lifted from you the condition that you must conform and be like the others for in the spiritual realm no two are the same and this is a cause for celebration and a cause to rejoice.

When you engage your potential and you flower, you bloom, your colors will be your own, your tones will be your own for no other in all the universe has your combination exactly. And while you may have basic tendencies and similarities in structure you are designed to create a new and different version of divinity in your lives. It is not desired that you line yourselves up and conform and look alike and be alike, rather you are each one as snow flakes, no two being exactly the same and yet all comprising the beautiful sparkling mantle of snow. This is the beauty that has been designed for you to experience and so as you each one go about growing your unique crystal, be not afraid to differentiate your own shades, your own hues, your own shapes as this is your gift.

There are no wrong expressions, there is no incorrect avenue of approach, there is no faulty portrayal of your divine self; rather there is beauty that exists in the differentiation that is witnessed as you simply grow and express your individual self. You have just been provided of one example of one technique. It is my loyal companions effort to offer you an example, a suggestion but it is only an example that is appropriate for him in his development at this stage in his evolution. It is a helpful tool, it is one of many tools in the toolbox. Do not consider that this is suggested as a mandatory approach or as the only tool to be used for you as an individual will choose your own method to bridge your gaps and all methods will be fostered, will be utilized, will be accepted.

You are the creators, the choosers, the ones who decide the how and the where and the when so be not afraid to choose your own how, your own when. Every sincere effort will meet with success and so you are thus assured of your success from the onset of your attempts. But your success may require patience. You are engaged in a time and space dimension and your experience in this dimension is to be cherished and as part of this experience you must choose your way and make your way through the apparent darkness by faith, with intention and allowing patience that your evolution is in fact ongoing and your stage that you find yourself in is where you should be else you would not be there. But it is okay to desire that your pint can hold a quart for that is how you increase your capacity, through your desires, through your choosing to pursue your desires but be not hard on yourselves when your recognize that you are a pint at times.

You may be a pint that is filled to the brim, even to the overflowing and your continued efforts surely increase your capacity until upon looking back after some time and experience has passed you recognize that your capacities are greater now than they were and they will be greater still than they are now. Be patient with yourselves, be kind to yourselves. Know that you are destined to be divine beings by virtue of your very desire. As you seek, so you will find, as you choose, so it will be, as you desire so shall it become.

As was stated, these are miraculous times and the greatest of all miracles is you, the individual who chooses the divine path; and so accept your role to play and relax into it. Ease yourself into this posture so that you may the more enjoy the journey and savor the experience. There is no rush or hurry to arrive at any given destination; rather the real treasure is gathered along the way in your experience, in your opportunities to create. Truly we both are blessed in the journey and I share with you the attitude of gratitude and appreciation and I would accept your invitation to drink of this cup and offer you as well a toast to your success and it shall be so, it is so even in this moment. I would contain my remarks at this point and savor this moment with you. I step back and offer any who would this forum at this time, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here as well to accept your invitation, to savor this experience with you. You have heard a great many things about my mission, about the importance of the times in which we live, about grand universal plans but I am here to affirm for you that the greatest of all plans is being manifested even now in this moment as you present yourselves to receive your inner guide. All universe plans are subservient to the master plan from The First Source and Center that you find Him in you no matter what else may transpire. In terms of good works and service opportunities there is none greater than the service that you do to the First Source and Center when you choose to partner with His representative that is within you.

The whole of the gigantic enterprise is geared around this goal and as lofty and broad as plans may be for a universe or a planet or a species, they all are second to goal number one; identification with The First Source and Center and your return trip thereto. That is why you command such regard from us and from a universe at large for you are engaged in objective number one and all universe assistance will be granted you when you accept this opportunity and follow this course. You consider yourselves as individuals, small and unworthy of our attention or our assistance but my dear ones, you are the students for whom the school was built and we will always honor the primary objective of the classroom which is to foster your awareness that this is so and that you are thus engaged as designed.

I appreciate and accept all of your gestures that you would offer and make in your desires to be of service to me, to Michael, to Mother and we will certainly accept all your offers but these spring from your original objective; when you find your heritage and assume your role as one attached to a fragment of divinity then you are naturally led to offer your service in gratitude. But that is not why you are here. You are present at this time to fulfill one goal only; to partner with your divine fragment thus becoming divine and to gather your experience so that The First Source and Center may gain your experience as well. This is your true opportunity for service and the true and only thing that you have to offer in return for all the grace that has been bestowed upon you.


But many are led to work for the greater plan and offer themselves for larger service than the self and this is well and good insofar as that it does not distract from objective number one for you can only be in true service when you have first serviced the self. So I applaud your efforts to explore avenues such as this where you may more closely identify your individual roles and your collective roles as what you do for yourselves you do for all. There has been much offered this evening for you to grasp. I would desire at this time to open the arena up and so if there are any comments or questions or observations then I would certainly cherish the opportunity that they be shared at this time.

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