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LLN150- Work of the Angels

2007-12-13.  Work of the Angels

Lightline #150

Topic: Work of the Angels

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Jessona, Michael



Jessona: Greetings to each one of you, I am Jessona. I am familiar to some of you and am the personal teacher of one in your midst tonight; I am also a master seraphim. I work in the healing group. I have been active with [healing] for a considerable amount of time and have witnessed great breakthroughs on your planet in this realm of physical well being. There is as yet much to do yet . ..from damage…revelation

….your . …[much distraction from unmuted phone]


The First Source and center has engaged in relationships which you have come to know in your Urantia revelations as the triunities; each one is a grouping of three of the seven absolutes always with the First Source and Center present and these groups as a unity affect a purpose of God as a whole. Each absolute represents an aspect of the One God and the First Source, the Father Souce is volition in its absolute sense. Therefore every one of these triunities [is an] expression of the will of The Father and therefore does The Father overlay the entire universe with many patterns that come from these relationships.

Michael said that where two or three are gathered, there He is also. You know now that Michael is the will of The Father in Nebadon as Supreme [Sovereign] Son and so where each one of His children . .. He as The Father does in the triunities brings a unification and a coordination in purpose. We master seraphim undertake the same pattern when we collect, educate and train the mortals of this world. I and those in my group are personifications of the will…for healing and health, for wellbeing as are the other master seraphim stationed on Urantia. You each are gathered according to the field of purpose that you are best able to serve within just as each one of the six other absolutes associate with the First Source and Center in a triunity.

But here at the fringe of time and space not all is so simple as at the center of all things. We don’t work with only three, even as Michael alluded when He said two or three are gathered, even more may be required to complete a team to establish a force that can affect change and bring good upon the world. One qualification for being member-shipped within the twelve orders of master seraphic endeavors is some skill in that arena; however there are many across the planet who do function in these divisions that you are able to read about. The prime qualification is your willingness to work in association.

Throughout the ages we have worked with many a mortal who was willing, oftentimes even when they were as yet unaware, their heart, their deep motivation expressed that willingness but since the change of the status of Urantia we now are reaching out to those who clearly are aware and wanting to be engaged in our projects so I do invite you to seek in your heart the motivation, the field of desire wherein you may assist the planet in its further advancement. The twelve divisions of the master seraphim are large categories and there are numerous master seraphim engaged in each category depending on the import of that function on your world at this time but there is under these groupings many sub categories wherein any one of you may function to assist in the overall goal.

And so as I Jessona work in the realm of health, I….many of you who perhaps are not doctors and nurses or healing practitioners but who are relevant and helpful to the overall goal. Therefore I urge you not to disqualify yourself if you find that any one of these twelve categories appear to not resonate with your specific interests and orientation for any organized endeavor requires a broad range of talent and skill.

There are those who are quite sensitive to the presence of spirit and when they gather two and three they readily sense the presence and some who have struggled with such sensitivities still in faith associate two and three and in faith accept the presence of Michael.

I tell you also today that there are those among you who know of their association with the master seraphim but I also assure every one of you who are not so assured, that your endeavor and engagement in a field in which we are affecting change on your planet are working with us, assuredly, no doubt. It would be my great pleasure to converse with you and so I open up this time to dialog.


Q: It’s a pleasure to . …you Jessona and I am interested in learning more about the idea that thought adjusters are not conversant but that seraphim work in tandem and harmony with the adjusters needs and goals and the Father’s will. I wonder if our adjusters help us identify these divisional categories that we are interested in?

Jessona: Firstly I will state for the record that I am technically a primary supernaphim but I know much about my seraphic brothers and sisters and we the master seraphim are called such for reasons I will not disclose. Yes indeed you are correct, the indwelling presence of God knows fully your capabilities and potentials and will make revealed to you those propensities and qualities as you undertake your life experiences you……the seraphic associate assigned to you is greatly engaged in the affairs of the world if I may put it that way; where the divine spirit within you is keenly focused upon your paradise ascension. This is merely the launching pad for the ascent in the partnership with God but it is the life task of the seraphic associate with you to help the world as well as to assist you.

And so you will be more likely be engaged shoulder to shoulder with the seraphic attendant as needed and the master seraphic corps work with your personal guardian angels for we share a commonality as an order of beings and have great rapport and are able to translate our desires through them to you and the guardian associate with you coordinates with the will of The Father that resides within you and provides us with the feedback with how our projects will dovetail with your unfoldment as a paradise bound ascendant citizen. I hope this addresses your question.

Q: Yes, it does wonderfully, thank you. I would like to think that I am getting more faith but consciously to contribute to the worlds progress now as well as build a portfolio of experience to work with as I move towards paradise. I would like to try to be more aware of when I put my feet on the ground in the morning that I am of the master seraphic workforce. I appreciate the reminder of the difference between my personal guardians and your more planetary function, that you work together and the adjuster through me is working with you also.

Jessona: I would add a visual to this relationship of working with us. You might picture an aquarium with some fish in it and we master seraphim hover over that aquarium and can wave our hands and perchance the fish will dart to and fro in response to our encouragement. This is that indirect relationship we speak of but you and others that seek that conscious relationship become more like a wand that you extend up to us that we can grab a hold of and we can then directly stir the water whereas before we must go by a hands off approach and hope there is a response within. I hope this helps also to give perspective.

Q: Excellent, thank you.

Q: I understand that it is possible for some dovetailing to go on. Does that mean that say I’m working for the angels of enlightenment because I t/r and that is teaching and enlightening and yet as an author having written a futuristic novel I feel I’ve also invested energy into the angels of the future. Is it possible for us to spread ourselves too thin here, want to get our hands into too many pies, should we perhaps become more specialized and begin to focus on something and become more proficient? Any suggestions?

Jessona: At this time in the progress of the planet I would encourage you to be multifaceted for as they say, the harvest is great but the workers are few and until billions upon your world so function it serves each corp to have you engaged as you are willing and able; therefore my dear sister, do keep up the work in each arena you feel capable to contribute.

Q: Thank you. that will keep me from becoming bored, lots of variety there.

Jessona: Yes, quite so.

Q: And what about artisans and musicians, do you suppose they are working for the seraphic divisions? Just trying to get an idea of the hierarchy of the universe here.

Jessona: There is the broad category of the artisan relationship that holds true on every world, normal or those having been affected by the rebellion, for it is the [wish] of the Creator that creativity flourish in all the children and so those who show propensity to such artistic endeavors are assisted by those morontia beings who are able to help. We assign to these corps which have specific purposes for a planet like Urantia wherein the administration had…..will enlist you as well in this specific engagement primarily for the purpose of helping the world where the celestial artisans purpose is to help you unfold as a creative being. It might be said that we draw from the bank, that we may take a loan of your talent and your personality and put you to work.

Q: Sounds good to me. Actually this lends a little something to that thing in the Urantia book that talks about the adjuster as saying if you just go along with what I am trying to get you to do, if you would just be a little more cooperative, if you’d just be a little more cheerful about the things I’m trying to show and teach you, if you just not balk so much and had a better attitude about it, it would be so much more effective for us.

Q: I can see the school of fish in the aquarium darting around in unawareness of this sort of correcting time and planetary evolutionary work and even if just one of us is reaching up with a wand and responding to the guide, the nudging we can get from our adjuster… sometimes it is easier to work for somebody else than it is to work for yourself whatever it is that you do and that idea of connecting your intentions to the work of the spirit helpers then you can forget yourself in service work and get something done.

Jessona: Michael said become like a child and you know He did not say this in reference to intellectual acumen or lack thereof or ignorance of things of the world, its dangers and pitfalls; but He referred rather to the willingness of the child to reach out and discover and to not be concerned over failure. It has been taught in this mission that it is fine to stumble for no stumbling often speaks of no progress. It is the effort as does the little child to walk that makes that child into a runner. And so as you have matured it is often the case that one sets standards for achievement even before the skill to attain those levels is present and so I encourage you to remain as the young child that can readily pick up a language faster than an adult because of its simple willingness and its experimental attitude. Error only leads to growth if the desire and motivation is for growth.


Michael: I am Michael. I speak to The Father with you who are high and holy parents. We give you our love and pledge our dedication and we hold trustingly to your assurances that You will guide us into your arms. These here with me today have given their trust to me as well and I pledge with You Father, to never let them down. We are one family and this small grouping is a family within the larger relation and while I am the nucleus for many groupings in this local universe, You Father have many spread abroad upon the billions and billions of planets; and so we sit here and look to You, our personal Divine Parent and cherish the knowledge that there are siblings across this vast universe who also love You and look to You and in that realization look to one another for support and to be of an assistance in any way that one can. The power of family is the desire to help. And so in this prayerful moment we pause and acknowledge your greatness and acknowledge your love and give so in return.

Jessona: This is Jessona once again, I will close this session and I thank you greatly for your interest in our endeavors on your world and I assure you that you will be engaged in ways even unknown to you. Take care all.

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