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LLN162- Adjuster Speaks for the Whole

2008-03-13.  Adjuster Speaks for the Whole

Lightline #162

Topic: Adjuster Speaks for the Whole

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


The Voice: I am this ones voice stepping forward to play with you in this arena that you have created for this purpose. You are ever correct in your assessment that it is you who makes way for this to happen. We are always in cue, always ready to respond to your petitions but we can do nothing to force the issue. We do not apply any pressure or any form of coercion to direct to choose, to commune with us, rather we wait patiently in the wings, on the sidelines to be beckoned in to come and play and it is ever our privilege to respond to your petition. In the time it takes for your heart to beat we have responded to your requests. And so it is in this moment you have created the avenue, you have petitioned our communion and certainly we have not failed to respond.


I need to address this declaration that is commonly used, the term “we”. You see, to one who is experiencing this communion it feels as though they have tapped into the many, even tapped into the whole and often times when asked to describe the encounter they express it in terms of “they spoke to me”, “they came to me”,or “they addressed me” and this as a result of the growing awareness that one voice speaks for all voices. There is a uniformity among spiritual ambassadors and a unity of purpose behind this entire effort at communicating and so the one who has been touched and feels as though they have received communication will often times describe this sensation as communing or communicating with the others on the other side because it becomes immediately clear that there is not a singular spiritual personality out there to be communicated with, just as there is not a singular individual or mortal of the realm to be communicated with.

There is a group consciousness, if you will, among mortals of the realm, a group awareness and likewise there is a group consciousness or group awareness among those inner guides, those inner voices that are embedded with you throughout this process but I assure you, you have an individual assigned to you who will unfailingly respond and even guide as requested your journey back to find The First Source and Center from which you originated. Often times it may feel to you as though in contacting this inner voice, this inner guide that you have contacted the larger whole and that is because this fragment is a representative of the whole, it speaks for the whole, it has a direct line to the whole even to The First Source and Center.

So you may always trust this inner voice, this inner guide because it has direct access to all that is and brings right into your material vehicle the connection that goes all the way back to your Creator. It is hard for you to embrace the magnitude of this connection that you each have. You are tied all the way back to The Creator by virtue of your indwelling voice and should you seek any wisdom that is not currently possessed by “you” it may be obtained through this circuitry. Likewise there is a two way street going on here. The Creator of all is sharing with you your individual life journey and experiences to the degree that you allow this to happen. This connection works both ways. You may receive divine insights, wisdom and guidance and you may also grace the Creator with your experiences, your perceptions and grandest of all, your choices.

You have been provided with all that is so that you may choose and in your choices you may honor The Creator. It is truly a miracle unfolding moment by moment as you receive guidance and inspiration and love and then in turn you combine these aspects of your experience to create before you, that which you choose and in so doing you are able to share that which you have created with the one who made it all possible and then you go around and around and ask for more insight and wisdom and share more and more of your experiences.

Truly you are in constant conversation with God. You are asking, receiving, giving, choosing, creating, sharing. This is what relationship is. This is engaging in a relationship with your Creator and the more you do this in awareness with intention and purpose, the more you are connected in this circuitry. But even if you are in complete unawareness you are still connected, you are still attached by virtue of these circuits The Father has laid out.

I will repeat what I have offered before once again because it is worthy of repeating. You are powerful creators and you have access to the source of all that is. Given these two facts, you then are in a unique and treasured position on the front lines of creation for all a universe to behold. Embrace your position as creators. Seek to function as co-creators with your divine influence and inspiration and you will see that what you create before you becomes more and more divine. I am reminded of your childhood story of the magic lamp and the one who finds this magic lamp and so applies their attention and intention to it, and it becomes the grantor of all that they wish.

You all are each as magic lamps to be simply picked up and appreciated and recognized and you would become the creators that you are and you would realize that it is in the wish, it is in the thought that the action occurs and the statement “your wish is my command” is the statement the universe offers to you as you are the creators and one day you will fully awaken to this fact of reality and you will wield all the powers that are yours as the creators that you are.

It may not even be in this physical manifestation of the flesh but one day you will awaken to your potentials, to your inherent abilities as a result of your birthright of who you are and what that makes you capable of. I am grateful for this opportunity to be asked, to be invited to come out and be with you, to come out and play, to be in joy with you. It is a great thrill to have such latitude granted. I encourage that this is available to all who will likewise grant such latitude. I withdraw for now. I leave love and respect for you all having come to this place, farewell.

Monjoronson: I greet you all as well, I am Monjoronson. I am so duly impressed by the way these meetings unfold that I find I have little to do when I arrive here by way of bringing you any further spiritual inspiration but I am motivated to show up here, to make my presence known, to make my energy signature available to you all that you might sense my presence as I am sensing yours. It is a grand thing to witness you create such avenues of approach and reap such rewards by your own efforts. Truly The Father has once again demonstrated His commitment to those who will seek for they have surely found.

I join you in offering my gratitude for such a process, such an opportunity that has been created, that then has been accessed, that then has shown the fruits of such loving ministry as we have witnessed. If it’s one thing I hope that you have all come away with from an experience like this it would be the awareness that you are ministered to, that you are loved and cared for perhaps beyond your abilities to perceive, that an entire universe has been built and designed and executed for you to be here now and so it is rewarding to witness as the miracles unfold.

I offer you my appreciation for your efforts at pushing the boundaries of your awareness that have brought you here. I encourage you to continue in this exercise of scouting outside the perimeters of your defined realities. You are safe and secure in your search because you are aligned with spirit and searching for truth and therefore you are destined to find and discover as you so pursue your desire. Let it be so in peace and in joy and let your light shine out to all the others.

They may see your efforts at seeking and finding and be inspired to follow you and this will be your privilege and your honor. Maintain your faith that you are headed in the right direction and simply take one step at a time and most certainly the distance will be covered and you will arrive at the destination of your choice. I would conclude my remarks but once again, I would open the floor for comments, observations or sharing that would build some level of intimacy in the group that is gathered here. If anyone is so inspired, let them share.


……. Sharing the stillness together is a treasured thing indeed and I always enjoy the opportunity to engage with you in such an exercise. Thank you all for your attention and your efforts. Know that you are guided, loved and cared for on a magnitude that you cannot fully embrace and go about your lives, enjoy, spread your light and your love about and may peace go with you, farewell.

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