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LLN164- Built It & They Will Come

2008-04-10.  Built It & They Will Come

Lightline #164

Topic: Build It & They Will Come

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, drink this cup of goodness with us as we join together and form this circuit between us, this circle of energy in this moment. Feel as we feel, the peace and the joy that such a formation brings and add your influence, bring your presence to uplift our circuit, to become part of our circuit with us. Be with us in our circle, join with us in our meeting in this moment and in our hearts each one. We have complete faith that you will and we welcome you.


The Voice: I accept your invitation to come out and be as one among you in this field of energy that you create. I am this one’s voice, almost indistinguishable to you in this moment for I am so closely intertwined as to be nigh invisible. But I am real. I exist as you exist, we exist side by side, we share the same space and yet we are distinct and learning of this process of co-mingling ourselves together. I would pick up this thread offered of circuitry and I would recall your expression “build it and they will come”. When you engage in the creation of an energy field, an energy circuit as you perceive and as you enjoy this very moment, you create a living entity of energy and this living circuit is sustained in it’s very existence by your energy contributions and the contributions of others who will likewise choose to sustain such an energy field. You are literally creating life as you create these fields of energy you refer to as circuits.

This circuitry has as its basis an initial contribution from the creators of the circuits and this gift of life that is offered in forming these circuits is then upheld by other contributions and in this way this field stays alive. When those involved choose to no longer donate their energies, this field like any other will not be sustainable and will cease to exist; therefore is the expression “build it and they will come” quite a valid statement of universal truth. If you create something it may live beyond you and attract others who resonate with this creation. You are in fact going through your day giving life to all sorts of energy circuits, providing their very existence by your choosing to do so; even your very vehicle is because you have chosen to foster the life, you choose to support the energy system. If you are such powerful creators as to wield the ability to bring life into energy systems, then most certainly you may look to wield this power upon your lives and your own destinies.

You are able at will to create a circuit between you and a loved one or friend and likewise you could turn your energies inward and create a circuit between you and your inner voice. It is as simple as described, simply to choose to give it existence and it is. Consider this as you go about allocating your energies for at any time you may choose to redirect your focus and create different energy systems for different purposes. Thank you for the creation in this hour that you have provided to allow the very circumstance of my exchange with you. Were it not for your creative choosing to make it so there would be no forum that we both enjoy for this purpose so I acknowledge your creative choices and appreciate the space you created for this purpose. I withdraw to allow for Monjoronson. Thank you.

Monjoronson: I am here, this is Monjoronson, you are here as well. Where are we in this moment together? What space do we share in proximity to each other? Are we right now on your end of the phone or are we out on the phone line co-mingling together? We are out in a circuit that we have created between us and “above us” as it were. This meeting place, this circuit that we have created is where we may return time and time again and rejoin each others energy because as you have just been told, a circuit like this exists because we have chosen to fund it with our energies, to supply it with our currents and so it is manifested that we may share it together. Because it is in the spiritual realm it has no physical point of location; it is contained as much in each individuals perception and recognition of it as anywhere, that is- each takes away a fraction of this energy system as a representation of the whole and this fragment enables each to retrace their way back into the created circuit.

Your individual minds have the extraordinary capacity to recreate specific environments for you and replay the “tapes” of images that you store there. You are recording right now the impression of this energy circuit and this sensation or feeling is being imprinted in your data bank. You may at any time of your choosing, reactivate these recordings and reform this circuit as it was when you left it. You are the whole time, nourishing this energy field and maintaining a thread of connection to be retraced at a moments notice. So, join me as we create these circuits together and strengthen them by our repeated use. Each time we return, the connection to bring us here become stronger and we are able to with less and less effort, return to this place. Thank you for your devoted attention to these lessons. It is truly a pleasure to see such eager students file in to such well accommodated classrooms. I leave you with my profound appreciation and peace for all that you bring to this process. Thank you..


Q: Monjoronson, I’m interested for your comment in how we as humans can reach levels of agreement to work together. Monjoronson here again, I would most readily field your inquiry. I appreciate the question you bring as it is a most critical one to the evolution of any system that we engaged in.

Monjoronson: The short answer to your question is to grow to love each other. This is accomplished by the means of growing to know each other. When you do not know where your brothers and sisters may be relating to you from, then it is easy to misinterpret signals which are sent from one perspective to be interpreted by another. However when you grow to truly know another individual and see where they derive their perspective from, it is far easier to allow for and accommodate the differences in these perspectives. It is of critical importance that there be ushered in an age of acceptance and this age of accepting each other is brought about by this process of growing to know and to love one another; seeing these brothers and sisters as more similar to you than different from you.

This shift in perception allows you to forsake rash judgments when you understand where this brother or sister is “coming from”. This same standard bears true on all levels of human interaction. When countries understand each other better they are more willing to work together; when any organizations take the time to get to know each other they both benefit by this process of the recognition of other perspectives. Time spent in stillness is another avenue of approach to calm the troubled waters between any two parties.

It is very hard to maintain anger or frustration when one engages in much prayer, worship or stillness. It is dissipated by these processes and so if nothing else, as an individual you can always resort to changing your vibration by using these methods of prayer, worship and stillness. So we have many levels on which we must learn the same lesson; how to get along; how to work together; how to even grow to appreciate each other for our differences and diversities. We will work on all these levels, the individual, the group and the world. I hope this serves to address your inquiry.

Q: Yes it does, I thank you. I actually have another point of interest. If we are to better understand each other and if understanding is an adjutant already hardwired by the Mother Spirit in our minds, how can we activate this into a greater consciousness so that people begin to pay attention and understand each other a little better?

Monjoronson: We spoke earlier of the importance of building circuits or energy fields. Here is one you described that is already present; and when more and more of the available energy is devoted to such a circuit as this, then surely this will provide this needed transfer of understanding and awareness but right now the contributors to this circuit are few in numbers, those who are even aware of such a circuit. First we must take the step of raising the awareness of the basic concepts of these fields or circuits, then we may choose them and activate them. Again we are building it and they will come.

Q: Thank you very much Monjoronson, it is a help.

Monjoronson: I thank you for stepping forward and lending your voice as one in this circle. This is how we build intimacy, this is how we foster this circuit. We bring life in this way by supporting and upholding that which we choose. This relationship in this moment is one of choice that we have created by our act of reaching and so we both are benefitted by this process as we both have engaged in its creation.

Q: It is indeed good to be part of this circuit, to give assistance and help and to gather a greater understanding.


Monjoronson: It is indeed. We will both have this as an outstanding memory one day; this creating together and growing together in this process. I would draw this to a close. Once again, thank you all and reflect throughout your week on this very field, this very awareness, the presence of this moment and your return to revisit it and in this process you are able to sense the remnants of the energy signatures that were the creators. That is where I will meet you again. Until next time, farewell.

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