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LLN166- Allowing Adjuster Communication

2008-04-24. Allowing Adjuster Communication

Lightline #166

Topic: Allowing Adjuster Communication

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, we’re so grateful to come and approach you together in this way and receive from you that which you would bring to us. We delight in simply approaching you in feeling your presence as we make the efforts and the gestures to simply be near you. We feel your presence and we feel your love. Join us now as we relish in this feeling of love that we have sought, we have created, we have found with you and in you. Drink this cup with us and enjoy this bounty.


The Voice: It is a bold move, it is a brave move, it is a supreme gesture to allow that small part of you that you perceive, to become the greater part. It is relinquishing your material control over your construct of understanding and simply allowing for this other aspect of yourself to flow and become dominant. You must trust, you must relax into the allowing for this exchange to be made effective. I am this ones voice here by his invitation and here by yours as well. There is an extra synergy involved when there are a number of “energy generators” involved in sponsoring this forum and creating this reality. There is a real sense of fear in letting go into your knowingness, into your awareness and to simply have trust and faith that this is the proper attitude, is equivalent to your decision to walk out onto the diving board and proceed to go in. It’s a gesture of confidence, an act of faith that brings you to the point where you can make the move and take the plunge.

If you recall in your own lives confronting the similar situation of being ready to take the dive, you will certainly recall that there are aspects of uncertainty and unwillingness that must be grappled with, must be addressed in order for you to overcome and make your final commitment. Likewise there is a basic doubt or uncertainty, which is really only “unfamiliarity”, with allowing your inner voice which you may ascribe as small, the latitude to grow and become a dominant force; the larger component agreeing to follow the smaller aspect. I am in gratitude for this opportunity to brush energy fields with you and to experience each others dimension. I would retreat now and allow this forum to be used by others who are so willing.

Monjoronson: Greetings, Monjoronson here taking advantage of this opportunity to connect with so many bright light anchors as are here gathered around this forum. You have just encountered again this pushing forward of the small inner voice aspect of self and it is easy to perceive that this is not necessarily an easy operation to undertake but, you will see, it will be easier and easier as the new energies that are presently flooding into this dimension encompass all energy fields and transform frequency levels and adjust even the awareness that this is so. I am a great proponent of these exercises which are the foundations of the new circuitry that will be utilized to bring this brotherhood of man together. It is a matter of augmenting the effectiveness of these frequencies and infusing these circuitries with greater energy.

There has been much discussion, even in this group about the funding of energy circuits and how you act as creators when you engage in this. Once something has been birthed it may be supported by all manner of other suppliers of energy but until it exists it cannot be promoted as something that “is”. I encourage you each one to explore the possibilities inherent in applying yourselves to the active contact with your indwelling voice. You may with your efforts grow this circuitry and create this connection and as you have heard many different teachers say, the foundation of your spiritual platform is one of stillness and prayer and worship; these things bring you into alignment with spirit and then having been so aligned you are the better oriented to launch out in the direction of your choosing.

I appreciate the opportunity afforded me by your gestures of creation which support this very forum that we are engaged in and I look forward to working with you as we move forward to activate more and more of our choices, bringing more and more of our ideals into the realm of possibilities to be chosen and then we may choose and act and it “is”. You are the generators of your notion of what is ideal, what can be more perfect, what can be more inspiring to you. These are yours to create by choosing to promote them and foster them and then others may have your version of reality as an option for them to choose. So never be afraid to bring on your greatest aspirations, your most divine ideas and ideals and present them so that they may be an option to be chosen, that they may gather to themselves more of the same through the great law of attraction.

I thank you for your time spent in consideration of the many spiritual perspectives that are offered regarding your material perspectives. I hope some of these will help you in raising your level of awareness. I would conclude my remarks there and allow for any interface that may be desired.


Q: Welcome again and thank you for your challenge to us to decide what is ideal, what is more perfect, what is more inspiring for our vision for progress toward the brotherhood of man. I hardly know how to express my desire to be a part of creating with other mortals and celestials another of the beings such as Light and Wave. I wonder if so many personalities involved in the Lightline are too many for the personality configuration that is Light and Wave and I ask you to counsel us on what avenue to this high idea our collective group intentions can achieve in this area of co-operating with the Father to co-create personality here?

LIGHT: I am Light. I am here to address your inquiry. I am flattered to be considered by you as an ideal of sorts. You refer to me with the reverence of one who would uphold and appreciate something they perceive with such approval and respect. I am flattered as I say but I am in awareness that we are, both, you and I perceived likewise by The Father. We differ not in our significance, we are simply separate orders of beings, both loved and cherished, supported and created or co-created with the loving support of The Father. True, we have different sets of parents but we are amazingly similar in contrast to how different you may perceive that we are. You have expressions in your society of being similar, species to species with only slight variations in your most tiny configurations of DNA and likewise we are quite similar with only slight variations in our composition which have us as different species so to speak with our unique characteristics and abilities.

I perceive what you really ask is what can be done with your energy, individually and collectively to be a powerful creative force for good and I suggest to you that it is so. You have created this energy field, the energy circuit that you enjoy and because of your orientations, your desires, your very frequencies, this energy field is one that is a force for good. Having formed such an energy field, it is then for you to move into the co-creative part and allow that your contribution can be co-mingled with divine contribution and infused by divine energy to utilize the creative beginning that you have provided and that you support and enhance this impetus with divine frequency and in so doing the full impact of co-creation is utilized.

I hope this consoles you that you are indeed involved in just such activities by your very act of forming these energy fields with good intentions and positive intentions. You create the direction in which this unfolds and you have created a direction that is allowing for your approach to the divine. Your direction is a good one and a true one. It is only now for you to allow the influx of divine energy to direct your intentions. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Q: I hope it does too, I will allow your response to be mulled over and understood by my adjuster within so that I can be drawn up to the understanding of what you just said. I believe my intention for co-creating is acceptable and accepted and do also hold you more like a sibling relationship as we both are to Father, still to co-create a child and then watch that child achieve growth is a blessing and co-parenting is I guess what we are aiming for as we love our brothers and sisters here now. Thank you for your response.

LIGHT: My dear sister, I would point out that every parent is co-parenting. They are involved in the act on a physical plane but life is created and granted through divine source as well and therefore every parent is in league, in connection with the First Source and Center from who all life is created. It is a partnership from the beginning and the opportunity in this life is to grow into more and more awareness of this partnership and even to grow to utilize the connection that you have to your co-creative partner, to the divine. So this is already transpiring and there are, as you refer to, other levels that you may aspire to, working with other individuals. This too is simply another act of partnership. I will point out that you have been told, the circuit that is created as a result of the collective intention of this group is in fact a living entity and while it does not contain personality it is an energy force that has been created by this group intention and as such it grows and develops an energy signature of its own.


So there is creation happening all the time and no creation happens that isn’t co-creative so I encourage you to see yourselves as already engaged in these activities and see that there is a connection already established. Thank you. If there are no more contributions then I would bring this gathering to a close in gratitude for all who have joined and formed this arena.

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