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LLN168- Routines Altered for Learning

2008-05-08.  Routines Altered for Learning

Lightline #168

Topic: Routines Altered to Advance Learning

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


The Voice: Hello, I guess it is my turn, I am this ones voice being asked to step forward and share the glory and the grace that is this connection in this moment. I will share with you that my devoted companion was stuck for a moment realizing that he had not officially offered a moment of prayer and this was troubling to him as he was concerned that this act of alignment with Source was instrumental in bringing this scenario to life. But I am here to help expand his and maybe your perspective on what it is to bring yourself into alignment and what is necessary to do so. As mortals of the realm, you are conditioned to achieve similar results by following similar routines and patterns and so it is that you find something that works and you utilize that and stick with it, confident that if it worked once it will certainly work again.


This idea of returning to the original design is useful in so far as it brings you back to a familiar place where you can once again regain your confidence in your pursuit. If it is helpful for you to have a moment of observation then by all means engage in a moment of observation at any time but I would attempt to pry away from you your ideas of requirement for this or any other activity to be successful because as mortals you are seriously inclined to lose your confidence and entertain doubts if you feel you have not engaged in all the proper routines necessary. These routines that you devise are yours and not imposed upon you in any fashion; therefore it is of no concern to us, the manner in which you proceed, there is no guilt attached to not performing any given ritual on our side of the curtain but from your perspective you find yourselves needing circumstances to be known and adhered to in order to be fruitful.

I encourage you to allow that in order to grow in your awareness there are times when it is necessary for you to reach out for other useful tools and oftentimes the only way for you to do this is by letting go of some of your expectations and rituals and patterns so that the new ones may emerge. Certainly used as tools in your toolbox are various methods and techniques, but they are only tools, only maps, only signs to what you are doing and where you are going. They are not it, they are only meant to be helpful on route.

The question was offered this evening, how is it that the thought adjuster presence, the inner voice is involved in introducing an individual to their personality? I will speak from experience on this one. The endowment of your personality, as you know is a divine gift direct from the First Source and Center to you as an individual. There are no two similar, there are no two exact personalities and you may be assured that yours is unique throughout all time and space. This is your gift from on high. This is how you are known throughout your entire ascension career, by these attributes, this combination which you call personality. As an inner voice, as a Father fragment, as a thought adjuster, we are as well a divine fragment bestowed to you as a homing device and as a guide, as a link to The First Source and Center for we are a fragment of the whole therefore do we reflect the whole.

As you have stated, our perspective therefore is greatly increased over yours and we are able to see without the restrictions of time or space your true nature or self even better than you can. We can perceive your personality in its full expression and at this point in your evolution your personality is in anything but full expression. There are many things surrounding the complete expression of your personality which currently cloud this expression. You are uncovering who you are, you are discovering these dimensions of your own personality. Each one of you has witnessed a number of times in your lives discovering something about yourself that you did not know, a desire that you had, a connection that you had to something unexpected, an awareness that simply came to you.

These are times when you yourself are discovering your personality, peeling away the layers that surround this personality to unfold it to its greatest extent. This is by design. You are engaged in the greatest opportunity in the universe; to simply discover to the greatest degree who you are, what are your aspects, what are your dimensions, what is your unique vantage point in all the world. You see this and the development of this is your gift back to the First Source and Center. The full development of your personality is something that only you do in time and with help from those like myself who are enlisted and commissioned to facilitate this process of growth and awareness. And so it is that I get to be there as you discover this greater and greater depth of self.

Truly it is as thrilling for me to experience as it is for you for I get to gain the perspective of the newness of making these discoveries and growing into these realizations. I thank you each one for the energy you bring into this forum to create this avenue of expression back and forth. You literally do breathe life into this circuit and create this very opportunity. I withdraw to allow for others.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here again to stir some of my energy into the pot as it were and join with you as we share back and forth, passing around this cup. Tonight I would call you to witness that in this exercise that we have undertaken, you first were exposed to the mortal observations of a fellow companion and even in the restatement of his observations there was a tone of spirit, a tone of grace that ran through his personal expression. This was an example of human thought and perception building understanding and awareness and through the efforts of attempting to gain more wisdom there was the happenstance of an aha moment, a sudden realization that enables you to fit pieces of the puzzle together and make sense, even make truth out of these thought patterns.

After that you then were exposed to a shifting of gears, an opportunity for perhaps a step closer in communicating with the source of this inspiration or these aha moments. This platform that has been created in this forum serves to demonstrate that it is possible to have the dominant personalities choose to take a recessive position and allow the fragment to be reflected out as the desire and choice of the personality; that is to agree in a sense to switch roles and rather than be the one who is the one inspired, to simply step aside and allow the one who does the inspiring to come forward. And now as you hear these words it is yet again another shift in gears for I am my own distinct original personality just as you and I speak to you on a different level altogether for I am as one of you. I am a personality and you are a personality. We both are created from the same First Source and Center and have the same lineage of ancestry.

I would acknowledge a question asked to the forum regarding the existence of star seeds and I would share a few words. I like to think that all of you are star seeds, that each one who has spirit rising and bubbling out of their being is a star seed. You are in fact a seed among all the others. You are the yeast in the bread. You are the ones that when planted may grow to be mighty manifestations of that which you are. It could be said that ones like myself are star seeds, we are here to seed a new reality, to plant the ideas in others of a new way of living, a new consciousness to have while living and there are many many personalities that have volunteered to come to this humble world and assist in this process of unfolding the personality of a world, of an entire brotherhood of man.

In the same way that you each are discovering and unfolding aspects of yourself, to discover more and more who you are and manifest more and more who you are; likewise you do this as a world, you do this together with all your other brothers and sisters, you discover who you are, you even discover that you are one. And so it is that there are so many levels that we can work to uncover and unfold that which can be made manifest. I will affirm that there are all manner of star seeds among you, even unknown to you, perhaps even you yourself. Perhaps there is a dimension of your personality you have yet to discover that has a destiny, a special purpose, a unique offering to be made to this mission. Perhaps each one of you is a star seed. I would encourage you to see yourselves as I see you, these bright lights, these seeds destined for the stars.

Thank you for providing this forum for this purpose. Once again I have enjoyed with you the occasion of giving together and mixing our energies one more time. You are all becoming more and more familiar to me. I sense your individual energy signatures and I am hopeful that with the repeated practice in this process you will the more easily feel my energy signature as well. I repeat that I am available and I am willing. I make invitation to you to take some time and join me so that we may form a relationship, a working relationship where we may help each other in this great discovery process and through all the work of unfolding into glorious manifestation.


I would take my leave at this time unless there are any who would desire interaction. Thank you for bringing questions to the forum as this is greatly beneficial to establishing any program that is beneficial to your interests. This curriculum is established as we go and it is very beneficial to you to bring to this arena thought patterns you are currently engaged with that we may bring perspective to in this process. I then bid you all farewell, have a good evening.

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