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LLN171- Divine Principles Are Yours

2008-05-22.  Divine Principles Are Yours

Lightline #171

Topic: Divine Principles Are Yours

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: I’m going to go through a few steps, perhaps you will join me. The first step is the breath and focusing on the breath brings me into the moment and helps me to consider where I am in that moment, what my intentions are in that moment and helps me re-evaluate where I am at that time; not where I was or where I think I might be later but right now where I am, am I here. The focus on the breath brings me here, to the now. Next I would invite you to go beyond the personal level of alignment to embrace the group level of alignment. We call it the merkaba or the energy circuit. I envision a cord, a line, (that’s my vision, yours could be anything) a way we’re en-circuited or plugged in like Christmas tree lights on string, each one an individual light yet connected to the entire string of lights.

Some people see colors or energy that flow between the participants, I envision this as a cord. I allow myself to engage in this visualization of plugging in for a moment and I feel, I derive a certain feeling of being plugged in with all of you and I gain strength and I thank you. I would then recall the names, the personalities and remember that Allene and Tom and Jean and Gerdean and Julie and Kelly and Recca and Shirley and Sue and Leonard and myself, all eleven of us are gathered here with sincere intentions to approach spirit and a purposeful desire to do it together even now. Then I would go a step further, more complete and would ask for the celestial personalities whom we petition their inclusion into our circuit and ask that Mother and Michael, Machiventa, Monjoronson, Serena, Wave and Light, Elyon, Thomas and any personality that comes to mind who is on the other side of the veil to as well install themselves in this cord with us and become part of this circuit and together I envision us firing this grid and even giving word to such an affirmation brings me a flush of peace and grace and again I thank you.

Finally I would take one moment to express my profound gratitude in this moment for this cherished piece of all eternity that we are assembled here together sharing this moment, enjoying each others company, drinking this cup together and again I feel the flush of conviction that this is so. And having thus adhered to my idea of what it is to come to this place, I feel the confidence and have the faith that this is so. I feel the strength then to step forward in faith as I will do now.


The Voice: I am this ones inner voice here by his invitation and yours to accept this opportunity to step forward and be recognized. I witnessed with you all present just now in this moment that just was, a sincere offering of my devoted comrade and I call you to witness that while the words and the expression were of his own generation there was also an additional tone of peace and grace that was contained in his purely personal expression. Where did this come from? Was it given to him from a source outside, did it come from any influence I might have with him or is it possible that a mere mortal of the realm is quite capable of portraying divine principles and universal truths and stating them as if they were his own?

I tell you they are his own and they are your own to the degree that you will embrace and accept them. When you have been exposed to universal truths, even divine ideals they may be taken up by you andowned by you if it is your desire to embrace them and having made the choice to embrace these truths they become yours, they become part of the fabric of your being, the very makeup of your personality; as such they may be utilized at any time as part of your own experience and your own awareness. Surely you may avail yourselves of citing divine ideals and principles that others have provided but at some point as a student you become a master and at that point you are a manifestation of that which you have learned and become.

Then the truths that before you may have cited as having come from some authorized place are then yours to use in authority and with conviction. Such is this process of learning and assimilating truths day by day, breath by breath into your own being and the natural result of this is that you then manifest these truths and others will see you as the source of such truth because you so fully exhibit it and manifest it. Do not shy away from this role that you are destined to play my friend. It is part of the design that you will at times be student and at other times will be called upon to be teacher and when this is the case, be not afraid of your truths, stand firmly in your conviction of all that you have been taught and all that you have embraced because you are now owner of such truths when you have fully embraced them.

Let’s speak for a moment about tools. I observed, as you observed, my comrade making use of a variety of tools that he has utilized in the past to effectively bring him the desired results of coming to a spiritual perspective. I certainly support the use of any method that achieves the desired results but I will also observe that the tool, whatever tool is chosen is but the means to an end. It is the scaffolding, the map or the guidepost; helpful, perhaps necessary at times but it is not the desired end. This state of spiritual awareness and being is the desired result and you may choose or choose not to engage any particular tool at any particular time to achieve this result.

But as has been mentioned before you would do well to not develop an over-dependence on the use of any tool for in the end, I will tell you plainly, no tools are required, only your sincere desire and with such purposeful intent and desire you may instantly transcend your current conception of what will be necessary to bring you to this place and you will simply arrive here. Again I support the use of any tool that is effective but I also encourage you to attempt as time goes by to wean yourself from the thought pattern that any tools are strictly necessary for such a shift to occur. They are in fact only as necessary as you think they are. So if you think they are, then you will likely need them at this point. I simply encourage you to loosen your concept of what must transpire to be adjusted, perhaps to a more suitable; what would I enjoy? what would be nice? what might be helpful, not what is required or what must be done of a certainty.

After all, it is my privilege and pleasure to offer these adjustments as it were. Lastly this evening I would encourage you all to enjoy a greater sense of appreciation of the partnership between you and your indwelling voice, the Thought Adjuster, Father presence, I am presence, whatever word symbols would be most comfortable to you for after all you would not be here in this moment were it not for your willing co-operation with your indwelling guide. You may not realize the extent of your partnership and that you have willingly chosen to work together and that has brought you here. There is no accident, there is no happenstance to your arrival here and now. It is as a direct result of your perhaps semi-conscious, perhaps unconscious alignment with your inner guide.

Why is it you think you are so inspired to come to this place? Why is it you were reminded throughout the day that this was happening? Why is it that you chose to make room in your busy lives to be here now? All of these were acts of partnership, your external choosing based upon internal choices. And so it is that you proceed through your lives constantly in partnership. Every circumstance and situation that you can envision has within it the element of choice and within this element of choice there is this partnership. This partnership is always as a background noise in your lives, you are so accustomed to it and yet you are aware that there are greater and lesser choices and you routinely now have developed the habit to choose the greater and to leave behind the lesser.

This is your partnership, this is the influence of your inner voice. And so I honor you all because you are here. You have followed this leading, you have made these choices, you have demonstrated to a universe at large that you are willing to follow these small leadings and that having done so, the steps that have been taken have brought you in the direction of your yearning soul, the direction to proceed in spirit and in faith. Such seemingly small steps and seemingly insignificant choices and yet they all have worked together to provide for this extraordinary experience we share even now.

I wish you could have the perspective that we have and be as proud of you and honor you the way we do but you are in the forest and you cannot see beyond the trees that are around you. You are in the fog of material dimension looking for direction and only seeing an arms length in distance in front of you. So how is it that you have made it here? You have made it through the fog here and now by some unseen method. This is your partnership with your indwelling spirit. I am grateful as you are grateful for this opportunity, for this exchange we have between us. Certainly there are significant moments that happen in any development and I am quite certain this moment will register as such, certainly will be retained as a moment of significance.

I join you in the celebration of this moment and now I would retreat to allow this forum to be used by others but as you may well perceive I cannot go very far as I am part and parcel of this being and of this moment, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to join you in celebrating this moment as well. I am inspired by such moments, I hope you will join me. It brings out the best, the most noble, the highest ideal when I see you all gather around such a purpose with such intention. I am here to foster and develop this greatest of all circuitries inherent in the brotherhood of man, this Thought Adjuster circuit for you see if there is one common denominator, one thread that runs through the family of man it is this inherent aspect of your human nature that is common to all and can be utilized to bring you together in awareness. This indwelling voice is individual within each mortal of the realm and yet all are fragments of the same First Source and Center and as such all are parts of the whole and connected by virtue of their nature.

So it is that there runs through the family of man a common thread. Your divine Parent, The First Source and Center has issued these parts, these fragments of the whole to be on loan as it were, to you to be connected to the whole so that you may sense that you are a drop of the grand ocean and as such you have a commonality among you and between you. Surely you are all unique and different, one of a kind in all the universe but as well you have a part of a common whole and this part links you and ties you to the whole in a way that establishes this divine connection once and for all. So while you are many times given to reach out to others, even celestial beings such as myself, you need in reality reach no further than your own being for onboard there dwells with you this fragment that you are in partnership with and that ties you together, ever ties you back the origin of The First Source and Center.

For much of your earth’s and peoples past history there has been the predominant thought that you are alone in the universe, severed from divinity, isolated in darkness and simply groping through this material fog one day at a time attempting to make sense of what appears to be random and senseless. This prevalent thought pattern is so deeply ingrained in the brotherhood of man that it will take some effort to undo this erroneous concept. You see, your ancestors were told of this separation and told they were unworthy to approach divinity and told they were too far away to be known by their divine parents as a means of subjugating and controlling them. For if you were told the truth that you are a divine being with divine origins and divine destiny, then you would not be able to be manipulated by another, you would instinctively fall back on your connection to the divine and not be subject to an external reality that was imposed upon you.

We, now, here at this place in time are lifting the curtain on a new reality for this world, one in which all of the brotherhood of man will be reeducated as to who they are and their relationship with their divine parents, even with their Eternal Creator. This process of empowering each individual will be achieved through this aforementioned circuitry of the Thought Adjuster for every one of these powerless individuals has a direct line to divinity, they simply have not been made fully aware that this is so. But you know that this is so and one day all of mankind will share your convictions and assurance that this is so and this is the glory of the times that we are witnessing right now. This firing of this grid will eclipse all other known avenues of expression.

You all are aware of what it is like to have access to a telephone line and while this line may in itself be just a tool it has the potential to bring right to you because of its circuitry, divine inspiration, perhaps even as you sense right now. So it is with this Thought Adjuster circuit, it runs right to and hooks up every mortal of the realm and therefore they may receive the call and then they respond to this calling because they are part of this network. I am grateful as you are grateful that we are at this place together, this juncture of evolution, of time, of space, of spirit and of the material plane. This is truly a wonderful opportunity and one that many, many, celestial personalities will avail themselves of simply witnessing what it is like to “fire” such a massive grid as will be undertaken on this world.

You who are in awareness of these basic principles already create your own, already you are about manifesting that very reality I am now portraying to you as a future reality. And so it is that I am able to come here and speak with you about this. Join me as we celebrate the firing of the grids and as we offer to help in whatever ways we can. Certainly one of the greatest contributions that you can make as individuals is to simply do what you know how to do, to simply be that which you know you could be, to simply act in faith. Those are the greatest of contributions a mortal can make and you have shown yourselves willing to make them. I honor you for your choices and contributions as well.

I would acknowledge that there was a question asked about how to navigate difficult times and I would also acknowledge that there was the answer provided; that love is the answer, you simply provide the circumstance or the question, and this is ever true, simple but true. And so it is that even an entire world will be transformed by the act of overwhelming love. Mistake not that that is the new currency, the new reality of the realm and the sooner we can synthesize with that new reality, the smoother the transition will go. It is not a hardship or demanding too much, rather it is simply allowing and becoming that will transform every aspect of your experience.


I sense that we have reached our usual limitations and I would respect the demands of time and space and I would take my leave while offering my contribution of love to you all, each one, everyone. I cherish this opportunity to express that to you. I hope you can feel my genuine desire that this is so. I now withdraw in appreciation, farewell.

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