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LLN177- Healing Addiction to ‘Power’

2008-07-10.  Healing Addiction to ‘Power’

Lightline #177

Topic: Healing Addiction to Power

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael

TR: Jonathan


Elyon: I greet you, this is Elyon. We have been pursuing the new plan for this planet for quite some time as the decree had been given to release Urantia from quarantine and we have overcome many barriers, one being the deaf ear of the human beings on this world. This wakening to receiving the input of higher spiritual brothers and sisters is spreading and it is becoming commonplace to expect to receive such whispers so to speak. You are a group of dedicated and faithful listeners who are willing to work for Michael to bring this planet not only back on its feet but moving progressively forward.


I am one who has attained the constellation level of mortal ascent and I have been trained in many schools in Norlatiadek. I have had the privilege of being tutored by numerous Melchizedeks and they I observe to be splendid instructors, ones whose wisdom is extensive, at least as regards truth as it is revealed in Nebadon. We have wonderful instructors in our realms to assist us and you are familiar with quite a few of these incredible beings but I know you have discussed some of the Most Highs, the Vorondadek Sons.

While the Melchizedeks are professorial in their approach to the many creatures of Michael and Nebadonia, the Vorondadeks are professional administrators. They truly can run the affairs of a constellation. Their skills are keen and precise. I would attempt to compare it to some of your professions that require deep training, agility and accuracy. This is how these wonderful rulers conduct their affairs. When in Satania the rebellion broke and chaos was taking hold, you could say it broke the hearts of these Most Highs.

I might say they felt most low but it did not break their stride. They have been as before and ever since, diligent in the execution of the plans of Michael throughout this constellation. We have looked for centuries to them for guidance on how to adjust and correct the affairs in this one system. I know you realize that the Most Highs have many systems over which they govern and they have many loyal System Sovereigns who also execute their plans. But here in your system a great experiment has been taking place and that is how to effect divine rulership without the customary governance’s that were projected and put in place.

So you find on your world, the four and twenty counselors and you find Melchizedeks not only here but on the other planets that were rocked by the upheaval and you find beings like myself who are given greater liberty to make contact with the mortals of the planets who are entering into the healing. So while much time has passed by on your world by your human measurements, there has become rooted in the ways you go about managing the populace, many engagements that are an anathema to the golden rule and to the gospel of our Sovereign Son Michael. It has become a deep ingrained social, political habit pattern and to some extent even an addiction to power.

Were this world on track as a normal planet, your human rulers would have enjoyed and benefitted by the training provided by the planetary headquarters and even by the Adamic sons and daughters. They would have demonstrated the ideals of service to the populace and you would have already, centuries ago, realized the folly of harming one another in order to make gains in power and wealth. When Michael was here He demonstrated what was lacking in your planetary education.

He washed the feet of the apostles, He carried the pack a second mile and He turned the other cheek. He even refused to speak when others taunted Him disingenuously for He knew the truth speaks for itself without defense and He knew that the time frame by which that truth may be revealed may take more time than human patience is willing to accept. This is the manner of the management of the systems by our Vorondadek Sons. They have to await the awakening in the human mind of the ideals of true rulership, ideals said even by one of your sages long ago that he who rules the best rules the least.

I began by speaking of the Melchizedeks. You know of their ability to be self governing, they do not need to elect a head though they often assign one another such a position for the efficiency of coordination. But the Vorondadeks do rule and they acquire loyal citizens, those willing to adhere to truth and to execute goodness and to uphold beauty as a free will creature chooses to. On Urantia there now resides the Urantia Papers which depict much of the orchestrations that go on throughout the universe.

It is one healing seed planted on your world that will create the conceptual framework that will allow you to evolve into the understanding of universe citizenship and the cooperation and the assistance that is required in a harmonious interrelationship of planets and beings. But not until the lust for power and wealth diminish will the ideals of true governance reign supreme and so today I charge all of you to step forward and demonstrate those ideals. The Vorondadek Sons rule in the kingdoms of mankind by way of mankind. They are not overlords, they wash your feet and you carry the gospel.

It may appear to be a large task for one among billions on a simple world as Urantia but there is a matrix, a power grid, an energy circuit which assist every one of you and you contribute to the thickening of the response to reality. As you are fertilized by the many ministers who have come to your world you branch out, one to another and bring about a carpeting of spiritual luminosity. It is observable by many who pass by your world. You will find times of doubt that this is occurring, but remember as you shine your light as if by a flashlight, you seem to stand on the dark side of that beam, but the light is shining and you recognize when the light of another falls upon you, the beauty, and you are gravitated to one another in fellowship because of that.

But when you are alone in your ministry of representing the Most Highs, remember the light is before you and trust that the view in that luminosity is taking you to the aspired ends. I am willing to receive from you, comments or questions as it is always a delight to interface with my brothers and sisters in dialogue.

Q: Good evening Elyon. Since I raised the issue of the Most Highs ruling in the kingdom of men, I am sure that this world is being covered effectively, it is just that the human understanding may appear to be chaotic at times. Sometimes I would wish for a better understanding. We have a paper in the Urantia Book about government on a neighboring planet and helped put in perspective for me how our world is developing in relation to a world that has gone down our path. You being such an aged person in the system, might be able to give us a little better understanding of what things were like on your planet when you were human so as to better understand where we are in the scheme of things.

Elyon: I also am a human being who was affected by rebellion but it was not the one from this system and I was on that world after the correcting time at that distant age so I benefitted from the adjustments into normal progress but still was affected by the legacy that was still resident on my home world. That is why I am here to serve you because I can see the benefits of the wayward path in the long run and I know what is for you just around the corner, cosmically speaking, …… age, that is the one I lived in in my time. It is a time of rejoicing when the whole world….reality of its cosmic citizenship and the obligations that go with such citizenship.


Q: Thank you so much for your answer. I’m just curious, in Urantia years exactly how old are you?

Elyon: I will not say precisely however if you delve into your text you will be able to discern when the last preceding rebellion occurred and that will give you of my age. [thank you]

Michael: This is Michael. My love is upon you, even more so within you and we share this love in the company of The Father of all. I have spoken of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, of the great acceptance and trust they have. I have given you the parable of the vine and the branches and you know of my warnings that you must bear fruit and that how you are sometimes seemingly burdened with adversity only that you will bear fruit more abundantly. This day I give you another such parable.

You have a plant on your world called a strawberry and it sends out its stolons and these young little plants cling to life by way of that connecting branch and they hold to that life until they root and even while they are rooting they maintain that connection and grow stronger and root deeper. All the while the connection to the mother plant remains. Each one of you who have chosen to serve in this mission are undergoing this same process. I know you cherish our connection and you would not sever that for one moment but you also are learning to root yourselves deep into the truths of reality and into the glorious ideals that our Father in Heaven has asked us to attain.

You know also that aside from your deep rooting, you likewise send forth another stolon and that is a brother or sister who has been touched by your ministry and transformed in the soul therefrom. Eventually the entire world will be rooted in our spiritual family and we will all bear fruit abundantly. Yes, I do ask you to rely on my power and my love for I freely give it to you but I also request that you diligently and with fortitude, drive your roots deep into the soil. These roots are the prominence of your soul’s presence.

I can give you light, I can give you love, I can give you power but must grow your soul. I will assist and The Father is assisting but it is your willingness to grow and your execution of what it requires to grow that will root you. Then, even if for a while I am away you will still have the strength to carry on for our Father in Heaven. I love you all very dearly and like a parent upon your world, I too must let you ascend beyond Nebadon. We will ever be connected but you will ascend to higher realms. You will find me in Paradise for that is from where I came but you will also realize that you left me in Nebadon.

Yes, you do long for a better world as do I and you have able rulers to assist in creating a cosmic neighborhood that is friendly and loving but there is a grand universe through which you are traveling and you will encounter experiences that will make Urantia seem like only a pebble between your feet and your sandals; something that you are able to shake loose and walk on. So my brothers and sisters, rest in the assurance of our Father’s loving care and know that the tribulations of today are only passing and that the everlasting will be with you in every station in your ascent.


It will assist your expansion and wisdom, it will energize your expression of divine love. All of you I love deeply. I will now return this attention circle to Elyon.

Elyon: Greetings and again I offer the opportunity for you to join in the expression of your thoughts. [pause] Peace be with you all and carry on. Live true to the teaching that Michael has left on this world. Be strong and at the same time be gentle. I take my leave, farewell.

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