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LLN189- Alignment and Joining Awareness

2008-10-23. Alignment and Joining Awareness

Lightline #189

Topic: Alignment and Joining Awareness

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought AdjusterMichael

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, we come together again this evening in joy and in gratitude beyond what words can describe for the many ways which your grace touches us in our lives. You not only surround us with all that we have need of in this life, provide us our life and the sustenance to maintain it, but as well your presence indwells us as the Spirit of Truth and in addition we have the grace of our indwelling Voice, a gift from the First Source and Center and in all these different ways you have reached out to us. You have touched us and are reaching us to bring us your embrace. Help us as we journey through this life experience that you have provided for us to be in awareness of the many ways in which you provide for us and touch us and nurture us and share with us this grand experience that we enjoy. Help us to recall that you are with us throughout the entire process and to enjoy every moment of the experience which you provide for us. We pause now to welcome you in, in full awareness that this is so and ask you to join us in this moment and sense the joy and the appreciation that we extend for this opportunity. Thank you beyond words, thank you.


The Voice: I will step forward to accept your invitation once again this evening, I am this ones “gift of grace” as was mentioned and I speak for that individual gift of yours which is a gift of grace and I fully support this notion of leading off this evening with, and for that matter, any spiritual pursuit with this attitude of gratitude that you have demonstrated in these meetings that we enjoy. Having such an attitude of appreciation is one of the surest and quickest ways for you to align yourselves with spiritual realities because when you are in this attitude of appreciation and gratitude it is the part identifying itself with the whole.

It is focusing on the awareness that it is the whole to be grateful for and by so doing you align yourself as a part of this whole. In a sense you join with that which you are grateful for and this conscious act of extending yourself in gratitude brings you in humble appreciation of your Creator and of all the grace that is yours by virtue of your relationship to the Creator. This is much like pulling out your compass and aligning yourself in the direction of your spiritual compass. Whenever you are uncertain about how to align yourself with your spiritual nature and by extension with your spiritual family your may always fall back and rely on the certainty that is inherent in the act of becoming humbly in gratitude for all that you can perceive of the grace that is bestowed upon you.

It is not that your Divine Parents are requiring your submission in any way but when you offer your gratitude and appreciation you are acknowledging them and bringing their grace alive in your life. So whenever you utilize this avenue of approach, you will find that very quickly you may approach spirit by your simple act of identifying with it through being grateful, to simply acknowledge it and attempt to embrace it. You may have noticed in your own lives that your prayers and petitions may become more potent when they are couched in among your efforts to be grateful for that which you do have and that which has been granted to you.

This very act changes your perspective for when you are grateful and appreciate the grace that has been shown to you, you may tend to see your circumstances differently and this may help you better formulate your petitions and more sincerely direct your prayers for if you begin with the premise that grace abounds and that you are in awareness of this grace, then your consciousness may be more easily expanded to include the grace that is transpiring in your lives, even in the moment of your consideration.

It is also helpful to use this attitude of gratitude to propel your intention by virtue of your advance acknowledgment that what you seek will be found. It is a demonstration of your faith and a condition that you exhibit as a result of your own personal individual experience of having received grace in your lives and accepting it and preparing yourself to further receive these examples of grace. So when you wish to commune and petition spirit with your intentions, begin with the attitude of gratitude and as well conclude with the certainty of this gratitude in your very conviction that you are certain that if it is not there in that moment, it will most certainly arrive.

If you begin to train yourself to always look at life circumstances through this lens of gratitude, then you most certainly will begin to see grace everywhere all the time. This will make your experience much lighter and brighter and as well it will provide you with that additional layer of faith and trust which bolster you to project your intention forward with conviction for you know of the grace and you have complete faith in the grace and so you would expect nothing less.

Most of this shift in approach is simply a shift in your awareness of what already is so because grace does abound around you and grace is present always and grace will be present always. It is simply up to one to embrace this reality and act as if they know of this truth. So I commend your routine efforts at setting the tone and making the approach through the avenue of the attitude of gratitude for it is a sure and certain avenue that you may utilize at any time to bring yourself back to this orientation and alignment.

It is because of your efforts that we enjoy this grace even in this moment. Your attitude of appreciation has brought with it your conviction and faith that once again it will be a principle that will be adhered to and so it is even now. This avenue is so universally appropriate that you will find you can utilize this means of approach throughout your entire ascension career and what you begin here to discover as a means of approach you will utilize for your entire eternal career.

I thank you all for this opportunity to join you in this pursuit, in this creating of this avenue wherein we may all realize that we are part of the whole and identify with the whole through this awareness of gratitude. We all share this same sentiment and therefore we can all truly be on the same page about the sentiment and the sincerity with which we experience it. Among the many things I am grateful for, this particular opportunity, this portal that has been created by such powerful beings as yourselves is a true treasure and one that we all may be thankful for.

It is as a direct result of grace from on high but as well it is as a direct result of our efforts to choose and sustain it and so in gratitude we come together for this chance to choose, for this opportunity to invest ourselves in such grace as we perceive which brings us once again to a flush of gratitude and I join you with my sincerity in acknowledging the gratitude for such an opportunity as we now enjoy. I will allow this opportunity, this grace to be shared by others as well. I now step back to allow this forum to be utilized by others, thank you.

Michael: My dear ones, it is I, your Father. I greet you this evening as one of the Divine Parents who has been offered this invitation to join you and I could not be happier to accept. I would talk for a moment about this attitude of gratitude as you refer to it because my dear ones, I desire that you know that this avenue of appreciation and gratitude is in no way a one way street. No, rather this avenue allows us unique access to each other because as any parent will attest to, there is a very special attitude of affection and gratitude that the parent extends to the child for simply the act of being the child and of looking to the parent.

Any parent cherishes the return of the affection and appreciation that they feel towards the child and any child craves and appreciates the unconditional love and appreciation of the parent for the child. And so my dear ones, as significant as it is for you to recognize me or us in your lives and experience, I desire that you know as well that I am profoundly grateful for you, each one, every one, all the time. Many times it may not be until you have chosen this avenue of approach that I may utilize it as well to bring you my assurance, my affection, my gratitude for your being.

We are truly a family and as such we have reciprocal affection, the one for the other. Though it is my desire that you be made more fully aware, that when you exercise this gratitude and appreciation I likewise am exercising through the very same avenue of your reaching out, I am reaching back and I will provide for you a sense of having been touched when you provide this avenue that we may use to make this contact. As was stated, this avenue is an avenue which is common to all of us for I as well am in gratitude to the Creator as you are in gratitude to the Creator and I can speak with authority that the Creator is also in gratitude for you, for what is a family if there are no children?

What is this experience if we cannot share it together? And so I not only join you in this sentiment of gratitude, but I both accept your gratitude on behalf of the Father and offer you mine and His in return. This I can do by virtue of my Spirit of Truth which is within you and to whom you may turn at any time for confirmation that this is so. So let us go forward in joy that we have this attitude of gratitude together. We have this common denominator between us, we have this avenue of approach we may utilize. All of this grace is ours because we are all part of this family of the First Source and Center.

Dear First Source and Center of all that is, You have divinely granted us the grace that we would embrace and appreciate and as well you have granted us each a piece of yourself so we are all tied to You and bound together as a family. Help us to seek You through this gift of grace, this avenue of approach You have provided. May we all find our strength and comfort and peace in finding this gift that you have given us. May we bring to You in this process, the joy and the wonder that this experience of finding you brings to us in this process. We are growing more and more certain in our faith that as we seek You we shall find You and these, your children Father, are your treasured family and mine. May we embrace our position in your family and our relationship to you as one of yours and may we perceive that our lives are filled with Your grace and acknowledge this with our attitude of gratitude. Let it be so as this represents the desires of our hearts, each one and every one. We know you hear our petitions and now we would extend in faith in knowing that our desires will be made manifest as we proceed forward in faith. Let it be so and let it be with our thanks.


Question: Michael, are you taking questions for your comment? [The tr was overcome with emotion as a result of the Masters love and had to regain his composure.]

Michael: Yes, I believe so.

Question: Good evening Master, this is actually a very important matter I would like to get your input on. Assuming you were on earth in this day and age living a life in the flesh and you are married, Monjoronson has given some lessons on the importance of a sustainable family in actualizing sustainability in every area of our civilization in ushering in the era of Life and Light, so family is very important in this process. So assuming you are here on earth in this day and age, are married, are committed to your wife and love her and show her respect and treat her as an equal and stuff like that, and you discover that she is cheating on you.

We human beings on this side of the veil, we regard cheating, I don’t know how you guys define adultery in all of its totality, but for us, between a man and a woman committed to a heart to heart loving relationship, you know, romantically and sexually involved, they expect to see that within themselves. If one of the parties goes out to be romantically involved with someone else it is considered cheating and usually……so it can be painful, very painful.

So assuming your marriage relationship and you discover your wife is cheating on you and she admits it, how would you handle it? That is my question. I would appreciate a comment, thank you.

Michael: I am your Father here again to address your concern. First I would acknowledge of your observation that the family unit is indeed the foundation of stability and society and culture for your world. It is in a sense the microcosm of the larger macrocosm picture of your world in that it is a unit of structure that contains many of the elements of your larger structures of culture and civilization. It has within its structure, the potential to be a mini-verse as a reflection of the larger picture and within a family unit there may be contained all the necessary aspects for the creation, growth and sustenance of a small group of individuals who must work together to accomplish this end.

So the family unit is in fact the precursor to all larger subsequent units of organization, whether it be your clubs, or governments or countries, it all must begin somewhere and it begins with the training which is supplied within the family unit. In this unit one must learn the basics of working together, of respect, of tolerance, of fairness and working together as a unit for one common purpose; the sustenance and maintenance of the group.

What lessons are learned here are then taken out and applied to the other groups that you find yourselves involved in and if you learned respect and fairness in your family unit, those attributes will be carried out into the larger units. But you must understand that from culture to culture there are great differences in the institution of marriage which is at the nucleus of the family unit and these rules of engagement are determined by the individuals involved within the context of the culture they are involved in and the society which dictates many of the rules of engagement for such, even such intimate affairs.

Therefore the contract that two consenting adults enter into which you referred to as marriage, may in fact be quite different from culture to culture and what would be admissible and acceptable in one culture would not be permitted and accepted in another. And so there is no universal pattern for entering into such a contract and agreement. There is no divine standard to be adhered to, rather what must be adhered to is the contract between the two individuals themselves.

If they choose to allow some activities and both parties are in agreement, then no infraction has occurred and the contract remains valid. If, within this contract both parties agree to certain specific terms which are then violated by one of the two parties, then the contract has been broken. So it is impossible to define what is acceptable and permissible on a general level but what is never considered righteous it to break an agreement, whether it be the contract of marriage or whether it be a business transaction or any commitment given in sincerity to another.

That having been said, if two kinder-gardeners agree to be best friends with the most sincere of intentions and enter into this verbal agreement and contract with each other and then through the acts of time and experience, one of the two parties in agreement changes their position and as a result breaks their contract with the other, can one hold them liable? They are both inexperienced, they are both immature, they both were sincere at the time of their commitment and yet something changed and there may be hurt feelings, there may be disappointment, there may be misunderstanding but there may not be present an intent to deceive or to cause any form of malice intentionally.

Rather things change, people change. I’m sure everyone out there has at one point been unable to keep their word and it is not because you lacked sincerity when you gave your word and it is not because you meant to cause harm to another but it is rather because you are in a constant state of change and flux and growth and this process means in essence that you are not who you were when you may have offered a commitment that you could not keep.

And life and the living of life on your world is filled with vicissitudes and challenges that may seem as obstacles to you as you attempt to keep your promise, maintain your word or adhere to your contract. But from my perspective, even the most apparent grievous offenses of someone breaking their marital vows is no more intentional or significant than the two kinder-gardeners out on the playground who swear they will be best friends forever.

True enough, the adults who enter into the contract are in greater awareness of what they are doing but no one is in command of change. Change happens and as a result priorities may shift and poor choices may be made at any time along the way which impacts directly on the original intent that was offered. But in almost every case, the wise parent can look out upon the doings of the children and see that there was no malice intended, that no harm was foreseen and yet harm seems to occur as a result, an injury happens.

If you could see yourselves as I see you, you would realize that you are still the children out on the playground and that you are trying your best and that sometimes you will simply fall and that it is not that you are trying to fail or fall short of your goals but simply a result of your choices and experience in that moment. I certainly hold no judgment as to the correctness of any of your choices. I love you unconditionally even if you perchance may break a contract with another or fall short of upholding your word.

I know you are well-intentioned and overall you are good and you mean no harm to others deep down inside. So if you make an errant choice, you may have to suffer the consequences of that choice and others may bear the brunt and the pain of your having made such an erroneous choice but know that I as your parent love you unconditionally. I know that these episodes of falling short are part of the growth process and that you are the ones who will suffer the consequences of your own choices and I will love you always throughout, even to the end where I know you will be triumphant in your efforts.

If you could be at as much peace with each other as I am with you, you would forgive these missteps and not be so personally violated and threatened by another’s misstep. I know this may sound lofty and unachievable from your standpoint but I give you my perspective that you asked for and I hope this sheds some light on your question, thank you.

Comment: Wow, what an answer, I’m not surprised anyway, nothing surprises me. I thank you so much for your response and your take on it; thank you, thank you, thank you.


Michael: It has been a great pleasure to once again remind you my dear ones, my beloved children, the depth to which I love you. Be kind to each other, know that you are loved beyond words and that together we are a great family. As the hour grows long I now will take my leave in gratitude for you, each one, farewell.

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