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LLN200- Monjoronson – Adjuster Series

2009-02-12.  Monjoronson – Adjuster Series

Lightline #200

Topic: Adjuster Series

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, we are overwhelmed with gratitude at all that we have found and been graced with as a result of this process of yearning, seeking and finding. We are so very grateful for all your provisions that if we remain steadfast in our seeking then we will most certainly gather to us that which we desire. So we are grateful beyond words for this element of your grace. We ask you to join with us in this gratitude.

The Voice: Hello again my friends, I am this ones’ Inner Voice and I joyfully accept the invitation to join you in this forum for some more sharing and conversation. Before the moment slips too much further away I would call your attention to the experience just prior to the introduction of these spoken words when you were in consideration of the invocation of gratitude and you were suspended in that space having been directed by that intention. I dare say that you all were able to register to some degree a shift in awareness as you found yourself easing into the mode of gratitude and then having arrived there, there was the opportunity to experience the shift of your awareness into this desired pattern which is so useful in aligning you for spirit interface.

As we have discussed before, there is something significant to the preparation and alignment of yourselves so that you are in a conducive environment to engage with spirit. Now picture in your minds eye, this peaceful contented state we have referenced of being in deep gratitude and all of a sudden a phone rings and you are jarred into a different consciousness, an alternate awareness and your focus and your attention is instantly redirected away from this place, this state of being.

It is so easy for you to identify with this radical swing of consciousness for you are slipping in and out of different states all the time. Sometimes you fail to even recognize that you have left one state and are now in an alternate state for this transition is done so naturally. In one moment your arena of awareness and focus and attention is shifted and some other arena of awareness has commanded your attention. This you see as life and navigating through this challenging maze of shifting focus is your task in life, to smoothly be able to shift your attention and multi-task.

Now I invite you to take one step back and attempt to recognize that your soul is not concerned with all the doing of multi-tasking. That is an activity of the mind and the body in response to the stimuli in the environment. The soul is desirous of a state of being and this state of being is then manifested in all the doing that the body is engaged in. So imagine if you can, this self behind the self and realize that this greater part of yourself, your soul, is attempting to define itself by being a particular state and as your soul evolves and grows, so of course does your state of being which then affects all that you are doing.

But no matter what you are doing in life, no matter what activities you are engaged in, these activities will be a reflection of a state of being of your soul. I hope this imagery can find lodging if it is useful for you to attempt to see yourselves from this perspective. I feel the restrictions of format and so I desire to uphold the desires of the participants and I would step back and allow this platform to be used by others at this time, thank you.

MONJORONSON:  Greetings, I am Monjoronson and I too will voluntarily adhere to the desires of expectation of the participants. As you well know, I am a real supporter of these efforts that are made to contact and identify and partner with your Indwelling Guides. Truly this is perhaps your greatest gift of grace and I will continue to support all efforts made to try to grow your awarenesses of this supreme aspect.

In the days to come you will sense a new connection with your onboard partner. There is great spiritual pressure being supplied to this dimension at this time and such spiritual frequencies will greatly aid and assist each of you, all of you, to more easily commune with your Inner Voice and very soon in human terms there will be this great shift in awareness and people will at last enjoy some sense of conviction as to their relationship with this Divine Fragment.

As well, the present age of Agondonters will also come to a close and you who have been born in this age will have it as a reference in your experience but to all those who come after, they will not know of this age except as you pass on the stories to them. My friends there are many signs that change is in the air and surely you have seen a great number which strike a chord with you as another element of confirmation that indeed a great shift is underway.

I invite you as you witness signs of changing times, to ask for counsel from your Indwelling Guide as to its relevance in your consciousness and I promise you, you will receive a response, you will have a feeling of confirmation or the lack of such affirmation. These responses are yours for the asking. So as you witness more and more of what you call signs or signals of the advancing change, go within and seek internal assurance and you most certainly will find.

My dear students, I invite you to stand fast on all the lessons and principles that have been shared with you as a result of your seeking and know that you are in command of your gathered experience, you are master of your personal spiritual experience. As such you may speak with the authority of one who has direct experience. I say to all those with eyes to see, let them see, to all those with ears to hear, let them hear. We have brought many signs, we have sent many signals and they have been received and interpreted.

The real and ultimate sign and signal for each and every one is that internal confirmation. That is the only reliable sign for things out there in the world may not be what they seem but your Inner Guide certainly sees through to the essence. It is my pleasure once again to join with you at this time. I would open up this arena for questions if there were any.

Question: Hello Monjoronson, good evening. [good evening] The Urantia Book talked about some unique spiritual transactions that occur here, one of which a human being is about to leave the planet, to graduate to the morontia worlds or to die as we say and the rich experience and wisdom that has accumulated over the lifetime of the human being in conjunction with the Thought Adjuster would now be transferred to another human being. This was mentioned as happening to members of the reserve corps of destiny.

I recently had a dream which I interpreted to mean something similar. A person in their 80’s or 90’s was about to graduate and leave this mortal plane and there was communication between two different personalities. I didn’t see the form but I could hear them interacting and communicating about transferring all the data that she had accumulated over the decades of her lifetime into another person, a younger individual. For 3 days now I have been considering it trying to really understand clearly these transactions.

For some reason I can say I was meant to see these transactions and in my mind it was different Thought Adjusters communicating. In these communications that this lady in her 90’s job was to keep the water clean, for millions of people clean. Could this be physical water that people drink or use or could that water be something spiritual, maybe the water of life. I would like you to comment on these things and any other thing that strikes your attention. I appreciate your comments, thank you.

MONJORONSON:  Thank you for your question. I would make a couple of comments, one is that you correctly sensed that there is very very much going on behind the scenes so to speak, that is just outside your range of perception. Your Father Fragments, your Inner Guides are in a very real sense the custodians of your soul as it were, and therefore they must give direct permission for any activity to occur between yourself and any other individual, that is they are the gatekeepers to what you need and what is right for you and nothing of supreme spiritual import can happen without their awareness and consent.

So it is that there is indeed communication between all the Divine Fragments of all the mortal counterparts who are assembled and involved at any one time. You may get a glimpse of this principle in action if you have ever been engaged in an effort to communicate with another mortal and you were uncertain as to how to get your point across or what the best approach might be and then an idea came to you, a concept dawned on you that you were inspired to try with this other individual and to your surprise, this approach appeared just what this other individual needed.

Behind the scenes there was communication as to the different states each of the participants were in and needs and requirements were negotiated and then there was this aha moment as to how to proceed. Everything then seemed to work out grandly. That would be a typical example of behind the scenes working of your Inner Guide to help to facilitate the maximum benefit of any situation or circumstance for all parties involved.

You mentioned referring to a dream and attempting to make some observations as to the details involved and I must caution you that dreams can very well be utilized to come to some greater understandings but they are often in concept forms, that is the overall idea without much concern for the specifics and the details. That is why you can have a profound experience or encounter while simultaneously having absent all the fundamental details necessary to support that experience that speaks to the you that is having the experience and where you are at any time throughout.

It is an interesting subject to consider how it is that you can be at once asleep in your bed and at that same moment some place far away having a profound experience. This speaks to the limitless nature that is your soul. You are not bound by time or place, you are free to have your experiences anywhere and albeit most of your experiences are derived as a result of your center of focus being your physical body. Your referencing of the dream state points to the fact that you are not contained to experiences which are only sensed through your physical body.


It is good to be reminded of this contrast so thank you for your contribution. I thank you all for joining in this forum tonight and I look forward to hearing more from you as you interpret the many changes around you and decide what things you will see as signs and what you will create yourselves along the way. Thank you and good evening.

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