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NCO111.1- Monjoronson Q & A Session 75®

2009-11-17.  Monjoronson Q & A Session 75.


NOCO – NCO #111.1

Topic: 15 Various Questions

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


Moderator. Philip.




Prayer. And so it is, the Father is here, always has been and always will be. We enter into the Father’s presence and we ask the Father to fill us with Its light and surround us with Its light. We ask for the Infinite Spirit’s guidance in revealing truth and providing insights to those who ask the questions. We give thanks for these things and much more. Thank you.


The Partnership of Spirit and Mind.

Premise. We as material beings have an adjutant mind supplied by our Mother Spirit. It is the inner world which is the actual reality of our being. We know we can use our minds to change and manipulate our environment. I always thought that spirit was the description of the form of our Heavenly Father yet the [Urantia Book] states that spirit is always intelligent, minded in some way.

Question #1. Are the terms spirit and mind synonymous or are they distinctive?

Monjoronson. They are very distinctive.

Question #2. Is the Father pure mind and are we destined to become pure mind?

Monjoronson. You are far more than just mind and never will be just mind. Your course is developed into a complete spirit that is minded, is spirited, which is filled with the Father’s energy which is complete. Thank you.

Thought Adjusters and the Supreme.

Premise. Our Thought Adjusters have the concern of transforming individuals into God-like persons. They work to spiritualize us who are of animal origin.

Question #3. Just as our Thought Adjusters work to spiritualize the individual, does God the Supreme work as a Thought Adjuster for the whole?

Monjoronson. No, God the Supreme is the repository of all experiential experiences, at all the at various levels of universe dimensions. It is in the process of becoming perfect and whole whereas the Thought Adjuster is whole and complete unto itself already. Thank you.

Question #4. When we fuse with our Thought Adjuster, do we become more conscious of our connection with God the Supreme?

Monjoronson. Most definitely, as the ‘God the Supreme’ is the partner to the universe. [As] you become much more whole and complete, your fusion state allows you to have greater insight into the repercussions of your decisions and so you understand more clearly how God the Supreme becomes more complete because of your decisions. Thank you.

The Spontaneous Nature of Mind.

Premise. An example is cited of an exchange between a teacher and a student. The teacher states that you cannot control what thoughts come into your mind but your will can determine if you act upon them, or not. The students’ understanding is that while they are not responsible for the thoughts that come into their mind, whether or not they bring those thoughts into reality is a matter of free will on their choice and they are responsible for their actions, not their thoughts.

They have learned not to ride a thought; once a thought comes into their mind that is unspiritual or self-destructive, not to ride that particular thought. Once an undesirable thought occurs, not to give it any strength by continuing to focus on it because the more attention they give it the stronger it becomes. While they understand it is their freewill choice to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of those actions they are perplexed by why they are not responsible for the thoughts that come into their mind.

Question #5. Where do one’s thoughts originate from?

Monjoronson. The origin of your thoughts is not important. How you control and deal with your thoughts is the true matter. You have a tremendous amount of power to change the course of your thoughts. The will aspect of your being can deny access of thoughts to your conscious mind. You, as will, can command your mind not to allow those thoughts to come forward. Having said this, you are not held responsible as a material mortal being on a material planet for your thoughts.

However, as you progress through morontial realms into the spiritual, you are held accountable for your thoughts, for your thoughts define who you are. Your thoughts are what you become and allow to become, therefore it is essential that now, during your mortal realms experience you begin to control your thinking by willing your mind not to have those thoughts come forward. So you see, the source of them is not important but rather what you do with those thoughts. You can begin controlling your thoughts now by addressing directly your mind’s capacity to have them come forward or not. Thank you.

Question #6. Do the choices of action one chooses condition and change the quality/value of thoughts that occur to us?

Monjoronson. Most definitely, you learn by habituation, by experience, by repeated patterns over and over again. That is why it is essential that you will your mind to allow only those thoughts which contribute to your life’s course and to the benefit of your soul. Thank you.

Question #7. Can we, in a sense, replace our mind with the mind of Jesus, thereby allowing spirit to lead us to the wholehearted desire to do the will of the Father?

Monjoronson. You most certainly can do this though you would do well to do this as cooperation rather than becoming Jesus in this lifetime and you would be condemned by your fellow mortals for that. It is far better to invite Jesus’ mind into yours to replace your own to overcome the issues and problems of your life experience at that time. The mind of Christ is no substitute for your own at this time as you are in the process of growing your soul through right and perfect actions.

When you stumble along the way and have great difficulty on your own, then invite the mind of Christ in to assist you in this process and move on your way. You are learning new behaviors, new ways of making decisions and in the end you will begin to emulate the mind of Christ in your life. The mind of Christ is not a crutch, it is an assistant, it is a brother who helps you through crisis and times of difficulty to make you strong so you can stand on your own in the eventuality of time and the infinite duration of your career as a spirit becoming. Thank you.

Malicious Spirits and Thought Protection.

Premise. There is a certain amount of suspicion that lingers in the back of people’s minds from the spiritual havoc and isolation that was created by the Lucifer Rebellion. Spirit contact, when viewed as a topic of conversation among a group of mortals, will raise many eyebrows, especially among the many Christians who love God and His son Jesus Christ, Michael of Nebadon so dearly, and cherish Them, as do I.

Question #8. Why do we, or should we, petition God for thought protection after the Lucifer Rebellion has been adjudicated?

Monjoronson. It is not so much the post-adjudication presence of evil spirits, as they are gone, but through the race consciousness of your species that surrounds your world which infiltrates it thoroughly in which your mind swims and occupies your space. You, in this instance as well, must begin to command your mind to allow only those thoughts in it which are positive and constructive. Suspicious, paranoid thinking of the presence of evil having influence over you pushes the light from your life, allowing darkness to dominate your mind where light once prevailed.

See only the presence of God and Christ Michael and Nebadonia around you and through you. You will gird yourself to become stronger in their presence. Think not so much of the evil that exists in your world, which is endemic, but rather think in terms of the points of light that you are becoming with your fellow brothers and sisters of the light. You become that which fills your mind. With your will, guide your mind to fill it with only those things of light and the presence and power of God through you. Thank you.

Question #9. Do we need some help to avoid receiving misinformation when attempting celestial contact?

Monjoronson. It is always wise to engage your guardian angel, your celestial teacher and helpers around you when you are in this process. Always, when you are in the process of contacting sprit, you become an open portal of energy and communication. You want to condition this portal as a filter to let in only those things of light. Remember the untrained mind, which is the case with almost all mortals, allows any contact from spiritual beings; that is why you always should have an invocation in the beginning of your meditation, in the beginnings of your t/r-ing, in your communications with spirit when you dialog, when you talk to the God presence within you.

You must always condition this by the invocation of God’s spirit around you and through you and in you. You can always call upon your guardians to assist you in this invocation to ensure that you are prepared for the presence of God, for the presence of spirit to talk to you. So, yes, do condition your environment always. Thank you.

Question #10. Can any spirit individual access communication circuits at will?

Monjoronson. No, it is very much as in the secrecy clearances of the military and government. You [must] have a need to know, you need to have the capacity to access those which are higher than yourself. You will always be able to access those at your level and lower but to access those far above yourself requires the developed skills which you will be taught at each level of your ascension career. You can however invite those at higher levels to communicate with you. They see you very clearly but you do not see them. This is a matter of growth in your ascension process as well. Just as you can communicate and see those beings at lower levels than yourself from the morontial realm, those above you in other realms can see you very clearly and speak with you. It is more a matter of their choice upon your invitation to talk with you or not. Thank you.

Petitioning God and Avoiding Self-Interest.

Premise. We are being taught to petition our angels, Michael and His Spirit of Truth as the directors of our prayers. Also by definition, prayer is nothing more or less than a petition on behalf of another that they receive the insight and spirit growth necessary to perceive a more spiritual life. I know that many of us are administered to as a group by what has been called group angels. Some of the more spiritually advanced have been assigned a pair of Guardian of Destiny Angels. This leads to some human curiosity and dilemma and confusion.

Question #11. Since we are encouraged not to pray for ourselves, how do we communicate with our angels?

Monjoronson. You have an overly simplified perspective of what prayer is and what prayer is not. Is a simple conversation with your friends a prayer? Is a simple conversation with your guardian angels a prayer? Who do you take your concerns to, to no one? Certainly, your conversations with God, with your guardians is essential, it is much like talking about your life with a wise uncle or grandmother. You wish to share your heart with them. It is not always a matter of petitioning and asking for things where you communicate with God. God is truly your friend, your Thought Adjuster is always there to befriend you and you in turn, we hope, would see God within you as your friend and communicate freely with your friend, God.

Asking for things puts you in a diminutive role with the First Source and Center in your life. Asking for things is childlike in some ways and immature. You raise yourself to higher levels of experience when you accept that you are in the presence of God and that God is in you. You then develop a different perspective in your relationship, not as someone who is always crying and wheedling for things to come to you but one who knows that good already is on its way. It is a matter of knowing and accepting who you are first in this grand relationship that predetermines what comes to you and what does not. God will not send you things you are not prepared for, whether they are great or grand.

You must be willing to accept what comes to you knowing that you are rightfully to receive it. You see, the universe, an extension of God’s presence, is bountiful, abundant, beneficent, generous beyond all realms of your contemplation and capability to conceive. Everything is waiting for you to open yourself to receive these things even without asking. Truly, you will know when you are ready to receive the things which you need for your growth. We are not talking about flat panel televisions or cars or houses or the other goods in your life. We are talking about the substances of growth of your soul, of your life. Ask to be engaged with the next step of your growth and wait and see what happens my friend. Thank you.

Question #12. By definition, worship is the adoration, the thanksgiving, the giving up if you will, of our will to God. Does worship help us to open up lines of communication when we are seeking guidance?

Monjoronson. Most certainly, worship begins the association of parties within a relationship. By worshipping God you recognize that this is the Source of all good that comes to you. It prepares you for the grand adventure, a grand contact that you on occasion will feel is with you there where you are in that moment. You can have a God experience and this is prepared by the humble acceptance of your infinite power without expressing it overtly, aggressively or even assertively but simply knowing that this is who you are, where you are and that God is present with you. Thank you.

Hearing the Universe Broadcasts.

Premise. During a previous session, you informed us that the Urantia planetary circuits are now installed and fully functional. Recently, I seem to hear bits and pieces of what I believe to be broadcasts. I would describe this experience as happening externally in relation to my mind rather than taking place inside of me.

Question #13. Is it possible I am hearing bits and pieces of these universal broadcasts? I’m hearing something but I can’t identify its source.

Monjoronson. Yes, it is very possible that you are hearing universal broadcasts and they would seem to emanate from outside of yourself rather than from within your mind. Your mind has the capacity to manipulate these signals so that they sound as though they are from outside of yourself. It is essential that those who begin hearing understand that it is not their mind going awry but that they are actually hearing something from afar. Further, you have not begun to be prepared yet for this universal language of communicating from the universe. It will not be in English, it will be in a form of communication that is universal to your species and which you will recognize. It will not be so much auditory as it will be conceptual and filled with several dimensions of experience at the same time. Thank you.

That Which Passes all Understanding.

Question #14. When petitioning communication with divinity during stillness practice, and having set this intention with openness and gratitude, will non-verbal heartfelt intent be perceived by spirit?

Monjoronson. Most certainly. You, on the other hand, can experience this whether it is in meditation or in washing the dishes or just simply walking down the street. It is not preconditioned by contact from the Divine to you, is not preconditioned by situations, events or time but rather the whole condition of your mind and being. You truly can experience this wonderful, what some people call, the infinite eternal feeling of gratitude to surround you and infill you at the deepest levels of your heart and your mind.

You have what some call a ‘God-experience of contact’ which is overwhelming and you are so grateful for this. Meditation and worship and inner preparation all assist in this process and it is almost inexplicable to you as it is to lesser beings than myself how and why and when this occurs. But your response is almost always universal for those who are God-centered and that is incredible gratitude for receiving this contact. Thank you.

Asking for Reminders for Universe Laws and Their Operation.

Premise. A teacher says this world is not ready for this book [Urantia Book] as you well know. Many people starve for spiritual awareness and yet few are willing to earn the right to taste it. First of all, nothing in life is easy and two, you understand the universal laws and how they operate. Once you figure this out, then you can in a sense go with the wind. You can be free. You can be of light heart. You will have a good sense of humor. You will be of comfort to others and above all else, constantly seeking to do God’s will.

Question #15. Short of having God’s business card with the laws written on them, how can I be reminded that when I am operating using one of those laws, how they operate even when I am under stress?

Monjoronson. The universal laws do not come with a manual at your level of existence and experience, for you learn these laws through experience. You apply the wisdom of the ages that you have heard through the various wise books that you have read and the teachers who have taught you. You learn to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You would learn that the universe is good, always has been and always will be good and that it is generous and beneficent, it is all wholly and good for you and everyone. This is a grand school where you learn the experience of growth and you learn how to grow. You open yourself to God’s presence.

The laws are all around you but few see them, few read the signs and omens of growth, few understand the oneness that is required to flow easily with this goodness of the universe. Truly the philosophies of the Taoists are good. This is the emulation of the oneness, the flow of good in the universe. The laws of the universe are learned slowly. They are immutable, unchangeable. They persist through your earthly life through the morontial and spiritual and exist as a way of life in the eternal. You can learn these more quickly when you ask to be taught these lessons. Do not be surprised if you do not see a placard or a postcard in the mail with them written out but that you will be presented with lessons of life and given reviews so that you understand those laws.

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