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LLN278- Truth, Soul, Selfhood, Challenges

2010-10-07. Truth, Soul, Selfhood, Challenges.

Lightline LLN#278


1Topic: Adjuster Series
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael, Matthew
2TR: Michael DiMattia, Mark Rogers
2.2Thought Adjusters
3.1Progress, Graduation

Topic: Adjuster Series

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought AdjusterMichaelMatthew, Spectrum

TR: Michael DiMattiaMark Rogers



Prayer. [Mike] Dear Father and Mother, our Divine Parents, we are humbled before you, we are grateful for this opportunity to come together again as a family, as a group longing to enhance our perceptions, to expand our minds, to put forth our intention, and to enhance the values that we feel in spirit. We know that you already know our inner longings and although this is in a way, a formality to focus our intention, we would take this opportunity to ask you to pray for those in darkness, for those that may not see the light and may feel alone, that our circuit here tonight may serve those, may reach those, in one way or another. So we invite spirit to step forward and we wish, we hope, and we pray that our will is in alignment with the Father’s will.

Spectrum/TA. [Mike] Good evening tonight, this is Spectrum. For those of you who do not know me, I am the Adjuster of Mike. He has named me so as he perceives [the] fragmentation of light. For him, naming me is one of comfort, as was stated before, and I gladly and lovingly accept this [name] for I seek personality as he so willingly seeks truth and what the the Urantia Book would call “auto-revelation” as my bestowal of truth upon him, just as your Adjuster’s seek to bestow truth upon you.



Truth is a difficult concept to define, especially among mortals. So often one seeks for truth in a very definitive way. But I am here to tell you now that truth is not so defined as such, it is not static. It is only objective to the First Source and Center, the Universal Father. In Him truth is an absolute, but even in the highest beings of Paradise, just as to the lowest beings of personality, truth is dynamic, it is fluctuating, it is flowing, it is something artistic, that which is reveled to you as you grow. It is something that should not be disheartening to you to discover, that perhaps truth is but a reflection of your understanding. But make no mistake that this reflection that you perceive is for you at that moment.

Always remember as you seek for truth, that you will receive what you are capable of comprehending. This is not merely an intellectual comprehension, this comprehension far transcends that of your mind function. When truth is spoken to you it is also spoken to your soul for your soul is not some static entity, it is not a piece of clay being added to, it is dynamic and alive. It speaks for you when you have not the words to speak, it is truly as a child. Such a child grows, it learns from you in association with your Adjuster, with me, and with your divine parents.

Thought Adjusters

Many mortals fall into a misconception that their Adjuster is somehow far beyond them and from a philosophical perspective this may be true. The Adjuster is absolute, you are but finite. The Adjuster can reveal to you only that which you are able to receive. But on an intention level, those that have gained perspective enough to want to learn, to want to love, to want to align themselves with the Universal Father, you are on equal par with your Adjuster for your Adjuster seeks to bring you to learn, to lead you to love, to show you the truth. And so this partnership is quite collaborative, is quite coordinated. It is a crude example to explain, to symbolize such a union as a mother and father of the mortal realms, to say a mother and father may birth a child and each in themselves attempt to instill their perception upon their child while at the same time allowing their child to grow. This is how the soul grows.


Often the concept of inner core, the self, is thrown around in many circles. What is the self, what is your inner core? Is it your personality, is it your Thought Adjuster, is it the mind circuits? It is all of these. There is no individual core, there is collaboration. And so I will now reach the point of my lesson for this evening, a lesson which Mike had no intention of perceiving necessarily. He called in to be a participant and this is a testament to the faith and the love and the want to share truth. I would explain and I would reveal the lesson, a lesson that you all know already very well but maybe a reminder is always helpful in these cases. It is why we come together, to remind each other. Collaboration is the key essence of the building of God the Supreme, of the expression of the Trinity, of the infinity of reality personified on these time-space levels.

You may not even be conscious of your Adjuster presence. You may not even realize how much this super-consciousness collaborates with you, with your personality, but we do, it does. You seek spiritual maturity and as it has been stated in your Urantia Book [and] has been revealed to you in many lessons; it takes only but the intention to show you the path. The purpose of life, the huge questions that many mortals ask and think “Well, we will never find these answers.” They have already found them and they have yet to understand, they have yet to appreciate the values that are right before their face, that are right under their fingertips. They ask “What is the purpose of life?” and yet they return to their families, they commune with their wives and children, they do such “trivial mundane things” as perhaps watch TV or read a book or talk about their days.


My friends, it can be this simple. This is about love. And you and your Thought Adjuster, we collaborate together, we conspire together. I have revealed to you the Father’s plan and you have accepted it and together we will create, we’ll create a soul. The soul is like a child that will grow and breathe and express itself. It will eventually associate with others and those associations will collaborate, create, grow and breathe. I am sure you understand the concept of exponential realization in mathematics, one plus one is two, two plus two is four, four plus four is eight, and before you can even count you’re in exponents, you are in numbers beyond comprehension. This happens daily with you. It can happen daily with you if you so invite it, if you so recognize it, and if you so desire to be about this process.

And so now I will leave you with one last thought. What is the point? You already know the point. It is to reflect this understanding, to reflect this love right back to all those you meet. Let the Father’s will be your will. But what is the Father’s will? Many debate this but guess what, there is no way to understand an Absolute Will but you can understand the relative truth that you have matured, you have grown to understand. And once you have grasped this love, this will, this way, you can reflect it in your lives.

You can stand back with your Adjuster, you can look in the mirror and say “Let us do this!” Not let me do this, not what am I going to do, how am I going to attain this? It is time to open that to “How are WE going to attain this? How are WE going to succeed? How are WE going to bestow this love?” Once you let that into yourself, once you recognize that, well my friends, God will take care of the rest. He will not let you down. He will lead you forward. I will lead you forward, we will lead you forward. And guess what, we are all connected. You are not on your own and even you and your Adjuster are not on your own.

There is a circuit that has been formed in these conference calls, there is a circuit that has been formed in your intention and in your prayer life. You lay in bed at night, you hold your hands together and you say “Father, this is what I desire, I desire to do your will” and you feel maybe that you are alone in this process but you are not. You are so not alone. I repeat, you are not alone. All of those around you, all of those that have this intention are with you right now and they will continue to be. You can recall them in your memory, you can access their energy patterns, you can access this circuit as you see fit as it will provide for you.

I invite you to readdress this, to think hard on these words, and to reread the words, to listen back on this, to remind yourselves for even Mike here speaking these words inspired by myself has a trouble with it, a problem with it. In this situation he is willing to expose his heart on his sleeve. He does not combat me to reveal this, he sometimes falters and falters heavily in understanding and following these words.


Your Master, Michael, when He was Jesus on this planet, made a pronouncement to His apostles and this pronouncement was harsh. I know that Mike here now speaking thinks hard on these words a lot, especially recently, and I will say them now for they are in his mind. When asked by His apostles why the heathens rage He said the following (paraphrased), “They rage because they know not of the truth.” But then He explained the following, “Many of you languish, many of you have a hard time with this because you know the truth but you do not obey the truth.” You do not obey it, you know it, but it is hard. These words were harsh to the apostles. It was difficult for them to perceive what the Master meant. But I will tell you now quite frankly, that the Father is not harsh in this pronouncement, He merely challenges. He wishes for you to take His challenge. Not that it is uncomfortable or to be perceived as a command “do this or else”, we all know better than that of course, but, it is a challenge that can you step up to obey that truth which you know.


And it is okay to falter, do not misinterpret, it is okay to make mistakes. This is experience, this is what makes you grow. It is okay to make missteps. We expect this, we are with you with this, we falter with you and we learn from these missteps. We fall on our face, we wipe the mud from our mouth, we taste the bitterness of such defeat and we can only roll onto our backs to look up at the trees, the stars, the sun and laugh and say, “My Father, this was awesome, this is incredible, I get it now, let’s move forth, we love You and we know You do not judge us.” You will never be judged, you will never be judged ever for your mishaps unless they turn into iniquitous defy-ment, to defy the path in which you seek. We do not deliberately trip, all those on this call do not deliberately throw themselves into such heartache.

So I will take my leave now and just remind you, just to recap, you are loved with patience and understanding. We collaborate with love in our hearts. We are building the fabric of the finite expression of God the Supreme together, and that is all the motivation you need to be a light anchor, to profess and reflect this love to your fellows. I love you all and I can speak for your Adjusters for they are en-circuited within one circuit. You may not perceive it but all of your Adjusters are with me and I speak on behalf of all of them. I speak on behalf of all of your Adjusters here tonight whether you are aware of it or not and I bid you an intimate, as was said in the conversation before, I bid you an intimate love and hug, a hug that will fill you with a vibration that is reflective of the Universal Father. I now take my leave for others to use this platform. Good night, God bless and farewell. We do not leave you, we merely step aside to contemplate. Good night.

Inner Voice. [Mark] Greetings this evening, I am this one’s Inner Voice. As we have been discussing, what is in a name anyway? There are many Mikes, there are many Marks, there are many Henrys and all the others and yet we here tonight know of specific ones that we attach certain personality traits and combinations to and they are individual to us. So whether you refer to your Inner Guide, by whatever name of your choosing, it is more a term of endearment, a reference that you choose much as your parents chose your name as a term of endearment although there may be many others, there is only one which represents your unique combination.


I call you all to witness tonight that there was the discussion of growing awareness and this incremental step of awareness was just increased tonight. You were all graced with this demonstration of faith by one who we now will refer to as Mike and his willingness to cooperate, his willingness to work together with the other components within and as a result we were all graced with this exhibition of what it is to act and to move and to function in faith. I will tell you plainly that such an exhibition as exists here this evening is a rare commodity on this world indeed. There are individuals who are willing to extend so far in faith as to share with the outer world, their inner world, their world of intimacy and privacy as was stated.

And so it is that I join with you all here tonight to honor this passage, to acknowledge the effort which has brought about potential into actual, that has transformed what was an inner dialog into a dialog out in the real world, the real material world that is, because all of the inner dialog that happened is certainly most real. Because awareness has been augmented here this evening we all have been changed, we all have been adjusted, we all have grown from this experience and we will never be the same again. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by this forum and I now move to include even more contribution from Inner Guides and create a truly spectacular offering in so doing. I would withdraw to allow for even more contributions. Thank you.


Michael. [Mark] Greetings to all who are assembled around this joyous bonfire of spirit. Truly the flames of such a fire reach so far and wide that I have noticed them and desire to come and sit with you around such a fire. I am Michael and where there is such spirit warmth and the glow of spirit is so bright, I am drawn, like the moth to the flame. I cherish times like these when such spirit fruits are evident and such joy is taken in the sharing of these fruits. Truly, this represents the fruition of the Father’s plan, of my plan for you all who are so gathered.

The Father provides for you the spark, the initial ember which may be fanned and grown into a great flame but it is required of you each that you gather the materials, that you build a proper place to house such a fire and that you go through the motion and the gestures required to assemble all the material so that the flame may ignite and cause a great blaze. That is your mission in this life, to go about gathering things to add to your fire, to create a greater and greater flame and more and more light originating with the Father’s spark but being built and fed by you as individuals, for that is the part that is your responsibility, that is the part that will not be done for you. All the conditions and all the materials necessary may be provided but the act of assembling and building the fire is left up to you, it becomes your privilege, your honor to do so.

Then, when you rejoice in lighting this bonfire, a collective fire in which you all have gathered the materials and made it possible to enjoy each others light, each others warmth and glow, then as you know, wherever two or more of you are gathered, I arrive to enjoy the fruits of your labor, to bask in the glow and the warmth that you have made possible, to share the results of your experience with you. Thank you for lighting this fire and for building it so diligently, donating so many of your materials to it that it lights up the night sky and proves to a universe at large that you will be about this process, on your own, of assembling all the necessary elements of your own choosing and of your own efforts you build it and I will certainly come.

I have such abiding love for you all, such enduring patience while you undergo all of your growth and all of your lessons. I have fore- tasted your victory in time and I await your arrival by my side having traversed the distance and completed the curriculum. All that is left is this journey, this thing you refer to as time. And so it is that you are about this journey with greater and greater awareness causing greater and greater enthusiasm and there is greater and greater joy and this makes my heart glad. As a parent I am greatly rewarded in seeing your joy expand.

Thank you for your desire which brings you to this place and your efforts which secures you in this place and your willingness to go where spirit will lead you which is to me and to the Father. I look forward to embracing you with a spiritual embrace when you have arrived. In the meantime I will come to you and provide you with my embrace where you are. Accept my embrace, accept my love and my peace that I bring to you. It is there merely for you to accept and to take. I leave you now but I never leave you, I am always there with you with my hand on your shoulder as it were, by your side. My peace I leave with you. Be at peace.

Matthew. [Mike] I perceive the hour grows late. This is Matthew, I am new to this forum. I am an ascendant son on the verge of spirit status, a morontia being on the very edge of graduation. I realize that there is a lot for you to take in this evening but nonetheless I am urged to step forward to ask to give the floor to any of those that may wish to ask questions, voice concerns, or merely to just exclaim their perception this evening. The floor is open, there is no pressure. If you would like to speak, speak, otherwise we can enjoy the stillness together.


Q. Matthew, have you been coming through other transmitters previously?

Matthew. To the knowledge of Mike, I have not, I can only access Mike’s perception of me. I am not Matthew the midwayer who has been revealed on many occasions, but I have come in Mike’s stillness as a volunteer. I have been serving other services beyond that of a mere teacher. As you can well imagine, all those celestials who wish to participate in the Urantia adventure eagerly raise their hands and as being on the cusp of graduating from an elder morontia to a first stage spirit, I was more than excited to participate in the Urantia adventure. I revealed myself to Mike and I have been elsewhere, however from this T R’s personality perspective, I am unique to him and thus function as such.

Q. How are you? [Good, how are you.] Awesome, thank you. How is it to be almost a spirit, how does it feel?


Matthew. Well, your question over-joys me for it reflects an accomplishment, an achievement that I feel. I would bring you back to your own graduation of say high school or college. You reach an achievement of your studies, of your association of your peers. You are on the brink of a new frontier yet you look back upon your life, upon your immediate experiences and are overjoyed in your achievements. This is very similar, this is a pattern, this is something that you will all experience as you grow.

Now, unfortunately, what you call death, what we would prefer to call graduation, is one of those achievements that is forcefully placed upon the mortal. It is something that is not necessarily welcomed, especially in the case where you are stepping into the unknown. However though, it is similar, as I have stated, as your educational system to realize that on the one hand you have become an elder in your associations, you have reached a point of understanding, of comprehension, of achievement and on the other hand you embark on something profound, unknown, you are a fledgeling. And so, this is how I feel. I look back on my career and say, wow, what a beautiful career it has been, what a joyous occasion and I look on the spirit realm, that which I barely can conceive of in its totality but that which I know enough of to be excited for, and think to myself, wow, to use your phrase, my God, this is to come.

The only difference that I perceive in regards to this that you may not fully comprehend in your earthly graduations is that at this point in my life I have obtained wisdom enough to understand the importance and significance of such a transition. Many high school students that graduate to college, many college students that graduate to the “working world” do not understand the significance or they do in a sense that is not exemplary of such a transition. But I truly understand the potentials of such a transition and in my mind it can only be a pattern of understanding that will eventuate in my perception of what it will be like to translate from spirit to Havona, something which you can imagine and in all honesty I can imagine but I don’t know yet, we won’t know yet. I hope this helps to unify (clarify) your understanding and I appreciate your questions and I honor and love your association with the group that you are a part of and will open the floor to more questions if there are any.

Q. Thank you.

Q. Good evening.

Matthew. Yes.

Q. In my present state as a mortal I can more or less visualize what a morontia being looks like but spirit is somewhat void of representation to me so, what is spirit in a sense?


Matthew. Well my friend, you have asked a question for which I am about to embark upon in many ways, however, as a morontia being and as privy to many theoretical and what you would call secondary experiences of spirit, I can say this, (and this is also stated in your Urantia Book abstractly but it is almost as though this is the extent to which it could be defined), spirit equals value. Now this is hard of comprehension. You can understand, okay, a value. There is a value in love, there is a value in friendship, there is a value in truth, there is a value in beauty, there is a value in goodness. To be about spirit, to be of spirit quite literally means to exemplify such values that you have expounded, that you have slowly accumulated through your life. And when I say your life I use that term loosely, I do not mean your mortal life but I mean your life to come, your eternal career.

Spirit, the spirit world, is very hard of definition to mortals for even the word “world” denotes a material presence, a something of location that has soil at your feet, or a perception of locality that represents a state of being in association to something else. Spirit however, are those things and something much more. Spirit, as the only way I can explain to you, is the feeling that you obtain from communion with the Father. When you are in stillness with your Adjuster you need to ask this question. You need to ask your Adjuster what is spirit and your Adjuster will much greatly explain to you such an association for such a question will be much more available personally through such an association.

But for anyone here who has felt love, association with another, an association with a circumstance, standing on a mountain, looking at a sunset, standing on a beach watching the ocean, touching a tree, seeing a butterfly… perhaps you all have animals, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, even a snake, a spider, you love them so. You are in association with them and this is the essence of spirit, it is a value. This is to the extent that I can explain to you and I hope that this helps you with your question.

Q. Somewhat, yes and I will take your advice to confer with my Adjuster. Thank you.

Matthew. You are most welcome, that is most encouraged for as has been said many times before, your personality perception is unique, it really is unique and so what is revealed to you in your stillness from your Adjuster and from the spirit energies around you will be unique to you. It is hard for me even as a personality, even if I could tell you the blueprints of what I feel it is, even though I am where I am, I cannot necessarily equivocate that to you as a unique personality unto yourself. You will discover these things on your own. So I encourage you and as you have agreed, go into stillness, ask these things, they will be revealed unto you and I wish you the most peace and love.

Q. Thank you.


Matthew. I know the hour is very late and this has been a marathon session so I would retreat back and step aside so that we may attempt to digest the truths that have been bestowed tonight. There will be plenty of opportunities especially in your stillness and this is the most important part of the lesson bestowed tonight. Please, please go to the Father in your stillness. You are a reservoir of revelation. You possess a book, the Urantia Book. It is but an epochal revelation, it is but a perception of reality. In your daily stillness you can access living truth and you can perceive it. Please do this for yourself and next time we can chat further on this. I will now step away for I know many minds here grow tired. I love you all, your Thought Adjusters love you all, but more importantly, the Father stands strong in His perception of you. He loves you, He understands you and He is with you every step of the way. Good evening, I step aside.

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