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LLN307- Stirring Things Up

2011-05-05-Stirring Things Up

Lightline #307


1Topic: Stirring Things Up a Bit
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack
2TR: Gerdean
2.2Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission


Topic: Stirring Things Up a Bit

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

TR: Gerdean



0802-AB-JACK:  Jack here: I am not impatient but I have been waiting for this opportunity for several days. Now that I have alerted you as my presence, I will back off so that you can begin again, as you ordinarily do, with a moment of centering. I’ll be back in a minute. Go ahead, Gerdean. Take it away.

Gerdean: Hi Jack. Nice to have you with us. I will do a little centering thing, then.

Father God, thank you for this opportunity to come together again to experience the adventure of You and Your universe and our experience with it. It’s such a vast undertaking, and it seems sometimes that our lives are incredibly small and insignificant, slow and dull compared to all the things we know are coming. Help us to be patient. And thanks for the connection that You’ve given us with the teachers and the supernals and the midwayers and those who connect with us to assure us that we are not alone out here on the outer rim of the cosmos, that we are actually a part of what’s going on in the overall scheme of things. Guide our session. Feed our minds with good stuff and thanks again for your loving Spirit. Amen.



0802-AB-JACK:  Jack here again. That was a nice prayer, Gerdean. I noticed you missed pushing one of the buttons, however [Ed.-the button that mutes the bell at the threshold]. Isn’t it fun how the material life is so bound up in pushing the right buttons and in having your buttons pushed in just the right way. Stimuli and response seem to be the name of the game in the electro-chemical arena in which you live and have your being. Like plants that respond to the sunshine, or animals that respond to loud noises, you also respond to trigger points and words that affect your psyche (and thus your emotions and thus your behaviors) and so, much of what you deal with is as a result of having your buttons pushed … as if in response to stimuli — whether it be positive or negative stimuli.

The nice thing about spending time in stillness, as you all know, is that the inclination to respond positively is enlarged; your capacities for positivity are heightened, made greater. You are conditioned, as it were, to take the higher view, the higher ground. Look at the period of time in your life that you have been engaging in this forum of talking to celestial energies and personalities and see how your own behaviors and responses have adapted over the years, how you have matured – not just in getting old but in getting more spiritual.

I thought I’d come in just to stir things up. You get into a pattern of receptivity, you hear from certain T/Rs, and you kind of anticipate what you’re going to get, who you’re going to hear from, and it’s nice every now and then to have an outside voice come in and keep you loose, as it were, so that your expectations don’t run the show, so that you are still able to be surprised, pleasantly surprised.

Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission

Of course, you all have become somewhat engrained in the paradigm that has developed over these past two decades, in the Teaching Mission, and the Monjoronson Mission, but assuredly there will be more to come: more adaptations, more adjustments, more personalities, more concepts, and you are at liberty to assimilate or reject any and/or all of them. Personalities, be they supernal or finite, are things that happen as you pass by, and you can pay as much or as little attention to them as you deem appropriate for you under any given circumstances.

There’s somebody in one of the new age movements, maybe all of them, saying, in effect, that —- ooops. Gerdean, don’t try to do my thinking for me. Well, there’s a number of things they say, truly, one of which is that …. Sorry. Gerdean and I are old friends. We go back 40 years together and she presumes, as I often presume, on our friendship. In fact, we often finish each other’s sentences, and so I don’t object that her mind is so akin to mine on occasion that we step on each other. The message will win in the end and this is yet another adage that is coming out of the new age that speaks to the advancement of humanity.

Well, never mind all that then. All of you know the points I’m trying to make anyway. No one here is a newcomer. Take what you like and leave the rest. We enjoy it when you ask questions. That gives us some direction … as when we have a job to do! – a task, an assignment – which we’ve had plenty and enjoyed and succeeded in several. There are also times when we just like to “hang out” and chat and let the chips fall where they may, which seems to be the process this evening. And that’s okay. I have no problem with this ad libbing. But it’s better to ad lib when you have an audience at liberty to interject, and with this contrivance, it is not as open a forum as it might be if the lines were more open. We’ll open them up at some point and see if there is more flashing back and forth of minds and insights.

I did notice early on that you were quiet this evening. I wonder how much of that has to do with the huge changes going on in your collective consciousness having to do with the situation in the middle east where you have at long last captured and eradicated your supposed enemy, Osama Bin Laden, and the war that was begun 9/11/01 has finally, symbolically, come full cycle. It’s almost as if you’d forgotten you were under siege, at war like that, and it’s not like someone has said the war is over, but that issue of … shall we say “retaliation” … is over. The deed is done. The falling of the towers has been “paid for” and so you can collectively turn your attention to whatever else is on the agenda and so there is this settling, as it were, of the dust before the next playoffs begin.

There is always something to do and there is certainly someone always waiting for the opportunity to put forth their agenda and say, “This is what’s next. This is what’s most important. This is what we have to look at now.” And, well, guess what? I’m here with my own agenda, to say, “Okay, let’s look at some of these things that I have been looking at for 37,000 years and I would like to see something done about this, this and this!” But people don’t hear me, see? Only you people hear me. And even then, you have your own objections and objectives to deal with, so … it’s not an easy process.

I can’t help but notice the big doings regarding the big wigs in the universe. The Real Big Wigs, even, getting involved in the doings of our little planet here. I’m glad to see lots of attention being focused on Urantia. God knows it has needed some attention. But I hope they don’t overlook the fact that it needs attention from the source – the finite source – the physical source as well as from the Cosmic Source. Just like peace on earth can’t all occur by what happens in meetings of the Heads of State or in the White House, but really must take place in the streets and neighborhoods of the world’s citizenry, so is Light & Life made actual not by what the master spirits or descending sons or supernaphim are up to, but what we are up to, here, on the bottom – “ground level” as it were.


Yes, we do need help. We do need encouragement. And it would be great to see some literal intervention. I agree with you. I am ready for whenever anyone wants to show up. In fact, I enjoy seeing visitors all the time show up, and do benefit greatly from the fact that I can interact with student visitors and celestials from throughout the region – and beyond! I am not always at the morning briefings but I certainly get whispers of what’s coming down the pike and sometimes even get a memoranda as to what I ought to be doing to foster and further the situation—yes, one of which is to interact with my mortal friends and associates but, of course, that means they need to open the channel so that we can have this intercourse, this conversation.

All of us can sit around and talk to our self – which, no doubt we all do, in a manner of speaking. We all talk to what we perceive to be higher consciousness, God consciousness, anybody out there in the greater universe that might happen to be listening. But it’s also good to have enclaves of peers who can sit around and discuss possibilities and probabilities as to how we might generate some action toward improving matters as it is, as we are, and not wait for someone to get here to fix it for us.

I can feel some hackles going up on some of you as if to say you are not suggesting you want someone to come and do it for you, but, in fact, weren’t the Material Son and Daughter supposed to provide certain structure and direction? Wasn’t Caligastia supposed to have established a way of life on which you could build a world that provided avenues of orderly progression towards Light&Life? Yes, indeed. And they are come and gone, leaving us now with the options available. I guess it’s easy to forget how it was just 100 years ago. You, of course, weren’t here yet. I was here and observing the efforts being made to bring the revelation into existence and our excitement was profound. We have also been rejoicing ever since in the developments pro and con that have taken place, if for no other reason than they are developments. It was a long time coming.

You’ll be gone soon. And I’ll still be here. We will still be here. And it will be good to have your participation and your contribution established / in effect, in order to build upon what you have done while you are here. I know all of you have ambitions to foster spirit reality; I know you all anticipate and long for the culmination of cultural and spiritual development such that the planet will enjoy Light&Life; I know you each have ideals as to what that will be like; and I know that each of you do hesitate to spend too much time thinking about what that might be like because you could be accused of chronic yearning, pining over what might be instead of rolling up your sleeves and doing something about what you could be doing now.


“But what is that?” You ask. “What is that? What can I be doing now?” for everything you do seems to have such little effect. I know each of you have felt at times like a voice in the wilderness. “Nobody hears me! Nobody sees me! Nobody listens to what I’m trying to say. They can’t perceive my heart’s desires. They won’t believe when I tell them. They won’t read the book I recommend to them. And they don’t know the Master like I know him.” And all those lamentations underscore how ineffectual you think you are. You don’t have the perspective that I have; and those who are above us have a different perspective than we do … we who live here … we who have this time/space limited paradigm.

It’s not unusual, however. You know, when you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up. You couldn’t wait to turn 21. So that longing is really built in. You can’t wait, now, to reach Light&Life. But what will that really mean? Did you have any idea, when you were seven and wanted to grow up, what it would be like to be an adult? I’m sure you did not. You had wonderful imaginings and wonderful ideals.

This is the real work. This is the real project. This is the real stuff of life. It is to identify the ideal and aspire towards it. Get your ideal planet in your brain, wrap some spirit reality around it, cushion yourself with courage, and set out to let the Spirit work with you and for you as you proceed to take your spiritual ideals by spiritual assault. Just stick your neck out and do it. Go ahead and play the fool. So what if people don’t listen to you? So what if they don’t hear you? So what if they don’t read the book you are telling them about? So what if they don’t know the Master like you know him? Do it anyway.

And find other ways. Find things that interest you because they interest you and you are interested in advancing this world. Find things in the library to look up and become knowledgeable about. Attend events that have to do with what subject it is that you are interested in. Perhaps its archeology, and that way you can have an opportunity to enter into discussions about civilizations – past, present and future. Expand the consciousness of the collective consciousness by being a part of humanity. Take your good stuff out into the din. It does add a clear bell of truth; it adds to the solution. It may not be something for which you will win the Nobel Prize. It may not even be something that you can assert is useful. But don’t let that stop you.

Don’t judge yourself. Follow your own interests, knowing that they are the stuff that your Adjuster will use to form a new reality. “The act is ours; the consequences Gods,” so do your thing – your thing – as only you can do it. Don’t worry about whether other people like it or not. Do your thing even if you have to do it by yourself. But chances are, if you are really enjoying yourself, people will want to know more about it. They may even want to participate in it with you. And if you allow yourself to develop leadership qualities, whatever those might be under the circumstance, you find yourself teaching and helping others.

It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Small gestures add up. Just know that you cannot help but help. You are indwelt by the Source; you will return to the source. And you’ll drag a whole lot of things with you. So enjoy the journey. And enjoy everything you lug with you, leaving by the wayside that which no longer serves. Perhaps someone else will pick it up and use it. Perhaps it’s one of those things that will just return to dust because you will have taken from it that essence, that which has lasting value, that core truth, beauty or goodness that adds to the advancing consciousness of Urantia.

I encourage you to not be impatient. And I know it’s wonderful that all these big mucky-mucks are overseeing our activity and some of them are thinking about coming to visit – literally — but they may not get here for another millennia so let’s not wait; let’s pave the way and make things better for now as we can and then … you know what they say: if you are responsible in these little things, you will be given bigger things to do down the line.

Well, I have enjoyed my opportunity to build a bonfire and now I am eager to sit back with you and open the floor. Perhaps we can throw some things in the fire and get some sparks flying. Liven the place up a bit and get some chestnuts roasting. Let me see if I can activate Gerdean here to undo something. Well, you can undo something. Isn’t it *6? Star six will release you. Or do you want to open the entire floor for group mayhem? Let’s go for group mayhem and if it gets difficult, if someone comes in that is obnoxious or a sound comes on that is socially disruptive, we can close it off again. Go ahead,


Gerdean. Look at the instructions and see what you need to do.

Gerdean: Okay. I think I’ve got it here. It should be open. Anybody want to test the waters and see?

Eva: Hi, Gerdean. It’s Eva. How are you?

Gerdean: Hi, Eva! Nice to hear from you.

Eva: Nice to hear from you, dear. Beautiful and powerful! That was wonderful. Thank you so much.

Gerdean: Jack is great. He’s young. He always gives me a sense of having a young spirit.

Eva: His name is what? I didn’t catch it.

Gerdean: Jack. Jack is a secondary midwayer.

Eva: Jack. Secondary midwayer. Got it.

Gerdean: Yeah.

Eva: Wow. Just what I needed. Awesome.

Gerdean: Great. Are there others who can open their …? Just checking to see what kind of an open forum this might be. Marty, can you say something? Evangel can you say something?  Uh-oh. I’ve run into technological ….

Eva: Guys, you just hit star six and hear the automator saying “unmuted.”

Male Voice: You’ve got to hit star six, yeah.

Gerdean: Well, it says if I push star five three times, it will return to an open conversation mode, which I did.

Eva: Well, it works.

Gerdean: Yeah, it worked.

Eva: Great.

Gerdean: So who was that male voice?

Evangel: It was Evangel.

Male Voice: Me.

Gerdean: And you are wondering if anyone has any questions. Yes, I am wondering, too.

Eva: Does Jack want us to ask questions?

Gerdean: Yes.

Eva: Okay!

Gerdean: I’ll get him back.

Eva: Get him back!

0802-AB-JACK:  I haven’t gone anywhere. Jack here. I’ve been here all along. Part of the social arena, as it were.

Jack: Jack!

0802-AB-JACK:  Yes! Hello.

Jack: Hello. This is Jack.

0802-AB-JACK:  Jack, meet Jack. Pleasure to meet you.

Jack: This is Jack to Jack, and you know, I was just – well, I don’t know if it was curiosity or what, but I know we have lots of midwayers on board now, a lot more than the original 1,111 and so you’re getting a little extra help, I understand.

0802-AB-JACK:  Well, there are different theories about that. I haven’t met any new ones. The only ones I know are the ones that have been around. That may be because they are in the … what word will I use? The battalion?

Jack: Platoon!

0802-AB-JACK:  Platoon! Sure! They may be in the Platoon. I’m in the Platoon that doesn’t interact with anybody else, any newcomers or rehabilitated ones or visitors or whatever. As far as I know, personally, there is the original set. I’m not saying that there aren’t others but that I haven’t met any.

Jack: I see. Well, that eliminates my next question.

0802-AB-JACK:  Well, we can do a hypothetical. You know, there’s nothing wrong with speculative discussions.

Jack: Well, let’s see now. Do we know anything about the reflectivity that’s going to occur?


0802-AB-JACK:  Well, I don’t know about an event. I know a little bit about reflectivity. I have gotten the same lessons you’ve gotten, basically. Perhaps we have a different understanding as to what reflectivity means. You know, it reminds me of the harp of God, that mechanical contrivance that allows the weak tones of spirit communications to be amplified so that they can be heard, and I perceive of reflectivation as a similar device, only higher on the mountain. The harp mechanical device serves at a certain level and then the reflectivation device would serve on a higher level, likely superuniverse as compared to local universe, or local universe compared to system, but the point is, reflectivation allows for communications to go farther. They are picked up like signals from wherever they are being broadcast and sent out farther to a receiver farther out into the universe, and so the reflectivating is like a device that will allow messages to go farther, just like the harp amplifier enables messages to be louder.

Naturally, this is exciting to think that you will get more information from far-away places, considering you yourself are in a faraway place. The idea of picking up messages from On High and beyond, even from Paradise would be in keeping with your hope and the promise that at some point the circuits will open and these communication circuits will be able to go back into full effect. Now, remember that you as mortals will not necessarily hear anything through these communication circuits anyway, so in some ways it really doesn’t matter except just knowing it is going on and taking place is exciting; it is exciting to know it is happening so, of course, it’s understandable that you would be excited about that. Any step in that direction is something to get excited about.

I see reflectivation as a mirror and if– This is how it was explained to me: If you are on the top of a mountain and you receive a signal from Paradise, it’s like the sun is shining on your mirror that you are holding there on the top of the mountain and you then direct your mirror to a further distant mountain, so that the light of the sun that you are receiving is able to shine on a distant mountain, perhaps even start a fire over there with its intensity, and with the proper configuration / machination, it would be possible for that mirror then to deflect the light to yet a further spot, and so they are like relay stations. Yes, they are like relay stations, is this reflectivation process, and there is no translator involved. Translators are not required because the light is seen directly, directly from the source, even though it is through a device, just as the amplified messages through the harp device bring the same message, just a little louder.

It’s not entirely mechanical, however. There is life and intelligence and personality involved – at least, certainly, in the administration of it. That’s what I was taught about reflectivation from Rayson long ago.

Jack: Well, thank you very much.

0802-AB-JACK:  You’re welcome. I am always happy to pass on what I have been given to understand, knowing that what I understand is not perfect but in many cases it’s better than nothing.

Jack: Perhaps the reflectivation process was used in the sleeping subject when we first started to receive the revelation, the Urantia Papers. Was that part of the process at that time?

0802-AB-JACK:  I would have to think about that and ask somebody. Off the top of my head it would be irresponsible for me to reply. It would be as if you had pushed a button and I responded without thought. I try not to do that.

Jack: Yes, I understand.

0802-AB-JACK:  In fact, I encourage you to get away from that practice. And I know that’s difficult to do, particularly when you and I like to think we have some idea that what we are saying is something we know something about. Qualifying our responses, our wisdom if you will, is a practice that will win friends and influence people far more than the assumptive approach that your wisdom has been hard-earned and no one should argue with it. We like to hear that kind of authority but it’s the kind of authority that will box the speaker into a corner, for then he has no wiggle room, no way to expand upon his theory or his wisdom, and so many people get stuck there. [sound of a motor running]

Jack: Well, forgive me. I didn’t mean to box anybody in. It’s just a question that I was postulating. Thank you so much.

0802-AB-JACK:  I’m sure no one here felt boxed in, although it was [sound of bells ringing] an adventure listening to the sound effects. Well, they weren’t hostile, at least.

Jack: Well, thank you so much.

0802-AB-JACK:  Thank you. What did you say your name is?

Jack: Jack.

0802-AB-JACK:  Jack. (Yeah) My namesake, as it were. Is it spelled J-a-c-k?

Jack: Yeah.

0802-AB-JACK:  Great. Nice chatting.

Jack: Nice chatting with you. Thank you so much.

Eva: Jack, this is Eva. Everything you just said resonated with me so much and … I love your sense of humor! Can I ask – Before I ask the question that comes to mind through your lesson, I guess – what form do you see memoranda in?

0802-AB-JACK:  What form do I see memoranda in?

Eva: Yes, you said you might see – once in a while you might see memoranda—

0802-AB-JACK:  Yes, I use that term loosely. I use that term so that you will understand that I get information.

Eva: Ah! Okay.

0802-AB-JACK:  I don’t actually get a paper memo on my desk [laughter] but I do receive information from proper channels. It filters down to me and I do borrow on the symbols that you are familiar with so as convey truth through your reality. It’s like why I call myself Jack. Jack is not my name. (Oh!) My name is 0802-AB, but I call myself Jack so that you will know that I am just like you in so many ways. I am just a regular Joe, ordinary Jack, a fellow, and you won’t be intimidated by me.

Eva: Right. That was going to be my very next question! “Where did you get the name Jack?” 37,000 years you’ve been with us. “Jack” wasn’t around 37,000 years ago. But–

0802-AB-JACK:  No, he certainly wasn’t. He was around, but not as Jack.

Eva: Not as Jack.

0802-AB-JACK:  He has a new handle.

Eva: Right, a new handle. You were talking about how you tend to box yourself in with authority. Boy, did I do that today! It was a righteous gentleman friend that was talking about how men and women are inherently evil and I quoted from the Urantia Book – not that I mentioned the Book, for this person is not ready for that – but I said, “well, I don’t really believe that people are inherently evil and I think we can tend towards sin but we are not inherently evil.” And he came down pretty heavy on, “Well, the Bible said / Paul said we are sinners,” and he quoted from Romans saying, it took one man, or it will take one man to make saints, and I just let the cat out of the bag because he started putting more credence in Paul’s words, and I said, “Well, I go by Jesus’ words, and he never said we are no-good sinners.” And then this being a common belief, I said “Jesus is God and I go by Jesus’ words and I know the Bible is inspired but it’s man made.”

Well, that really boxed me in, and he began to worry for me. He said, “Don’t get lost there, Eva. You’re getting into uncharted territory.” He worried for me that I was going off into uncharted territory and would not make it back to Christian city. Then I became a little more neutral. I said “My faith is between me and God and your faith is between God and you.” I guess just listening to you, it’s … Wow. It’s wonderful. It’s like don’t trip over anyone else’s reality and don’t put yourself over anything. Just let them have what they want to have, … and yet I want to be more artistic about how we handle how we witness.

0802-AB-JACK:  More creative.

Eva: More creative, yes. So I guess there’s nothing to do but keep making mistakes, huh? Just keep talking to people.

0802-AB-JACK:  You must learn to not – like we talked about earlier, like the pushing buttons. The button about being sinners and about being evil have a lot to do with your prior conditioning and prior teachings and Paul’s teachings and Christianity, and the Urantia Book then comes along and redefines what it all means. The Urantia Book says that evil is simply imperfect, it is simply incomplete. We are all evil because we are not there yet. We’re not done. We’re not finished. We are in the process of becoming perfect, but we inherently evil and can go good and can go wrong. That’s what decisions are about. It’s only in the willful choice to do things against God’s will that we become a sinner and then, when we do that persistently, we become iniquitous.

Now, these are definitions of a condition of soul that probably should be defined before you get into a boxing match over whose religion has more authority. You need to not be in such a hurry to get to your point of authority, and perhaps spend more time on the arena wherein you are working and teaching and preaching, and in this case the offender was the definition of evil. And you went to someone else to define what evil means without agreeing upon your …

Eva: Right.

0802-AB-JACK:  … common ground as to what evil means. If he was saying that people are hateful, spiteful, selfish, greedy, lustful, by nature, then that opens up a whole philosophic discussion because he is, man is — I’ve been watching them for centuries and they are. But they are also kind, compassionate, forgiving, long-suffering, cheerful, helpful, tactful — depending on what decision they make, and many times the decision they make will be affected by the circumstances they are in and how their buttons are being pushed, how they are dealing with the trigger points that have been pushed. So much of life is cause and effect. And you want to be effective. So you want to be cautious of your approach.

Eva: Yes.

0802-AB-JACK:  There’s no sense causing another civil war or religious war over an issue that you haven’t defined your terms about. But I know we are all so eager to make points, to make strides, to contribute to the evolving supreme, to please the master, to show what we know, to confirm our faith. There are so many reasons why people do what they do. It depends entirely on how they respond to the stimuli and this is why we are admonished to make decisions, more decisions and yet more decisions.


And with that, I probably should decide to call it a day here. We’ve had a wonderful time. I certainly have, and I see by the figurative clock on the wall that we have been at it for an hour and so I’m going to excuse myself and thank Gerdean for her services and for her faith. There are many days when she does not believe any of this is real but she is a child of faith and she puts one foot in front of the other even when she thinks she is going to fall off a cliff. Someone is generally there to catch her. I was happy to be there today.

And I am glad to have had a chance to interact with all of you. You are all delightful and sincere workers in the field and I look forward to further engagement with you and each of you in the future. Be of good cheer!

Eva: Thank you.

Gerdean: Bye-bye.

Jack: Thank you, Jack.

0802-AB-JACK:  Later!

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