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LLN331- Creating the Future Now

2011-11-10-Creating the Future Now

Lightline #331


1Topic: Creating the Future – Now
2Group: Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, Nebadonia, LIGHT
2TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


Topic: Creating the Future – Now

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Nebadonia, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, once again an attitude of gratefulness washes over me, washes over us, as we gather around in this circle, this circle of ones who would seek you in this process, would seek your presence, would seek your divine emissaries of light to be with us in this process and to share with us as we seek greater enlightenment and expanded awareness in this process. We use this step of prayerful worship to align ourselves and to approach you in this way and ever faithful in its application, it brings us right to you, it provides us with the portal to find ourselves co-mingling with you in the spirit realm. Thank you for this portal that we have, this way that we can achieve closeness to you. Help us to rely on this whenever we are in need to open this door and transport ourselves through this portal, this mechanism so that we may be in your presence, we may feel your presence and may be guided by it as we seek to do so. Let is be so, now and always as we reach towards you, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Charles. Thank you for providing this foundation on which we may build in tonight’s discussion. I honor your requests as seekers to explore more in depth this phenomenon that you refer to as the “occupy movement” which is really just a symbol of expression by many who have felt that they were disenfranchised or somehow out of the process or as was mentioned, merely observers on the sideline.


Charles:  You see, as you become spiritually aware, you realize that you are part of the great whole and as such it is required of you that you become a participant. You may not simply watch as the world goes by, as things happen around you and as events unfold, unaffected because you are part of the greater organism and all that happens out there in a very real sense impacts you because you are a part of this whole. Now it may impact you to a greater or lesser degree as you may so choose and as you may position yourself. There is a great amount of control one has over the degree to which things that are external penetrate into the inner realm and domain, but nevertheless, you are part of a gigantic organism which is designed to grow and evolve and move forward as a whole. And so while you may insulate yourself and protect yourself from some of the effects of that which goes on in the outer realm, it nevertheless has some degree of impact over you and here is the good part, you as well have a certain degree of impact over the whole.

There is a common phrase that I have heard repeated about this ‘100th monkey phenomenon’ wherein when a certain critical mass of individuals all believe and entertain the same ideas, then there becomes a tipping point at which this idea once entertained by a few and accepted then by the many becomes pervasive and inclusive into the whole. So this is where you may be a very effective aspect of that which you see changing and growing around you. You can choose to sit back and watch and listen and observe and see where the direction is going and try to stay aloof and unaffected, but as I have just explained, the whole cannot go forward without you.

So I encourage you to be one of these ‘100th monkeys’, be one of those at the forefront of adopting a new paradigm, a new system of belief and thought and hold fast to these thoughts and beliefs and you will find that other of these individuals, other ‘monkeys’ will join you. In so doing you create a movement from the sidelines if you will, from the background, a literal grass roots movement because it is generated from within, from your internal desire to see your world be a better place. You can envision how this could happen, it is not difficult.

It is easy to see your world needs to be influenced more by love and less by greed. It needs to have more caring and more sharing and less exploitation and taking advantage of those underprivileged. These are simple basic concepts, you know them to be true within your hearts and being, there is no real debate about the truth of these things or the beauty or the goodness. And so, it becomes your role to play to hold these values, to hold these truths as self evident and as part of the greater paradigm that you would envision and support and sponsor.

I am aware that many individuals think change must be on a grand scale, that there must be another Martin Luther King or another Ghandi, another great figure that will come along and sweep great change into place. True enough, there will be leaders who come along to facilitate these causes but I tell you that any movement, any Martin Luther King or Ghandi’s movement requires great numbers of followers and believers who choose to support the ideal brought forward by the individual, who choose to promote a grander vision even though it does not yet exist.

You will recall your great leader said: “I have a dream.” He did not say I see a new reality that exists, he said I envision a reality in my dream. My dear ones, it is as simple as that. Will you envision a greater reality in your dream? Will you hold fast to higher principles within your hearts? Will you sponsor these principles in your thoughts, in your prayers and in your dreams? Will they be the things that guide you or will you sit back as an observer and wait to see what the politicians come up with, what the banks do, what the leaders will suggest? I tell you, the time of a grass roots revival is here because you the people, know in your hearts what is right, what you would choose, what is good, what is beautiful, and it is simple. It is as simple as choosing those things and forsaking the things which are not those things.

If you do not support aspects of your society which you see as unwholesome and unhealthy, they will wither and die. If you do not give them the energy it cannot exist. You leaders will try to steer you in one way or another as they see best suits their interests but if you as individuals hold fast to your high ideals, then anything short of that, not having your energy to thrive on, will simply cease to exist. You are familiar with the thought concept that those things which are Godly, grow and expand and are nurtured. Those things which are choices made which diverge away from divine pattern, simply wither from lack of support and eventually, if they are far enough away from divine energy, they simply cease to exist, they cannot survive.

So this great change that you see before you that is playing out in your media and your banks and your countries and your entire earthly plane are a result of divine energy seeking expression and not finding it in the existing patterns so, new patterns are springing up and these grass roots movements of individuals from all walks of life who are prompted to go out and be heard are simply manifesting this internal desire to be heard, that they would want a higher way, they want a better way, they are dissatisfied with the current status quo. And until this dissatisfaction has come to the forefront, change is not really possible. It takes such a movement to cause a culture or a society to re-examine the values that it holds and whether its actions are consistent with its values. That is what you see playing out. Values are coming into question and the actions which support those values are coming into question. This is part of the process that is required in the process of change.

And so I encourage you all to do what you can do, to roll up your sleeves so to speak, and put yourself to work in the spiritual plane because that is where you will be most effective. Seek the highest ideals and with those ideals will come the practical application of how to achieve them, in reality, how to be them. These things will simply emerge to be chosen and to take the place of those things which no longer are seen to be beautiful and true and good.

Your planet has a long history of struggling to overthrow one regime after another, one paradigm after another, and so this movement rises up but we also witness the lack of struggle, the lack of violence, the application of peace in the process of change. This is a great turn for the good and it must be adhered to in order for such change to come about without the struggle, without warfare, without fighting but simply by the swinging over of individuals choosing something different, choosing a different way. The best way to get individuals to swing over is not through force but through example, the example of peace. The example of the desire to express divine principles and ideals is the most powerful attractant available and it will swing over the masses if there is no struggle but rather the presentation of a new way and the example set by those strong enough to do this.

So we have now before us this phenomenon, there are way more than 100 monkeys now and the pendulum is now swinging towards a new way, a new set of values, a new acceptance that ideals can be attained, can be had, that they aren’t just a dream but they are visions of the future. And so I invite you all to participate daily in these activities which speak to you. Meditate on high principles, visualize high values. Offer these up to the thought stream of humanity and infuse this thought stream with goodness, with peace, and above all, with love. When you do this you make a divine contribution, you make a supreme contribution, even from the background or the sidelines. You may be as active and as part of this movement as those who will march and stand for higher values because you are joining them in the collective consciousness of the desire to see change for the good.

So I invite you all to see yourselves as active participants in this process. There was spoken of here, this idea of opening a door and accessing a portal. Each of you is one of these doors, each of you represents a portal wherein divine energy may be infused into your world through your application, through your will to open this door. That is what each of you can do to roll up your sleeves and to be of help because as we will grow to witness, those who will stand as light anchors, as the anchors of portals allowing divine energy a gateway into this world, will be instrumental in bringing this tide of change to humanity. It will be as a result of a rather simple act but a very willful one that you engage in this process.

I hope these words have served to inspire you to be aware that you are on the team. You are not just up in the balcony watching events unfold but you are a part of these events as well. You can be a great part of these events if you so choose to actuate the potential of your ability to bring divine pattern, divine goodness, divine truth into the equation of humanity and stand firm as one of these original 100.

Thank you for the opportunity to come among you and speak these words, share these thoughts. I am as you are in this process, one who would contribute, one who has a desire to serve, one who seeks the way, the truth, and the light just as you are. I now step aside and allow this glorious opportunity you provide for use by others, thank you.

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Parents, thank you for this connection, this circle of love and friendship. Thank all of you for being here.

Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings my children, it is I, Nebadonia. It is good to be here among you in the breath of this moment, in the friendship of this circle. Many times it is easy to think that many of our words are simple. They are much too easy to work and I say it is like climbing Mt. Everest. In theory it is a simple task. You are walking and you are climbing, you bring the proper equipment and nourishment for the trip and weather conditions. It is not a very complicated concept yet the actuality of the mountain, the weather, the conditions, the moment you are in transforms this seemingly simple task into a life and death experience and some do not make it off of the mountain.

So it is with simple words; simple words convey thoughts and concepts but the actualizing of these concepts in your lives is a tremendous and personal experience. In designing the mind units for humans it was necessary to seed it with circuits, energetic points which help you access reality consciousness and aspects of your own personality. Of course I am speaking of what are called adjutant mind spirits, these energetic points which allow you to access a large part of consciousness in your mind and in dealing with others.

In the spirit of understanding you are able to comprehend as you understand and see things, you reference your experience. You listen to what others are saying and you understand. There is intuition, the ability to sense how different things which are unrelated can be related to each other, the creative aspect of the mind, the knowing aspect of the mind, knowledge, the ability to learn, the ability to draw from a resource of information which is known, that you do not have to discover it all again, just parts of it. There is courage, that aspect which motivates you, challenges you to make decisions, to move forward with ideas, to exercise faith, to accept responsibility.

Then there is the wise adjutant of counsel, the coming together to solve problems, things arise, it is a new process for everyone, negotiating how groups are going to move forward, to share in the joy and the happiness with each other, to prepare yourself for the spirit of truth and the spirit of wisdom, to activate spiritual consciousness as well as reality consciousness. Divine consciousness is super consciousness of love which brings the aspects of peace, comfort, trust, happiness, favor, simple words yet aspects of your lives which are tremendously challenging to grow and experience a greater sense of being amongst each other, the ability to bring spiritual concepts of peace and love into fruition, to rise above the animal nature, the animal patterns of separation, greed, injustice, to have a sense of all men and women having access to the same things as everyone else, that no one is better or lesser than another but that one has more to give than others.

Some can just barely receive, can give very little yet all are my children. We desire that everyone attain greatness, greatness of mind, quality of spirit, quality of life. We certainly do wish all of these things for all of you. As you go about your daily lives you are our hands and our eyes, we are the mind. Allow these energetic aspects of mind to enlighten, to bring a sense of clarity and balance within your scopes of understanding and your ability to be a gregarious social being. Times are upon you [when] it is important that consciousness begins to activate at a greater level amongst all of you, that consciousness and awareness bring a greater sense of light into your world and into your lives, into all that you touch and all that you do. Thank you my friends for this opportunity to share a few words. Coming to you from the center of the universe, this is your Mother, thank you.

Mark: Thank you Henry, I have Light who would say a few words.

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light. I would leave you tonight with yet another way to look at a role you might play in this unfolding epoch before us. You have been told and are aware in some limited degree that every moment is a moment of the eternal, the eternal now. That is to say, once you reach a place past time and space you come to realize that all moments are as one. You witness great upheaval as great many individuals around you are searching for answers, searching for a new paradigm, another way, because they are dissatisfied with the current way and yet there is a great unknowing, a great uncertainty about what this may be or what this may bring.

Such uncertainty about the future brings with it a great tendency to be in fear and to exercise great doubt and concerns. Here is something that you may do in a very practical sense to help this scenario to a great degree. You may in a very real way pave the way to eliminate the uncertainty and the doubts which spring around change by envisioning in this moment, the eternal moment of now, the higher and better way. In holding this vision and portraying this dream of the future you plant the seed in advance and in this way, in a very real sense, you create the way, you pave the road between the moment you find yourself in now of desiring change, of doubt, of uncertainty, into the moment that you have prepared, the moment of hope, the moment of peace, the moment of love.

You can literally create the future right now, right here. You develop this pattern within and you hold it as a real space. You give it your energy, you focus your intention on it, and in a very real and absolute sense, this moment in which you create is also the future, is a way to the future for it has already been dreamed and thought and planned and prayed for and worshipped and hoped for. All these different things that you do create the bridge, the will spans the gap between the moment where they do not exist to the moment where it does exist. You have pre-planned the future and this is how you act as total creative beings. You put your will out in advance of what is. You put your desire out before you have reached it. You portray the dream so that others may dream.

This is another way that you create the portal to the future, the doorway, the access point. If you do not wait around to have it bestowed upon you, you act as a co-creator and you choose to declare that it is so, even in this moment, even now, and I tell you one thing, it will be so for you, it will be in your moment even now. You will not have to wait for some future time. If you invest yourself in this creation then it is a part of your reality in this moment as well as it will be in the moments of what you call the future. If enough of you undertake this exercise and pre-chart the course, you will see that the stress of the unknown will be washed away by the light of this dream, of this plan, of the desire of your hearts to see a better way and to invest in it and to trust that you can create it. You are creating it with your thoughts and intentions, your prayers, hopes, and dreams.

I tell you that even now this state which you refer to as Light and Life exists in the eternal moment of the now. It is simply that you are bound by time and space in your consideration so that you do not allow that you are also there just as you are here. But there is an eternal part of yourself which certainly recognizes this truth of the eternal moment of the now and can help you ride this avenue back and forth. You do this in a very real and practical sense regularly with your lives. You plan events, you go to them, you plan what you will do the next day and you create it. You plan a trip you will take next month and you execute it and you take it and it’s real.

These are all creative steps that you take envisioning something in the future and creating it in the eternal moment of the now so that when you get there in the future it is waiting for you and it is normal and natural and you expect it, no surprises. The same is true as to how we are going to create a new and better way on this planet. You are going to pre-plan this, you are going to envision what you would like, you are going to put these thoughts into motion, you are going to invest yourself in the plan and you are going to do what it takes to execute it and there will be no surprises, that when you get there you have arrived at what you have envisioned.

It is truly that simple, one step at a time, much like the trip up Mt. Everest. It is simply one step at a time albeit there is much planning and envisioning and preparation so that you may execute the task. Nevertheless, the entire task was nothing but a dream at one moment in time. So is your life, so is your planetary ascension. At one point they are nothing but a dream, a speculation, an idea, then they become real, then they become executed as your dream becomes manifest. Such is the ascension of your world. We need those who will dream the dreams, make the plans, do what it takes to execute tasks, invest the energy necessary.

You are who you have been waiting for in this process and so I hope these words will inspire you to dream big, dream grand. Know that you are in league with divine energy as you dream for the goodness and the beauty and the truth to reign supreme. Then stand firm in your faith, in your conviction, that you are in alignment with these universe principles and with divine energy and as you have heard, then nothing can stand in your way.


It is wonderful to be among those who desire to further this planetary ascension by simply being good, exemplifying truth, and manifesting goodness in the process. I bid you all a good evening. It has been my pleasure to join and commune in this way, farewell.

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