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LLN395- Inner Life

2013-04-25-Inner Life
Lightline #395


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Inner Life
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Voice Within
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Inner Life
 3.2.2 Thought Adjusters
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Inner Life
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Voice Within
TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers


Prayer: Father, we thank you for this connection, this connection with spirit, that we all come here and are connected in this presence of spirit. We come here from our daily lives and seek to gather a little wisdom and a little more of your grace, thank you.

Inner Life

Voice Within: [Henry] Greetings my children, it is the Voice from Within, here this evening to share a little bit of the quality of the inner life as it is such. The spiritual life is an inner life in the sense that all of the information and the thoughts that you entertain about a spiritual life begin within your mind. The presence of the spirit in the mind is discernible in the mind. It is not discernible as such at first. You may be having thoughts, you may be having notions, feelings, senses, premonitions, but you may not necessarily identify them with spirit.

For that you must use discernment to actually become aware that there is a presence within and that spirit is actually working for your own personal benefit. In this respect, the majority of the spiritual work which goes on within is concerned with the individual. It is not necessarily concerned with the social aspect of yourself as it is concerned with the inner ability to perceive the leadings of spirit, the outworking of spirit in your life. The spirit within is not complacent. The spirit within is an active and vital part of your everyday thinking and at a certain point you become aware of this. You become aware of the need to have a greater understanding of who you are, to have greater control over yourself and eventually to have a greater awareness of the presence of spirit.

All of this leads the individual into an idea of this spiritual life and what exactly ii is that the spirit within is dealing with. For the most part, the spirit within is dealing with the individual attuning the mind to the notion of spirit, to the ideas that spirit is presenting to the mind. Spirit presents a tremendous amount of ideas to the mind. They may be specific ideas and they may be general ideas, it just depends on who you are, how you think and how you are processing what you think and what you are doing with what you think.

You know that by contacting and becoming conscious of the spirit, it brings one to a greater sense of responsibility, responsibility to honor this presence within and the responsibility to respond positively to the inner program of spiritualizing the mind, of taking purely human thoughts and human behavior and shifting them so that the individual gets a sense that there is something of a greater potential at work here. Since the spirit within lives within all people, there is a part of the way spirit works with the individual that is common to all of you. In this sense, spirit is attempting to bring everyone onto the same page, into the notion that as humans, you are all very similar, that the minute differences between each of you should not interfere with spiritual growth and spiritual [discernment], to discern the spirit, to grow its presence within.

In a certain sense it is similar to each and every one of you and yes, the spirit is working individually. There are specific things to the nature of each one of you that spirit addresses. Spirit is not trying to clone you into some generic spiritual being, yet spirit is attempting to address the individual, strengthen the characteristics of that individual, that this individual may fully become a part of the whole. This comes to the notion that there is a world inside of your mind and there is another world outside of yourself. At certain times you have to question how much to allow the outside world to interfere with your inside mind. What I am referring to are things that you notice on the outside. You notice certain things happening in the world and you have a sense about them but there is not a tremendous amount that you can do to change these situations. They may be positive, they may be negative.

This again comes under the heading of discernment. Some individuals are better equipped to deal with some of these outside issues. Some individuals may actually be in a position of power to do something about situations in the world and it is not necessarily incorrect to assume that if you do not react to the outside world, you are not paying attention to the outside world. We all on some level pay attention to the outside world. It is one of the references we need to create a dimension in life. If things on the outside begin to create a foreboding sense inside and you are allowing outside events to totally manipulate you; it may need be that you question what you are actually doing and everyone deals with this on a daily basis; we read something, we see something, we hear something and it upsets the individual, it takes the individual into another realm.

For example: When Christ Michael walked on the planet, He was well aware of what was going on all around him. He was aware that people were trying to ensnare him into taking a position and trying to argue with the Master. There were political things going on that his apostles wanted him to take a position on so that they would know how to deal with such things yet, the Master steadfastly refused to deal with anything other than the task at hand which was revealing the inner life, the Inner Spirit and God the Father of us all in a loving and spiritual manner.

This is not to say that he was not concerned about politics or was unaware of what was going on; his time here was short and he chose to deal with specific pieces of information because before he came here and after he would be gone, all of this stuff would still be going on. What was important was that while he was here, he focused on this unbroken communication between him and the Father.

The spirit within does not intend you as humans to duplicate the Master’s life. You are not the Master, but you are your own master and the Spirit Within attempts to make you more masterful. So in this sense, by not allowing the outside world to control the inside of your mind, you are actually giving more presence to spirit and to the inner life, into what controls you the individual, into what you as an individual are able to change. You can’t help but at some point in your life, realize that the only change you can honestly bring into the world is a change within yourself. A change within yourself is evidence on the outside, people begin to take notice. Others are affected by the way you are, how you present yourself, how you hold things.

As you go about daily living your lives, take some time each day to contemplate on the interaction that takes place in your mind between spirit and your mind, not so much as a thought but as a stillness, as a quietness, as a calm relaxing space that you create within, a spiritually grounding space that you can access at will so that whatever comes up you are able to move into this space and then act accordingly. You know, people are not foolish necessarily. You can attempt to tell people many things about yourself to try to make them believe that that’s what you are, but people can discern who you are by observing you; they don’t necessarily need you to tell them who you are. As a matter of fact you have to be a little suspicious of people that try to convince you that they are something that you cannot perceive on your own.

Spirit is not attempting to take over your life. As a matter of fact, spirit does not at all take over your life or try to control your life, yet spirit is fully aware and concerned about you, the individual, the quality of life within your mind, the quality of your soul. These are the things spirit is interested in and from that standpoint, spirit works within your mind to increase the probability that you will become aware within your mind and you will know exactly what it is that spirit is asking of you or demanding of you or trying to tell you.

One of the techniques of spirit working in the human mind is repetition. Spirit trying to show you something will show it to you in as many ways as your mind can perceive it until you get it, until you understand. At that point it becomes your responsibility to do something about it. There is no timeline in this dimension of a spirit/human relationship, but spirit works at your own pace, at what you are willing to achieve. Spirit knows that it is tremendously difficult to change any one thing in your behavior, in your thought patterns, in your ability to accept something that at first may seem alien or foreign or difficult or bothersome or a nuisance.

So within these parameters, spirit is working with you individually, the Spirit of God the Father, as this fragment lives within you. The other aspects of spirit are working with you socially. The angels, the seraphim are working with you to help create opportunities, to help connect you with things, like things. The Spirit of the Master is also working with you socially as you come together as a Spirit of Truth, when men or persons seek to counsel among themselves.

But the Spirit Within is a personal spirit, it is a gift of spirit, a connection attempting to bring you, the individual, into a greater understanding of the purpose of spirit, the life one can attain with a spiritual practice and just like everything in life changes, so does the spiritual life and the individual must constantly be willing to readjust and retune to these spiritual leadings from within. I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you. I leave this forum open for others to access it at this time. Thank you and take care.

Thought Adjusters

Inner Voice: [Mark] Yes, I will take up this opportunity, I will speak as this ones Inner Voice, this ones channel to the divine and I will support the remarks made that all of you have a channel to the divine as well, a rather direct line to divinity that is as a result of your onboard partner, a component of yourself which you have grown in awareness of but which you may not fully embrace the status of. By this I refer to the fact that from a very young developmental stage we have been in contact with each other, your Inner Guide and you. We have been working together, you have been listening to my petitions and feeling my influences and I have been eager to join you in your eternal voyage which in the thrill of this existence will become our eternal voyage.

This is as it is meant to be, this is fulfillment of our destiny, yours and mine together. You bring to the equation your uniqueness, your awareness, your understanding, your willingness, your dedication. I bring to the equation eternal perspectives, the desire of your Creator to imprint you with the map to return home, to come back to the Creator. This is my pleasure and privilege for I have been bestowed upon you from on high. I have chosen to embark on this journey with you back to from where I have come and in fact, from where you have been issued as well and together we will make this journey in ever increasing degrees of awareness that we are together.

And so you may always look to me and count on me because it is my assignment, it is my desire, it is our destiny that we join together in this process. I crave the mortal elements that you have, the experience, the journey set before you by a Divine Parent who will welcome you back home after an eternal journey. I crave such a journey because it is such a demonstration of divinity in action, the development of divine plan before us. You see, I am certain of divinity. I have been issued directly from divinity, I harbor no doubts or no concerns as to its existence, therefore I do not require faith to move forward.

You as a mortal of the realm have an entirely opposite and different experience. You come from an animalistic state, you must move from that animalistic state into the development of a spiritual nature through this use of faith and I honor you and cherish the fact that you will move forward in divine plan of your own accord and in so doing you invite me and us to engage in the process. What a glorious plan, what a wonderful journey and I am so pleased to sign on board with you as we move forward through the process. Let it be so together, you and I, let it be that you encounter more and more of my influence as we move forward and let us be in joy throughout the process for it is a gift of grace for us both, an opportunity for us both to choose and actualize.


Inner Voice: I cherish the fact that you have created the opportunity within yourselves here and now to receive my influence and I pray that we shall bring home to our Divine Parents a glorious journey, one in which we have not only fulfilled our destiny but done so in such a manner to make any parent proud. Thank you for the opportunity to share these words with you at this time, to bring you a familiar energy signature. These words may come through different voices, different vehicles, different means and methods but they are an eternal energy signature for you to hone into and lock on to in your journey. Thank you all for hearing my words tonight. I now withdraw, farewell.

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