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LLN398- Reality of Inner Life

2013-05-23-Reality of Inner Life
Lightline #398


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reality of the Inner Life
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Teacher Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Reality, Inner Life
 3.2.2 Life, Unity
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Reality of the Inner Life
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Teacher Gorman
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Divine Parents, we thank you for this connection. We open up our hearts and our minds to your love. We ask for your guidance and insight into wisdom, thank you.

Reality, Inner Life

Voice Within: Greetings to you this evening, this is the Voice Within here to share with you a few words on reality, let’s start on the outside. There is something happening in the times in which you live which is really artificial. For example, computers are an artificial intelligence, artificial in the sense that they are binary, they see positive and negative, black and white, one and zero, unlike a human who thinks more in between the black and the white.

You have a nervous system and senses which are picking up all kinds of information which helps you to determine what it is you are perceiving and how you are thinking. The food you are eating is becoming artificial. So many things on your world like the air is becoming artificial, too much carbon dioxide in the air. There are many things in your world which are playing upon your sense of inner reality. It is important, especially in the times that you live in, to develop a relationship with the Indwelling presiding Spirit, the Thought Adjuster, which is the sense of reality. It is the reality of Paradise, it is the reality of God and it is the reality of love and all things that are good.

So in between the realness of the inside and the ‘unreal-ness’ of the outside you are kept busy juggling the two, making choices, decisions and acting upon in a sometimes difficult way to try to live a sense of well being and searching for happiness. What is artificial? Well, artificial is something that is not real, it mimics reality. It mimics reality so well that it’s passed off as being real. It’s like going into the store and seeing these beautiful fruits and vegetables and you purchase them and bring them home and when you consume them they are bland, they are tasteless, they are just something to look at but they do not have what the body needs.

So, this notion of an artificial life, a life bound together by fear is an intellectual travesty passed off as a great reality in one of the greatest countries on the planet. This is what you are faced with on a daily level. In an artificial world, you will not find happiness there. Love and happiness come from a wellspring, a divine well spring from within. It is connected with your intellect, it is how you see the world, how you see yourself in it and the decisions you are constantly making to both deal with the outside world and to honor the reality you are discovering within. Sometimes these two things are tremendously conflicting. It is as if you feel a responsibility to honor the reality of your inner life, this personal religious experience, this relationship with an aspect of the Divine, a relationship which is entwining with your own mind and your own being, your own personality. You are becoming one with this spirit.

The way in which you know this is because you have a sense that you are experiencing something real, it is showing you its reality in your life. You can perceive the effect of this religious experience. It is like living life with pathology. You can be “dying of cancer” but you can still have a quality of life, you can still find happiness in the moment until a point at which the disease completely takes over the system and tremendously compromises it and you are in tremendous pain and you are near the end. Many people live with pathology, and what I am saying is that, as a spiritual being, you can live with the artificial-ness, the imperfection of the outside world because you are perfecting the world inside of yourself.

Every once in a while, suddenly you have a quantum leap in consciousness, a leap in awareness. All of a sudden you understand and see something that has been staring you in the face but you were not in the correct position to observe it. So just as a pathology, it doesn’t mean because you have a religious experience and you are trying to qualify your life from the inside out, that you will not have problems with the outside world or be beset by the conditions that it imposes upon you, its compromising conditions.

Intelligence is like a double edged sword. It can slice you up on one hand and it can save and protect you on the other. There is a fine line with using intelligence. It is as if you have to forego agenda and actually discern that you are conscious and aware of what is going on on the inside. Remember, at this time in your life, the world and the outside is not meant to be perfect. It is imperfect. It is possible to say that there are those that are making it more imperfect and more artificial. The artificial part is the scary part. You can have imperfect reality and that is what is on the inside, that is you, an imperfect reality perfecting but still imperfect, you are still not totally dissolved in spirit that you become one with spirit.

But the pursuit of happiness is the pursuit of the spirit, it is the pursuit of love, of bringing love into relationship. It is one thing to feel like you are loved, it is another thing to bring love into a relationship. God will not chastise you if you only draw upon God’s support and God’s love but God does respond to the reciprocal part of the relationship. God responds to you loving God, loving God enough to discern what God is showing you inside, how He is adjusting your thoughts and why He is adjusting your thoughts. This is not just some random occurrence, this is God’s way to steer you on the road that you should be traveling on in a way in which you should be traveling it.

It is especially necessary in these times to bring a real sense of presence to your very nature of self for others to see, for others to experience, for others to know it exists because not all people are having a personal relationship with God and there is such fear in the world that it is necessary to comfort those in fear by standing steadfast, fearless, grounded in the love of spirit to know that God is real, God’s love is real, that there is hope yet for this world and that each of you have a small part to play in it.

God attempts to bring a presence within your conscious mind and in this sense, in your relationship with others, it is important that you attempt to bring this consciousness into relationship, this consciousness of presence, this feeling of fearless safeness if you will, a sense of trust. Humans may make mistakes but it is still no reason not to trust them. Everyone wants to be trusted and to know that they are trusted, to know that they are safe. These are real human emotions, not erratic emotions but basic emotions, basic values that you would instill in a child as the Father attempts to instill these into you, a sense of security and safety, trust and love.

The Father never stops trusting you and yet can you say the same about the Father. Are you able to trust the Father explicitly, 100%, even when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, even when you start getting nervous and having second thoughts can you still trust the Father? The Father will not let you down. More often than not it is you who lets the Father down. The Father is not a judge. The Father is pure love, genuine mercy, tremendous compassion. No matter what goes on on the outside, it is important to develop a quality of being within the inside, for the quality of being is personal and you will never establish a personal quality of being with just the outside.

That is why no amount of money will ever make you happy. No amount of toys or goods will ever bring complete satisfaction like the love of another being can, the love of children. So if you are pursuing something that is not working for you, you need to question what it is you are doing. You may have to alter course, you may have to make new decisions, you may have to adjust things in your life, you may have to have new thoughts, different thoughts. Sometimes the most difficult thing is to see what you are actually doing. It is like being up against the wall and not being able to see that to the right there is a window or to the left there is a door.

You forget that all you have to do is step back. The pressures of the outside life many times force us to be up against the wall and we forget that we are there and we start to panic, we start to get nervous, we can’t discern which way to go. This relationship with spirit allows you a certain consciousness in which you can see clearly and know to step back, know when to bring yourself into alignment, into agreement. Many times you have to save face. This is a human thing and God accepts all of your human-ness. He could not indwell you if He could not accept your human-ness. Your human-ness is not the challenge to God; the purity of God is the challenge to humans; the perfection of God is a challenge to the imperfect mind, the imperfect human. Until you develop a personal relationship you will not know this great trust, this overwhelming love that God has for you. It is important in times like these to know these real truths, these spiritual facts of reality, of the realness of God in your life.

Do not wait until you leave this life and go to the other side to discover that all the while you were alive, you had access to a greater reality that you had no sense of, no inquiring nature to pursue. So bring all of this into your consciousness, that you can have a personal experience with God and it will be real. You will be able to discern its realness in your life by its synchronicity, in which all of a sudden the way you see things are the way they are. So my friends, learn to develop the inner life. It is like being in a little personal submarine that you can go beneath the water and breathe and live in. This is what it is like in the world today with its artificial nature.

A spiritual nature will automatically insulate you just as the atmosphere of the earth is designed to insulate you from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The spiritual nature will insulate you from the harmful affects of the artificial nature of the outside.
You will be surprised to know that many of you are on the same page, many of you are alike. There is a great force of you out there that hold on to this ever present reality which is within. Begin to acknowledge it amongst yourselves. Begin to support it collectively and at some point, others will follow. You cannot concern yourself that things are the way they are, you can only change yourself. This has been given to you, the interior quality of your mind and your soul, this is yours personally. My friends, sit in the quiet time in my presence and allow these thoughts to saturate you. Go in peace, thank you and good evening.

Life, Unity

GORMAN:  Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman wishing to share a few words with you about your life in general. How many of you have ever seen a movie and only looked at one frame of the movie. At any point in the movie just look at one frame and it doesn’t make any sense to you. To understand the frame you have to see the whole movie in its entirety. You lives are a little like this. You cannot take one aspect of your life and either praise yourself or condemn yourself for it, but you must view it in the wholeness of your life.

This is the first thing that you will understand when you cross over from this life into your next, because on the other side you will not be confronted with the part but with the whole of your life. You will be confronted with what you have brought over to the other side. If you can, learn to see your life as a whole because there may be some things that you are missing and on this side you still have a chance to get those things. They will not be the same on the other side. You may not have the same opportunities that are here and it would be foolishly disconcerting to go to the other side and realize that you didn’t pack very much to bring with you.

Some of the ways to see your life as a whole is not to put extra weight on any one part of your life, but to understand that if you make a mistake, there is still time to change, to correct the mistake. It matters not what others think, it matters how you feel about this. Do not lose sight of this. Many times you cannot know the part until you know the whole because sometimes the part may be different than the whole and it is not fair to judge the whole by the part. It is true that all of the parts make up the whole. A personal religious experience helps one in discerning the wholeness of your life.


GORMAN:  Thank you my friends for allowing me these brief thoughts. Until we meet again, thank you and good evening.

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