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LLN406- Spiritual Experience

2013-07-25-Spiritual Experience
Lightline #406


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spiritual Experience
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Experience, Teacher Contact
 3.2.2 Spirituality, Growth
 3.2.3 Light
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Spiritual Experience
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, LIGHT
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Mother/Father God, we are here in this circle, the circle of friendship, the circle of love, protected within your spirit. In this circle we open up our hearts to your inspiration and your wisdom. We thank you.

Experience, Teacher Contact

GORMAN:  Greetings this evening, it I Gorman, here this evening to take the stage and begin with a few thoughts and concerns that were aired previously. To the notion of celestial beings, spiritual personalities, their forms and if it is able for humans to visualize or see them in some kind of form, again, much of this information has to do with a personal religious experience. It may also have to do with your particular interests in a particular being that personally resonates with you, within your consciousness. It may be that this being is attempting to contact you, attempting to work with you,

As was shared this evening by several people, the particular manifestation of the three dimensional aspects of spirit can vary tremendously for there are some personalities in spirit which take on a more humanoid form, a form that is sort of elongated, that may have extremities like arms or a head distinguished by a neck attached to a shoulder, eyes, and within the variations there are myriads of adaptations not to mention that many of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit do not have what you would call human forms yet take on other forms but have aspects of personality, of cognizant intelligence, able to communicate.

Again, and correctly as it has been pointed out, this falls within personal religious experience. That you have these experiences in no way is an indication that somehow you are special or called to some particular form of service. Though this does not qualify the fact that you actually may be made aware of some particular form of service that the planet is in need of, again, this is personal and there are many ways that this information could be brought to you and not necessarily through a visualization though it could be an audio visualization as well as a physical one.

These aspects of spirit contact help to increase the trust between human personalities and spiritual beings. There is definitely a relationship going on between your mind and spirit personalities, whether it is external or internal. For example, the spirit presence of the mind adjutants is one aspect of what I am referring to. There are also spiritual circuits of truth and wisdom which carry their own aspects. Of course, throughout history on your planet, there is tremendous information recorded of individuals who have had contact in almost all belief systems on the planet, this is not unusual.

Part of this is an effort during all times of human life in which spirit is attempting to make contact at a point at which the mortal opens up an aspect of the mind which can receive this information. Again, it makes no difference what the belief system is because the information is always catered through the belief system so as not to upset the individual as much as it is to encourage the individual, encourage the individual to increasingly believe in these experiences in the reality of their belief system. So this is the information I offer you this evening on this topic.

Spirituality, Growth

GORMAN:   This evening I would like to focus a few thoughts concerning the edge of spirituality, spirituality of course being that aspect of the mind which goes into a personal belief system, and as such meaning: no two people have the identical belief system. Everyone’s system of belief is just a little different even if they are concentrated into believing a certain set of things, experiences, or in the case of the Urantia Book which of course precludes that there are going to be a tremendous discrepancies between individuals as to how this book is used, what its meanings have to offer for you personally. So this is what we mean by spiritual, that spirit is working within these belief systems to contact your awareness so that eventually you begin to activate the presence of spirit within you.

Now the edge of this spirituality has to do with the moment to moment decisions which are either working towards spirit guidance for you personally or the decisions are not working with spirit guidance. For example, you could be making decisions purely to satisfy your ego or some aspect you feel has been compromised. Humans have a tendency to take things personally, so many times you make decisions out of a defensive reaction or an action of emotional anger, a distraught situation. There are many reasons we make decisions but the decisions that are made in conjunction with the leading of spirit and you begin to have an awareness that the spirit within is guiding you towards something. It may be that there is something better you may be doing to increase the type of person you want to become, the person you are becoming and the type of life you would like to live.

These are options which are always available to you on a spiritual level because spirit is encouraging your growth, your evolution as a fledgling personality and this personality must be worked out decision by decision. It is the ability to make the decisions in conjunction with spirit leading which accrues, which brings you into the awareness of your own spirituality because you do become aware that spirit is working with you and when you begin to reciprocate by choosing to work where these leadings are taking you, this is the edge of your spirituality, this is where you make a difference, this is where you choose to acknowledge that this progression in your life is beginning to have an outworking within your personality, within your daily life.

Initially it may even be a sense of upheaval, that things may have gotten to a point in your life where they need to be shaken up. Sometimes your choices need to be reduced or restricted in an effort for you to make the correct choice. Therein lies the dilemma, what is the correct choice, because spirit may be leading you into something that is tremendously confrontational. Spiritual growth is not beset with fragrant flowers all the time. Much spiritual growth comes through discernment in distressful or stressful situations. In the complexity of time in which you reach an awareness that something needs to change, something needs to give here, either what you are doing is working for you, the person you are in relationship with is either growing with you or not growing with you.

This is another aspect of the relationship, you cannot demand that another person must change or instantly adapt to your needs, it doesn’t work that way. People [who] are in relationships have an understanding that there is work on both sides of the relationship that needs to be done. These are growth producing, these have spiritual lessons. Conflict and turmoil are generally indicators of ripe soil for spiritual growth because it is in this turmoil and conflict that you come to a negotiable understanding of what your options are, what options are available, what options may or may not be present in that moment and you know that in these moments of lessons of learning that you are never challenged beyond your ability to cope with the situation though sometimes you may have to become elastic to accommodate situations. You have to stretch, you have to give. Sometimes you have to be able to compromise to bring a situation into balance.

So this is that edge, this is where you make a difference in your mind. You are deciding not to indulge in old habits and patterns of playing these things out, that you have come to the understanding that you can’t experience different results by making the same choices, that at some point you have to make both separate and/or different choices to begin a cycle, a shift, a quantum leap in taking control of a situation, in taking control of your mind, your life, taking control of patterns of behavior.

In all of these moments you will find that spirit can become and will be a tremendous resource for you because spirit has the ability to see past limitations, limitations that you have because you cannot see through the whole order and system of being, of becoming you. You have a sense but you cannot completely see whereas spirit knows. Spirit knows the consequences, spirit knows the route and spirit knows what will affect the greatest change in your life. Sometimes one must be careful for what one asks for, especially with spirit because spirit is willing to accommodate you. You may not be privileged to know the fashion in which spirit may accommodate you. There again comes your discernment, a felt sense. This is what spirit is trying to show me, this is where they are leading me, this is where I am being guided towards.

If you are actively pursuing these aspects of your life which take place in your mental life, you definitely open yourself up to the leading of spirit and the guidance of spirit. At each point the spirit becomes negotiable almost immediately. Of course you may have been using spirit guidance from time to time throughout your life so there becomes a pattern, a pattern to what you believe, the way that you see life and yourself in it, a pattern of being. There are all these patterns and designs that come together and intermingle, after all, humans are complex beings. You are in a sense, animals, human animals attempting to transcend this starting station, this given station in life and moving it into the realms of spiritual possibility, spiritual identity, spiritual contact, spiritual fragrance and flavor, spiritual awareness.

So my friends, as they say, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is the edge of spirituality where you find yourself face to face with yourself, fully aware of who you are and who you are becoming and you act accordingly to that which is being shown to you personally, shown to you within your mind. It is like having a sense of [how] it’s always easier to tell somebody else how to do something rather than to do it yourself kind of thing. So you do have an awareness, you know about these things but there is something within the human nature which wants to pull you away from moving into those areas. It takes self control and however that may take shape. It may take the form of prayer, it may take the form of practice. You may have to associate yourselves with a group of individuals who are seeking the same thing to get a handle within yourself on things that you want to get a handle on.

So my friends, it is good to be here and to share these thoughts with you this evening, to pose material that forces you to think in however you view this material. It is like casting seeds and we never know where these seeds sprout when we cast them forth but this is what we do, we cast these thoughts forth like a net. So it is in the vein of friendship that we come here and offer these thoughts to you that you may go forward and carry these thoughts into your daily lives during the week, that they may fortify and strengthen, give you courage to face the challenges ahead because you are living on Urantia my friends. I don’t have to tell you that this planet is beset with its own special challenges. No one necessarily has it easy. There is always something to work out, things to negotiate, people to love and situations to bring under control. Go in peace my friends.


LIGHT:  Greetings to you this evening my friends, it is I, Light, here this evening to illuminate, illuminate in areas which may need a little more light. As a being of light, we in the spiritual world see light as an adjunct to any situation for in the light you are able to see clearly what is at play and to be en-lightened is nothing more than being able to see things in its true light. All situations cast forth some light. Many times it is the conflict of the situation which is the proper ground, the proper confusion to create a space for light to come into a situation and shift it.

You all are familiar with the aspects of light, grounding your presence in the light and taking this lit presence and carrying it forth as one carries forth a lantern in a storm or in the darkness, to guide those around you who may for a moment have forgotten certain truths about life in general, about reality as it is now. By maintaining light in your own life, the better you are able to disperse this light, like a lens, concentrating the light in a certain area. In many aspects, a spiritual being is nothing more than one who is able to bring in light to a situation for if you consider yourself a spiritual being and you cannot bring light into a situation, this is something that needs to be addressed.

The wonderful thing about light is that it is not composed of numerals or letters or sounds, it is composed of color. It is composed of a spectrum which viewed at once is brilliant white but in its subtle delineations can cast certain hues, primary, secondary, tertiary colors, all of these blends of colored light all appealing to separate sensibilities, health, healing, prosperity, illumination, resource, strengthening and fortifying characteristics, happiness. So do not forget if you can to daily bring in this light, to anchor it in your soul, that it may lighten your burden as well as en-lighten the situation which you may encounter.


LIGHT:    I thank you for allowing me to share these few words with you. Go in peace my friends.

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