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LLN412- Transition to Ascension

2013-09-26-Transition to Ascension
Lightline #412


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Transition to Ascension
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Transition to Ascension
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Nebadonia
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Father/Mother God, thank you for this connection to the presence of spirit, all of us here together intertwined to this eternal circle of love. We are thankful for the opportunity to be here and interface again with higher consciousness and always and ready and responsible to put your will first in our lives, thank you.


GORMAN:  Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman, taking this opportunity to come in and share a few thoughts and say a few words, in particular about the concerns this evening, again, the concerns about the mortal transition to the next phase of your ascendent career which is the mansion worlds. The mansion worlds are those worlds in your local systems administrative capitol of Jerusem which circle one of the larger satellite spheres of Jerusem. These mansions worlds are listed from one to seven and there are residents on the actual large administrative sphere of Jerusem after the mansion world career.

The transition itself, the mechanism by which one is transmuted has to do first with your soul connection with the Indwelt Adjuster. In some instances it is not necessary to separate the Adjuster from the individual. In other instances it is necessary to separate the Adjuster from the individual and reunite the surviving mortal candidate with the Adjuster of its previous incarnation. From a human standpoint there is presumably a tremendous amount of uncertainty, a certain amount of unknowing-ness which precedes and endures in this time when a natural transition would occur in ones life, a somewhat non-traumatic transition but a transition in which takes place the end of the life cycle of the vehicle thereby releasing the human personality.

For the most part, and in terms of the actual transition, all effort is made by the universe to ensure a very safe transition, a transition which not only supports the individual in transition but also supports the initial introduction of the individual onto the next worlds of time and space. There is a certain protocol but in the initial stages of your arrival on the next world there is a grace period, a period of adjustment for those suffering from trauma whether it is the pain and depression of a recent or lengthy illness, the trauma of a traumatic and severely tragic transition. There are, as you are well aware of, many instances of transition which bear no precedent.

For the most part, the personality individual in transition is treated with the utmost care and respect, thereby insuring a very safe arrival and a period of adjustment. You may even be greeted by familiar friends and relatives who have preceded you to these worlds. Sometimes, for certain personalities, these are grand transitions, transitions which are anticipated from one on the other side to establish a continuity and connection with people.

So in this transition from the world of origin to the mansion worlds, the individual begins to become aware of certain characteristic differences, differences in time, differences in thinking, differences in agendas, differences in tasks, not to mention the familiarity but the physical difference of the actual worlds themselves, the sense of grandeur and beauty, a sense of permanence, a sense an established culture established for countless millennia. One gets a sense of order and justice, a sense of friendliness, comradeship, sort of an extended large family, necessarily a community feeling.

As you transition from the world of origin to the worlds of space not very much changes with the personality crossing over. Pretty much of what you are thinking and where you are at in your spiritual development, continues on the other side, that does not change. What changes is the understanding, the looking back on events which have taken place on the previous life, the spiritual content of your experience, the spiritual content of the decisions you made. The resulting spiritual consequences of your life are examined in minute detail so that there is no doubt on the surviving personality of the awareness of your previous life, an understanding in a way in which you come to accept responsibility to grow into a greater understanding to therefore pursue you life now in a progressive spiritual quality.

So there are aspects of human thinking, linear aspects as they relate to time. Humans tend to think this way. They tend to see now as equally important as the past or future when in reality the past and future do not actually exist in reality. They exist in your mental construct of time. You are cognizant of what has transpired in a linear sense, you can go back and plot events in history, in your own events, in your own make up and you can project decisions made today into results in the future. But the actual reality takes place in the present, in the now and this time is non-linear in the sense of that it has a non-motion, almost static like permanence that all relationships in time can be experienced at once.

This is what time is like on Paradise. It is eternal. In the strictest sense it is non-linear and all personalities have their own personal reference to the meter of time when in all actuality, all references of time can be experienced at once. This [is] the circle of eternity and even here and now on the evolutionary worlds of time and space, one is able to tap into the eternal nature of time.

This is what the nature of stillness achieves, not only a thoughtless but conscious present, timeless present, the presence of the Thought Adjuster in the soul, this conscious awareness expands the moment-ness of now into the expanse of now, the potential and the possibility, the actuality and the consequence of now. In this aspect it is forever possible to tap into this non-linear time space and in doing so, tap into a non-linear way of thinking, a thinking which empowers the possibility and probability of the moment.

The mind is an interesting mechanism. The mind will focus on whatever you command it or intend for it to focus on. Many people choose not to live in the actual present moment, they choose to live somewhere past the moment and there is no value judgement attached to this, it is just obvious that people who live in a greater reference of the past will be those who hold on to a greater tradition of the past; the challenge is to move forward with a respect for the past and helping to mold the present in growing into the future.

It is not possible for you to escape the linear-ness of time on the worlds of time and space. It is part of who you are but in those moments of controlling the mind, bringing it under a scrutiny of presence, it is possible to transcend momentarily from the linear reference of time to the expansive moment of time because in true stillness you are moving into the expansive moment of time. This is why some can sit indefinitely within the space of stillness because they are caught up in the expansion of the moment that solitude and quietness prepares the mind to experience.

It is when you leave the superuniverse in your full fledged spiritual selves and spirit self, when you enter upon the worlds of Havona do the thinking patterns of humanism lend themselves to the divine techniques of thought preparing the finaliter for the permanent reward of the finaliter which is Paradise attainment. And to make sure there is a quantum shift from the human thought apparatus to the quantum technique of divine thought, the finaliter passes through one billion worlds, thereby saturating the young spirit personality with the age old wisdom and knowledge of Paradise and perfected thought.

So the wisdom of the universe in preparing mortals for the perfect attainment of Paradise precedes in a way which insures that no shortcuts will be taken, that by the time you reach Havona you will begin to understand the reasons why things and relationships and negotiation precede in a certain correct and time tested fashion. The universe allows you to go all the way through your ascension career to the point of leaving the superuniverse before you are required to begin the progressive transition between the worlds of time and space and the perfect worlds surrounding eternity and Paradise.

In retrospect, the first transition of a mortal human from the world of origin to the mansion worlds is as eventful as the transition from the perfect worlds of eternity to the shore of Paradise domain. One is at the beginning and one is at the end and in the life of a finaliter, both are as eventful, more eventful than the hundreds and hundreds of transitions a personality must endure to go from one end of the universe to the other end.

So the work of this universe age in the universe in which you live and the world of time and space upon which you live now, has to do with the initial spiritualizing of the animal mind and its consequential animal behavior and having the human come to a greater understanding of bringing this mortal animal creature into the rigors of spiritual consciousness, spiritual awareness to adoptive behavior which is not only not familiar on your world but has very little precedent in terms of the organized group of beings which exhibit such a spiritual reality on your world. In this respect you are truly the world of Agondonters, those who must believe without seeing, those who are required to exercise their use of faith to approach such ideals as quality, happiness, loving-ness.

It takes generations of pursuing these qualities, of being aware of their existence of the gradual nature in which man begins to adapt to this new found behavior, this behavior of consciousness. So what may begin in your own lifetimes continues in the lifetimes of others and will continue as the progressive momentum of the spiritual life begins to take a firm stronghold within the hearts and minds, the souls of the personalities of Urantia. It is certainly a surety that at one point in time it will reach a quorum, a critical mass if you will, in which the identity within consciousness will be just as normal as the language of mathematics or the language of words. In spirituality you move into the language of thought.

I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts this evening. Go in peace. I move forward to allow others who may care to join in this evening, thank you.

NEBADONIA:   Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Nebadonia, the representative of the Infinite Spirit in the universe of Nebadon in which you are a part of. I am here to share in the expressive joy in which my spiritual children, the angels, the sanobim, the cherabim, the seraphim, the guardian seraphim, respect in their beauty to the children of time and space, the hands of respect and care going into facilitating the transition of mortals from the world of their origin to the next worlds of time and space, the mansion worlds. My daughters work with the express purpose of insuring a most comfortable and transitional ease as human and spiritually possible. The only elements of fear and doubt and conflict reside within the human mind.

The functioning of my daughters, for the most part, work with enabling the humans to access a fearless transition, a transition in which they can relax and trust that they are being taken care of, that they will be brought to the exact place where they will arrive and awake from their transition and if need be, to recuperate, make transitional adjustments as necessary, all the while being facilitated by other spirit personalities whose express purpose is to attend to the arrival of the children of time and space.

There will be a surprising joy upon the familiar recognitions of your life in the next world. You will sense with certainty a continuity which is the quality of mind to sense this urgent connection to what was on one side familiar into the other side which is increasingly revealing itself of its own present reality in which you will be a part of at that point.
And even in times where beings have to be held in such repose until the termination of an age and the resurrection in mass, even then all is insured that the personality does not endure the time consciousness of being held until being reconnected and reassembled on the worlds on high.

There is no trauma nor stigma attached to the worlds of time and space when you arrive on those worlds beyond time and space and there will be an undertaking and understanding acquired to prepare you through the transition, the transition of adjustment between your previous life and its details and your current life on the other side which will take on an increasingly precedent in your future life.

So if it is at all possible to convey in words that a tremendously loving nature will embrace you in the transition, hopefully will help to insure you to trust in its presence and its reality and know that there is nothing outside of safety that exists in your transition. There will be not desperate rebels, no negatively aggressive alien race, no negligent or otherwise evil spirits to snatch your soul. The crude superstition of your world serves to stigmatize the otherwise normal and necessary transition from one realm to the next. Because there is not a tremendous understanding of this transition, yet on your world it does not necessarily bring the actual transition into question.


NEBADONIA:  So, it is hoped that we have helped to give some peace of mind and some comfort to the human consciousness, the human mind as one considers this inevitable event as a reality in their lives. Go in peace my friends, may the circle of love embrace you, embrace you now in your worlds of time and space and into the eternity of your soul. Go in peace my friends and thank you.

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