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LLN420- Melchizedek Receiver’s

2013-12-05-Melchizedek Receiver’s
Lightline #420

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Melchizedek Receivers
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: 0802-AB, Machiventa Melchizedek
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean O’Dell
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Melchizedek Receivers
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: 0802-AB, Machiventa Melchizedek
TR: Gerdean O’Dell


Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, thank you for the opportunity to convene again with you in this format, this forum, with our peers. Thank you for giving us this way to manifest our confidence in your overcare and your willingness to abide with us in our striving to know you better and, frankly, to know ourselves better so that we can be of better service to our fellows and thus to you. In those regards then, please send us a teacher this evening or teachers who will serve our need. And thank you for your goodness, truth and beauty and generosity and greatness and divine affection and all the wonders of our sweet existence. Difficult though it may be sometimes, you are there with us and so we triumph. Amen.

0802-AB-JACK:   Jack here standing by, looking to see which way the wind blows this evening. It seems to have blown in some weather for many of you. That’s what happens on the physical plane; you go through seasons, physical seasons as well as emotional seasons. It just keeps going; it just keeps plodding along. How marvelous to know that when you wake up in the morning the sun [sic] will be there. It revolves such that each day is a new beginning; even though these days pass, they are each a new experience.

Thank you for joining us this evening, you students of the Melchizedek University branch known as Light Line. There is a question submitted for Machiventa Melchizedek and he has arrived so I will let you speak with him. I will be in the wings and I will be back. One moment.


MACHIVENTA: Greetings. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am pleased to have been invited, specifically. I won’t stay long, but I am glad to be here and I am glad to be a topic of discussion so let me hear your question to me.

“We know Machiventa Melchizedek came and taught others of the Levant and was here for about 100 years. Were there not other Melchizedeks on/in other parts of earth, i.e., China, the Americas, India, etc. that had some kind of advanced civilizations that also tried to teach the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man – the one God concept – to them? We have the book ‘He Walked the Americas’ about a Christ-type person that came to the different tribes. Could that have been a Melchizedek? If not, why not? Were there not advanced civilizations on the earth 4,000 years ago?”

There were many advanced civilizations on the world 4,000 years ago, and even before, depending upon how or what you consider ‘advance civilization.’ They were certainly more than the campfire or the tree house of your earlier ancestors. From the time of the first garden there have been waterways and banks and many of the trappings of civilization: culture, science, religion and the like. There have been civilizations that have risen and fallen over these many centuries. Each one has built on top of the one before to contribute to that which you enjoy today.

Civilization which presumes a certain amount of civilized behaviors are, even so, often barbaric, backward, having only material survival in interest. It is only when true spirit enters into the arena that true civilization has a chance to be cultivated and to eventually flourish and, yes, there have been many true civilizations on your world which have flourished.

The Melchizedek Receivers who came here with the first garden– Excuse me, “the first epochal revelation” – truly the first garden but not the Adamic garden — they came at the time Dalmatia was taking shape and they stayed on your world until Adam and Eve came to take custody of it after they defaulted, after Adam and Eve defaulted, the Receivers returned and have been pretty much involved in your development since, one way or another. However, they do not materialize, and so they could not, like I did, mingle quite as intimately with the people. This intimacy factor of man to man, shoulder to shoulder, allows for a lot more opportunity than the sustained attempt to contact mortals through their minds and/or through their cultural mores.

Look at the City of Babel, for example, which was created / born / founded by some altruistic people who could not agree on the main thrust of its existence and so it fought with itself until such time as it was completely destroyed. This is something that can and does happen. It is sad because the potential is so great and the integrity of everyone involved has some bearing, but if it cannot iron out, find a focus, find direction, without guidance, without the ability to confront difficulties and conform to congenial methods, simply takes up a great deal of energy and time. It is not to say the time is wasted, or the energy is wasted, because this is how you learn.

It is unfortunate, of course, that your predecessors – predecessors like Caligastia and Adam & Eve — who were sent here to take care of you, were unable to follow through, for now that leaves you in a peculiar, sometimes precarious position. Of course, you know we have made great efforts to compensate for those major errors and to set the situation aright — even this format which has come to be known as the Teaching Mission — and yet error is always possible, even major default, set-backs, schisms, civil war within those who aspire to build a brave new world or a sublime civilization based on spiritual principles. It’s a work in progress.

Through the many years, the Receivers (including myself when I am not functioning otherwise) have spent a great deal of time cultivating your civilizations with an eye toward light and life. There have been many spiritual leaders among the races of time that have brought much to the evolving races and nations, philosophies, and the development of government. They have been guided and assisted by the Receivers, and by myself. It was necessary for me to assume a physical persona for my task with Abraham in the establishment of those philosophies and circumstances that gave rise to the people into whom our Creator Son was born.

There is danger even today of one set-back or the other even though we are assured that we will triumph. I concur with Michael and Father Melchizedek on high that we will triumph, but we are always on the lookout for those situations that seriously retard our progress. Let me review this question:


Q. Were there not other Melchizedeks?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, there were.

Q. Were there other advanced civilizations?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, there were.

Q. [Re the tribes]

MACHIVENTA: They could not have been a Melchizedek unless they manifested physically, and I am not in any position to speak for anyone else’s experience. It seems, however, that if it were vitally necessary or even conveniently helpful, it would have been set forth in the Urantia Papers. It is a rather thorough document, all things considered, in terms of what is necessary to get the job done. In fact, a lot of the disharmony that we work through – or try to work through — is brought about through the myriad attempts to speculate what happened here or there with whomever about whatever.

The Book was mandated to help clarify so many questions that existed, yet there are days when it seems it has created more questions and confusion than it clarified. But this is the nature of evolution. Evolution must keep up with revelation. And so, how does evolution keep up with revelation except by trial and error, by experiential learning, by studious application and recognition of the spirit of truth, and increased appreciation for what the spirit of truth would have you learn … each new day.

That which sustains itself day after day, decade after decade, generation after generation may constitute divine leadings. We assuredly are attempting to lead you. There are many forces attempting to lead you Godward. They work through your mind, through your spirit, as well as through your society. The more conscious of these efforts, the more you can contribute. Are there other questions in this context? I believe you need to press star six [*6].

Gary: Yes, Machiventa. This is Gary. I’ve been reading some of the stuff from the Mesa Verde group and they talk about the Maya children and the cosmic masters who were the Melchizedeks that helped them, I guess, thousands of years ago. They even mentioned about Atlantis being lost, as a society that didn’t have God in it; they just – I guess they developed a high level of society but without having God in their lives at all, they eventually destroyed themselves. And they mentioned that some of the technology was actually brought to the Yucatan Peninsula and there is still some knowledge that is stored there that will eventually be used. And that the Mayan people actually got their name from a combination of Melchizedek and the Master Spirit Aya. I was wondering if you can confirm that.

MACHIVENTA: No, I cannot confirm that, nor will I, because it would not be fair, considering it is shot full of error and it is also likened to myriad other efforts to understand that which is not clear. Why would I want to confirm mud? Just because someone says it’s so does not make it so. Just because five or six agree does make it truth. And for a handful of people to set forth what others should believe is not a teaching I can subscribe to, in particular when it is not clear at all.

Gary: They weren’t very specific about a lot of things. I just assumed that all through time, I think we have tried to have help but we humans seem to really mess it up one way or another.

MACHIVENTA: In a way, that’s understandable, which is one of the reasons we are so grateful that this is known to be a merciful universe, a merciful Creator / Michael Son. You need a lot of mercy here. We owe you. But it would be truly irresponsible for those of us who work for the Light, who work in knowledge of what we are doing and are not attempting to lead people astray or to pacify their neediness or provide their wish fulfillment–

Gary: And it was also mentioned, the discussion on the site about the ultimaton and how the zero point energy is not a possibility. I can see where it’s not going to be given to us right away because the trust in people, the way they abuse power now, it’s going to take a long time before anything like that is given to our race at this time

MACHIVENTA: : You may be assured the human race will find all manner of ways to get into trouble. It is rather single-minded in that regard. The adventurous spirit rules the lives of many of these mortals, these scientists and researchers who have keys to the kingdom that the common man can’t understand. That’s some tremendous power, and power is not something people give up lightly.

Gary: They’ve been using that to control us for a long time.

MACHIVENTA: : And for money!

Gary: I see that, yes. Control over the average person ….

MACHIVENTA: : The responsible thing for me to do and say, then, is you must learn to think for yourself and discern what of this array of fascinating gibberish has true meaning and which simply titillates your adventurous spirit.

Gary: That answers my question. Thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: : You are welcome. I would say more but I will refrain. Are there other questions, while I am here?

Lee: I have a question of the children of our American society and if we’ve been too lax in disciplining them and teaching them right from wrong. And if parents are doing this, how can the child grow toward a more spiritual purpose for life?

MACHIVENTA: : I’m not convinced this is something I should answer. I am going to give this to one of the teachers or someone else. I am going to leave you here with my blessings. Thank you again for inviting me in. Shalom.

0802-AB-JACK:   Jack’s back. I don’t know why he didn’t want to address that, but I don’t argue with the brass. You wanted to ask about our cultural training of the youth. How are we doing here, is that the question?

Lee: Yes, I guess that is the question. And I don’t work with children as some do but I see a lot of under-control from the parents. How does a child learn to develop their spiritual person, their spirit within, if the parents aren’t even concerned about it?

0802-AB-JACK:   : Well, they don’t. (This is Jack, tackling this one. I live here; I have observed; I know it all too well.) It can’t happen! Your Thought Adjuster, of course, works tirelessly but it takes some time for a relationship to develop between the mortal and the Adjuster – that is to say consciousness of each other. It’s a difficult question, actually, because there are some very good people who teach their kids some very good values, but they don’t teach them religion. And in a way, many of them are better off not embracing a large religious albatross, which many of them are. They provide conditioning but they also provide a lot of religious baggage.

In Government on a Neighboring Planet, Paper 72 of the Urantia Book [UB 72:0.1], they discuss that they don’t have churches there such as you have here. They just didn’t evolve to have churches, and yet they have some very decent practices; they’re very service-minded and careful of their children and their elders. I realize they are somewhat forceful with the criminal element and the retarded but there are still lessons to be learned in that Paper for you here.

Lee: Okay. I’ll re-read that.

0802-AB-JACK:   : The fact is you’ve brought up a very complex topic. It is sociology. That’s what Teacher Tomas likes and so I could bring Tomas in but he would want to talk for an hour and we don’t have time for that.

Lee: Right.

0802-AB-JACK:   : Recently – recently in the past 50 years or so – and increasingly speedily, has your society been changing. Just 100 years ago you had the beginning of airplanes and automobiles. The “age of innocence” was still in effect. The large estates were supported by the townspeople such as depicted in Downtown Abbey through Jane Austin and authors of that time that presented the culture as being “the haves and the have nots” and barely a middle class; there were just the rich and the poor, and so you have seen the middle class come into existence. And not long ago you saw the latch key kids come into existence and now there are surrogate families and men marrying men, women marrying women, either configuration adopting children, and so what used to represent the family is altogether different today than it was then.

Does that mean that family values are no longer in existence? No, of course not. There is still that same yearning for the parent/child relationship that Our Father in heaven promotes, the affection for the little ones and how the little ones have such trust and faith in the overcare of their papa. A place to go, a place to be safe, a place to be fed, a place to sleep, a place where you belong, where you fit, where others love you, where they understand you, where you don’t need to feel ashamed of yourself, where you can grow… these are true of any home.

Your question was: are they too lax these days? Yes. They are overwhelmed or immature. There are so many children having children, and then we expect them to know how to do it right. In those days when there was more structure in the family, when it was a nuclear family, when the mother stayed home and the father went to work, there was a structure which provided a great foundation for training, for disciplining, even for leisure-time activities, but today it is not that tidy. It’s just altogether different. But still the needs remain the same. All of you need a place to call home, which is where you can learn about the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is the standard for social behavior. Anything above and beyond that is divine. But anything less than that is barbaric and there is still a lot of barbarity on this planet, far removed from the classroom or the parent/child relationship. When children are raised to go to war, there is not much to discourage aberrant behaviors, unless you believe in war as a solution. There are energies and interests tugging and pulling from all directions. Pandora is out of the box. The boat has left the harbor. This is what we have to deal with.

The strange thing is, kids really like discipline, in fact adults enjoy discipline as well, but if there is no one devoted to their care and their development, they will not be thus gratified. If they have a nature to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, they will do that; at some point in life they will see to it that they become friends with themselves and get their needs met and perhaps become a productive and happy member of society, but so many of the children of Urantia are raising themselves and many of them are not surviving. All the more reason to feel compassion for those who have it difficult, including yourself.

Lee: Thank you. That’s great.


0802-AB-JACK:   : We have a couple minutes left. Anything else?

Gary: Jack, I just think we advanced a lot technologically, very rapidly, but spiritually we are way behind and I think that is one of the major problems we are looking at right now.

0802-AB-JACK:   : Yes, there is a serious imbalance, and unfortunately, those who gravitate toward a spiritual path are so easily diverted and distracted by entertainment. Their emotional needs are met by watching movies. They feel the warm fuzzies and think they have gotten real. Well, won’t they be surprised when they wake up one day and discover there is an entire new dimension of reality to check out, one which allows them to keep their feet on the ground and their day job and their niche in society.

Eva: Can I ask you a question quickly? Will these children still be welcomed if they don’t make it? You mentioned sometimes kids do not make it. Will there be some sort of limbo? I know this is not the sort of question that can be answered right away but there are people that are having near death experiences that say there are children that wave at them from the sidelines as if to say, “Come and get me!” They don’t really understand about the light. Are they ministered to if they don’t have any sort of gravitational pull toward spirit?

0802-AB-JACK:   : Well, there a couple of words you used that incline me to encourage you to study the Urantia Papers regarding what happens to children who die before they have made the supreme decision, they who wait for their parents to make that supreme decision to determine whether they proceed or not.

Eva: Right. Yes, I am familiar with that. Thank you. I was just wondering why in the near death experiences the kids are mentioned so often and I was wondering if it was maybe some kind of ruse or something that was being used by other entities to distract them when they are making these journeys through the ethers.

0802-AB-JACK:   : I would not want to defame our friendly universe by assuming there were rogues with ruses.

Gary: That has to do with the grid, but that’s supposedly cleaned up now, is that right, Jack? Is that what they are referring to, some kind of borderland up there where evil entities use that grid?

0802-AB-JACK:   : Well, this goes back to perceptions and I can’t say yea or nay in this regard without a much deeper look at the perception. It almost seems as though everyone throws their hat in the ring and then spend the rest of the day organizing those hats to make sense of something.

Gary: Right.

0802-AB-JACK:   : It doesn’t necessarily make sense. It’s something to do, however; it’s an experiential pastime.

Gary: Well, we just gotta keep hoping that divine intervention is going to happen soon then.

0802-AB-JACK:   : Well, you may need to be the intervention you seek.

Gary: Now you’ve given me something to think about.

0802-AB-JACK:   Well, it only took an hour. Later!

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