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LLN446- Faith

Lightline #446


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Faith
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Faith
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael, Charles
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: I can never begin without an acknowledgement of gratitude for the circuit, for the love, for the grace that envelops us all in this process, for the peace that we feel when contacting spirit, for the direction that we receive in this process. As we seek guidance, surely we will find it, in a process such as this. I invite us all to summon our faith and to bring it forward in this process, to show ourselves in motion to the universe, each one, individually so that we may be led and guided, we may be granted that which we seek. Let us apply these universal truths and laws in our cause in this time, in this moment. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace. May we breathe it in and drink this cup to the full, thank you.


CHARLES:  Hello to all assembled, I would not keep you waiting. I am Charles and it is my distinct pleasure to join you in this circuit that you form at this time, to plug myself into your energy field and thus become a part of it just as you are. The part of ourselves that interfaces with such a circuit is the spiritual component and we are on equal footing as spiritual beings capable of joining such a circuit, of contributing to such an energy.

I understand that there is the grand topic of faith on the table and I will certainly pick up the gauntlet and attempt to shed some different perspectives on this ever present topic of understanding that challenges the human mind. One of the reasons it is such a challenge to the human mind is that the mind likes to understand. The mind craves to understand something so thoroughly that it can get to a point of belief and trust and when the human mind has entertained any subject to the degree that it is satisfied that it understands fully, it moves into the realm of trust. This is the ultimate pinnacle of what the human mind is capable of doing. That is to say that when something is truly believed and trusted, the mind can relax its debate about the accuracy or trueness and can simply move into resting on its belief and trust.

You have all been told that two and two equals four and you have long since lost any inability to trust this fact. Therefore you rest assured that this truth may be trusted and that you may then build upon such a truth with additional truths, that you can in a very real sense, take for granted this original truth that you have accepted and trust that it will always be stable and maintain its integrity. This is what the human mind craves, is to have stability among all that is in flux around you and when you can find something, anything that is stable and you can have trust in, you latch on to it and want to build the rest of your understanding and awareness on these islands of stability.

This is how the computer, the mind, works. If you are uncertain and harbor doubts about any particular premise, then you are not willing to build any further foundation using that premise until it is decided for you whether it is true and accurate and therefore can be trusted.

Faith on the other hand, is a trust in a variable, an unknown, an uncertainty but it is such a strong trust that you are willing to act in accordance with this trust. Faith is what creates a mode of action in your lives. That which is not controlled by the construct of the mind is the domain of faith. You have an expression on your world that someone can be religious about something and this implies that they act in a certain way in accordance with their faith. There are ideals which govern their very lives and actions and they become religious about aspects of their faith which may not be strictly defined by the mind and its constructs.

Knowing in your deepest inner self, that you have an eternal career means you will act accordingly, you will act in faith as if this is a patterned truth. The mind cannot find evidence to substantiate such a truth for such a truth lies outside the possibility of the mind to accurately define it. But faith enables you to go beyond the confines of the mind, what it is able to see and hear and imprint and move into the realm, even beyond belief, of trust that a universal truth exists, that you have an eternal career of spirit before you. Certainly science cannot back you up in this belief but this belief has been expanded beyond trust into the realm of faith when it changes your life and when you act upon it. Belief gives you the foundations on which to construct your awareness, faith causes you to act in ways which are beyond your mortal capacity to understand. Faith is a spiritual phenomenon, belief may be an entirely material exercise.

It was mentioned in the preamble that faith also brings with it the rewards of its use which then bolster the faith that was used in the first place. You have been informed in your text that magnificent things happened in the life and times of your Master, not to create faith but rather because faith was there, was present and could be acted upon. There is a common phrase: Will you believe it when you see it or in fact, will you see it when you believe it? This is a good point of debate because if it requires material proof, then there are distinct limitations involved. If it can be a matter of faith, those limitations may be erased.

It can be seen as perhaps a Catch 22, that in order to receive the rewards of faith, one must first have it and having had it, one will see the rewards of it. But this is in fact the way that it works. No one may grant you as an individual, any degree of faith for it is completely a personal experience. But any act that you engage in on behalf of faith, certainly brings with it enormous rewards which then embolden you to act in faith the next time.

All of you are here as a result of your faith, a faith in this very process of things unseen, immeasurable by any other term yet you will all concede that there is an effect which you feel as a result of your having extended your faith to be here now. No one else could grant this effect to you. You had to arrive here on your own through this act of faith. Having done so, you will come away with an enhanced experience as a result.

Was this all designed to bring you faith or did you have to have a certain amount of faith to even bring yourself to this experience? Both, it goes round and round and round, but as you are all aware, it is strictly a matter of choice and you cannot lend any other individual faith so that they may start this cycle. Rather, something inside must internally propel them to act and this acting you have referred to as courage or courageousness is the realization, the accepting of faith as motivation, the trust that is required for you to step forward, the trust that is required in this very moment for this process to proceed forward.

I tell you plainly, every time the time comes for one of these meetings, there is a very real confrontation which occurs of the human aspect searching for trust while the spirit component must rally and act in faith. If it were only a human endeavor, if my associate here were left with only the construct of mind, there would not be the courage to move forward. It must be layered with faith which brings the courage and the movement to get the ball rolling. Likewise in all of your lives, in all the moments of your lives there may be this same dynamic.

Your mind may attempt to talk you out of it saying science does not bear out or experience does not bear out or common sense does not bear out that you are a magnificent spiritual creator and that all things are possible in liaison with divinity. This may be a statement your mind recognizes but do you have trust in this truth? Or, does it take your spiritual component, the greater aspect of yourself, to come in and well up the courage in pursuit of this truth which you will accept and pursue even though you may not be convinced in your mind of the absolute nature of this truth?

Faith has been called many things throughout time but everyone is familiar with that inner prompting, that sense that wells up within you when you look at things through a spiritual perspective and allow yourselves the greater view. This brings with it the courage to go for those things, to pursue that greater view, to move beyond the uncertain aspect of mind into the longing of spirit. And you will all be witnesses to the fact that when you engage in such activities, you are always rewarded in greater or lesser amounts but every act of extending in faith, builds your faith muscles and makes you more fit for the next time when you need to use them. Every act of faith has its reward, its compensation for your efforts.

These are perhaps a few more angles for you to use to look at this gift of grace that each one of you possess, that brings you here now, that propels you along the path of your eternal career, that provides for you the courage to take the next step even when you are uncertain what the next step, the next word in this case, may be. As you bear witness even now, if you give of yourselves and act in faith, the next word arrives. You need not know what it is, only have faith that it will. You need not know what the next step may be in your journey, you need only have faith that it will be there and you will know it and you will take it, all because you have faith. More than trust, you have faith. More than belief, you have faith.

So while it is good and proper for you to count on many things in this material life and to have the belief and your trust in the stability of that which you would believe and trust, realize that over all this, above all this, behind all this, is your divine gift of grace that you are growing, that you are building in this process, of reaching for the unreachable, knowing the unknowable, defining the undefinable and being that which you can only dream of by virtue of your faith. All these things are yours, all things are possible in league with spirit and divinity. These are truths but it will take your faith to embrace them. Your mind does not contain enough authority. It will be the realm of faith that gets you there, not the acceptance of mind.

I hope my attempts have met with some success to illuminate some of these darker passageways. Suffice it to say, that if you will exercise your faith as you do even now, you will grow strong enough with this muscle that it will be the one that carries you through an eternal career. Your mind will fall away, your faith and your spirit will endure. To even have trust and belief that this is so is much to ask but you can go beyond that by accepting it in faith and proceed exercising your faith and it will serve you well.

Faith to mortals is much like the concept of their Indwelling Guide. It is with them throughout the journey yet they are unaware of its presence. It is your companion along the way and yet it still begs the question: What is it? How do I use it? How do I access it? Where do I find it? All while it’s part of you, a very integral part of your composition and yet you search. I hope that in moments like this you may feel it close to you and feel it as part of you, identify that aspect itself because it truly is with you.

It has brought you here this evening. It has served on many occasions to extend you beyond your mortal limitation. Lean on it, utilize it, embrace it as part of your nature, as a gift of your composition. Just as your Inner Guide, just as your Spirit of Truth, all these are aspects of yourself which you are learning to tease out of the mix and define for your mind so that it may grasp the idea and it too may join you in belief and trust as your soul does, as your spirit does.

I trust I have added enough to this discussion tonight for your consideration. I would not overburden you so I believe it may be time for me to draw conclusion to these remarks unless there would be any further clarification on my offer to any specifics. [pause] It is my pleasure to join you as always, I am Charles and I would at this time take my leave and extend my gratitude for your having graced me with this opportunity.

Comment: Charles, right before you get away I would like to thank you so much. You have just increased our understanding so much of faith, you actually demonstrated how faith and understanding constantly play leapfrog with each other so thank you very much.

CHARLES: Thank you, I accept your kind comments.

MICHAEL:  Greetings to you all, before I let you all escape back into your own lives I would bring my presence into the circle and add to yours and I would make reference to the fact that many people, many among you, have a relationship with me that goes well beyond your mind’s capacity to understand. You have been told of my life, you have been made aware of the accounts of my existence, but those are only things that can be grasped by the mind of man in an attempt to bring you closer to me by familiarizing you with my life and teachings. But this is only but a small part of our relationship, yours and mine.

Our relationship relies on your faith. It depends on your faith to approach me, to accept me, to love me as the child you are could love the parent. You see, it is not enough to have heard about me. In order to have a close relationship we must do this together, you and I in faith. That is where we meet. That is how we meet and it is through your individual exercises in faith that we have come together, that we have formed our own individual, personal relationship. It is not enough that you know about me. In faith you know of me, you know me.

I bring this up to demonstrate for you that faith is active in your lives, that you use it to this degree, that we rely on it for times even such as this. So think not that faith is something you must go out and find. Faith is simply something that you may develop, that you may grow, that you may utilize. It is another of these gifts of grace which allow us to join together. The more you have grown in this direction, the greater your faith, the more rewarding, the easier it gets, the better it is. That is why this life is such a fertile opportunity for you.

You must find faith, you must choose faith, you must use faith and in so doing you build it, you grow it, you are rewarded by it, you are sustained by it, you are led by it and it brings you the courage to step out in faith, to receive the rewards of using faith. Such rewards as we enjoy even now. This is faith. I simply could not let you all disperse this evening without pointing out the faith of the moment, the certain and sure faith that you demonstrate to join me here and now.


MICHAEL:  I thank the Father for this faith which brings us together. I pray we all grow in our faith as we encounter more and more of its rewards and more opportunities to use it. Let it be so even now. Peace be on you all as I envision your growing in faith until we are together in this process, side by side. My peace I leave with you, farewell.

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