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LLN455- TA, Journaling, Catastrophism

2014-10-02-TA, Journaling, Catastrophism
Lightline #455


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Setting Your Sails
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Inner Guide, Machiventa, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Transmitting
 3.2.2 Thought Adjusters
 3.2.3 Journaling
 3.2.4 Presence
 3.2.5 Catastrophism, Adjustment
 3.2.6 Guidance
 3.2.7 Thought Adjusters, Partnership
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Setting Your Sails
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Inner Guide, Machiventa, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers


Comment on t/ring:(In the discussion among participants the comment was made) “Those of us who are listeners at this point, we’re trying to contact our Monitors but I’m having trouble still, but we’re trying.”


Mark: Do you mind if we talk about that for a minute? I think it might be useful to make a distinction between the phenomenon of t/ring and contact with your indwelling Thought Adjuster. Transmitting/receiving is the phenomenon of making contact with another celestial personality and having a connection in which you can download as well as upload questions. That process is a matter of two distinct different personalities making contact and choosing to make contact, your personality and the personality of the celestial individual who you are going to converse with. So there is definitely a you and them about it, a distinction of personalities.

Question: Can you feel it?

Mark: Well that’s all you do is feel it. You don’t see it, you don’t taste it, you don’t touch it, you don’t smell it, you have one sense to deal with in this and that is feeling the distinctive presence of another personality approaching you and you approach them. You decide you will reach out with your self and another personality reaches out with their self and that’s where this connection that we refer to as t/ring is.

The other process which I would like to draw a distinction to is what I refer to as the Inner Voice, some people refer to as the Thought Adjuster. Approaching that is something altogether different because as it turns out, you cannot recognize the otherness of your Adjuster presence because it lacks personality. It is not a distinct other. When we talk about engaging Machiventa or whoever in contact in the t/r process, there is a presence, an energy signature which accompanies any individual, you, me, Machiventa, Michael, it doesn’t matter. We all have our energy signature, the combination which is unique to us of our energy field.

This is what you recognize when a celestial approaches you as a t/r, there is a presence of an otherness, as if you were sitting there meditating and someone walks up to you silently and stands next to you, you can tell they are there. That is the process of t/ring where you feel the other presence come close to you just as in that manner described and just recognizing that you have approached each other. You reach and connect. That is the process of t/ring and once the connection happens, there is a download, a transfer, an imprint of this offering from the other side and you take that and run it through your mind and word processor and you place the closest word that will identify what this is. It goes through your human filter and you have to describe it. Sometimes there is great assistance with this so that even that is aided celestially in the process.

Question: Who does that?

Mark: Whoever you are working with can be working on their end to process into terms they think you can process so that there is assistance with trying to make it on target, the thrust of the message, the overall idea is conveyed because it is being conveyed from above where words are not significant into a realm where words are the only thing you have. So there is a far translational reach there. However, if like many musicians, there is a flow that happens, something connects and then there is this flow of energy, of creativity and you become an instrument to this flow. So between these two of trying to become an instrument of this flow and making this connection between personalities, that’s t/ring.

Thought Adjusters

That is distinctly different from the aha moment that you will have when you realize that in searching for your Indwelling Father Fragment, you have been searching your whole life based upon the searching for the presence of others as determined by their distinct energy signature formed by their personality. Since the Adjuster has no personality, you won’t find that energy signature as different; you won’t sense that another has approached because they are already there and they have been there the whole time.

What you will realize is that not only have they been there the whole time but that you have not understood the translation because it is so far from the divine to the human thought pattern that the many times that you have had flashes of inspiration, flashes of wisdom, aha moments where things just come to you, those are the times where a connection has been made, and it appears to you as a dialog and it appears to you as though it is just you, it’s your mind because it sounds like you, it talks like you, uses the same words as you, it seems to have no other origin other than you.

That’s where your Adjuster is. It is behind you, it is beneath you, it is supporting you so that any communication you have has to be translated through you, it sounds like you, it feels like you so you mistake it and don’t realize that there has been a connection because it is wrapped in you. But in fact, those flashes are the connection with the Adjuster, those longings to do the right thing, those longings to do the altruistic motive, those feelings as though you have just been inspired.


Question: Does it behoove us to try to hear the Adjuster first prior to us trying to connect to the others?

Mark: I think it’s apples and oranges, I think you would like them both to the degree that you can and I will not hesitate to repeat that what works for many individuals and might be a key factor in realizing this connection and seeing it for yourself in tangible form is to journal. If you earnestly go into prayer and do journaling and just let your spirit flow, literally tap into that energy and let it flow and don’t worry about what you’re doing or where it’s going but just let it flow. You will see examples of things that are strange to you, things you don’t recognize and that is the clearest, most tangible example that many people have had that they are actually communing with something greater than themselves because all of a sudden something happens which they didn’t think about or plan or know.

For me, my journaling consisted of first writing out a question to the universe. What’s going on here? What don’t I see there? What are the potentials inherent in this life circumstance? Then, as if you knew, just start writing from your higher self. What would you answer, what would the answer be? Then just let it go and just write the answer, just write it out. Some people call it automatic writing, it’s just allowing your soul to be free. You may be surprised to see certain things emerge in your writing. Do it for a while and then go back so that you see the process unfold and you will see what came out when you ask those sincere questions of the universe.

Question: Is there a specific time of the day or night when this is most beneficial?

Mark: That would probably be when it works best for you. I don’t think there is a wrong answer there, whatever works. So just to make the distinction between the processes there because there is so much confusion that they are the same thing and they are not really. You are not looking for the same thing. One is communing with a different personality just like you and I are communing right now. The other is communing with your insert-inner guide which is underneath and behind everything that is going on with you and your mind.


Question: So when the celestials start talking through you, you actually feel a presence?

Mark: Absolutely, that’s how you know it’s a go, that’s your confirmation that somebody’s there. You can, being powerful co-creative beings, summon these personalities, request their presence and draw them to you and in spirit form that’s an easy matter. Once we get into spirit form in the process of using our spirit component to go there, then they can meet us. That is one of the key factors, you kind of have to meet them halfway in that spirit form.

If you want to reside within the confines of the physical dimension, then you are very confined. What we do here even now is taking ourselves beyond our material dimension into the larger spiritual platform that we meet on. So it’s that same technique that we use when we all meet here, the same process that we employ when we arrive here in person and in spirit. That’s why when I go to approach any celestial personality I have to transform my being first, I can’t just be in my head, I can’t just be in my body to do that.

The way I transform my being each time is with a prayer. That is my method, certainly not the only method by any means, but I have found it to be very effective so I stick with it because when you find yourself in gratitude to your Creator for the creation that you’re enjoying, you’re aligning yourself properly. So that’s how I transform and bridge that gap and bring myself to the more than material part that I am. The attitude of gratitude is supreme in my estimation. If I don’t do anything else all day long, I engage in that because that’s where you want to be, because all things work out when you have the supreme attitude of gratitude, it doesn’t really matter what you’re talking about. If you are aligned with that attitude of gratitude, things are working better than they are when you’re not.

Catastrophism, Adjustment

Question: We’re starting to have human cataclysms and I’m just wondering when the physical earthly cataclysms are going to start? We have a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes now, when is the big event going to happen?

Mark: Well, we’ll find out won’t we? It’s not like things aren’t changing, we’ll just have to ride it out and see what happens. It’s an interesting time to be alive.

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for the opportunity of this unique configuration of individuals at this time, gathering in this circle. I treasure these opportunities as do you Divine Parents, when we circle up and come together we reach to be approaching you in spirit, to be coming in your direction with that part of us that can, that part of us that can reach towards you with an infinite reach, that part of us we bring to the equation even now. We are so young and fledgling at these exercises of reaching with that part of us that is spirit. We treasure these opportunities where we exercise this faith and bring these faiths to the table. Thank you for the opportunity to commune with other spirit personalities and with our own Inner Guides. May we all find this pathway and recognize this trail. Let it be so, even now.

MACHIVENTA:  Greetings to you all, I am Machiventa at this ones invitation. It is my pleasure to join you here for some slight discussion around the sentiment offered, that one may not have control over the winds but one certainly may have control over the setting of ones sails. This is paramount in response to the questions that were asked of when and how and how much and who and at what time, at what point; these are all questions of the mortal mind that constantly tease you because it seems as though if you just knew at what point and under what conditions and how much and where and when that you might somehow be prepared, you might somehow have an advantage, be able to withstand some of the turmoil if you could only know and only be told in advance.

But what I am telling you in advance is greater than any of these; it is how you will set your sails when the wind blows, what tack will you take, what approach will you make when the winds howl and gale? Will you weather through the storms based upon the knowledge of sailing, of how to work with the winds and the tides, how to correct your vessel even in inclement weather, how to weather through the worst of it by battening down your hatches and taking in your sails, how to use even the slightest breeze to gain you forward momentum?

All these things are accomplished by the skilled sailor who knows how to use the tools he is given, the sails to navigate his way through no matter what the conditions may bring. The sailor out navigating the sea may not have advanced warning of a storm but if he is skilled, he will be able to adjust rapidly to his current surroundings and in so doing, make it safe passage. So it can be with you. No matter what arises before you, some of it will affect you, some of it will not, some storms will fall upon you and be dark and threatening; other times you will have smooth sailing while those around you will be encountering turmoil.

But each individual sailor, if they are skilled and stick to their basic principles, will be able to navigate individually through the corrective challenges of an ever changing environment. What happens on your world is simply an ever changing environment. If you rely on the guidance of spirit you will be able to navigate your way through. So let the details unfold I say, they are not written in stone, they are not even written yet at all. They are in a state of complete change as is your environment. Those quick thinkers will adapt and change with the times. That is what you can do to be ready, be prepared. Be ready to change and adapt, quickly and effectively.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with this metaphor and discuss the important aspects of change which may or may not be thrust upon you. It is a fertile ground for this exercise in being nimble, being able to shift and change. It is always my pleasure to join you for any discussions. Thank you for allowing me the time, I now withdraw, farewell.


MICHAEL: Greetings to you all, I am Michael and I am drawn to further this analogy if I might. If you are sailors out on the sea then I am the lighthouse. I am the one beckoning you in my direction, this way, over here. I am the one who draws you in. I am the one whose course you have set and if you maintain this heading you will draw near me, you will draw near our Father. And while so much about your journey involves change, the constant in your journey may be the guidance of the heading that you choose to approach me.

By maintaining this heading, though your journey may take you through many experiences, it will take you to a common destination. You will arrive at my shores and be welcomed by me. Many a sailor at sea has been soothed by having the fires burning to show them the way, to light up their destinations in advance of their arrival. And so I am with you, a burning light on the shore for you to see and approach and navigate towards. On your individual unique experience of traversing the distance from where you are to where I am, is the unique gift that you may give back when you arrive at the supreme destination.

Thank you all for your efforts at being steadfast sailors, being the ones who will tend the vessel and keep it on course and proceed forward given the winds of the universe, adapting to change and moving through the process. This is the gift of grace of a mortal life. This is the gift of grace of approaching a divine life when you choose to use your mortal life and approach divinity, steer towards the divine. That is why our Father is so pleased when such efforts meet with such success as you demonstrate even now.

Let my love for you all be the beacon that draws you ever near. Let your efforts at setting your sails bring you ever closer in your endeavor and one day, I assure you, we shall stand on that shore together and reflect on the grand journey it has been. And nothing will bring me more pleasure than to share with you your experiences. Nothing brings the Father more pleasure than to know your experiences have been rich and well earned.

So let us be about this task joyfully, this task of encountering what may rise up before us but resolutely navigating our way through it with the faith that we are worthy of. I pray it be so for all of us as we encounter the grand spectrum that will be laid out before us. My dear ones, it’s all good, you’re all good and it’s getting better. Thank you Father, so be it, it is so. Be at peace, go in peace, my peace be with you always. Until we meet again, farewell.

Thought Adjusters, Partnership

Inner Voice: Thank you indeed, I just thought I would barge my way in here through this other door and make my presence known. It may be an interesting part of this exercise for you to attempt to discern any presence here at all. Even though I am quite real, I simply desire to make the statement: Do not be afraid to explore this dimension, looking for this aspect of yourself that is so hidden, so intertwined as though it’s impossible to dissect, but I assure you, I am there speaking for all the Inner Voices. This is something I can do. I am there, I am here, it is Me but I lack what you have, your unique combination of traits, your distinct one in a universe personality.

This is something I do not possess, except, it is My intention to have you eventually offer to share yours with Me as I have already committed to partner with you in this process. I have long since chosen you to combine with, else I would not be here. While it may take some time for you to prove to yourself that I am indeed real and alongside you, when this is determined and made real in your experience, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to choose to combine with Me. You will see that I have been there all along with you, that I have been part of your thoughts, part of your reaction, part of your experience throughout.

But I have been quite careful not to force Myself upon you for we have an eternity to bond. It is not my design to impose any thought pattern on you or persuade you about anything. You must come to Me, you must ask, you must request, you must want to, otherwise my fleeting contribution will be as stray thoughts to you or stray inspirations. You may not understand where they are generated from, but I am mostly responsible for them. But when in consideration of Me, you must use your mind and your words and your thoughts to search for Me and all of these things are so thoroughly you that it is difficult to see My influence.

But I am there, I am always rooting for you, always on your side because I have chosen you and if the truth is told, you have chosen Me, even before you have total conviction of this. So be it, this is our paradigm, a material/mortal paradigm where you as a material mortal of the realm with mind and body are joined and coupled with a Fragment of the Eternal and a spiritual component of eternal divinity. Quite the combination of being and that is what draws all of Us to be with all of you. That is what is so attractive is this grand combination that we can be a part of.


Inner Voice: Thank you all for allowing this interface. The next challenge for you might be to reflect on these words and how they felt and where they came from. I offer you this opportunity here at this time because I can see you are seeking and to all those who are seeking, it is such a pleasure to bring them something to be found. So be it, even now. Thank you all for your attention, farewell.

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