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LLN562- Bending The Arc

2020-04-09- Bending The Arc
Lightline #562


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Bending the Arc
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Bending the Arc
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Monjoronson, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: My petition to align myself with spirit today is as follows: Divine Parents, we circle up here in our mortal plane with our devices to connect us and we are glad to be able to have this fellowship with each other as we come together in this circle and in this circuit of love that we wish to extend and connect with you. We invite you to be a part of our circuit here and now. We invite you to join us in spirit at this time. We seek your embrace with that part of us that would embrace you in spirit. Let it be so, even now.


MONJORONSON:   Yes I would echo the sentiment of thanking you all for creating this avenue, this means by which we may come together, this place you have created where we may meet in spirit. I am Monjoronson and I am pleased to request your attention at this time.

For sometime you all have been alerted to the imminent changes before you and for sometime there has been this great wondering of what it will look like and how it will manifest. I hope you all now will come to realize, that this is what it looks like and this is how it will manifest. It is being created, literally manifesting as you go, and the outcome is guided by your intentions. That is why it is all important that you stay steadfast in your faith, in your conviction and in your purpose.

You know of the divinity of the plan and witness the imperfections of time and space. You who are aware of your eternal destiny have a certainty of purpose that needs to be shared. You have been undertaking volunteer training all this time. We have done this before. We have met before and had lessons and had sharing and you have been briefed on how to stay strong, to follow divine pattern and now, I call you all to witness that you are all hearing the call that you have waited for and anticipated.

If this current situation is not it, if this does not signal to you that change is afoot and that epic change is at hand, then let me be clear. When things are in motion as they are now, they can be guided, they can be directed and steered towards a more divine version and this is where you come in. This is when the leverage occurs, this is when the vision of the new direction of the higher way needs to be offered. This is when your insights of greater spiritual truths need to be offered. All this time, all this training, all this enthusiasm has brought you to the point of awareness that this is all so and I am here reporting back to you to say that we are on track, that our mission has never been sidetracked, only delayed by the condition of free will choice.

The divine plan that we laid out for you years ago will come to manifest. The movement towards Light and Life will occur. The change in direction of humanity will be altered as a result of this time of trial. The enemy that you all combat in this process as mortals of the realm, is not some microscopic entity. The battle you face is with fear, is with doubt, is with the uncertainty of what the future holds. These are the real plagues upon humanity. They cause so much unnecessary suffering and so your messages of hope, your messages of change, your messages of peace and love are what is needed as so many individuals struggle with this yoke of fear.

So now, you all respond to the call and here we are determining on a day by day basis what this means. What is just before you is an opportunity for you to represent the higher way, what neighbor needs assistance, what friend needs an ear and where does your ministry takes you. What your job is, is to be the light. Where there is darkness, let you be the light.

So I am happy to report to many of the same students I have addressed before, now I address you as comrades, players on the field and necessary parts of this equation as we transform divinity into the material plane, as we upgrade to a more perfect pattern. So this is what it looks like as it starts and now it is up to you to react with kindness, compassion, love and hope, just be an instrument for the grace that you know exists.

Thank you all for reporting for duty. You have all been commissioned to serve in our stead. We need you to extend our reach. It has been a pleasure to make this contact with you again. I am hopeful we will be able to maintain regular contact as we navigate these trying times before us. There is much assistance that can be rendered if one will simply ask. I am happy to assist you in this process should you so desire. I even envision a more working relationship with all of you. If it is your desire within, let it be so. I look forward to further communications. Good day to you all, farewell.


JONATHAN:  Greetings to you all my friends, this is Jonathan. I want to take this opportunity to communicate with you about the changes now going on on Urantia. It makes me consider the great change that everyone undergoes every spring when the forces of nature change the very surroundings around us and cause us to realize, almost by force, that change is upon us and moving forward and if we don’t adhere to its pattern we will miss the timing for the planting and the harvesting.

It is all so regular and uniform and even so, there is great inconsistency. There may be late frost and chilling freezes. There may be radical shifts from one season to another, but there is an overall pattern that you adhere to as mortals of the realm in your cyclical seasonal change. It just so happens that this change of consciousness that is now happening as a result of your pandemic, is happening at this very time of change, a season of new life again and new directions, new intention may be applied. Therefore consider using the very season as an additional fulcrum for change towards growth and the positive and the new and the future.

Take that spirit of spring and bring it into this paradigm you are encountering where no one has secure footing on what the next steps should be. Nevertheless, the entire program is consistent, in the entire life experience, you will be cared for by your Divine Parents. You will be loved and guided no matter what is required of you in your mortal life to stay healthy and happy. You will be fine and you know this as spirit beings, that your existence goes well beyond these circumstances and this brings you a peace, a comfort that you may share and in the sharing of your version of a better pattern, there may be this new growth, there may be this new direction, this new enthusiasm for what’s really valuable in life.

So where one sees disruption and tragedy, another may see disruption and opportunity. Disruption means that you have a choice before you to fix it or change it. You have the opportunity to re-choose. So I invite you to act as the co-creative creators that you are, who understand how spirit influence works to channel and direct as you minister the energy around you towards the positive, the good and the beautiful. It’s not as though you are required to disregard the imperfections, but you are empowered to not choose them when you encounter them again.

And this is how you bend the arc. This is how you make changes, one choice at a time. Hang in there my dear friends. This too shall pass, but you will mark time by this event and we will all have this as a reference on our timeline. Be at peace. Know that you are safe and be in grace as you minister to others. Be the instrument of peace that you know exists. I care deeply for you all. Thank you for this opportunity to join you tonight. I take my leave, farewell.

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