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LLN563- 5G and Dr Mendoza

2020-04-16  5G and Dr Mendoza
Lightline #563

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2020-04-16
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Take a deep breath and enter your sacred space of spirit. Divine Parents and all faithful servants, some of whom are on this call, we all desire to be of service to our Divine Parents which comes from our love to seek the Father, the Mother, the Divine Parents behind our lives. We have the unique opportunity to work in our lives with spirit as an instrument of peace for our Divine Parents. It is quite charming to consider that our love for our parents transcends this limitation of time and space and so does our ability to act as instruments for divine peace. Help us to get our arms around what our relationships are as we proceed through these processes. That is why we come to you Divine Parents, for your spirit counseling and the many emissaries of light who always provide us with such insights. We are so grateful for this grace, thank you.

DRMENDOZA:  Greetings to you all, I accept this invitation offered. I’m Dr. Mendoza, glad to show up for a consult with you. I am quite pleased that those of you attending this call are even aware of my presence, of my being, of my name. This is a major accomplishment between us. Make no mistake this is not by accident. This is by your dedicated desire to be of service. Your prayers to be of service are answered by the likes of me and all the others who are so willing to assist you in this process.

It is very true that the act of service combines your love of the Father and your gratitude for your relationship and combines that gratitude with the desire to be of service, which is the love of your fellows. So you are following love towards the grace of divinity and you are applying your gratitude at having discovered that and realized it for yourselves and desiring to become an instrument of such peace for others. In this way you are ennobled in this process because you are inserting yourself in this chain of love. You are becoming the medium between this act of love and its manifestation in the material plane.

This is your opportunity before you. This is your chance to deal in divine grace, to minister this grace and to share that which you have found. That is what makes this whole avenue of healing so special, it goes in both directions. It is the gratitude on high channeled into the service for your fellows, and you are all learning the parameters of how this all works. You are learning what is necessary for healing to occur and how you might go about facilitating such healing which you are learning may come through you in the process.

Every once in a while one has to face head on when this energy comes and flows to them personally, as recently happened with my associate here having to embrace this chain of love focused in his direction was challenging and one of the most difficult aspects to navigate as healers, as ministers, as facilitators of light, is that you can also be the recipient, not just the instrument for others. Sometimes it is required that others be the instrument for you and it is required that you go along peacefully, even enthusiastically when this is the circumstance.

So I have thoroughly enjoyed the closeness that we have developed so far and look forward to working together as we move forward. Whether you have need of personal, individual service or whether you have the desire to be the conduit for another’s healing in service, you are discovering that this entire system is a circuitry and that there is energy flowing through this circuitry, that this love energy needs to be directed and focused and applied consistent with the conditions necessary to manifest this grace to make this truth real. So you are all learning how important circuitry is, to be connected to your Divine Parents and to a myriad of elder spirits that may assist you and in this way you build up your capacities to serve, you have greater influence when you are connected in awareness with others who are likewise attempting to utilize the grid and connect with you.

This energy that flows goes all the way back to your thoughts. You literally create a charge, an energy field with your thoughts, that then may pass through your circuitry of mind and become real when you act on these thoughts. So this entire process of thought, word, and deed is generated completely by you. You have literally created a life force, an energy, and this energy maybe directed, may be focused, may be channeled as needed. When we work together, my connection is connected to your connection and we have much more capacity to run greater energy through our circuit. In fact, everything in your paradigm amounts to energy. Energy that has slowed enough is called matter, and energy that is flowing and moving may or may not be detected by mortals but energy is flowing, moving all around you and you are the generator of your own first source and center of energy as well.

So when I speak that all things may be traced to their energetic forms, I will address the question brought forward earlier and that is about a new technology which has been thrust upon you without your awareness nor your approval. This phenomenon known as ‘5G’ for ‘five generations’ is an overwhelming source of energy. Your planet has never experienced this wave of energy. Your planet had never experienced  cell phones, or radar, sonar or high speed internet until the most recent of your planet’s history. You are now in uncharted territories. Your energetic signature and the energy that is your body manifest as matter, are all being impacted by energetic sources. It cannot be otherwise.

You all know you have an electro-magnetic field around your own being, just has the planet has one around its being. There is a balance of energy within your being, there is a flow within your being, your cells function energetically and all of this happens in balance, normally and naturally unless there are added influences to the process. By spreading around this new technology there are great risks being taken, the energy that ‘5G’ uses is so strong and powerful that it penetrates walls, buildings, goes into basements and goes through cement. This is intentional, this is on purpose, ultra-high frequencies that may penetrate anywhere.

When this energy is encountered by the human body, it corrupts the cells. They are bombarded with an energy field which causes them to react to having been assaulted and attacked. These cells are literally bombarded and your body cannot withstand this with no side-effects. I will affirm for you that this technology is going to be very harmful for humanity. As it races towards a fast internet and an ability to scroll quickly, it has failed to consider the ramifications on your very cells. There are certain parts of your body which are highly vulnerable to energetic disruption and will no doubt show signs of distress as this grand experiment that is being run on you plays out and the results become more clear.

So, as it turns out, energy has everything to do with this. It has everything to do with how your body is able to fight off this assault, it has to do with the amount of assault you will have and your relative proximity to the emitters. It also has much to do with your thoughts, it can cause depression, anxiety and loss of peace of mind. Does any of this sound common? I tell you this because there a number of things going on simultaneously. Yes there are symptoms which one may encounter when subjected to this form of directed energy.

You have asked and so I have brought you to, let’s say, the quantum level of what is transpiring. There are a number of things involved and these are not being put together as pieces of the puzzle. There is a great deal of interest in getting a speedy internet and they will rush forward with this modernization which will allow them to control this energy even from satellites. Be aware that this is going on, and being aware you can take action to mitigate your personal reaction to this phenomenon, you can do things to assist your immune system to be prepared. You can do things to stay away from radio signals as best you can.

Knowing that this is a consideration hasn’t come into the consciousness yet. If you tell people that there cell phones are bombarding their cells with radio waves, they fail to understand the significance. But you who are trying to wake up to all that is going on around you may be more suited, more prepared to weather through some of these changes. Unfortunately when you roll out ‘5G’, you’re rolling out an entire network, towers everywhere, signals everywhere so that everybody, everywhere, can get fast internet, but at what cost?

Your planet has had a long history of rushing into development in ways that were not healthy or sustainable. There were days in London where you couldn’t breathe for the coal smoke because that was the mode at the time to mean progress. Everyone did that burning of coal and considered themselves lucky that it was progress, only to discover that it was at a great cost and unsustainable. When we first encountered plumbing, everyone rushed to make lead pipes only to discover it was not sustainable and not appropriate. Here we are again with ‘5g’. We have no idea what this will do, but you are part of this grand experiment, and matters like this seem beyond your jurisdiction.

So personally you just need to be aware and be considerate of balance of energy, not bombardment of energy, not undue amounts of energy, merely a proper flow of energy, and this is true in your healing exercises. This is true as you navigate the art of living. A manageable balanced flow is the divine pattern and so there is the answer to your question and I appreciate your bringing it up. This is something that is not even on the radar for most people as being a consideration, let alone a concern. But it will come pass, the truth will set you free; in the end when discoveries are made about the harmful nature of this technology to those who are bombarded by this new energy that is being spread around the globe.

It’s always my please to afford myself  this avenue of approach with you, and to borrow this voice so that we may communicate in this fashion. I wish to bring you words of comfort and fellowship because that is our enduring relationship. There are many troubles out there on the horizon but to those who know of their destiny in spirit, these are but transient affairs that need to be navigated in time and space as you make your way through and down this path of human life so that you may be born again as spirit.

Call on me as you have need of me, I am your assistant in this process but you are the link that will cause spirit to manifest as material. You are the conduit that may be used and I will avail myself of all tools such as yourself. I invite you to ask and I will be available for consult. Consider that you may create a pathway in your thought patterns wherein you may connect with me as a result of your attempting to center and reconnect with this energy you feel even now, and once having connected, there need not be great vocal exchanges as we are having now.

You can simply furnish the question in your mind, “Is this course of treatment appropriate?”, and then wait and expect and receive my response. I will affirm or deny your suggestions and in this way I will provide you unlimited council. But you need to be in motion and then I will unfailingly assist you.

Thank you all for your devotion, for your energy that you have directed into this circle and into this circuit. We are all enjoying the flow of this energy and so I join with you in gratitude for all those on high and our destiny before us. Thank you and farewell.

MACHIVENTA:   I would also accept this invitation, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I as head master of instruction, would take up the question or perhaps the observation that times such as we are encountering now do indeed provide a great momentum for opportunity. When you have dramatic shifts in culture where people’s behavior is changed, their routine is upset, their patterns have been discarded, then is the time ripe for change, for upgrading if you will, the pattern for choosing a higher way, because once the train of culture has slowed down and stopped it may be redirected on another track. It may be altered in its character and nature and when it begins to move again it will be moving in a different direction.

This is where you all come in, this is a fulcrum moment. You may look around you and realize that everywhere around you has the seeds of change, that all aspects of life are now under scrutiny. This is where the values that you have learned through your spiritual pursuits rise to the top. What is important? What is significant? What is worthy of keeping going? What is right? What needs to be altered? This change is now at hand. We are now at the place we have discussed for some time of this magical moment in history where things about the past may now be in question, protocols may be revised based upon your values, considering what is important, what is significant, what’s worth doing, saving, loving. It’s time to re-choose all those things and so this is where your vision of a higher way may be planted. These visions that you have embraced in your spiritual search may be brought into this current dimension and then may be chosen instead of perhaps other options that have been present.

But until they are introduced and brought forward, suggested or offered, they can’t be chosen. So, those who have developed the sense of spirit, let you be the creators, the planters of new seeds of a new crop of improved life. This comes down to absolutely every aspect of your being as this epic change is upon us. What will you keep, what will you save, what will you lose, what will you support and foster and care for? Where is your energy going to be directed? No time like a pandemic to decide again a different way; choose again based upon what is really important and how you will manifest your life as a result.

So I applaud the notion that as the seas get rough, we need sailors on deck to get us through the uncertainty and to use their spiritual compass to set our heading and get us through this storm. It may mean re-organizing, dropping the sails and riding it out and giving you plenty of time to reconsider how you might choose differently and what might be better, more divine or more perfect about your lives and choose those. Be on the lookout, for this time is ripe for making these shifts and charting a new course.

I’m happy to assist you as are the many others involved in your spiritual upliftment and you will get through this with grace because you know of grace and your faith will allow you to rely on grace. We are in deep gratitude for this grace and that conditions our desire to help others, our fellows, which is why I’m here now for you and which is why you desire to be there for others. Let it be so, be strong in your conviction, in your faith. You have had these lessons and this fellowship for long enough to have it become casual and normal for you. But this is your foundation, this is your platform that you may stand on when looking for an approach to life’s vicissitudes.

Remember spirit, remember grace, remember love, remember your desire to both reach up and reach back. These are the forever continuums, these are things you may rely on, the things that only change by getting deeper and more profound. Follow your spirit leadings and your own internal sense, your own Indwelling Guide and all will be well. I would venture to say, all is well even now even though you may feel the pangs of stress and worry. “Fear not” is what the Master said, I would echo his sentiments at his time, fear not, only believe, only love. Be at peace, be in love and spread this love about, and you will be resupplied as necessary as you are the conduit for all this to manifest. Good day to you all.

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