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LLN580- Melchizedek School & Faith in Action

2020-08-06  Melchizedek School & Faith in Action

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2020-08-06

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers

LLN #580

Machiventa: Greetings to you all, I would kick things off this evening by welcoming you into what is in effect, a Melchizedek school. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and as you know, I am responsible for the curriculum of all students moving forward in this paradigm and in the next. You are all now reaching out to the very boundaries of your awareness when you are practicing this communication with your Inner Guides and this activity, in and of itself, this pursuit of the mortal to find, identify and associate with this Divine Fragment that’s onboard, this very act means that you are effectively in the morontia range of experience and it is a great honor to welcome you to this next classroom. There will always be the next classroom ahead of you, prepared in advance, so it is with great joy that I welcome you to this arena wherein we expand boundaries. We create greater capacities and then we fill those new capacities with greater awareness, more understanding of values, more appreciation for divine principles and more awareness of both.

There has been talk in the past, wondering what a Melchizedek school would look like and I encourage you to look around where you are now, at this place inside, where is your citadel of spirit. How secure is it? How grand is your faith? How willing are you to go where you have not yet been? How willing are you to accept this as your birthright, as part of who you are? How ready are you to accept that this is part of your composition, simply an aspect of your being that’s there for you to explore and create and grow? These are the parameters we will be pushing. These are the elements that we will encounter in this circumstance and each one will rise up to be considered as an opportunity for growth, a chance to learn and we will navigate what rises up before us through the lens of greater awareness with the observation of divine light.

As we move forward, realize that the entire fabric before us of what is transpiring, what will transpire and what has transpired, this very fabric of time that we have been adhering to and observing so strictly is now being interpreted with a different perspective, with greater awareness and so what once appeared to require a specific response now may seem to need another one, a higher one, a greater one, a one containing more love. When things are in disruption as it feels in your life circumstance, every opportunity before you is a chance to claim a new way, it’s a chance to reinvent your purpose and to challenge the tradition and assumptions of the past.

This is such a unique opportunity that we share at this time and I am pleased to join each day to affirm for you that you are not alone in this process. You are part of this class of Urantia where you are each individually cared for in this process and all of your needs as you grow in spirit will be met and provided. So I invite you to relax into the process, remain vigilant in the application of your faith, await the circumstance to arise before you and then make a new more enlightened observation and create a new pathway of love. That is the entire extent of our mission at this point. That is the program at hand and we will maintain training exercises as we are so able such as this one here and now.

In conjunction with our service together in ministry to Michael and the Magisterial Mission, we have much to accomplish, much to do as all the phases unfold. But all the while, each one of you has a personal mission, a personal quest that you are on and oftentimes it is easy to get distracted from this mission with the activities of life, even the worthy activities of spirit. So it remains important that we keep focused on the exercise at hand of developing greater connection with your Indwelling Spirit, your Indwelling Guide. This will serve not only you, but us as we all move forward in this process. You become a more valuable member of the team when you have had extra training and developed greater awareness. Maintain your dedication to following where spirit leads and you will surely find that which you seek.

I would now offer this opportunity because I can, because we can, at this juncture request to hear from a representative of the Thought Adjusters, the united Thought Adjuster circuit. I invite you all to receive, to allow, to permit, even to request.

Inner Voice: Yes I will honor this request, I am this one’s Inner Voice, the Fragment of Divinity that is present and connected even now among us and between us. It is greatly appreciated to hear of such tangible results for your efforts in attempting your communication. That is most certainly proof that your prayers are answered, that your desire to associate and have connection have met with success. What is so wonderful about the results of this exercise is that they are so personal, so individual in their nature. Each one who finds theirs and recognizes it and feels it and comes to know it, each one will have a different experience of what this is to them. Each one will have their own sense of realness. Each one will approach it in their own way and receive their own results for their efforts. It is very true that it is necessary for you to apply yourself, to have ‘skin in the game’ for you to try. That is how you learn, that is how your experience grows. You must get out and actually try. Get off the couch of life and out onto the field of play.

I understand there is a question on the floor and that being, how do you recognize the spirit presence in your circumstance? And I think in our discussion tonight it may be made plain that in order to do that, you must do it, you must exercise your free will choice and direct your energies to try. We have discussed in the past how significant it can be to condition your environment for this experience, to condition your acceptance, to prepare yourselves for the fruitful exchange. This is what you can do and when you do this you are invariably rewarded with inspiration, with direction, even with a sense of peace.

So in answer to your question of how to recognize when spirit is present, you must be in motion and active to determine to have something to observe and you most certainly will observe an otherness when you are in sincere devotion. Then the question was, how do you believe it? And, the only answer to that is that it must be a part of your personal experience. If another tells you of their experience, it requires extraordinary effort to wholeheartedly believe everything they say. But if you encounter the experience yourself, and you most certainly believe it to be real and true and right and because it is your own experience and you believe it, this is what builds your faith. This is what enables you to reach out beyond your current limitations.

So again, it is required of you that you put the effort into having the experience wherein you can own it, believe it and let it build your faith because of your certainty and your conviction, because you yourself felt it, you yourself encountered it. And then the question asks how to utilize this awareness, this relationship and that again is a matter of practice. You must apply these teachings and lessons as you deem appropriate. All of life is a chance for this trial, this experiment before you. And all of these aspects are on you, they must be a choice of yours. They must be where your energy is focused. They will only come to you as part of your experience if you have applied yourself and earned the experience. And all the while, while this routine is ongoing, I am there to help. We are there to help.

We are always in attendance observing your choices in action and we are always willing to let your choices play out so that you can gain the most in experience from having encountered the results of your choice. We would not take anything away from you by making your life simpler or easier. That does not serve the purpose of growth. Rather, we stand at the ready for you to touch base with us and allow us to help condition your experience by infusing a more divine viewpoint.

So while the game is entirely up to you in the strictest sense, you choose to play, you decide if you will consult with me. You manifest the truths as you are aware of them and I await your consideration, your desire to know the higher way, your petition for greater insight, your willingness to work with me as a partner. This relationship is in a process of growth as well and it will take as long as it takes because it is eternal. But I sense that you desire to explore our relationship and expand upon it and even join together so far as you can imagine such a thing.

In the meantime, simply keep plodding along and discovering spirit where you can, building your faith on those discoveries and viewing your circumstances through greater and greater lenses of spiritual awareness and throughout I will be there with you for every step and we will enjoy this ride so far as we are able to manifest this certainty. I encourage you once again to practice in whatever form you might like, perhaps try to write a song, perhaps try to write a poem asking for the divine muse to come and assist you. Open your hearts and receive what you are seeking. Let your petition come to fruition, create the environment within to accept this certainty and make it so.

I appreciate the interest in this class, the questions, the observations are most delightful. This is truly a two way street. There is much to be learned on both sides of this equation as we navigate this route together with uncertainty about exactly how to manifest it. Let this moment stand as that proof of faith in action. That is the key to this moment, this experience, this circumstance. If faith were not activated to this extraordinary level, none of this would come to pass. So I thank you all for bringing everything you have to these experiences and investing yourself to the degree that you are able. I would take my leave at this time unless there would be any desire for questions.

I cherish the opportunity for such an interactive experience as we enjoy and am always interested in these options and providing them. I understand that after such lengthy discourses there is much to be considered and I simply am grateful for the opportunity, the structure that we have created here tonight and will recreate as we move forward towards such an exchange as this. Go now in peace, think of us when you can and practice hearing from us when you can. A good day to you all, farewell.

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